Does Nutrisystem really work? How much do people usually spend?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Nutrisystem really work? How much do people usually spend? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hi guys....

After several months of being annoyed and trying to get re-psyched to either solve this on my own or get back on the program, I finally made my first re-order of monthly Nutrisystem this morning, which means I'll be starting the program again later this week when it arrives..

Why "again"? Because 3 years ago I successfully lost 110 lbs on NS, dropping from 330 to 220 on my 6'3" frame. You may view my before/after photos here (click):.


Frustratingly, and purely self-inflicted, over the next 2.5 years to the present I've re-gained just under 80 of those lbs and am currently sitting just a shade under 300 again..

I HAVE continued to apply many of the lessons I did learn the first time, which have enabled me to hold under 300 (small consolation): I eat fresh fruit almost every morning, and I still try to take my long walks as often as I can (although I go through weeks where I lose my mojo on that and have to restart again). The problem, though, is classic: I fell back into my old carb and portion-lack-of-control habits...and the weight just packed back on..

So, I'm back for a second attempt, and this time I'll be focused on maintenance planning from the beginning, instead of waiting until I'm "there". I'm living proof that this program does work, and I'm also living proof that failure to maintain once goal is reached will undermine it all...

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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Welcome back Dave. I just started over myself. One day at a time...

Comment #2

I lost 120lbs, was feeling good doing things I hadn't done in a long time. I went hunting and all my veggies froze in the cooler 1st night. I ate with the rest of the guys for the week, convincing myself that I'd get back on program. The next week I was invited to go to another camp, everything included and I went. Ate with everyone else. Gained a few pounds, came home and never got back on track.

Now I'm tired of living this way and am determined to stick with it. I know that it is a life style change but I'm ready...

Comment #3

I feel ya. It takes no effort to fall off the wagon. I hope it sticks this time, for both of us...

Comment #4


Obviously you went up several pants sizes in your 80 pounds. Truly want to know and not being judgemental! Did you get rid of all of your old fat cloth and have to buy more or did you not and just slide right back into the old ones?.

I have been on maintanance for a year now and have determined never to go back up to the next size pants. I am trying to see why sooooo many people return having gained a lot back. I think this is the main concern all of us have when starting ANY program "Will I just gain it all back.".

We need to all talk about this and try to get the news out about the best way to avoid this. Your honesty may help me and many others!..

Comment #5

I had altered down my fat pants, so when I got fat again I had to buy new ones. Sad but true..

However, I did save a large amount of my various-sized non-pants (shirts etc) in storage bins in my garage. At 330 I was a size 3XL, and I didn't reach XL until I got under 230. So, I've been in 2XL pretty much all the way from when I gained back to 230 thru my current 295-300. Part of my motivation now, aside from the obvious discomforts etc., is that I didn't want to go back up to my 3XL bins..

I will be quite happy to find my way to around 240 if I can figure out a way to stay there...that's the challenge. I don't need to get all the way down to 215-220 again. As I mentioned in my first post on this thread, I'm 6'3" and I really do have a legitimately big frame (see the pics I linked in that post). I can and will carry 240 just fine; I can still wear my 2XL upper wardrobe at that weight, and I'll be able to get into smaller-sized pants again...

Comment #6

Welcome back DaveR!! Well, one thing we know: We've got the proven ability to gain weight..

Many, like myself, have lost and gained enough in our lifetime that we know what will happen if we let down our guard. I've been maintaining more or less for over a year now and I can say the only thing that's saved my bacon is constant vigilance, accountibility, and having a BBB handy at all times..

It really scares me how easy I can gain! I put on almost 20 lbs over summer vacation this year. Am working that off now (Thank God for my BBB!!)..

A large component of that accountability for me is continuing to hang around these boards and reporting into a weekly WI group over in Maintenance. Vigilence to me means daily morning WI's, with a weekly "official" WI that goes onto my ticker so trends are easy to see. I've made an impact on many around me and I refuse to let them, and myself, down..

The absolute truth is that after you cross the goal line here, it is NOT the end, it's the.




Comment #7

I appreciate the words of encouragement (although your use of the phrase "saved my bacon" is questionable right about now!) (grin)..

Ironically, once I reached goal it was Nutrisystem that indirectly contributed to my falling into bad habits's how: Before Nutrisystem I was all about processed and prepared foods and quick meals, but on Nutrisystem I started to spend more time in the kitchen preparing my own meals (for the add-ons, that is) and learning more about cooking, ingredients, etc. So, when I let myself get off Nutrisystem completely, I found myself addicted to Food Network dabbling in the various things I learned preparing my Nutrisystem add-ons. Well, one thing led to another regarding substituting bad ingredients for good, and before you know it...well, you know the rest...

Comment #8

This is something I was worried about not too long ago (and still am, of course). I like watching those programs as well, and was afraid of eventually going down that same road..

One thing that I believe has actually helped me, is that I've had to get off the actual Nutrisystem food (had some unexpected expenses come up), and have been following their guidelines but using all my own food for the last several weeks. It's been a little slower in terms of weight loss, but I've learned a lot about how to setup meals completely on my own, while I still have that strong drive to lose weight. I think it's a good setup for me personally...

Comment #9

Welcome back. You did lost it once you can lose it all again. This time make it stick..

My maintenance plan is to punch anyone with a fried potato product in my presence. Should go well...

Comment #10


I appreciate your honesty. Rob, I don't think Gordon was trying to bum you out, but that is the reason for my question. Over and over again, we see returnees. I think more than what gordon said, these returnees bum me out. I agree with Gordon. Over Christmas holidays last year, I went from 214 to 227 in two weeks.

Guys, this should be a reminder that we have to stay diligent. Do not accept the higher pant size or the larger shirt. Weigh each day or week and do not accept to fail!..

Comment #11

Yeh - I know..

I'm a Gordon fan..

I've lost lots of weight in the past (never this much) on other "diets" and gained it back +30....

I'm really hopin' I can learn to maintain this time - cuz I always went back to the dog that bit me..

From what I've seen tho - Nutrisystem teaches you that, right?..

Comment #12

I debated whether or not to re-engage here on the forums for precisely that reason...I don't want to bum anyone out with my failure to maintain story, and it's consequence. However, in addition to my own selfish motivations of wanting to use the forums and these discussions as a support tool, perhaps I (and the other folks like me who return) can serve as a cautionary tale to the first-timers (who hopefully will be ONLY-timers who don't have to return after failing, but instead simply stick around as continued successes. I aspire to become one of those this time)...

Comment #13

Look on the bright side. You get to keep slapping Marty around for the rest of your life!.

That's what you've got going for you now, Rob. You've done this dance enough before to KNOW that the goal line is not the end. It really IS the beginning! Not a bad thing. The beginning of a new, fit and happy life. Embrace it and start thinking of ways you can mess with Marty after you hit the goal line..

Now THERE's a goal I can get behind!! You GO, DaveR!!.


Comment #14

Gordon, you seem energized by the maintenance group, but I've heard from others that it does not jazz them (and I never reallu clicked there either). I think an inspiring thread that helps maintenance would be helpful. Not sure if I should retry there or someone needs to start one..

Not saying anything negative, just babbling and sharing. BTW, I felt like I got awesome advice when I did a maintanance questionaire of susccess sotries as I was getting near goal. Really apreciated the thoughts...

Comment #15

Dave - for one thing we are men. We can take it. Second, we need to hear the good with the bad. We all need to realize the fight does not end when we reach goal. I just wanted to know what happened mentally that allowed you to keep adding pant and shirt sizes without saying " hell NO, I am not doing this again." You may save me and others the same problem. If you help only one person it is worth it..

Keep up the good work on Nutrisystem and we are here to help you finally reach the ultimate goal!..

Comment #16

What happened mentally was simply that I was enjoying eating "real-but-bad-for-my-weight-and-I-knew-it-and-kept-eating-it-anyway" food, and for whatever reason decided that was more important to me than maintaining my newly-skinnier body. Honestly upon reflection it's not much more complex than that. I suppose there might have been some "stress eating" etc going on as well, but I've been able to keep my job during this recession and we didn't have any major family/health crises going on. I really think it was mostly about my own personal enjoyment of fattening food and portions. Lesson learned: There's a cost to I am again...

Comment #17

Good insight Gordon. Thanks! This is my first time on NS, but I have lost weight 2-3 times before using other means. This time I want my weight loss to stick. I am about 10 pounds away from maintenance and I have done a good share of reading on the maintenance threads..

Dave, good luck to you. You have already learned the tools. Now you just need to execute!.


Comment #18

I have yet to go through the down-up-down slide... so far I'm on the first downhill push on the weight graph, and hoping like hell to keep it that way..

My maintenance plan? Keep wearing the same belt. I was given a belt for Christmas 2009. I was too big. I couldn't wear it, not even on the most generous notch of that belt. Since then, that belt has gone from 4 holes to 13 holes, nine of them added via swiss army knife, and I wear it on the least generous notch. Putting that belt on every morning is like a constant reminder of what can happen if I let down my guard..

Kinda funny though to wear it though, there's so much extra leather after it's buckled that it slides 90 degrees around me. And it damn well needs to stay that way...

Comment #19

Matt, I am in the same boat. Stay in the same pant size. I also still weigh myself every day!..

Comment #20


Thanks for the Post! It made my day, because I have been berating myself for doing something similar. From Oct 2009-Feb 2010, I lost 40 pounds. From March to September 2010, I gained all 40 back PLUS 20 more, for a total of 60 pounds!!!!! I am now exactly 100 pounds overweight, and I just started Nutrisystem yesterday. I like it because this plan is very structured and I don't have to spend my life worrying about what to eat. Just grab a nutrisystem entree and add the other stuff on the checklist. Good luck to you!..

Comment #21


4 weeks down, 18 lbs lost...not a bad start. Still battling (and not always beating) carbo-cravings in the evening...always the big challenge for me. Been getting in a good walk at least 5 out of every 7 evenings a week, and they're now longer - at least 5 miles a pop..

Latest "Eff 'em!" vignette (I'm sure several of you have read some of my others on other threads lately): My beer- and junk-food swilling bowling teammates were incredibly supportiven (not!) this past Fri night: When I mentioned that I was down 17 lbs so far (at the time), the reactions were as follows: "Yeah, I really need to do something too..." (gulp! another beer), and "Here Dave, how about some nice hot dogs and fries!....hehehehe, only kidding!" (this was from one of the not-thin wives who was plowing same...ain't she nice?).

My bottle of water and Nutrisystem dessert bar were delicious, thankyouverymuch...

Comment #22

Well...I'm gonna jump in this conversation. I'm a repeat failure (also known as a returner). And FAILURE is exactly what it feels like for me to come crawling back here for the third time. Here is the short version of my story. I started gaining weight in my late 20's. When I turned 30, I decided I would run for exercise and stave myself and see what happened.

Flash forward 15 years, and I have gained and lost the same 40-50 pounds probably 10 times. Through my 30's it was the starve to lose, followed by binge to gain crap. Of course that's not a real solution, so in 2006 I tried Nutrisystem. I was surprised at how much I liked the food. But as someone who was used to feeling STUFFED after every meal, I was always hungry.

Unfortunately...I could have predicted what happened next. I let the pig inside of me out, and I gained EVERY pound back, plus about 15. A year later, I tried Nutrisystem again. For some strange reason, I found it IMPOSSIBLE to stick to. NO idea why.

I gave up and stayed fat for a while. Then I tried Body for Life. That worked GREAT for 5 months. Then apparently a switched flipped somewhere in my head, and I could not stick to that anymore. This was earlier this year.

I have tried and tried the past few months to find a solution that works for me...VERY unsuccessfully. I am again. Feeling like a fat failure, and ordering NS. I'm really not an emotional whiner...but dealing with CONSTANT weight problems for the past 15 years definitely will take an emotional toll. Hell, reading this thread even made me misty!.

I really hate to be such a downer...but this is where I am right now. I re-signed up for Nutrisystem today and thought the first step should be chatting it up on the boards, and making a few new buddies that understand what a depressing struggle this can be. I hope to be a regular on here, starting TODAY. My current weight is 214. For a guy 5'9", that's pretty big. My goal is 165. (sorry...this didn't turn out to be the "short version" after all.)..

Comment #23

Hey Bry!.

The good news is that what's past is exactly THAT. Past. The other good news is that you're not alone in the yo-yo department. Most of us older guys have been there and done that too. There are examples of successful maintainers who had been yo-yo's. I hope to be one of them.

Not gracefully, but maintaining non the less..

More good news: You've really learned beyond any doubt just how easy it is to regain. You're older, wiser, ready to take it off and keep it off!.

Good move plugging in here. Start planning NOW for your strategy after crossing the goal line. That's where the rest of your life begins, not where your "diet" ends. For me, constant vigilance with weekly public WI's are a big part of it..

Welcome back! Now quit whining..


Comment #24

Howdy Brycola ~.

There's guys on here currently who've needed to lose 200 pounds and have done it..

Me - I gotta lose around 150 - and I'm gonna..

Whatever YOU gotta do you can do it as well..

This is a proven system..

So just dig in your heels and decide you're gonna.

Ride this horse into your skinny sunset..

Post regular and stay accountable..

Helps me anyway..

Seems like the folks you don't hear from after they check in are the ones who've given up...

Comment #25

Thanks for the encouraging posts...I definitely feel motivated to work hard at this TODAY. But I worry about how motivated I'm going to feel in 2 weeks. I do plan on being a regular on these message boards. Reading about everyone elses struggle with the same issue does help...

Comment #26

Motivation is give and take:.

You gotta be motivated long enough to get results which keep you motivated long enough to go the distance..

What's more important?.

1. Being a fat, unhealthy lard butt who enjoys over-eating?.

2. Losing weight, feeling good, & getting in condition to enjoy a better life?.

(I ask myself these things...).

Do it for your family - do it for yourself.....

If you cheat - who loses?..

Comment #27

Welcome Bry and the other re-joiners on the thread!.

Specifically, "how will I be motivoted 2 weeks from now?"that's really THE question isn't it?.

So, a brief discussion (lol).....

Where DOES motivation come from? Do we get some random chemical mixture in our brains and win the big motivation lottery? Do we only motivate toward some lofty goal? Is motivation a choice, a state of being, or just something that some lucky few get to experience? Can others motivate us in spite of ourself?.

Not sure I know all those answers! Heck, I'm not sure I know ANY of those answers.

I know what I think about me, but that's about it..

I believe motivation is a choice, first of all. It's an active and conscious choice to accomplish. We don't get 'motivated' (specifically) to jump out of the way of an oncoming buswe instinctively try to make that leap..

If I'm right (for me), and motivation is some active and conscious choicethen under what conditions is it easy (or difficult)?.

Well, just for me, I know I have to motivated toward something relatively worthwhile and something that I attach value to..

In other words, I can't get too psyched about "being the most average golfter in America"just not important enough for me to adopt as a personal cause to get behind (lol). I want to be a really, really good golfter..

I also think I have to be motivated toward something I attach some significant importance too. Not suggesting it has to be completely self-interested or selfishjust something that is valuable enough to me that I.


To see it happen..

So whether Florida voters can learn to push a pin through a ballot sheet when voting just isn't much of a topic to me personally. I can't see myself crusading to right the injustice of people in Florida who can't figure out how to vote. Not going to get it done for me.

Whether our government keeps it's hands off my guns? Whole 'nother topic. That one I can get motivated about..

Two silly examples I know, but there you have it..

So for me, is taking control of eating and my weight and my own nutrition something that is important enough to me to jump into? Turns out it is. The good feeling from good nutrition and the crappy feeling from being really overweight is enough of an issue that I really want to be on the right side of it..

End of the day, I believe we choose our motivation and that we do so for relatively self-interested and important issues/reasons..

And I think that's okay. Because nothing else can happen for you when you are deadand it's hard to accomplish fun or meaningful or fullfilling things from an ICU bed..

Here's my motivation..


Choose. To be in control of.


Own nutrition. So.


Can feel better and be healthier. Because.


Have responsibilities to fulfill for others in.



Find your motivation where you can, man. You've got it to do....

Since no one else can give you motivation, for once in our liveswe don't have to be overly concerned about what others think of our personal motivation. Maybe you just want your butt to look good in jeans. Maybe you want to get thin and sexy and be a playa'. Doesn't matter and you should never apologize. Do this one thing for yourself because you want to and because YOU think it's important. Motivation is internal firsttoward.


We value....

Just this once, screw the worldit will stumble along just fine for a few monthsand do what YOU need/want, for no other reason than YOU want it..


Comment #28

DaveR19 I'll hop in on this thread, I'm surprised to see familiar faces around here. Where did Dean ever get off to I wonder?.

My story is very similar to yours. Started Nutrisystem in 9/06, hit my goal weight in 5/07, maintained for about a year. Then in Jan 09 I realized after I'd gained 20 lbs back that I needed to do "something". Jan 10 up about 50 lbs, and telling myself.. Ok really now's the time, it's only 30lbs back to 200 and you can do it..

As of this morning I'm back at my original weight (+1)253. I just placed an order for Nutrisystem this morning..

When I started losing the weight I started running. Completing my first (and only) marathon in 1/08. Kept up the running and due to some injuries only ran the 1/2 marathon in 1/09. Not sure what happened other than I really over trained the first few years (I partially tore my achilles tendon a few days after the marathon in '08). I continued to run and ended up having to "work" through various over use injuries..

I'm signed up for the 1/2 marathon again in 1/11. I hope to be down 15-20 lbs by then, but we shall see. I did really well on Nutrisystem last time, so i'm hoping I can find that magic again..

What happened? What caused the weight gain back? Just eating to much and drinking too much beer. I did throw out all my fat close so I have had to buy a few new pairs of pants. Oddly I'm at the same weight, but I'm still one pant size down from where I was originally. Had to go back to xl shirts though..

Something else I've noticed. Everyone is quick to pile the praise on while you are losing weight. It wasn't until just recently that people around me (besides my wife and kids) even mentioned the weight GAIN. So if you want my 2 cents worth on the maintenance, it's still VERY important to be accountable to someone with regard to your weight gain. Either here (online), or a friend who can help keep you motivated at least for a while once you're on maintenance..


Comment #29

I read your whole post and you know I feel ya, RT. As for the passage I've quoted above, if you've seen some of my rather cynical comments elsewhere recently, I've commented that while many people are piling on that praise, in fact they're secretly lamenting their own failures and waiting for you to fail as well. There are a surprising few people who "truly" wish us well in our weight loss endeavors, I firmly believe that, sadly...

Comment #30

"There are a surprising few people who "truly" wish us well in our weight loss endeavors, I firmly believe that, sadly.".

I sure hope that's not completely true. At least for the guys on this message board. I just started my THIRD attempt at Nutrisystem yesterday...after a successful weight loss with Nutrisystem in '06 and a failure in '08. When I read the success stories, it truly does inspire me...and I know the pain of being overweight and feeling helpless, so I really AM happy for the person. I'd like to believe that others on this board do the same. Now if you're talking about people we encounter in the "real" world...that could be a different story.

Congratulating you on the weight loss, then running to someone else's office making jokes about how long the weight loss will last. I guess that's why I like reading these boards...I know it's people that are going through the same struggle as me...and I THINK are genuinely wishing me well...

Comment #31

Oooh, maybe I wasn't clear in how I phrased that: I KNOW our fellow fatties here are all on the same team of encouragement, that's correct. It's why we're all here..

I'm talking about the "other" people in our lives outside of our NS/weight-loss worlds, who are watching our journeys from the cynical side says that many of them are NOT on our side on this, despite the words of praise they may be telling us. To them, we'll always be "the fat guy", and changing that changes their how they define us. They're the ones who offer us "helpful" advice while they then also offer us "just one piece of can afford to have just the one...". Yeah,'d that just one drink work out for your alcoholic uncle, a$$hole? F***ers, all...

Comment #32

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