GoDaddy review : Recommend I sign up for GoDaddy?? Does Google own the use of KNOL ???

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Apparently, Google filed for TM of "knol" on 12/15. Does this mean that the thousands of names based on knol that domainers have been buying up in the last week are worthless and unusable? I have several of these names still within the delete period. Should I drop them?..

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Well fine line thereThey can not go after the guy who owns

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What will determine which way it plays out? Any elaboration would be much appreciated...

Comment #2

Say for instance, Mr. decides he wants to put ads in relation or competing with

Watch how fast he receives a C&D...

Comment #3

Well if you go on there is over 5000 domain with the word Google in it..

Comment #4

So your saying even though google, lets say just got a TM for knol, the owner of does not need to worry because why?.

He had the domain before the TM was issued?.


Comment #5

Take a look at his site (it is in dutch, use google to translate it).

Yes, he had... it was created on nov 22nd, 2002.

Their company is in the market since 1969 if I am not wrong all TM issues probably..

Comment #6

Wow...this makes me wish I were a company with deep pockets to come up with a potential service just to reserve a name for myself.....

Comment #7

Trademarks are about $325 so your pockets do not have to be that deep. You also have to be using the mark for business or show intent to do so. There are other rules, of course, but the price is not all the great...

Comment #8

Somebody has Knol.Us at and doesn't even have it optimized. It is for sale though.

My guess is Google has enough funds to offer the, .net, .org, .mobi, people enough to be worth changing their brand, and of course, buy the name from Knol.Us...

Comment #9

Google has enough funds to buy KNOL in all extensions but if I were the owner of that has been running a business for a long time and is registered since nov 22nd, 2002 I would think about selling it just for $xx,xxx,xxx to retire.

Think about how hard and expensive would be to buy another pronounceable and good as they arent available anymore and to promote their products using another name as they are known as KNOL..

Comment #10

I agree with you. Names with Knol inside should probably be dropped. But see, what a poor play by Google. They first announced Knol, then filed for TM...

Comment #11

I think they announced and filed their trademark at the same time. It takes a few days for the trademark office to update their new filings database. Anyway, it usually takes about eight months or so (including posting for opposition) for the full trademark registration process...

Comment #12

The question whether they Google will (or already has) or not acquire the knol domains is a good one.

They used to advertise (which is only a redirect now), but, they changed to not even (it gives you a 404 error)! For some reason they are tending to keep all their stuff within, so, maybe they don't really care that much about domain names...

Comment #13

There are hundreds if not thousands of domains out there using Google trade names, like and now Has anyone ever heard of a case against them?..

Comment #14

Do a web search for: Google sues domain.

And you will find many cases. Of course, Google is sued more than it sues, so you will need to wade through lots of results...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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