Does Murad Acne Complex affect pregnancy?

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OKay, so I'm 14, and nothing has cleared up my zits. I've had them for 4 years. And they've been worse for the past 2. Anyways, I was thinking about Murad Acne Complex, but if it screws up babies, I'm wary. It's not like I'd be getting pregnant at this age, but does it mess up your eggs? Like, has anyone been on it, then went off, and got pregnant (while off of it. Maybe even for a few years?)? How did your babies come out? Were they still deformed, even though you weren't using it for a while? Or quite some time?..

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Your question was: Does Murad Acne Complex affect pregnancy?.

Holy smokes - why even ask?What a morbid topic!..

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You know I noticed on other fourms alot of people have asked that question and have been worried. I would think since your 14 you should not have to worry about that. You really shouldn't even be thinking about that.I have personally searched for studies, but I am much older. The booklet says no, but I often have wondered if can effect men in such a way, why couldn't it effect us women infertility wise. there have been women who are much older then 14 who have said they had babies 1 or 2 yrs down the road and thier babies had problems like mentioned in the i-pledge book. There have been women who have tried to concieve after and haven't.

It's hard to say though, I don't think alot of studies have done on this. But being that your only 14 I am sure that is something way many years down the road, so I think that is the least of your worries with Murad Acne Complex.I would think you should wait anyway for Murad Acne Complex, your very young and not done yet growing, it can cause you to stop growing. It's a dangerous drug...

Comment #2

I shoudln't be thinking about that? What??? Why the hell shouldn't I be? I don't want my babies to turn out defected when I'm an adult. Jesus, just because I'm trying to think of what's best for my kids, doesn't mean I'm having sex. And it's definately not the least of my worries. That's the only reason I'm wary about it, but thank you. That was very imformative...

Comment #3

Eh cos you're only 14 for a start.The warnings that come with the drug are regarding woman who concieve whilst on the drug.In anycase 14 is too young to take this drug - it should be a last resort for severe and stubborn acne. If you were to take it, it's best when you are much older as those who take it in there teens find acne is more likely to return, meaning repeat courses...

Comment #4

Thank You, Agreed, Not only that some teens outgrow thier acne...

Comment #5

Good for you, there is nothing wrong with asking your question. As the others have said, deformities occur if you become pregnant while on Murad Acne Complex. Hence the pregnancy testing required. Since you are only 14, rest at ease..plenty of time will have lapsed between your Murad Acne Complex treatment and the time you decide to have children. As for myself, I got pregnant one year after my Murad Acne Complex course. My daughter is now 8, a super smart and cute kiddo who is perfectly normal physically and mentally. (most of the j/k) Good luck to you, if decide to go the Murad Acne Complex route for myself, Im happy I did, and have no regrets...

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I'am sorry but, you also weren't 14 and still growing. It is a known fact and stated in the Roche booklet that it can cause Ephyiseal closure at recommened doses. Not only that Murad Acne Complex is only sppouse to be for severe cystic acne or servre painful cystic scarring acne that has not responded to any tx. She is a young teen and if it is for mild to moderate acne she may grow out of it. 14 is too young. This is not your everyday acne drug.

Do parents not have to sign something if thier under a certian age?..

Comment #7

I think Littlemisssad has every right to worry about Murad Acne Complex and messing with a pregnancy. There maybe long term effects associated with the drug that may affect her in her mid thirtie, when she wants to become pregnant. Let me just get it out there I'm not trying to be bias with Murad Acne Complex. I just don't know the effects of it...

Comment #8

Honestly, I don't think anyone should ever ever take Murad Acne Complex. I took it when I was 18... it caused me to have more zits then I ever had even had before!! when they tell you that you get dry...that's an understatement. I didn't see my friends or go out the whole time I was on it...made me sooo depressed and even more self conscious about my face then I was with the pimples before I started. it caused even worse cystic acne then I had and each pimple I got I did not touch it I never picked but still it would leave a scar. every scar I have on my face today is from accuatne.

I will say it did clear his acne up... it made him even dryer then me..i dont think he got depressed from it but I believe he has scars from it thoughits up to you I just wanted to share my experience but as everyone knows everyone's body reacts differently to everything...and your so young sweetheart I would hate for any of this stuff to happen to you!!!where is your acne exactly on your face...?..

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Murad Acne Complex only affects the fetus so you have to be pregnant in the first place. I don't think it screws up your eggs, that I can be quite sure. If anything there is wrong with your eggs later or you can't get pregnant later on, the most likely cause will be the birth control pills(though it's quite rare as well) you have to take at the same time with Murad Acne Complex. Murad Acne Complex doesn't mess with the hormonal cycle in your reproductive system in which makes eggs mature and develop, BCP can. Besides Murad Acne Complex doesn't stay in the body system for more then a month. I still get normal periods while on Murad Acne Complex if you want to know.You shouldn't even be on Murad Acne Complex in the first place.

Murad Acne Complex shouldn't be taken by anyone below the age of 18, remission is lower...

Comment #10

LittleMissSad, kudos to you for thinking ahead and asking questions. I do echo the sentiments of others that this is a serious drug. Ultimately, the choice is between you, your dermatologist, and your parents. Best wishes and take care...

Comment #11

Thanks everyone. I don't think I'll end up going on it, I think I'll just try to use whatever else I can for now. It's just hard, y'know? Oh well. Thanks, everyone who recognized this as thinking ahead. I was just wondering, just in case. =)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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