Does Google Adsence Work for

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Does Google Adsence Work for

My 2nd question is: If anyone hasn't heard the news yet, Sedo's servers crashed as a result of the last minute surge of bidders (for the first time ever) and the Premium 100 auction got extended by two hours. takes you there directly.

It's not over yet..

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Your question was: Does Google Adsence Work for

It's moved to the back of the list, since a bid was placed with under 8 minutes.

$555,000 for!!..

Comment #1

WOW - Must be the BIG BOY endusers fighting it out !.


Comment #2

How dumb is Sedo to end all these auction nearly at the same time! They should be spread out a little... Even a couple days. I would think this would effect the final prices in some way, in a negative effect...

Comment #3

They created a .mobi feeding frenzie.

Sport & are very nice too, wonder if the price takes off ????.


Comment #4

Agreed - Although you have to admit that crashing Sedo's servers does make for a good story..

Comment #5

Great minds think alike:-).

Some of us have been saying this for months, but it didn't get any traction in the .mobi subforum - perhaps because most mobiers still had some money left to invest and were understandably looking for (the inevitable) bargains as a result...

Comment #6

I'm not so sure that, in the end, it will show End users fighting it out here, IMHO. I believe what happened today - extended biddings, in particular - was by design, IMHO ... we will see, of course, how this all shakes out in the next couple of weeks when the BUYERS are posted (and, again when those "minimal development requirements" kick in from April 1, 2008 - June 5, 2008)!.

Which are your favorite developed .MOBI's from the previously auctioned premiums?.

Finally, these are not "sales" ... until the money actually exchanges hands, the (minimal) development requirements are adhered, the domains are transferred via Sedo escrow, and the Whois's are update appropriately, for sales comparison (comp's) purposes!.

Just my two sense, and thanks for the link MC..


Comment #7

Nothing funny about it, actually ... sales comp's are completed sales, and many a new or newer member has been misled otherwise (and, as a consequence, lost real money that he/she could not afford to lose) IMHO.

Thank you for understanding..


Comment #8

Can you list or pm me which members you are referring to?..

Comment #9

..This has got to be killing you inside. A year plus into your negative babblings on .mobi even 'remotely succeeding', and those dam prices just keep going 'up'. ha...

Jeff, the instances you note and/or want to use for your pessimism don't and haven't happened in auctions like these. Usually it's for a single HostGator sale/auction with the 'one bidder' never coming thru that you alude to...

Comment #10

I could care less about the .MOBI premium auction prices ... that is the God's honest truth! I don't know who the potential Buyers are here ... or their specific development plans. Do you?!? I don't have a list of new or newer members (not just from this forum) that have been, over time, misled - and lost real money - by inaccurate postings of uncompleted sales comp's, IMHO. I can only say that I've witnessed it and dealt with the unfortunate consequences after the fact, and that's why I stated above that there is, truly, nothing funny about it!.


Comment #11

We know that Jeff. You'll keep trashing and down speaking it, no matter what is proven otherwise, or contradictory to your repetitive negative and unsubstantiated babblings...

Comment #12

You're using these premium auction prices, not actual substance such as actual developments and promotions, to agree with me caring less about the .MOBI premium auction prices?.

That doesn't make any sense, friend! Please clarify..


Comment #13

Ok, what doesn't make sense and what needs to be clarified? I replied to a quote of yours as noted above....

Comment #14

You quoted my post that I could care less about .MOBI premium auction prices, so please clarify your statement, as convenient.

Thank you. Quoted from the mTLD Blog, IMHO..


Comment #15


We need a smiley that bangs his head against a cement wall!!..

Comment #16

He means, he thinks it was fixed- am I right jeff ?

Comment #17

Is this what you mean when you say "by design" Jeff.


The auction will be up and running very shortly and will be extended by until 3:30pm EST to ensure all interested parties can place their bids. While this is unfortunate, the good news is that the problems are due to the large number of last minute bidders! This is the first time an auction has brought down our servers due to such a large amount of activity..


P.S.:For the avoidance of doubt, the quote above is from the announcement on Sedo's website (with my emphases)...

Comment #18

He's tried every other derogatory angle, I wouldn't be surprised.

If I recall, he said the same thing about, until the horse spoke..

Comment #19

I could be wrong- just the way I read it- I am sure jeff will correct if I misread it..

Comment #20

Who said "fixed"?.

Was it not inevitable that - with ALL auctions ending at the EXACT same time (and this fact not ever being adequately addressed (and, I say, corrected) despite repeated requests (Caroline is very actively reading these threads in real time!) - there would be "extended biddings"? IYHO's.

Who benefits the most from potentail extended biddings (and mutual promotion thereof)? IYHO's.

"For a while", this was Sedo's last .MOBI premium auction ... and live similar posts were are coming out of both camps. It was entirely predictable (as mentioned above with the ending times), possibly intentional ... and, if an unforeseen "glitch", a very financially rewarding one, IMHO. That's if the sales are actually completed ... and we come to learn the Buyers and their specific development and promotion plans!.

Just my two sense..


Comment #21

Jerry Fletcher is a man who sees conspiracies everywhere...

Comment #22

Weird. I've never heard of the dude, IMHO.

Anyway, onward and upward ...

Enjoy the Holidays!.


Comment #23

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate you address all the questions.

I probably need to read this a few times to speculate on what it means, but it would be easier I guess to ask you to clarify what you are saying - who did what (and ideally when and why)..

Comment #24

You're welcome. Please see above, IMHO.

PS. Keep an eye on the Buyers in Whois, as well!.


Comment #25

And so typical of think that the server crash was orchestrated.

Holy baloney...what a crock. He'll still be thinking every .mobi auction for the next 20 years has something going on behind the scenes, no matter what level of success .mobi achieves.

You do realize what a nutcase this makes you look like, right Jeff? Just wanted to alert you...friend...

Comment #26

Jeff, no offense, but I'm curious... Are you writing "two sense" to be funny or do you not know that the term is actually "two cents"?..

Comment #27

HA, I pointed this out months ago! Of course he doesn't know, otherwise he'd have changed it or put a 'TM' on it long ago!!.

It does answer a lot though!..

Comment #28

Excuse me, but there is no proof of this what-so-ever. They just had down time.


Comment #29

Who knows>.


One pissed off "buyer"..

Comment #30

It`s soooooooooooo suspicious that a name one minute is ending for $66,000 and then after this "crash" , it ends 10 times more.

Does anyone believe it? I don`t. It makes me wonder if MTLD was happy with $66,000..

Comment #31

You know me, Brian ... do you think I don't know the difference between sense, and cents. No worries.

It was entirely predictable ... as far back as Mr. Pinky not revisiting Namepros as he had promised, the unfulfilled, empty promises repeatedly made by mTLD, the unbelievable amount of shilling / non-paying bidders at Sedo (particularly for .MOBI's), the hysteria and HYPE, and of course mTLD completly abandoning the hightly touted RFP process - in order to make AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE (and, in so doing, exposing their true colors), IMHO. I don't have a crystal ball and I'm not a brain surgeon (though I have playd one on TV), but my consistent humble thoughts and predictions make me look pretty dang good today! I think I'll treat myself to a hot chocolate ... Naysayer!.

Happy Holidays, friends!.


Comment #32

Cheers, Jeff!.

Hot chocolate seems a good choice - better than coffee in this case IMHO - since I'd really like to keep this thread from becoming as heated as these things traditionally do for some reason.

With your calm and rational hat on, would you kindly confirm or deny that you agree with the theory that you appear to agree with above - which implicitly seems to suggest that:.

A) Sedo deliberately brought down one or more of their own servers before all the final bids of the regular auction were received, and then blamed it on too many bids being received in the final minutes; and.

B) that they did so at the behest of mTLD, because presumably mTLD didn't think that was enough money to finance development of .mobi tools and promotion thereof.

This is the only way I can put together a coherent (albeit highly unlikely) theory from your previous statements above that doesn't clash with the facts that we know or think we know.

Please feel free to put forward a better alternative explanation - I admit that mine doesn't make sense but I was merely trying to piece together your implied sugestions above in a way that is at least internally coherent.

P.S.: And this time I would like to ask you in advance to not risk provoking a flame war - you know what you say almost never manages to provoke me, but you also surely realize that between so many .mobi supporters there are bound to be (statistically, as well as empirically) a few who don't have as calm a temperament as others.

So let's be pro-actively professional here, how about that?.

What I mean is this: let's do our best to respond to questions and comments without introducing provocative statements unless we demonstrate there and then that they are clearly essential for that purpose.

Does that make sense..

Comment #33

It crashed a full 8-10 minutes prior to the end of the auction, Lorenzo you don't think that the bidding would have gone much higher and have been extended anyway (which is always what happens at Sedo with bids in the last few minutes of an auction)? Of course it would have. It's not like these high bidders later on just appeared out of nowhere they were of course following these auctions all week like the rest of us.

Despite the fact that there is indeed a big mess here, try to inject a little rationality where possible...

Comment #34

It's a very common practice for experienced bidders to snipe near the close. It happens all the time at E-bay. For sedo auctions, that means placing a bid between 5-10 minutes of close so your bid doesn't extend the auction. I was logged in to sedo ready to place my bid at about 10 minutes to close and my bids wouldn't go through. I scrambled, tried another browser and still nothing. Soon the whole site wouldn't load.

I still didn't win the name I was after so I am not a potential litigant one way or another. This is a mess that the lawyers will ultimately have to sort out. I see validity in the perspectives from all parties involved, the 1st winners, the 2nd winners, the seller (mTLD), and also Sedo...

Comment #35

Looks like this Guy bought them all.

"I am not planning on developing these names, I am planing on selling these sometime in the near future"

Wow !.


Comment #36

One good thing about it though: now the Sedo-crashed-their-own-servers-to-make-mTLD-rich theory can be left to die a peaceful death - it's no longer necessary (hopefully)...

Comment #37

Thank god that only one person is the victim of wasting their money on .MOBI!..

Comment #38

This, at this time, comes to mind, IMHO.

Thread: "If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience." - George Bernard Shaw.

Have a great night!.


Comment #39

Only 16 posts, that's it?.

Where were you guys at the time?..

Comment #40

Clearly you have trouble separating pure speculation (nothing on that thread was anything but) from fact.

You also have trouble making a valid point regardless of the issues around that occurrence, it means nothing in regard to this situation.

"Beware of smoke and mirrors," indeed...

Comment #41

Great quote, totally agree ... and the reason I can't understand why so many state, with an absolute certainty, that they know what the future holds...

Comment #42

Apollo, of course, is a LEGEND!.

The referenced "" thread was one of many "" and similar threads at the time ... I chose that one for today's lesson and discussion purposes, IMHO. We all should pay particular tribute to Apollo's early words of wisdom, as well! Indeed, we can agree on that friend!.


Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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