Does Supports Dotnetnuke Installation script for hosting (Windows )?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Does Supports Dotnetnuke Installation script for hosting (Windows )?.

My main question is: Need to stretch the old grey matter a bit, get some new searches in my mind, so thought I might offer this as a bit of a service for the time being.

What names are you looking for, tell me, plus the extension you want, and I'll do my best to send you anywhere between a dozen and 20 names per person, that are still available for you to reg.

If you reply below, just tell me one word, or a brief description of what you are looking for, then I'll go through each answer in turn and pm you the results.

In exchange you can add to my reputation and donate NP$ amount of your choosing.

How does that sound to you guys?.

Check my limited Trader Rating out as a relatively new person here and you'll see one recommendation straightaway from a gentleman I helped just a day or so ago.

Come on, slog them at me, need to kill an hour or two - need the brain / mind exercise.

Whose first?..

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Your question was: Does Supports Dotnetnuke Installation script for hosting (Windows )?.

Absolutely no worries, I'll get on to that straightaway, I'm taking it that this would be on the .com extension. That's what I will look at anyway. Will have these with you within the hour...

Comment #1

Jewellery (specifically rings) and .coms.

Look forward to your reply...

Comment #2

For the first poster, just found 21 in about 15 minutes. Will pm them to you in a little bit, straight after I've read the request of the poster above.

Happy to help, no worries.

Dalem, your list is complete, found 20 straight off the top of my head, got you some very good ones, will pm you immediately.

Anyone else?..

Comment #3

Great, I need some surgery related .coms and also some "green" or "eco" branded keyword domains (dotcom, also good dotnets possibly).



Comment #4

Jops, yours have been done, pm just sent. (Edited at request).

Surgery. Green & Eco next - should be easier.

Will get onto this straightaway Josh. No worries. Just need a lovely cup of tea first, for a 5 minute breather. I'll find 20 or so surgery ones first for you and then another 20 or so of your next wants list requirement.

Be with you in about 25 mins...

Comment #5

Green and Eco are amongst my fav subjects of all, could churn those out all day long, you should get some decent ones. Just about to put the kettle on, just smoked a fag, brb. Pardon the British expressions lol.

Why did I have Bio in my mind and not Eco, what a daft plonker I am, your going to end up with one hec of a long list, found some very good ones...

Comment #6

Some "my" keywords with the .com tld, where y is at the beginning of the domain.

Or alternatively some health or pharmacy .com 's.

Thanks in advance. Repped...

Comment #7

Where 'Y' is at the beginning of the domain, don't you mean 'My' as in for example?.

Can you please clarify?.


Josh, found some fantastic ones for you, pm is on it's way right now...

Comment #8

I like the inner energy of this thread! Looking for anything entertainment related and pertaining to discovering new talent (actors, dancers, models, singers, bands).

And ".com" only please..

Very curious to see Your talent at work..

Comment #9

Sorry, it was a typo, yes when my is at the beginning of the word, like MyBrowsers dot com or MyEarphone dot com (two domains I lately handregged.



Comment #10

Ok, no worries, I'm playing catch up now, not a problem, I'll get to you just as soon as I can.

Keep em coming if you want to. 'Tis all good. My helicopter mind will hover over to you, just as soon as I engage a bit more throttle power.

Ok, AlexSimon, yours are complete, pm is on it's way, found 21 for you - some very nice ones too, if I may say so myself, think you'll like a few of them.

Anyone else feel free to post below, catching up now.

Ivoy, will be starting on yours in about 45 minutes, after I've had another cup of tea and a light lunch. Almost 2pm here, bloomin' famished...

Comment #11

Wow, great idear! I will take ya up on it too.... like so many, I am looking for green/bio/eco/ names in dot com..... if your lists for other people are large I would love to get a list of some of them .....

Ps, any chance of searches in other languages, like german? thanks, denver..

Comment #12

Thanks for the lists. Very nice, although I didn't reg any this time. Still undecided on one though..

Comment #13

In German, not on your blinkin' nelly mate no. My German language skills are non existent, I'd make a right lash up of that one, wouldn't dare to attempt it.

Ok, so your after Green too eh, hmmmmmmmmm, oakey doakey, back to my favourite subject.

Btw guys, I am aware of many of our differences in spelling both sides of the pond, so do not fret yourselves silly over that one, I always try to get the American spelling on the dot coms.

Smoke a fag and off again, be on the case in 5.

Half an hour from now, expect your list by pm.

Cheers me 'andsome, as they say round these 'ere parts...

Comment #14

Many thanks for some of the kind messages received via pm, these were very much appreciated. Glad I could help you out, it was no trouble at all, made me happy to be able to do it.

Received too, one or two 'odd' communications from people not so appreciative and questioning the quality of the list that I could send out from offering this.

I want to point out, that the only reason I was offering this was because I do actually enjoy helping out other people, if it is within my capacity to assist others. There's an old adage which goes something like this, a principle which I like to adhere to: 'Commit Random Acts Of Kindness'.

To receive an insulting pm questioning my motives, or the quality of my work and free time given is not entirely appreciated. Please do not contact me again, asking me for this kind of favour. You know who you are.

For everyone else, you can ignore the above little message, not intended for you guys at all, indeed most of you were very friendly and highly appreciative of my time and efforts on your behalf.

May everyone have a fantastic and enjoyable week.

All the best.


PS Feel free to keep the requests coming if you want to, it's not a problem helping others that appreciate it...

Comment #15

I reg'd 2 from the list you sent and rep'd and NP'd you. I appreciate your offering...

Comment #16

I am looking for nanotech and credit card domains. Do you have any ideas?..

Comment #17

I'll send you my requests, and I will rep and donate NP$ whenever I register a domain!..

Comment #18

That was very kind of you, and too, it's much appreciated. Don't want you thinking I had you in mind with my above comments.

Have a fantastic week!.


For the other two guys I'm working at a real pace here at the moment, just completing some other tasks, will be with you just as soon as I can, apologies for the small delay, please bear with me. It's absolutely not a problem helping you out, just need an hour or two to finish off what I am doing.

Best regards.


Okkkkk ready to rock n roll, NanoTech, blimey, that one will take a bit of researching of the market first, to get more of an understanding of the sort of thing you may be looking for, but no worries, got a head like an encyclopaedia, I'm sure my helicopter mind can keep up, no worries, that one should be fun.

I'll do your CreditCards one first, ease myself back into this today, expect contact in about half an hour, thank you.

Coupons, I'll come to you after the CreditCard search, is that ok? (rhetorical).

Coupons, expect your list in about half an hour, getting to work on it now. Time here UK 1pm...

Comment #19

Mark, we cannot ask for more, so take all the time you need...

Comment #20

I own if you need another one (cleaner )..

Keep up the good work and compliments for your initiative..

I am keen on "green" names as well but I won t ask a list now... maybe in the future your help will be appreciate as well!..

Comment #21

Just NanoTech then and I'm caught up.

Hmmmmmmm NanoTech, where are all my copies of New Scientist for strong keywords, they'll help with this one...

Comment #22

RWAC thanks for your cc list. I will donate NP$ as soon as I reg a HostGator from your list.

Thanks again What do you mean?..

Comment #23

It's always a pleasure to see a polite and helpful person, in a world totally different..

Thank you...

Comment #24

O w n c c .com is available. I thought you requested some cc domain?..

Comment #25

I would like just to add, that as per the original post, I am doing this in exchange for NP$, you can't get fairer than that.

It's not dependent on whether you reg a name or not as I am still giving my time, mind and effort - so I'm asking politely that ones play fair as per the OP.

Many thanks...

Comment #26

More requests are fine, will crack on with them later tonight...

Comment #27

Hi RWAC -.

Would like's with New York at the beginning and's with mortgage at the beginning..

Comment #28

No worries, I'll do this one for you later tonight, close to my bedtime here, go to bed at around 6pm to wake up at 1-2 in the morning, will get back to you in the wee hours.

Anyone else would like to request, say so now, so that I can work at full steam around 3am when my mind is peaking and working on all cylinders.



Comment #29

Well if you really like doing this.

Can you please look up some geo names? Preferably cities with population of 100,000+, preferably in Northern hemisphere.


Comment #30


Can you find me some good .coms starting with LA, Hollywood and ABC?.


ABC Productions..

Comment #31

Hey, I am looking for domains to do with the environment/green (some like, etc. Also, travel domains, either to do with travel or simply geo names.

Will add rep no matter what the names are and will donate NP$ per HostGator I reg!.


Comment #32

Unfortunately, I managed to damage one of my fingers last night, it bent well out of shape, snapped it back ok, but has now gone black and blue, will have to put this off until a later date. Apologies to all. Typing now at an incredibly low speed compared to normal.

Thank you for your understanding...

Comment #33

Checked some HostGator on, and found some of these :.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

All domains were searched from

Comment #34

Thanks XRVEL and take care of that finger RWAC..

Comment #35

XR - Maybe you'd like to start up your own thread?.

Btw 'supplement' has two p's in it, not one - not being funny with you, but your'e somewhat diluting and piggybacking on my thread.

Please refrain and start your own thread if you must.

Thank you...

Comment #36

Sorry, I thought anyone can search domain..

Sorry, RWAC....

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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