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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Jenny Craig work better than Nutrisystem? Hoping for any response. Another question... I have seen a forum out here for Christian Support and would like to take this opportunity to invite all of my Wiccan or Pagan members to join my forum. Whether you are still in the broom closet, a Solitary or Coven practitioner, or are just interested in reading and learning from others of our religion, come on in and speak your mind. I have found myself posting my views in other areas and know that there have got to be others out there in Nutrisystem land who share my faith.

Blessed Be..


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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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I'll throw you a little support roorat! I think I might be one of you in spirit anyway!!!..

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I am not a pagan, but was doing some research after a religious argument with a friend and was very surprised that a lot of christian holiday traditions are pagan origin. I am sure most people dont realize it. very interesting!..

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That is correct. There have been a great deal of adaptations by the Christians of pagan rites and rituals. Part of this is due to The Crusades and conversion of the non-Christians. The Pagans/Wiccans did not fully convert and integrated their rites into the "new" religion. Also, the Christians adopted many of these, but put their own "twist" on them..

You may say that you are not pagan, but if you are an animal activist or a "save the planet" person, or regard astrology as a belief, you are following pagan ways...

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I am a "its all about me" kinda person...does that make me a pagan?..

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Glad to see this !.

I combined Wicca with the basics of the religion I was raised in..

(I've always been an independant thinker.).

I imagine there are others out there who also have a sort of hybrid spiritual belief..

I get additional inspiration from reading verses/quotes from Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu religions.....sometimes others..

I never know where a verse or idea will come from that will address something relevant to my life or a particular situation..

Is a site with info. about All religions..

Interesting site...

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Yes, I found it, but the last post was over a year ago (besides mine). Don't know if any of the members are still here...

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I think this would be a great support group! I have been interested in Wicca for YEARS and never found anyone that could mentor me or was willing to teach me. I am a better hands on learner, reading I have learned a bit, but I dont absorb it all! Im in!!!.


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I've dabbled in many different beliefs, even Hare Krishna, which is Hinduism. I really like The Goddess, and am always open to different ideas. My Aunt is into Wicca. I'd like to hear more!..

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Sort be truly pagan, you should honor all living things and do no harm to the same. You can be as selfish as you wish as long as no one or nothing gets hurt by your deeds. You're only interested in the skyclad rituals, right?..

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Actually, Wicca is already a combination of various tenets. Since there is really only one hard and fast behavior rule to the religion, The Wiccan Rede, each individual or coven determines the rest. We also must remember the Threefold Law..

The Wiccan Rede is the.


Governing Wiccan behavior. It allows Wiccans to act in any action, as long as it harms nobody (no living thing), including themselves. The Rede is.


By the Threefold Law. This is the belief that any harm or good that a Wiccan does to someone/something else comes back to hurt or benefit them magnified three times over...

Comment #11

Mark may be a cat...or this was not meant as a selfish statement, but rather a self realization that he is taking the time and energy to take care of himself now and has good self esteem.

I vote siamese cat and aren't cats part of the wiccan society..

Comment #12

He's a man, right?! 'Nuff said. My DH sure likes it when I perform rituals that way..

Comment #13

All animals.

Are part of the Wiccan society. A lot of Wiccans/Pagans have an animal companion that they consider their familiar (it is no longer believed that these familiars are spirits or demons inhabiting an animal). Instead, they have an emotional and psychic bond with the cat, dog, or whatever, who is attuned to the powers of it's human partner...

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I took a sociology course over a year ago and we had to take the "belief-o-matic" quiz from this site, as well as choose one belief that we were interested in learning more about. According to the "belief-o-matic" how I feel about and see the world, I am 97% a Theraveda Buddhist...

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<facepalm> Oh great...does this mean another thread for Theravada Buddhists?..

Comment #16

And to think I always thought that was called a lap dance...

Comment #17

I DO believe this...I thought it was called Libertarian..

Soooo...being a fatass breaks this rule then, right?..

Comment #18

You are more than welcome. I thought it was a good idea to enlighten people and share thoughts...

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All right, now. You are misinterpreting paganism with hedonism - they are not one and the same..

Comment #20

I guess so. Maybe that's why I have so much excess (threefold). I will have to ask the Goddess for guidance on this...

Comment #21

Let Us Welcome Beltane, May 1st.

Beltane, or May Day is the fertility festival marking the beginning of summer. It's the time when the Earth Mother joins with the fertility God, and their union brings about fertile crops, healthy livestock and abundant new life all around..

Celebration activities include:.

- decorate your neighbor's doorsteps with fresh flowers.

- create and give May Day Baskets anonymously (fill with fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables).

- go on a picnic with your family.

O have fresh produce.

O have your picnic by a stream or lake and cherish the surrounding wildlife.

O seek out new life (budding flowers, baby animals, etc.).

- construct a Maypole and dance around it (this is to ensure fertility for the coming year). The Maypole is a representation of the Goddess in ascendancy as the Mother, and the death of the God after the conception of the Divine Child..

- Create and/or wear a Green Man mask {The Green Man is of a masculine face covered in leaves and shrubbery}.

- Have a community bonfire celebration. It should be a place for the entire community/group to gather. Music, magic, dancing, and lovemaking are traditional activities. It is customary to light the fire on May Eve (the last night of April) and allow it to burn until the sun goes down on May 1. The traditional bonfire should be lit with a bundle made of many types of wood and wrapped with colored ribbon. Once the bonfire is fully ablaze, community members should take a piece of the smoldering wood to their homes to insure fertility throughout the summer..

Blessed Be..

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Ok...I don't want to be a complainer but the last thing that I need to do is stir up the God of fertility! Any way that I can celebrate without bringing that upon myself? I'm happy to celebrate fertility for all living things...except myself!..

Comment #23

Interesting, I took that Belief-o-matic quiz, I am 98% Neo-Pagan..

Interesting thread! I was always very interested in Wicca; when I was younger kinda dabbled in it but never really did much with it. Still definately piques my interests however..

Please keep posting Roorat! I even tried to up the rating, 1 star police are out on patrol apparently......

Comment #24

I'll bump your rating too..

Diversity is what life is all about for me..

You're bringing good info to the boards that may be new to many....

Keep on keepin' on rootrat..

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The fertility is not just for humans, but life overall. You can plant seeds, create your own mini garden (preferably vegetables, herbs, etc. that are life sustaining). Be aware, though, that during this "season", all life is more fertile and productive, especially if there is a full moon (like today)..

Comment #26

I will keep posting as often as I can (work kinda gets in the way sometimes.

) to keep things going and answer what I can. Thank you for the support and rating bump...

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Keep up what you are doing witchy...I took a history of witchcraft in school and was fascinated by it..

Skyclad for everyone!..

Comment #28

Thank you for your support.

There was a tremendous wave of interest when the series Charmed was on the air during prime time, and a lot of younger people were jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak. However, the series only showed the "magick" of the Wiccans, not the theology. I'm hoping to provide a more rounded interpretation...

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Guess I'll have to wear the flannel jammies to bed!..

Comment #30

I like learning things...we should do it our whole lives, right?.

In life you are either ripening or rotting...nothing stays the same...

Comment #31

I love you, too.

You're totally irrepressible, irresistable, and "charm"ing..

Comment #32

When I was a kid we used to do May baskets. Never knew about belatane. Glad I don't have to worry about that fertile stuff anymore. I will plant some cabbage...

Comment #33

Yea, the series definitely leaned toward the magical powers aspect....

But embedded within the story lines was the theology including the do no harm and the power of threes, not so much the earth based theological aspect though..

Comment #34


No doubt Mark..

I always tell my friends, once I stop learning I will also have stopped breathing...

Comment #35

If you have a man like mine, you'll need to find a chastity belt or slip him some saltpeter.

The full moon affects mine in an extremely amorous way and I nicknamed him "Wolfie"...

Comment #36

Yea...I knew as I was writing that, that flannel jammies have no power in my bedroom. At least now I know why I've been getting all the smokin' hot texts from my honey today!!! Yea for May!...Yea for the full moon!...Yea for doubling up on birth control methods!..

Comment #37

Did you really think that the Moon cycles only affected women? The Goddess is the Moon and the God is the Sun, when the Goddess is fertile, the God must respond and produce the Son. Recall what you know of animals in heat, the males are driven to respond to the female (whether or not the female is intentionally provoking them)...

Comment #38

I know...but for the record, I am totally provoking him!..

Comment #39

Thanks for starting this thread, roorat! I rarely hit this particular forum, so I missed it until today. I've dabbled in a variety of spiritualities and religions in my life, and realized several years ago I was a pagan. I'm a sole practioner with strong ties to the Nordic pantheon, but I'm very open to learning about others' beliefs as well..

I have to laugh at your posts about the full moon and the Goddess' effect on our amorous nature.

DH doesn't consider himself pagan, but is very supportive of my beliefs, and I'm still chuckling in reference to you calling your man "wolfie" LOL. That could certainly be the case at our house too. (skyclad rituals are best performed when he's NOT around to "disrupt" LOL)...

Comment #40

Ok here's a question...are people born or conceived around this time any different than those born at other times of the year?..

Comment #41

The only differences may be their personalities, due to the influence of the planets, stars, place of birth, etc (Astrological aspects). There may also be a significant increase in the number of people born during the height of the fertility cycle, but that is all, as far as I know...

Comment #42

Darn...I always thought that May was the very best month for birthdays and I thought that I was special or important because I'm a May baby! Maybe I was a queen or something in a previous life leading me to delusions of grandeur in this life!..

Comment #43

I was born April 13th, come I never need provoking...EVER?..

Comment #44

We are soooo alike. I am a bit partial to the Nordic pantheon (you could guess why with a name like Astrid, huh?), but also have a lot of ties to the Greek. I know that my brother was influenced a lot by Loki and that He determined to bring him to the Spirit world in 2001 while he was still fairly spry (he was 45). My DH does not consider himself anything as far as religion, but he agrees with most of the pagan ways and thoughts. I always have to perform my skyclads when DH is asleep or out of the house for awhile.


Comment #45

Ah, Loki! The patron sprite of my oldest, dearest friend (he's the most mischevious fellow I know LOL). Yes, I figured with Astrid as a first name you'd be at least somewhat partial to the Nordic side of things!..

Comment #46

You are a man.

You would have to analyze all of your birth statistics (exact time of birth, exact location, where the planets and stars were in alignment, what your strongest House is, etc. to get a true measure of the influences on you - i.e. which deity (-ies) are influencing your behavior and personality). Sorry, some answers aren't very simple...

Comment #47

Ok, so I followed the link and took the quiz - I rated 100% Neo-Pagan.

.. and Mark, I don't want you to quote Monty Python's Holy Grail, so I'll beat you to it "She's a witch, burn her." "How do you know she's a witch?" "She turned me into a newt." "A newt?" "I got better."..

Comment #48

One of my all-time favorite movies! That's what ya get for weighing more than a duck, huh?LOL I'll have to check out the religion link. **ok - just took the quiz. no big surprise (but it was fun to do), I'm 100% neo-Pagan**..

Comment #49

I have a question and I hope not too offend anybody. I know pagans/wiccans get a bad wrap sometimes....why do ppl sometimes refer to pagans/wiccans as satanists or devil worshipers? I thought pagans didnt believe in the existence of satan. you cant worship something that you dont believe exists. Christians however do believe that satan exists, so does that mean satanists are actually a branch of christian religion? (or anti-christian I guess you would say)..

Comment #50

LOVE this question! I've had this same argument with so many people over the, if I don't believe in a Christian God or Satan, how can I worship either one of them? It's a lot of ignorance and, frankly, a lot of "hollywood"...big bad evil "witches" eating babies, casting nasty spells, cavorting with "demons"...none of that is actually Wicca or Paganism. No, we don't worship the devil, and YES, Satanists are actually an "off-branch" of Christianity (I have a close friend who is a Satanist) , and they don't sacrifice virgins or burn churches either, a lot of kids get mixed up in it along with drugs and metal music -and I'm a big metal fan!- and get it all screwed up too. Not trying to put a shout out for the Satanists, but a true one isn't "evil" despite what most people will tell has a lot to do with Satan as an angel, before the "fall", and I don't consider myself qualified to go into more than that...

Comment #51

This is a great question..

Although this is not my belief system, I'd like to give a shot at answering this in a way that made sense to me..

Pagan is defined as.



1. one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks..

2. a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim..

3. an irreligious or hedonistic person..

Wicca is defined as.




Sometimes initial capital letter.

) witchcraft, esp. benevolent, nature-oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions..

************************************************** ******************.

Going by the 1st and 2nd definition of Pagan would fit for the Wiccan beliefs, but not the third because Wicca does not really follow the hedonistic way of self gratification and materialistic values..

Those who would refer to Wiccans and Pagans as worshipers of satan are just like those of the Spanish Inquisition and others who have damned and persecuted anyone(ie : witches of Salemn) that had beliefs other than the majority..

Seems like it's the old;.

You are not like me, I don't know or understand you. Because I don't understand you I fear you. Because I fear you I must destroy/discredit you..

That's the way I see it anyway..

Offered for your discernment...

Comment #52

You can't offend me..

Good question! Because people generally like to lump it all into one definition. I find humor in it..

Usually it's the most close-minded people that think that way..


Comment #53

Minds are like umbrellas...they only do you any good when they are open..

Just thought I would put that out there...

Comment #54

Speaking of's supposed to rain later today. Thunderboomers and all that! Woot!..

Comment #55

As an aid to clarify some of the "myths and misconceptions" about Wicca & Paganism, I am borrowing information from (there is a wealth of information on the subject on this site and it is impartial/non-biased):.

Paganism / Wicca.

Myths and Misconceptions - The Truth About Wicca and Paganism.

The Truth About Wicca and Paganism.

By Patti Wigington, Guide.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Wicca, most of which are perpetuated by people who (a) don't know any better and (b) have never taken the time to learn the truth. Let's talk about some of the most common bits of misinformation people hear about Wicca and modern Paganism..

Is Wicca some weird cult?.

No, it's not, no more so than any other religion. Sure, there are some "weird" Wiccans, but there are also people in other religions who are "weird." Wicca is actually a religion, albeit a fairly new one, which is based on ancient practices. Although it was founded by a guy named Gerald Gardner1 back in the 1950s, it is still a legally recognized religion. Wiccans have the same religious rights as people of any other spiritual path. Some people do tend to get confused, though, because the word "occult," which means secret or mysterious2, is often associated with the Wiccan religion..

Do witches worship the Devil?.

No. Satan is a Christian construct, and Wiccans don't worship him3. Even the Satanists don't actually worship Satan, but that's a whole 'nother conversation..

You guys have sex orgies, right?.

Nope. However, most Pagans and Wiccans are pretty liberal when it comes to sexuality. We don't care who you sleep with, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult. We don't care if you're straight, gay, transgendered, polyamorous, or anything else. Who you have sex with, and how often, and in what manner is your business. We just hope that whatever you're doing, you do responsibly.

How come you use that Satanic symbol with the star on it?.

You mean the pentacle5? That's a symbol, for many Wiccans and Pagans, of the four classical elements6: earth, air, fire and water, as well as a fifth element of Spirit or Self..

Do Wiccans cast spells?.

Yes. In Wicca, and many other Pagan paths, the use of magic is considered perfectly natural. It's not the same as the magic seen in Harry Potter7, but for Wiccans, magic is part of the natural world. Some spells take the form of prayers to the gods8, and others are based on direction of will and intent. Most Wiccans will tell you they use spellwork for a variety of things healing, personal empowerment, prosperity, etc. Magic is a tool that is typically used in tandem with the mundane, or non-magical, world..

What's the difference between a Wiccan and a Pagan?.

Nearly all Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans. As if that wasn't puzzling enough, there are some people who are witches, but not Wiccan or Pagan. Confused yet? You're not alone. Bascially, "Pagan" is an umbrella term for a group of different spiritual paths. For more on how this works, read What's the Difference?9..

Why do people become Wiccans?.

The reasons are as varied as the people10. Some find themselves drawn to Wicca because of a dissatisfaction with other religions. Others study a variety of religions and then realize that Wicca is the most compatible with what they already believe. A few people who are practicing Wiccans and Pagans today were raised in Pagan families. Regardless, nearly every Wiccan will tell you that they came to Wicca because they knew it was the right path for them..

How do you recruit new Wiccans into your religion?.

We don't. Although we'll happily share information with you and answer your questions, we're not interesting in collecting new recruits. Here's why: Do Wiccans Recruit11?.

Aren't you worried that you're going to go to hell?.

Well, no. Much like Satan, the concept of Hell is a Christian one. It's not really even on our radar. However, there are a few people typically those who have come to Wicca from a Christian background who do worry about this12 very issue. For the rest of us, we know that the future of our soul does not depend on salvation or acceptance of deity as a savior. Instead, we focus on doing good things, because we know that what we do in this lifetime will echo upon us in the next..

Do you believe in God?.

Wiccans and Pagans are typically polytheistic13, which means we believe in more than one deity. If you look at "god" as a job title rather than a proper name, we believe in a variety of gods and goddesses, rather than One Single God. Most Pagans and Wiccans acknowledge the existence of thousands of deities, but generally worship or honor only the gods of their own tradition..

So what do Wiccans do and believe, then?.

Excellent question, and not a simple one with just a single answer. To learn about what Wiccans do and believe, read Basic Principles and Concepts of Wicca14 and Ten Things To Know About Wicca15...

Comment #56

Pentacles are not satanic. Baphomets are..

The difference is easy to it pointed up or down? Pointed up, a pentacle. Pointed down, a baphomet..

I laugh muchly at the young 'uns who attempt to shock people by claiming to be satanists and such and are sporting pentacles...

Comment #57

I have the same reaction to the "Goth-ics" who are trying to be rebels by wearing pentacles as well. Are they desiring to be vampires or slayers?.

The pentacles pointed down are not necessarily satanic either, as some Wiccans wear the pentacle that way as a symbol to their level or degree. Baphomets.


Have the horned goat as well within the circle...

Comment #58

Some view the point down pentagram as an unstable influence where as the point up is more balanced and in harmony with the universe...

Comment #59

True. Usually those who wear the pentacle that way.


Unbalanced or unstable, IMO..

Comment #60

LOL Very true. But there are also perky goths who know the difference and deliberately choose to wear the point up. Being Goth has nothing to do with satanism...

Comment #61

Actually the goth culture has nothing to do with being vampires either. There is a sub group of them that play at being vamps but not the entire culture as a whole...

Comment #62

It's funny, but I can't talk about this to my husband. He's an atheist, and anytime I have tried to tell him I'm a Pagan, he tells me I'm not. It got to the point where I wondered if he was right. Do I believe in God, Satan, Heaven and Hell? No. Do I believe that there are many entities within nature that guide and protect, so to speak? Yes. I also believe in the universal spirit of humanity, and that we are all connected.

I don't know, maybe I'm not a Pagan, but it won't stop me from telling Jehovah's Witnesses and Born Agains that solicit at my door that I am...

Comment #63

Ah, yes - another culture misrepresented and misunderstood due to it's diversity. I did not mean to offend or stereotype, hence the quoted term...

Comment #64

I followed the beliefnet link too and came up with these top results:.

1. Theravada Buddhism (100%).

2. Unitarian Universalism (100%).

3. Secular Humanism (98%).

4. Liberal Quakers (85%).

5. Neo-Pagan (80%).

6. Nontheist (74%).

Very interesting! I consider myself a nontheist, but I am going to look more into some of the other top choices...

Comment #65

LOL, KarlsMommy! I'm a bad person too. When I was living in an apartment over a used bookstore I use to have a black cat that was very vocal. Whenever the JW or the Mormons came to spread "The Word", I'd call him over and have a discussion with him about whether talking to these people would ruin the effect of my black sabbath or not. BTW I am not nor was I ever a satanist. I just liked frelling with their minds..

I really should have done it but it was soo funny in middle america to play with their minds like that. And my Theo was such a good cat he always waited until I was done talking to talk back. LOL..

Comment #66

Ha! I don't have the guts. Those hard core Christians scare the crap out of me. There are some really crazy ones out there and you don't know how they are going to react when you tell them that you don't believe in their god. I just tell them that I am "not a church goer" and let them assume what they want. I'll take the pamphlets, thank them, and throw it in the trash as soon as I am out of sight...

Comment #67

NP Roorat, just wanted to let people know that not all goths are vamps. I use to know a perky goth in college she was very much Christian..

I tried taking one of those "find your religion quizzes", I think I broke it. LOL..

Comment #68

I use to do that, but that just encourages them to return again and again! Really started bothering me. Then I moved and was able to have pets and thats when I got Theo. They stopped coming around after I pulled that a few times. <evil grin>..

Comment #69

Have you taken the quiz on beliefnet (link in a previous post here)? There are numerous beliefs within paganism and Wicca, and being either of these or both of these is accepted. You have a lot of freedom with Wicca and choose your own path. I don't usually volunteer anything to those who preach their religion to me, other than, "I already attend church" (albeit, my own). Of course, wearing a pentacle around my neck has deterred some from my door. I do not shun or criticize anyone whose belief is different from mine and hope to be treated the same...

Comment #70

All right people. I completely blame all of you for my disappointing night. I went home expecting to find an amorous husband waiting for me, because of the full moon. Instead I got a mostly sick, completely whiny big baby in his place. The only affect that the full moon seemed to have was making my dog bat sh*t crazy. She kept me and my son up half the night whining and running around nonstop..

Thanks for getting my hopes up..

Comment #71

I have one friend who called himself an apathetic agnostic whenever religion comes up...

Comment #72

I don't let them scare me...I find them most humorous when they get all worked up and are practically foaming at the mouth about how 'bad' my beliefs are, etc. What really gets them riled up is when I tell them I'm a born and raised Catholic. I do go to church and I do believe in God. But I also embrace pagan/wiccan beliefs. I enjoy being well-rounded except for my weight..


I used to have a friend that was rather normal til she became a born-again. Then all of a sudden my beliefs weren't 'good enough' for her....she kept trying to get me to come to bible studies and whatnot. Told her I studied the bible enough in school and probably know more than she does in that regard. She'd come after me with various stuff and I always enjoyed taking up the opposing side just because it got her all worked up when she'd discover I was right. Nothing more funny then a flustered born again..

She finally tired of attempting to yank my chain and has left me became a very toxic friendship just because she couldn't/wouldn't accept that I was happy with my beliefs as they are..

People are weird...

Comment #73

That ranks right up there with my busted shoelace from yesterday...

Comment #74

I think I did take that one, it gave me something like 3 100%s and six or so more in the 90s. Or something like that. My belief is unique and that's the way I like it..

Personally I don't think any one organized religion has all the answers and yet all of them are right too. It's like the three blind men describing the elephant...

Comment #75

I used to do that, too. There are some who are.


Pushy and won't take the answer you give them. Because I live in the "Bible Belt", good old Alabama, I try not to make too many waves. Those Southern Baptists are scary to me.

I have a minister who lives two houses down from me, but have never seen or spoken to him. I think our Samhain (Halloween season) decorations may have made many folks wary of us.

DH has a grand time and is very supportive of my faith during that season and Yule...

Comment #76

They don't scare me. And I have a knack for really turning people off when I don't want to be bothered. There has only been one guy that tried to argue his point. I bantered back and forth with him, and we called it a stalemate. I made the point that I do not like organized religion, and explained why. I also commended his church for caring for so many when they were in need (some of his youth groups came up).

We parted amicably. It's interesting, but I used to just say I was an atheist, and would have to fight them back from the door, but since I started saying I was a Pagan, I get no arguments. Maybe they think I will cast a spell on them..

Of course my step-father had a better way of dealing with it. "You know that by law you are trespassing, which means I am well within my rights to sick my German Shepard on you. Would you like to pray before or after I let her out?" No lie, my step-dad was a grumpy nut. LOL..

Comment #77

Don't blame us, blame the Goddess or God. Remember, we said that the moon affects all of us in different ways..

Comment #78

Spellcasting?! Hmmm.... No, No! Gotta remember Threefold Law here.

ROFLMAO! I love your step-dad's approach. It would really work for me, too. I have a no soliciting sign at my door AND a no trespassing sign in my yard, plus two dogs who sound mean (definitely barks worse than bites)...

Comment #79

Thanks for the link! My top three were:.

1. Neo-Pagan (100%).

2. Unitarian Universalism (89%).

3. Mahayana Buddhism (87%).

Why am I not surprised?..

Comment #80

Yes, but I'm sure you were horny during Boobquake too...

Comment #81

I went to the and took their quiz since I honestly don't remember which quiz I took (it's been a while after all). Here's the current break down of the top 10..

1. Neo-Pagan (99%).

2. Mahayana Buddhism (99%).

3. Unitarian Universalism (98%).

4. Liberal Quakers (97%).

5. Theravada Buddhism (95%).

6. New Age (92%).

7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (90%).

8. Sikhism (76%).

9. Reform Judaism (68%).

10. Taoism (68%)..

Comment #82

OK guys...I am gonna head outta here to my Cabin in WV and enterain a friend...with any luck I will spend some time under the full moon skycladded.....horizontally..

I see y'all Saturday evening...try not to get any threads deleted while I'm gone...

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I've been lurking and decided to jump in. I just have never felt anything via organized religion. For me it's a very personal relationship with the powers that be, and with so much history of organized religion doing almost as much harm as good (can we say crusades, inquisition, and various other persecutions unto others), I just can't get excited about it. Though we did get married in a Unitarian church (DH is Christian, liberal Baptist actually), and there are times I consider going. I felt a good connection there, very open minded and more spiritual than religious. FYI, my quiz came back 100% Neo-Pagan and 98% Unitarian. Not surprised...

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