Does McDonnolds Asian Grilled Chicken Salad work for Nutrisystem? How about Atkins?

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Quick question: Does McDonnolds Asian Grilled Chicken Salad work for Nutrisystem? How about Atkins? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I just posted this in my blog, but wanted to post it here, too..

Week 5, Day 4: I have a saboteur at home. Since starting Nutrisystem, my saboteur has made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, made red velvet cupcakes, made bacon sandwiches, made potato pancakes, and a whole host of other no-no's. I don't think it's intentional whatsoever. And truthfully, I will be running into temptations all over and should be learning how to be strong when confronted by them. And just because I'm on Nutrisystem, it doesn't mean everyone else should stop eating all their goodies (after all, they can control themselves, I cannot). But still.....

How about everybody else? Do you have any unconscious, unintentional saboteurs at home? Maybe at work? Anywhere else? And what do you do about them?..

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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Oh most DEF at work! One of my coworkers left skittles on my desk when they are all aware I'm on a diet. I chucked em in the garbage..

Comment #2

If you think everybody is out to get you - they are!! LOL.

Seriously, temptations abound and it is up to each of us to decide whether or not we are going to give in to them. If you "reprogram" yourself and truly believe that food is fuel for your body and you must eat to live NOT live to eat, then you won't really have any concerns about what is going on around you. Also, if you fuel your body with the right foods, you won't be bothered with cravings, binges, etc. because you will be full..

I am surrounded at work, at home, and anywhere else I go with loads of saboteurs - but I choose to ignore them all - FOR ME!!!..

Comment #3

Yes, I'm surrounded by them.

Every day I'm encouraged to indulge in pizza, hamburgers, fattening snacks, chinese food, desserts, etc. My pantry is full of chocolates, candy and chips.. and my freezer has no space due to the frozen processed foods. Not only that, but I have bottles upon bottles of wine and other alcohol/mixers..

With that being said, I take a deep breath and remember that indulging in ANY of those things at that moment might be satisfying.. but then I'd feel guilty as hell afterwards. So, I grit my teeth, hate everyone around me for eating it.. and decline..

And you know what? I'm happier for it. My friends think that I'm depriving myself.. but I don't see it that way. I was deprived of feeling confident, attractive and slim! Almost 2 months in I'm very close to reaching my goal. Being able to fit back into size 31"-32" jeans when I could barely fit into 36-38" is much more satisfying than the junk food around me!..

Comment #4

The very first day, my 35 year old son asked me if wanted a big bag of Reeses Pieces. I don't eat much candy, but still. He knew better. Then he asked me if there was any other candy he wanted me to pick up. This isn't a big temptation for me, but the principle applies..

When I gave up alcohol my husband said I could still have a drink with him once in awhile. The very first day I quit..

Why the people we love most seem determined to help us fail is beyond me. I retaliation I clicked onto and bought 2 new perfumes. I'm doing this for me! And i'm doing what I believe to be the best for me...

Comment #5

My husband is always eating junk around the house, chips, cake, sugar cereals, pizza, you name it. It has been really hard to stay away from it, but I just want this SO BAD that I try to just ignore the fact that those junk foods are in the house...

Comment #6

Yeah...I have a mother in law at home who LOVES to bake and 'push' food on me. She was ok the first week of NS, but then she was over it. Refuses to get that I'm doing this. It's tough-but stick it out..they will realize soon that you are serious and stop. Just have to be firm with them...

Comment #7

Every time I start a diet everyone I know wants to go out to eat.

Where were these people before? Honestly, most of them don't know I am on NS. Some people I really want to see so I go and save up my salad and protein for that meal. So far this week my husband has asked me to go out to lunch and dinner, must be he doesn't like what I am serving him! I declined both times...

Comment #8

It's just incredible to realize how much garbage I really was eating before NS, with all the offers of goodies, etc. Nothing has changed, other than my eating habits, and now I see how bad things were. But the constant temptations suck, lol. There are days I wish I lived alone!..

Comment #9

I read potato pancakes in your post ... and now I want some!..

Comment #10

If they are here then I haven't noticed because I am in complete tunnel vision to reach my goal. Oh no, I hope I haven't subconsciously smacked them or stepped on them while running or driving to the gym. I would have much preferred to do it with a conscious mind...

Comment #11

I was in the best shape of my life when A. I worked from home, and B. I was in charge of all grocery shopping and cooking..

My significant other has three kids. They are all junk food junkies, but they are also athletic and active and no one has a weight problem, nor does anyone have stress or binge-eating issues..

Our kitchen has little cupboard space, so all of their chips (today it's barbeque, Doritos, and tortilla chips), candy (three small buckets one for each kid of chocolate, Ding Dongs, and Red Vines plus a cupboard with Hersheys bars) and other items like nuts, bread, gummy snacks, and patries, sit out on the counter. In the fridge their stuff is mostly condiments and fattening salad dressings. In the freezer it's hashbrowns, Ben and Jerry's (four containers), tater tots, fries, pizza, and a variety of other processed foods..

Really, I don't like these foods. I mean, they fulfill something in me fat, carbs, sugar but it's not something I ever choose to cook. But, if it's there, if I'm stressed or really hungry, I will pig out on it while I'm cooking my dinner, and possibly after dinner. Now that I'm onNutrisystemand really trying to put an end to this bad habit, I have to remember as I'm reaching for a bag of chips that I can't do it. But, it's a physical and emotional habit, so it's hard!.

It does make me mad, but at the same time, my only other option is to end our relationship and move out. When I live alone, I have urges to binge but nine times out of ten, I won't drive to the store and shop in order to fulfill that urge and if I do, by the time I get to the store, my urge has dwindled or disappeared. Living here, if I have the urge all I have to do is get up off the couch..

I'm lucky because at my work people are pretty health conscious. I am one of the heavier people in my entire office, and definitely in my department. In the last place I worked, I was one of the thinnest and today, I would still be one of the thinnest. The culture both in the company and my department was very much centered around food, and lots of it...

Comment #12

OMG I haven't had potato pancakes in forever! Now I want them too, lol...

Comment #13

SORRY!!!! That was NOT my intention, lol! But NOW you see where I'm coming from, right?! LOL!..

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