Does Nutrisystem really work?

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I am a 26 year old mother of two beautiful boys. My husband and I met very young, throughout our years of "courting", my husband took me to every restaurant thinkable in our city, needless to say I gained a lot of weight.................about 140lbs, NOT KIDDING.

I have tryed everything to get this weight off my body............weight watchers, 3 different gyms, the wii, workout videos, buying weigt loss equipment, lean cusines, fasting, the lemonade diet (yuk), juicing (dbl yuk), completely cutting meat out of my diet, counting calories, weighting my food, etc., my list can go on and on..

Throughout all this I discovred that I actually like to go to thw gym and workout, it is a stress reliever for me. However, the only depressing thing is I don't see one single pound being shed. I am becoming very depressed and hateful of myself, very angry too. I am trying to convice my doctor to approve weight loss surgery. But before I do, I want to try one last thing......Nutrisystem. Which brings me to my next question.

Does it (nutrisystem) REALLY work? I don't want to waste money and I really want to know the truth, DOES IT REALLY WORK?.

Please post real answers and give me your results, I'd love to hear about them, Thanks everyone...

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Your question was: Does Nutrisystem really work?.

It worked for me an my hubby. He lost 40 lbs and I lost 70. Not only did we lose the weight, we learned how to properly fuel our bodies throughout the day and we've kept the weight off for over a year now..

The plan is simple, the food is good, and the support on these boards is out of this world..

Best of luck to you which every path you choose...

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YES. It works. You just have to follow it to the letter but it DOES WORK...

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By the way...NO ONE who is in the ads, commercials, infomercials, here under Success Stories or on these boards is someone who never had weight to lose or paid to lose and lying to you. We are REAL people with REAL weightloss who gladly tell our stories for others to know that it really, really works..

To stay in the ads, commercials and infomercials, even after 2 years of being in the ads and almost 3 years after I reached my goal, I still have to frequently prove and certify that I've maintained my loss in order to stay in the commercials. I was "paid" my expenses to go to the photoshoots, I was NOT paid to lose weight..

I know how it seems too good to be just happens to be GOOD and TRUE!.

Welcome aboard!..

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Only heading into week 6 here, but it's working so far for me. I plan on staying with it longer than I had originally planned because I feel good, it's working, and oh, the food actually isn't all that bad. Just my 2 cents..


Comment #4

The plan works if you follow it. I'm down 56 lbs on Nutrisystem (95 total) and have maintained for 4 months now..


Comment #5

NS is so worth it! You will lose the weight slow and steady. Too bad you didn't try this before your other weight loss programs.

Definately try Nutrisystem before considering going under the knife, especially with two boys at home. That's risky..

Good luck!!..

Comment #6

I just love the way you put things in perspective. You are such an encouragement!..

Comment #7

I tried almost everything like you did, then I finally tried NS. I joined in Feb 2005. I lost about 100 lbs.

I am real and telling you it worked for me. BUT...with any "diet plan" you must be willing to follow it or it won't work. You must be READY! That is why many fail, and why other plans failed for me, because I failed myself..

This time I stuck to the plan. I am disabled and not able to walk at all, so of course no exercise here yet just following the food plan I still lost a lot of weight..

Please give Nutrisystem a shot, and give it a good shot before taking measures for surgery..

Good luck..

Comment #8

It has worked extremely well for me - I've lost nearly 80 pounds in 11 months. I echo the others that have responded to your post - you can be successful with NS...

Comment #9

If YOU really want to lose the weight and you follow the plan as it's supposed to be followed, it works. But, you said you tried other plans and they all work too, but YOU have to make it work. I know of people who have had the surgery and after a few years went back to old ways of eating too much and gained back weight. This is a lifestyle change, you have to take what you learn and put it to use with or without the Nutrisystem foods..

No, I didn't have that much weight to lose when I came to Nutrisystem and had lost 1/2 of it in weight watchers before joining, but I've had my eating struggles too and had to learn all new habits. I'm still losing now after years of maintaining and i'm going even lower than I thought I could using my own foods...

Comment #10

Here's some brutal honestly. Nutrisystem works but it's not a magic pill. They simply send you regular old food then tell you what else to eat. Nutrisystem works because it follows the in/out rule of dieting. You have to eat less than your body requires to maintain your current weight. I lost 70 pounds with Nutrisystem but it took over a year.

However, if you buy the food and expect the weight to just drop b/c you have the food in your cabinet then you will be disappointed...

Comment #11

My hubby lost 35 lb.s & & lost 72 in 7 months. Nutrisystem works as long as you stay on plan & write down what you ate/drank, drink the 64oz. water daily, & walk or work out or otherwise move your body...

Comment #12

I too can say that nutrisystem works. I have lost about 80 lbs. in 9 months and ma half way to my goal. And I am doing this at 58. At 26, if you follow that plan, it shoudlb e even easier for you...

Comment #13

Nutrisystem definitely works if you follow the plan the way you are supposed to. These boards and the people on them are what keep me going and motivated. Good luck!..

Comment #14

I just started Nutrisystem Feb.1., 2010 and to date I have lost 27 lbs. It works and like you I have a lot of weight to lose. I also have been a professional dieterthere isn't a diet that I haven't tried. And I am 67 years old. I just wish that I had tried Nutrisystem when I was 26 years old like you.

Well, with a BETTER LATE THAN NEVER attitude I am enjoying NF. I like most of the food and the support is great. It's easy..

Good Luck...

Comment #15

I just want to chime in and say that Nutrisystem does work. It's a great program and I've lost over 100 pounds on it since I started in Jan. 2009. It works if you follow the whole plan, that is eating what they tell you to eat, not eating extra foods, drinking the water and focusing on changing your lifestyle to a more normal eating pattern that you can sustain after you reach your weight goal.

I considered weight loss surgery briefly before starting Nutrisystem too. But after looking into it I realized that the surgery isn't a magic fix. You still have to totally change your eating patterns or you will not get the results you desire. And I decided that if I was going to totally change those eating patterns, I could do that without cutting into my body.

Be sure you read through the before and after picture thread. Those are all pictures of real people who have been loosing weight with NS...

Comment #16

I just started Nutrisystem as you can see from my ticker 20 days. But I am already a believer..

I have lost 14 lbs as of this mornings weigh in since I started the plan. I have never had weight come off like this (the first seven came off in two days which obviously means it was water weight and meaningless but the last 7 came off slowly maybe a lb ever 2-5 days, it makes me think it is something.) I have a lot to lose (59lbs more) but I can already tell that this is easier than any other diet plan I have tried.

I started Nutrisystem because I wanted to lose weight but also because I do not have easy access to a grocery store while in college (plus a thyroid issue caused me to gain 40 lbs in 2 and a half months, effectively eliminating all of my wardrobe). I love having the majority of food delivered.

I feel like I am living the busy students dream, all my food delivered, at most 20 min prep (for frozen vegges) and I am almost always not hungry..

The best part is it costs like half the price of the meal plan, about 50% less than having groceries delivered, and about 1-3 dollars (depending on which add ins a choose) a day more than buying my own food from the grocery (which was a huge hassle).

It just happens to have the added bonus of weight loss (I really am trying to lose weight but it also made logistic sense)..

Not only is surgery expensive and dangerous it is not a permanent solution. I knew someone who had gastric bypass she lost 250 pounds resting at 140, but after three years and multiple hospitalizations due to complications from surgery she began gaining back the weight, and had to start dieting anyway-which was harder since she now had additional nutritional problems she had to deal with due to surgery...

Comment #17

Just thought I'd chime in. Yes it really works if you make the commitment to follow the plan and continue with the lifestyle changes after the weight is lost. I've lost over 200 (yes, 200 not 20) lbs. on Nutrisystem and have kept it off for over 2 1/2 years. If you read my page you'll see how much my life has truly changed (improved). And btw, my wonderful supportive hubby who is somewhat of a picky eater jumped on the Nutrisystem bandwagon last year and lost 50 lbs.

Best wishes,.


Comment #18

I once attended a wake of a high school friend's sister. I had no black clothes to wear, so I had to go to the store to buy something. When I got into this size 16 dress, I decided to order. I am now a size 10-12 and going down fast!..

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