Does Murad Resurgence really work or does it just ruin lives?

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... well I haven't tried EVERYTHING. But, do we have time in our lives to try everything?I'm 17. I've had acne for 4-5 years? It's ruined my life.I've tried about 4 different prescriptions, and about 40 different techniques that i've learnt from this very forum. I tried BP, worked but it wasn't worth the temporary redness.I'm fed up, summer's starting and i've just got myself in shape. Six pack abs and lovely pecks (YES I'M PROUD, i'm allowed to be bigheaded about something when my face is such a dismal failure)I went to see my Derm today and she said about Murad Resurgence....

Now I think I'm ready.I want to know:Does it work? Or does it ruin lives?..

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Your question was: Does Murad Resurgence really work or does it just ruin lives?.

Sheefa,I've been on the fence about Murad Resurgence as well. I'm 25 years old, and my acne is started to bother me tremendously. Though not terrible acne, it'll only get worse with time, as I get marks on my face that last forever. Murad Resurgence seems like the last result as all other options have failed (clindamycin, benzaclin, differin, solodyn, and doryx). However, the two dermatologists that I've been to would not prescribe me Murad Resurgence just yet.I'm very scared of the side effects. I took tetracyclines for a short time and I had terrible reactions - difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and panic attacks.

My main concern was recovery from the side effects. With Murad Resurgence, common side effects include dry lips, dry skin and nose bleeds - which I think I can handle. The scary side effects seem to be hair loss, back aches, and joint pains - those can be quite life changing side effects if permanent, not to mention depression and any other rare side effects.My question to you is: How have you been coping with the joint pains? What can't you do now that you did before? Are you glad you took Murad Resurgence? Was it worth it? I apologize if these are personal questions - you obviously don't have to answer them...

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Dude I would, I'm in the exact same situation as you (im 17 too) and ive been on Murad Resurgence for 2 months, the side effects being dry lips and I think (although it may just be paranoia) my hair is starting to thin but my acne has cleared up sooooo much and I know that once I stop taking the drug, my hair will regrow so I'm not toooo bothered.but still if the side effects get too much for you to handle, then stop with the Murad Resurgence, theres no law or anything saying you have to continue the full course..

Comment #2

Hi mateI can certainly see you are frustrated and I know it's hard. For you I would have to say Murad Resurgence is possibly the worst thing to choose especially if you have been having these sides from other milder meds. I was 23 when I took Murad Resurgence.As for the questions, happy to answer them mate. God, what can't I do now?? Enjoy myself, every second of the day I am in pain from wake to sleep. I can't exercise without being in absolute agony, I have lost my dream job - RAF Officer, I have lost my sense of fun and enjoyment in life. I can't stand for long periods of time, I can't lift and train as much as I used to, I hate going out for the fear of being 'knocked' and hurt.How am I coping? Suidical on a daily basis.

No doctors understand, all tests are negative and without a diagnosis it's near impossible to find effective treatment. I've been on everything from codeine to morphine with no or minimal effect. It has ruined my life.Murad Resurgence was certainly NOT worth a lifetime of misery ahead of me, as bad as that sounds it's pretty damn true mate. The thing is nobody on the forum knows me and what I'm like, where as all my friends and family do and they are scared sh*tless about what I might do. Never, even with acne have I been this depressed and hopeless.

Have you tried light treatment, hibiscrub or Bactrim?..

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I see... it's just that acne is ruining my youth. people always say you should prize your youth...and I can't!I'm wasting away the years and maybe taking the risk is worth it.I am athletic I hate having the extra bit of weight and like to proud of myself. That's why acne affects me so much.4 years of absolute hell and low esteem.I've got mixed replies so far, half and half.People say it's risky.I'm 17 though, surely my young age will benefit against the side effects, my recovery will be far superior to a 23 year old say.... right?edit : my brother is 20, he has just got clear, he never cares about skin, never touched a skin product in his life. So genetically, il be clear at 20. Hopefully.I can't wait 3 years..

Comment #4

I too like Sheefa have daily pain. I ran 5 miles a day and worked out. I can't do that anymore. When it comes to age side effects don't matter. In fact 23 is far from being old. There is more then just joint problems.

Some Murad Resurgence has made thier acne worse, or it didn't go away, or it came back couple months after. I would defintly not go on a high dose if you decide too. besides you say genetically you'll be clear by 20, that's not old. If you feel that genetically you'll be clear by then why would you risk taking such a dangerous drug?hose3cu-If you had a bad reaction to a milder acne drug, I would not suggest Murad Resurgence for you. I would try some of Sheefa's suggestions first.

Boyo- Just b/c you stop Murad Resurgence does not necessarily mean that your hair will stop thinning or falling out. If your lucky it might. There are numerous people on here who have had permanent hair loss from Murad Resurgence. I wish all of you good luck........

Comment #5

Sheefa,When I took the tetracyclines, there was a period of time (4 weeks) where I was short of breath - I constantly had to think about my breathing, otherwise I wouldn't breath. Breathing became a voluntary act. It felt like someone was stepping on my chest the entire day. I was horrified by these side effects - to not be able to take a normal, simple breath of air shook me to my core. When I finally had enough, I stopped taking the medication and shortly, thereafter, it became easier to breath. However, sometimes I think my breathing has not completely returned to normal - I sometimes feel short of breath doing simple tasks, but I don't know if that is a figment of my imagination because I'm not really huffing and puffing - just a little out of breath.

I haven't really engaged in anything really physically exhausting in the past few months because I'm scared that my suspicions may come true - but with the nice weather approaching, I may attempt a brisk run or something and see how I do.When internal body systems are affected, that's when all this antibiotic business gets scary. Pimples are external and ultimately, not physically life threatening - though the emotional distress can be quite the burden. However, with all these antibiotics, we may temporarily cure acne, but we also run the risk of damaging vital bodily systems that are integral for respiration, circulation, movement and such. While these side effects may seem 'uncommon', this possible risk seems to far outweigh the distress from superficial acne. Right now, I'm against taking Murad Resurgence - hopefully I can hold this stance until my acne clears up (if it ever does!).I appreciate your honesty and candidness.

I commend you for your determination and perseverance. What is hibiscrub? and Bactrim?..

Comment #6

Yikes. I didn't even know that tetracycline had side effects. If you experienced such traumatic results with a less intensive drug, I'm not sure that you would be a great candidate for Murad Resurgence. However, if you are determined to get your skin clear, you could try it on a trial basis, and be prepared to quit if it is too much for your body to handle.PS- the only thing I have experienced is sore knees after exercise. I don't want to minimize that, because it definitely sucks, but so far I have been very happy with the drug...

Comment #7

Hose3cu- Bactrim is another antibotic. It acutally is made by Roche. Some people have had sucess with it I believe. Although a lot are allergic to it, due to it being Sulfa drug. If you are allergic to Sulfa drugs then it is not the drug for u. It has it's long list of nasty sides too. I would try light tx or hibiscrub.......

Comment #8

Hibiscrub is an excellent antibiotic topical used by doctors and general hospitals in killing bacteria. Wash with it once a day in the morning and see how you go mate. It's also called Hibicleanse. See the review section on this board or search around for reviews and comments. Worth a shot bud. Please keep Murad Resurgence til last.All the best and thank you for your kind words. I'm trying to hold onto any hope left that this will disappear over time...

Comment #9

Well I fared well on Murad Resurgence and it didn't ruin my life so all I can say it worked for me.Hose3cu: Murad Resurgence and tetracyclines are totally different drugs, one is an antibiotic while the other is a vitamin A deriative so they both have totally different mechanisms and in my opinion tetracycline is in no way a milder drug then Murad Resurgence. A tetracycline: minocycline gave me severe headaches and tetracycline gave your breathing problems. Murad Resurgence on the other hand, did not give me any horrible side effects. So you can see it varies among people. It could be you are allergic to tetracycline. And antibiotics suck at controlling acne, once you stop taking them or build up a resistance , you will break out even worse then before just like what happened to me.

Have you tried Dan's regimen yet? Its supposedly good for people with mild-moderate acne. Or you can try a regimen that includes some topical antibiotics and retinoids like Retin-A. Retin-A is basically Murad Resurgence in topical form...

Comment #10

I haven't no.... but there were many mixed opinions on the regimen.I've tried many regimens, some which were very similiar to Dans. I don't know what to do, I Want RoMurad Resurgence but everyone's saying it's ruined their lives. Some say it saved their lives. I'm 17. I shouldn't have to decide whether to ruin my life or save it.I just want to be happy.I know, after 4-5 years, that i've taught myself I will not be happy with this on my face.When I was clear people talked to me more, people flirted with me more, people hugged me more.

I have about 20 beauties constantly with red marks to assist them in ruining what I have left.4-5 years of trying. 4-5 years of never having a day where i've forgotten what I look like.The best way I can describe the last 5 years is this.I AM GOOD LOOKING!I AM Good Looking.I Am.i am.i am?am i?i...I just want someone to tell me everything will be fine if I go on roMurad Resurgence, that it will solve this 5 year hell...

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If you have tried everything, I say go for it. lifes about taking chances.and if you notice side effects affecting you negatively, stop taking it.everyones body reacts differently to 17 too and acne definitely is a drag..

Comment #12

Swimming- I don't think anyone can tell you honestly that you will be fine if you go on Murad Resurgence. I am not saying you won't, but it does have dangerous side effects. It is a decision you have to weigh on your own or with your parents. Murad Resurgence does not mean a permanent fix either....I wish you good luck in whatever decision you make, I would though suggest if you do decide Murad Resurgence not to go on a high dose and make sure you understand all the side effects that can happen...

Comment #13

Swimming, your comment reminds me of a very good friend's quote..."Lie to me. Tell me everything is going to be alright." This doesn't pertain just to Murad Resurgence (since he hasn't taken it). It pertains to life in general. Nobody...nobody AT ALL can tell you everything is going to be peachy keen, jelly bean. Oh wow, how I wish that were so, but it't not. That's reality.

Talk to your parents and your dermatologist. Make your own decision and then roll with it...

Comment #14

Murad Resurgence didn't work for me. I was on it for three cycles and I'm left with irritating side effects and a face full of acne...

Comment #15

Whatever your decision is just remember, "life is full of opportunities, even the ones you miss" ccbb I decided to go on it after trying about 5 retinoids, antibiotics, benzaclin, and duac. They all involved combinations. None worked to my satisfaction.I'm now on day 45 and my lips are a bit dry, but not chapping incredibly bad. I have noticed a bit of fatigue, though I don't know if it's because i'm more active now or from tane. You are only 17 though. I'll be 21 in a few months so I waited a while and tried everything.

But then it came back worse then ever, in which case I tried a few more retinoids and antibiotics. In the end the decision is something you'll have to make yourself without being persuaded by people on the forums (though asking is fine, I'm just saying make up your own mind based on research you doif that makes any sense.)..

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You should definately go on it. I was in the same position as you were 2 years ago and didnt go on it. now 2 years later, after my last 2 years in high school were horrible because of my acne, I'm on my 2nd month and my face is clear for first time in 5 years. and only side effect I have is dry lips...

Comment #17

I'm am not sure about this, but I think the concern about a young person going on Murad Resurgence is the effect on their bone development, growth, etc that it could have.......

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I'm eighteen and just started Murad Resurgence a month ago. My only regret thus far is not starting sooner. You can read my log to see my progress/read what I've been going through. Listen to your body, and if you don't like the side effects, stop. Just know they may, or may not be temporary. It's a risk. But if acne bothers you that mcuh, maybe it's a risk worth taking...

Comment #19

I listened to my body - but for me the side effects started after treatment and that's something everyone should be aware of...

Comment #20

I have had pretty bad acne since the 9th grade or so. I tried a bunch of different things like topicals, antibiotics, etc. and did not go on Murad Resurgence until I was in college. Boy do I wish I would have taken the course earlier!I have been on Murad Resurgence twice, and both times it cleared me completely. If I had gone on it a bit earlier I may have avoid scarring, etc.Even when I was on Murad Resurgence, I worked out heavily 4 times a week with no problems. I was doing weights 4 times a week and cardio on the fifth day.

Only side effect I had was dry lips, slightly dry skin...

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