Does Nutrisystem or jenny craig really help you to lose weight;and how?

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Quick question: Does Nutrisystem or jenny craig really help you to lose weight;and how? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Good morning! Welcome to the Nutrisystem Educators Support Group (est. July 26, 2006)! Anyone connected to educating students of ALL AGES, past or present, is welcome to join this support group AT ANY TIME! This means retired educators are welcome as well as support personnel, counselors, paraprofessionals, etc. If you have any questions, please post on this thread..

Just look for a new Nutrisystem Educators Thread each morning on the Nutrisystem General Support page..

The most important purpose of this post is to provide a place for educators to support each other as we travel this weight loss road together. Our hope is that we can all share our tips for success. Above all, we want this to be a place where you feel comfortable sharing the good times and the bad! Teaching can be very, very stressful so we all need a place to vent, cry, laugh AND celebrate. So lets all work together to make the Nutrisystem Educators Support Group a great place to hang out.

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Hello there fellow teacher friends!! Sorry I was a bit tardy on getting this thread out....I went for my usual early am run, brisk that it was, but REFRESHING!.

Ok, sooooooooo today I ate pretty crummily sooooooo it's back on the bandwagon for me!!.

What are your goals for the week? What do you want to do more of/less of?..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Hi Kris,.

We are in line for some snow today, too. I am hoping for an early dismissal and a day off tomorrow!.

My order was shipped yesterday, so I am just waiting for my BBB so I can get started again. Did my Zumba workout yesterday. Thank goodness no one could see me. It is pretty difficult and I know I did about three-quarters of it wrong, but it makes you sweat!.

Enjoy your day everyone!.


Comment #2

A new week, full of possibilities..

Kris you mentioned SAD and craving carbs. I must have SAD all year long. I love my carbs. I have been onNutrisystemfor 1 year now, but I still miss my carbs. I wonder if it is like being an alcoholic?.

Laura my secretary does Zumba. She loves it. She does it with a group at the community centre. She tells me they laugh and laugh. She can never come out of that class without a smile..

This week I am trying to be on track. I fell off the wagon yesterday for dinner. A parent brought in homemade Lebanese food, Kibeh and Taboule (sp???). It was wonderful. I brought it home and fed my family..

Today I feel focused. I have a dr appointment in a city 2 hours away. I am packing my food for the day and staying on program..

Good luck to you all this week! Stay strong!..

Comment #3

Good Morning to All,.

Second day on NS. Pretty good yesterday, took a bite of my hubbie's turkey breast dinner. So far so good today. But it is only 11:40 AM. Just got an email from the general office school will be closed tomorrow..

But it will involve shoveling, and with my bad knees it will be a challenge to say the least. Hope eveyone has a great day!.


Comment #4

Hello. I am a newbie (again). I lost 80 pounds withNutrisystema few years ago and unfortunately have put about 50 of them back on. I will admit I got comfortable in my skin and relaxed a bit too much once I reached goal...and then I let stress of a relationship and my job take over. I did it-I let it take over so now it is my turn to take control back!.

My box arrived yesterday and I am on day one ofNutrisystemfood (again)!! I am excited. I started exercising a week ago and intentionally trying to eat better most of the past week. I did lose 3 pounds so I did something right!! I know what to do but just didn't need the added stress of choosing food and cooking meals and .... so I am back on trustyNutrisystemuntil I reach goal again. THEN I have learned my lesson about not putting it back on becuase it is so much easier to gain than to lose! I am not going though this a 3rd time!!! LIFE-LONG CHANGE!!!.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!! A snow delay tomorrow wouldn't be too bad!..

Comment #5

Hi bowlingchick,.

I am exactly in your position. I lost almost 40 pounds last year withNutrisystemand I have put about 20 back on. It is hard because I take a medication that is also prescribed to help people put weight on! I know the fault is mine though for slacking off and I agree it is time to take control back..

My box was shipped yesterday so I hope to start this weekend. I have been exercising and trying to eat better too, so know that you aren't the only one in this situation..

We got out one hour early today, but so far it has only flurried for about 10 minutes and I haven't seen a flake in the last hour. The bulk of the snow is supposed to come tonight though, so I am really hoping for a day off..


Comment #6

Hi all!.

It has been awhile since I have visited the discussion boards. Wish it was because of snow, but no - we will get an 'artic blast'. That is what the news is calling it. To me - it just means cold morning duty at school.

I do Zumba as well, I think I look goofy and miss half the moves, but it sure is fun! It makes me sweat 10x as much as the treadmill and burn twice as many calories in no time!.

I've done pretty good for my first week. I have found that a lot of times I only have 10 minutes for lunch (between testing, meetings, etc) and the lunch bars have been a life saver!.

Glad to hear you are all having a good start to the week! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!..

Comment #7

Yes those lunch bars were a life saver at my last job. I even started using them for dinners as well (16 hour shifts). My lunch was always a bar and 2 baggies of carrots then a muscle milk light. Got old after a bit but was very convenient and easy for on the go when I didn't have meal breaks..

I finally dragged myself to the gym today and it felt good to be back on the bike. I wasn't as sore as I thought that I would, so hopefully that will keep my motivation up and keep me going back. For it only being one floor away (in my apt complex) I sure do make enough excuses for not going...

Comment #8

SNOW DAY! I really thought we'd have a half day but you know how it is - found time so I'm not complaining. WE have only had one other day to make up this year..

It is great to hear that so many are having good weight loss results and the exercise his kicked in. I have found that when I am exercising regularly, I have a stable weight (maintenance) so it really helps..

Make it a greatNutrisystemday!..

Comment #9

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww LUCKY you!!!!!!!! We didn't even get a delay out of this whole ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stinks!!!!!!.

I'm just glad this is a short kid week! Tomorrow is our last kid day for the week..teacher inservice Friday!.

Then off Monday!.

Are we all off monday?..

Comment #10

Snow Day! Yeah!.

We are off Monday, too!.


Comment #11

Good morning to all. Here on Staten Island we got about 8 inches of snow, but compared to what we got last month is seems like nothing. Going out to shovel later this morning. Has anyone tried the Wii Dance exercise programs? Are they good? Might buy it. I have bad knees so exercising is not easy for me. I really don't exercise.

I love shopping at the mall, but I need to sit every once in awhile to relieve the pain...

Comment #12

Hello. 2 hours late today so it was nice moving a little less rushed this morning..

I have found that I like having my "dessert" at school during our break because of the convenience factor in the morning. Then I can take more time in making a great salad in the evening. I want quick and easy in the morning and those bars or bags of soy chips are great for this!.

I feel great...I am so happy I decided to doNutrisystemagain. I know it will work and I know how to work the system. That confindence/trust is half the battle of weight loss sometimes..

Laura - you got this!! I learned my lesson for sure this time that when I reach goal I will be more careful in monitoring that I stay at an appropriate range!!!!!!.

Happy Wednesday!..

Comment #13

I am off Monday! Three days and then we start in on assessments... that always drains me. I need to get energized..

Nice, quiet snow day. Got my E in and did well with water. Had a tummy ache but I think it's gone now so I had crackers earlier today. I have to watch the carbs..

Comment #14

Wow, all of you with the snow days! We have been lucky and have not had any yet, although a couple of mornings I woke up and have wished for one ( had six inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday but it came slowly and we got our day in)..

Our progress reports go home tomorrow and I have been burning the midnight oil getting them all done. YUCK! Had a new student arrive last Thursay so have been busy getting her acclimated. Today we had a little going away party for another student who is moving to The Carolinas. Sad to see a neat kid leave..

Wish we had off next Monday but alas we have school. We don't really have a scheuled day off until President's Day in Feb. and we lose that if there is a snow day in between. This third quarter is always a killer.

Have had the real munchie cravings the last few days. I read in the Sunday paper this weekend that if you are trying to stare something down you should clench your fist. What I need to do is to clench my MOUTH.

Well best get at the work I brought home..

It's Thursday tomorrow! Yippee! This has been the longest week!..

Comment #15

Hello everyone,.

On day 4 and still struggling to eat onlyNutrisystemfood. I did this program before and lost 93 lbs. Gained back 50, but although I start the day perfect by nighttime I give in and have something not on the plan. I need suggestions on how to stop this behavior. Also has anyone tried the Wii Dance?.


Comment #16

Teri, have you tried having some of the low cal free items. One of my favorite after dinner treats is a Sugar Free Jello cup with FF whipped cream. All in all it is like 15-20 calories and it is just the trick to fulfill that sweet tooth. I'm a night owl, so dinner at 6 then only the dessert at night until like midnight isn't enough, so that is a great way to have '2' desserts while watching TV or doing work at the computer. You can always save food from earlier in the day too. I will sometimes save my snack fruit to have with dessert.

Also if you are an ice cream lover there is this fake ice cream called Artic Zero. An entire PINT is considered a dessert replacement! IMO it doesn't taste the best, but when you have a craving for some Ben and Jerry's it is a life saver and you don't have to sensor how much you eat...

Comment #17

Oh boy Teri do I know what you're going through! I'm going through tough eating times myself....I'll stand in school and the janitor will bring me left over veggies from the day, but they've been soaking in butter............AND I'm not learning anything about portion control, which is my BEEF!!.

I'm also dipping into the sugar wayyyyyyyyyy too much!!!!!!!! UGH! FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #18

Thank you Megan and Kris, I will try your suggestions. I really want to lose the weight I gained. I am feeling really down on myself. I don't want to see friends who don't know I have gained weight. I am embarrassed-you would think that alone would make me stick to the plan. But it doesn't I feel bad, don't go out with those friends and continue to eat..

Feeling hopeless.


Comment #19

We just had a FULL WEEK of snow days. Oh, the first couple were kind of fun.sleeping late, doing cross stitch, reading; then it got, dare I say, BORING?.

Since I live in a forest, our neighbors are pretty spread out. Yesterday I had HAD IT! Six days without seeing another human being! So I drove over to Little Rock. There were a few icy spots where it was shady, but the temps got to almost 50, so not bad. At least I got out for awhile..

That week was the worst I've eaten in almost a year, though. Guess I figured I was snowed in, I needed lots of TREATS!.

Worse than the tootsie rolls at Halloween and the chocolate at Christmas! That's another good reason to get back to school and my normal routine..

I am excited, too, because after six months, my husband will finally be retiring from his Dean position in Las Vegas on January 21st and be moving out here for good!.

Looking back, it went pretty quickly. Towards the end, I thought it would never get here! And the extra retirement check will definitely be worth it. So we'll see how quickly this next week will go...

Comment #20

Hi all,.

I started my program today! I feel pretty good. I didn't gain quite as much as I thought I did, so that was a plus. Today is football! My Ravens are in the playoffs against my husband's Steelers. It may get ugly this afternoon..

Enjoy the weekend and the day off on Monday if you have it..


Comment #21

Go Laura!.

Kay ~ sorry you had such a lonely week. Sometimes when you are out of your routine, you do slip up. Get right back on the train!.

I'm doing some shopping and then some chores. Nice long weekend so I feel good about the extra time. I will get some E in if it warms up. May have to TM it!.

Keep strong girls!..

Comment #22

No snow days for me this week or over the past 10 years. I am a little jealous, I would love a snow day (not a whole week though). I live in Ontario. I can not remember having a snow day in the last 10 years. I sometimes watch the Detroit news and they have a lot of snow days. Our board just keeps on going..

This week was pretty good. I also find the bars very helpful at school. In the morning I eat a breakfast bar or a scone as soon as I get to school. At first break I eat my "second breakfast" of cottage cheese and fruit. For lunch I love any bar that has chocolate in it. I also like the trail mix one.

I think I'll try the baggies with carrots. That sound fast. Second break I eat yogurt and fruit (I am on the yard for all recesses so I don't get much time to nibble). At night I try and make up for the lack of veggies during the day..

I have read other posts about Muscle Milk. Is it just flavoured milk? I have never seen it in Canada. I do go over the border to shop occasionally. Where can I buy it?..

Comment #23

I love/live off Muscle Milk. It is a non dairy protein 'shake'. I get it at vitamin stores, so a little harder to find sometimes, but worth it. Just make sure you get the ones that say Light on them. They come in a sort of juice box concept 4 pack. The light comes in chocolate and vanilla creme...

Comment #24

Dear Debbie ~ I love chocolate. Any chocolate bar that fitsNutrisystemis good with me. I am in total understanding. May the scale gods be with us!!!!.

In fact, as being on maintenance, that is such a good entry that I think it warrants elaboration. If you have something that drives you, crave, or like wise, I think it is important for you to find a way to work that into your plan. I craved crunchy foods after dinner so I have some soy cakes (lots of flavors), carrots or pretzels that I munch on but still fit in theNutrisystemguidelines..

Point - you can do this but it does take some forethought..


Comment #25

Hi Everyone,.

Today is Sunday, a new week for me to try again. I read all of your posts, and find them to be very helpful. I will try to stay as close to theNutrisystemplan as possible. If I could just get through one good week, see a weight loss, I might be able to get control of my eating..


Comment #26

Im in the middle of making some veggie soup for the week. This past week I struggled eating all my vegetables so a big bowl will help me get them all in and taste great too. 2nd time making it and it may become habit/routine. Wish this had smelling capabilities because my house smells so good right now..

Comment #27

It is hard for me to drink so much water. I am a teacher and cannot leave the classroom overtime nature calls. I probably drink about 16-20 oz. a day...

Comment #28

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