Does Nutrisystem give a discount to people belonging to AARP?

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Got a question... Does Nutrisystem give a discount to people belonging to AARP? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... Gilly started a marvelous thread a couple of years ago for our Before and After pictures. It is highly motivational for newbies and maintainers alike (Thanks, Gilly, and Thanks, Mods, for making it a sticky!)..

Some time ago, one of our successful members, JoAnn (ElizaDoolittle) posted her Before and After jeans picture. That got me and others to run and take pictures of our before and after jeans, tops, wearing old pants by standing in one leg, having wife in one leg and hubby in other leg of her old jeans, a man and wife BOTH being encircled by his old belt, etc. You get the "picture.".

I wanted to start a thread for us to share these before/after clothes pictures. I'll start:.

Grab those cameras! Let's see your before/after/in 'tweens!..

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Great idea! Those pictures really have an impact!.

I think we all kept at least one pair of pants from the before. I look forward to posting here someday soon!..

Comment #2

You are doing great and we look forward to seeing the pictures...

Comment #3

Super thread, Pam! I SO wish I had saved just one of my earlier articles of clothing, but I was so excited to get rid of them that it slipped my mind.

Suffice it to say, a photo would be better, but I went from a size 18-20 to a size 6-8. Woot Woot!..

Comment #4

Where is the LIKE LIKE LIKE Button?!! Great thread. I have my "before" pants hanging in the closet just WAITING to have a pic taken with my "after"s..

50# lost but have lots more to go...

Comment #5

That Canucks Sweater has to go..

Still on the Drive for 5 (Since 1983)..

Comment #6


You have guts Pam....

I didn't save my old undies, but my new ones are nothing like the old ones. I think a circus used the fabric for their big top..

I am keep my jersey on PBA..

Great job on the downsizing of clothes are you going to post your unmentionables?..

Comment #7

This is a great thread. Loved seeing the clothes. Amazing, isn't it?.

I got rid of all my before clothes..

I lost 55#s in my 55th year. Now at 56, I have lost 56#s and have made goal of 22 BMI. Woohoo!..

Comment #8

Thank you for this great Thread Pam a real Encourgment ..will have some story pic in the future wtg everyone !!!..

Comment #9


I should have said is get a good sweater, like from a team that has won four cups in a row..

My unmentionables? Ok, I'm game, I'll give someone a cheep thrill. Here are mine.

Ok Kelly, Your turn...

Comment #10

I think seeing these comparisons might even be better than the before & After pics. It is very impressive. I got rid of my clothes as I move on down to smaller size. I was afraid that I'd start fitting back in them w/o realizing it. But I've got much more to loose...I think I'll save some things..Thanks!!..

Comment #11

Heh Heh, I saw your undies.. I'm telling!!.

As far as a team winning 4 cups in a row - Hubby is the Montreal an but I was born in Vancouver and we live on the Island.. so go Nucks!!.

Ok, I didn't keep my old knickers but here are some as they get smaller...

Comment #12

Pam might need to rename this... Show us your undies!.

I will say though.. having cuter underwear is a real perk of losing weight...

Comment #13

Well, you know, it's da truth. A wonderful benefit.....

Comment #14

Oh great. Now when Mark gets back from vacation he is going to post photos of his undies. The issue will be that he will be modeling his Dieter long johns!..

Comment #15

Covering eyes!!.

You going to model your before and after undies? lol..

Comment #16

Lol Can't believe I posted those..

If someone doubts they can lose weight, they are wrong. Anyone can, you just want to want it bad enough and I did...

Yay for smaller, cuter undies..

If I ever get into an accident the medics may talk about my undies, but they wont be laughing and making fun of the size.. Know what I mean?..

Comment #17

I was half tempted to never take the tags off those jeans, wanted EVERYBODY to see what size they were...

Comment #18

Post the before and after size along with the pics...

Comment #19

I'm conservative on the outside Pam, underneath is where my wild side shows...

Comment #20

That is even more impressive than the jeans picture!..

Comment #21

It takes some nerve to post your undies! Not something we normally do..

That's our story anyway...

Comment #22

Definitely ain"t no granny panties there. Now if we could just talk you ladies into modeling them for us over in the Mens Room...

Comment #23

Wow, amazing pics everyone! I look forward to my own in a years time! I'm only three weeks in and I'm loving the program. Again, you all are amazing! Keep it up!..

Comment #24

Ha ha ha! No..

You get points for trying though...

Comment #25

I never thought about saving a pair of undies because they looked more like a tent than something I should have been wearing I did keep one pair of FAT pants to look back at. I do wish I would have saved a shirt too. Here is what I have in way of clothes.........

Comment #26

Those pics say it all. You've come a long weigh, baby! Congrats!..

Comment #27

Wow! This is a great idea and truly inspirational!..

Comment #28

I think we scared them away with our undies.....

Comment #29


Well, I suppose we should have put a health warning before posting...

Comment #30

Come on Man or Girl up and Just do it...

Comment #31

It doesn't need to be undies....

If you have Before/After pants or shirts or belts...or even SHOES...share your pictures..

It helps everyone know that it can be done!..

Comment #32

I haven't lost enough weight to make a difference yet, and since I wear butt floss (as my SO calls it) the comparison won't make as much of an impact even when I do. But I will keep one fat outfit to compare to in a years time...

Comment #33

You are all terrificloved the pics. Gives us a good picture of things to come...

Comment #34

Oh my goodness, you all are AWESOME! I didn't even know it was possible to go from a 18w to a 0! I started at a 18w and have lost a bit, so now I'm in a 16. I figured a 12 would be about as small as I could get, but you've given me new hope!.

Congrats everyone!..

Comment #35

Never say never! Congrats on kicking those "W"s to the curb!..

Comment #36

If you remember what size you started at, bring a camera with you to the store & take a pic in the changing room with your new size! That's what I plan to do this weekend....

Girl, are you kidding me!?!.

You're gunna stop at a 12?.

I KNOW you can at least get out of the double digits! I started at a 24W in jeans & a 26W in dresses (the gut didn't look so nice in 24s). I'm now in 16s. My first clothing goal will be to officially get out of the plus sizes (i.e., 12s). My next clothing goal will be to get out of the double digits! All I want is to be able to purchase Ms!!!..

Comment #37

This is going from a 22W to a Petite 2 (at 62 years old, too....


Comment #38

I wish I could be a size 2 or 4 or 6 lol.

You look great Pam and you are proof age has little to do with it. If you want it, you can make it happen..

That doesn't sound right, not calling you old, hmmm... Shut up Kelly! You know what I mean..


Over 40.

Wheel Chair Bound.

Whatever, if you want to lose weight, you can!..

Comment #39

Hot Momma!!!.

You may not be a 2, 4 or 6, but you still look great! I look forward to shopping in the regular clothes section!.

Bring on the tight tops & booty shorts!.

(not really).

Maybe a cat suit for my man.....

Comment #40

Love the pics! Congrats to all, and what an awesome incentive!! I can't wait to post pics like those too!..

Comment #41

I am on my first day of NS. I have 29 lbs to lose. How many calories am I supposed to be taking in. My total calories are 1263 for the day. Does that sound right? Any help is great!.


Comment #42

That is perfect, Wafa. A woman with under 100 pounds to lose will range between 1100-1300 per day.....

Comment #43

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