Does really work or is it a scam???

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Does really work or is it a scam???.

My main question is: Anyone know what time this starts?.

Here is the link:

To all that have names in the auction, good luck!..

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Your question was: Does really work or is it a scam???.

Their are some great looking names in the list especially the NNN.coms..

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Ok, found this:

Starts @ 12 PM PST...

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I'll post results when I can. But we have 11 days to go. "The Silent Auction is LIVE. Items will begin to close on Wednesday November 28th at 3pm/12pm EST/PST!"..

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There is a live auction and a silent auction. It looks like the live auction is starting at 1pm pst today. The silent auction ends Nov 28 and includes the names that did not make it into the live auction...

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Starts any minute now:

And here:

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Also check this link for the live auction and results:

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I'm just starting to watch this on The picture is fine but I'm getting a repeat echo on the sound. This makes it almost unbearable to listen to, besides being incomprehensible. Anyone else having this problem? Is it Ustream or my computer?..

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Just turn the volume down on the video and open up

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The echo may be because you have two windows open both playing the video...

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Just done this and it works fine, thank you so much!!!..

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The feed is pissing me off. It seems like it's running on a slow connection...

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Is there or will be a page for the names not sold, and where did they reach?.

Example: passed at 25k..

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Yes, and updated in pseudo real time:


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This is one of the worst auctions I have seen. If you are watching the live feed, you will seen when they pan out that there literally is no one there!.

This could explain of all the passes.

And what is up with taking a name like Solomon Islands is not even in the US.

Humm, has Monikers previous auction success has gone to their heads. This auction was a flop.....

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Just added up the passes in the first 100 lots and it totals bids to the value of $7,913,700!..

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Too many auctions in so short a time.

Now you know why Monte posted here asking for bidders...

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Some late sales at the end:.

Total of 32 names sold.

Average was: 14,232.

Total sales in live thus far: $455,750.00.

Silent auction goes until the 28th of November so there is plenty of time to make up some ground. We remain bullish!!!.

Thanks for all your support!..

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You need to be bullish - good luck.

Why do you think the attendance was so poor..

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Thanks, Creek. As you know, I meant for the silent auction. There are some really good names in the silent...

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I noticed that hundreds of names in the silent auction were registered less than two months ago by someone named Gilbert and Partners Ventures through Moniker. I hope this registrant isn't getting any special consideration. they have, in my opinion, a bunch of lower quality GEO names (,,,,,, etc.) yet they have hundreds that made the cut. does any know of Gilbert and Partners Ventures or if the owner is a NP member?..

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Sold in Live for $600. Pretty happy on the ROI...

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I can't check every entry but it appears to me that this one registrant has more than 1000 names in the silent auction that were registered less than two months ago. this one registrant owns one third of the names in the silent auction. Does this seem right?..

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Uh oh! Definitely needs investigating , I had wondered why there was so much dross in there.

All you sleuths - get sleuthing...

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Again, this registrant owns roughly one-third of the names in the silent auction. Is this okay?..

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Maybe Moniker should explain this to the members of this forum...

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I would like to hear one. it doesn't make sense or seem fair to me but I will certainly hear Monte's explanation...

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Low reserves folks. That's probably the explanation.

Low reserves help promote bidding and sales which in turn helps make the auction a success.

I don't envy Moniker's position trying to find 3,000 names to fill out a silent auction when a majority of the people submitting names are assigning unrealistic reserve values.

By lowering your reserves and taking a risk you make it easier for Moniker to accept your names. No risk, no reward.


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I understand the need to include plenty of domains with lower reserves but are you defending the inclusion of 1000 domains from one registrant who registered the domains through Moniker on 9/20/07?.

I can understand 30-40-50 or even 100 from a single person but more than that is unreasonable and unfair in my opinion...

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I'm not defending anything. People are asking for an explanation and I gave one. Nothing more.


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Crappy indeed if for them on the drop.....

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I will go further and say it's downright smelly, but I will reserve judgement until:.

Moniker - an explanation please...

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I would like to hear from those who have posted in this thread (airwav, namegame, creature, creekway, domainer50, paxton, canbrit, fka200, jaugustino, npcomplete, nullmind and thebaldone) as well as anyone else involved in these auction events. How do you feel about this?..

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Abc - Some of those are decent geo-targeted names. Sellers/buyers (Moniker staff included) have their own unique viewpoint on which domains are valuable/marketable.

Obviously, we all have a right to our opinion, though I don't know that Moniker owe any of us an explanation on their auction selection process. It is their auction and they incur the cost of running it ... so if they choose to include more domains from one particular customer I'll accept that.

I will agree that some names seem to have high reserves, but again that's between Moniker and the seller, not me. I've found them pretty reasonable to work with on setting reserves...

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I 'thought' the submission deadline was Sept 17 am I wrong? - if this person/company didn't register until Sept 20 - then ........

Comment #34

I disagree, I do think they should be more transparent in their selection process. A few hundred very recently Moniker regged names against those that did not get in - hmmm!.

My own opinion , but I had much better names that did not make it.

Anyway, Moniker have two choices , respond or not - no obligation either way- se la vie!..

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I have to say this on monikers behalf " AND no I do not work for them ".

A: everyone has the same option to submit thier domains to any auction moniker provides.

B: Before Every Auction Moniker Specifically States We work on behalf of the Seller.

C: Moniker was working on that sellers behalf no matter how many domains where submitted..

E: Geo domains are seperated by a certian class how many domainers actually buy them?.

F: I submitted around 20 domains out of 8000 becuase that is all that I had. 12 domains where chosen to be in the auction One made Live. the rest are in silent auction.

I really think that moniker has alway done a great job at any event they have ever run regardless of how many and what domains are submitted. The main point is thay know who the power buyers are. And they always bring them to the events. I will continue to use moniker as a source to sell some of my domains.

Make it a Great Day.....

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Well, let's see if Moniker gives us an explanation that makes sense. Personally I smell a skunk...but I do live in the backwoods!!..

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Gilbert and Partners Ventures, LLC. First Name: nathan. Last Name: gilbert.;_ylt=...t-501&ei=UTF-8..

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Moniker only makes money if names sell so they obviously feel that these names have a good chance of selling given their reserves. I have not seen all of the names that they are listing, but some of the ones that were pointed out in this thread are not bad. - Knoxville is a large city and hospice care is expensive and growing as an industry. One lead from that site could give a hospice company a customer that is worth thousands to them. It is a highly targeted niche name that is currently undervalued by the reseller market. If you feel that you have better geo targeted domains that were not included, is it because your reserve was too high? Let us see some examples of what you submitted and what your reserve was.

If you think someone from Moniker said "register your names with us and we will put them in the auction" that would not make sense because they make very little from the registration process and could make more from the sale of just one name in the auction (not to mention they would never risk their reputation like that). Also, they are probably flying home now so I would not expect an immediate response.

I do not work for moniker, I have no idea who gilbert partners are, and I was at the geodomain conference but left before the live auction...

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OK Creekway...what per cent of the listed domains at this auction do you think will sell?..

Comment #40 is anything but a lower quality geo name. Metro Vancouver has a population of 2 million people, which equates to 4 million feet. It describes exactly what someone would be looking for if that person had a bunion or plantars wart and lived in this neck of the woods. Who cares when Gilbert and Partners registered the name???..

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That is a question with many variables and is impossible to predict. There are some great names in the auction and some not so great ones that will likely get no bids. That being said, there are some accusations in this thread that I do not feel are warranted, and as I said, if anyone feels that their names were unfairly excluded from the auction, please post them and your reserves so we can see what you are referring to...

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My only conerns would be that:.

1. If Moniker had the names in their own inventory and went to the buyer and said "If you buy all these names we'll put them in the auction". That would be a slap-in-the-face to all of us who went through the searching and registration process and then had to sit on the names for quite awhile before getting the opportunity to sell them in an auction..

2. It might have shut out having better names with reasonable minimums being selected..

3. Having all those extra names muddies the water for other names to stand out in the silent auction. Having almost half the number of names in the Macau auction seems much more manageable and productive to me.

However, if #1 isn't what happened then #'s 2 and 3 are just business. Even though we all may have names not chosen for the auction that we thought were better than some of those that were, Moniker wants names that will sell so I have to presume they are acting in their own best interests first and usually know what they're doing.

A problem I do see is that sometimes the name selection committee doesn't understand the value of names that refer to terms they may not recognize as being very saleable just because it isn't familiar with them and how they apply to the subject matter being auctioned...

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We can argue all day about whether some of the names are high-quality or low-quality but that is not the main issue. the main issue is someone submitting 500 - 800 -1000 names (i don't know the exact number because there are too many listings to go through) that were just registered and most all of them getting accepted. how many of you believe you could have submitted this same huge list, even with no reserves, and still had all of them accepted?.

Several NPers submit to these auctions and I have never read any post where some says I have 900 names that got in. I understand that most people don't submit 1000 names to each auction but for those of us who do submit a lot of names (with reasonably low reserves), we know that getting 90% of our names accepted is unrealistic.

I don't think that Moniker said "if you register hundreds of names with us we'll get them in the auction" but there is something not right here. there is some relationship here. it is unbelievable that someone simply took a chance by registering hundreds of Geo domains late in September with the hopes of getting them included in the Geo auction...and then luckily all of them get included. this registrant is the either the most brilliant domainer out there or has some relationship with Moniker.

I have not had any negative experiences with Moniker and enjoy these events but the fact is a very high percentage of this auction's inventory is coming from one registrant. and creekway, I am not making accusations, I am stating facts. there is a big difference. I have never said that more of my names should have made it in instead of this particular registrant who has hundreds of names in. I said that I think it is unfair and unusual that one person owns such a large percentage of the names included in this one event...

Comment #44

(flame guards up).

Let me defend Moniker, and then offer a complaint. There were some excellent posts above. I tend to agree with the posts that acknowledge that this is a free marketplace. That means it is also free for a business to run itself in the best way in can, subject to rules/laws. If they even want to market domains to street people that is their business. It may be a stupid business model, but the decision is theirs.

Not end users, not street people, etc. As a business, if they make stupid decisions then the market will adjust to that.

I would personally have NO problem if they held an auction and 100% of the domains were held by one person. This even happens in some other high markets that may have auctions of a person's private collection of art, etc. As a business, they are trying to offer the best collection of names they can for auction. By "best" I mean the best for their business. Not a statistical sample of all names submitted from all individuals, but the names that will bring overall the greatest sales. If came up for sale with a reserve of one billion dollars then it would be rejected, even though it is an excellent name in this business.

My guess is that the person with hundreds of names had low reserves that in the committee's opinion had a good chance of selling.

IMHO, most of the reserves were simply delusional. If most of the domains were delusional, then Moniker needs to try to find the least delusional among them, or just reject them. If there was a problem in the auction, I would tend to think it was a marketing problem, combined with market saturation (lots of auctions back-to-back).

Marketing is my main complaint. The CEO, Monte, showed up a couple days before the auction looking for bidders. First of all, it is nice to see the CEO in here, but I question whether it is the CEO's job to promote in the forums. I think it was a nice touch and good PR for Monte to show up. The question is: Why do the people that work for Monte not show up??? It would seem to me that part of the job description for sales reps is to sell.

Maybe I am old-school (I am old), but I think the market has an excellent track record of correcting errors in pricing and marketing.


Comment #45

As a participant in the geodomain auction, the most troublesome aspect for me was what I call phantom bids. This was termed 'bidding on behalf of the seller' by the auctioneer and was disclosed before the start of the auction. Basically, imagine a HostGator has a reserve price of $500k, the auctioneer calls out I have $100k going $200k, looks to the right, nods and says $200k going $300k, looks left, nods and says $300k going $400k and so on. My numbers are arbitrary but the scenario played out often during the event. As I could tell, never was this done above the reserve or in response to an actual bid but was a way to drum up interest in the domains and try and get real bidders to engage. This was my 1st live HostGator auction, perhaps it is standard practice in other settings but I have never seen this practice at work in estate auctions I have attended.

The end result of this is that I have zero confidence in any quotation of a pass price from this auction since there is no official distinction between the real bids that didn't make reserve and those "seller bids" offered by the auctioneer. According to my eyes and the lack of the spotters audible calls, most of the pass prices at the geodomain auction were the phantom "seller bids".

It is good this was disclosed prior to the auction but I think in an effort to continue to elevate the credibility of this live auction venue, this practice should be done away with. To me it feels deceptive and casts a cloud that would be entirely unacceptable in another venue like Sedo, where the outrage would be severe if it was discovered that either Sedo or the seller were able to place bids to drive up the price just short of the reserve...

Comment #46

I always appreciate your comments and perspective Marc. I agree that it is a free marketplace and it is Moniker's auction so they can certainly conduct it anyway they want. still, I don't believe if you or I would have registered these same names in September and immediately submitted them for auction consideration with no reserve that we would have had hundreds accepted in the auction. that is my issue with this. I sure didn't know this was standard practice and think it should be done away with immediately...

Comment #47

For some reason I had a really hard time connecting at the start of the auction, so I missed this. (as mentioned before, Moniker needs to upgrade the uplink).

In most auctions this would be called "shilling". Yes, I realize that the shilling took place below reserves, but it is still shilling IMHO, and very tacky.


Comment #48

I totally agree that it's a free market and a business has the right to run it's business the way it sees fit, but I also believe that a business will not survive if it begins to alienate it's vendors (in this case, those who submit HostGator names to be considered for the auction) and/or it's customers.

And Marc, you are right, it is shilling...

Comment #49

My understanding of shill bidding is actual people planted in the crowd, paddles in hand driving up prices. This is not what I saw...

Comment #50

Scandiman, you were right calling them phantom bids. can also be called phantom shill bidding. anyway you slice it, it needs to be done away with...

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What still bothers me is that the domains were registered AFTER the date the ordinary people could even submit domains.

But that is moniker's call..

I guess if we want to make the rules we should run our own auction huh.

Anyone know if there are any bids in the silent yet?..

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This was announced verbally to the audience just prior to the commencement of the auction...

Comment #53

My guess is that either perhaps you have misunderstood the announcement or they did not make whatever they were saying very clear. I don't believe that any auctioneer in any live auction would invent invisible bidders. Even with an announcement at the start, that would probably be off-putting or misleading to a genuine bidder in the room...

Comment #54

I understood perfectly and it was indeed off-putting as a participant. On more than one occasion I witnessed the auctioneer calling out the first price before he even looked up from the podium. It was pretty clear when real bids had been engaged, the spotters would do an audible to alert the auctioneer. I never saw a phantom bid follow a real bid, that would be clearly unethical IMO...

Comment #55

I can understand that procedures at various auctions may differ but I thought a fake or false bid at anytime was unethical...

Comment #56

Apparently genuine bidders in any auction create a live market value and give confidence to an individual bidder to place the next highest bid. Therefore I would have thought that anything other than a genuine bid might generally undermine the confidence of the bidders. I guess 'bidding on behalf of the seller' must be a genuine practice at live auctions, although I think it would be an unnecessary (slightly silly) thing to do imo...

Comment #57

That is my sentiment as well, but not being an auction expert I stop short of calling it fraudulent...

Comment #58

Have read with interest the comments regarding Moniker's Geo HostGator Live Auction and am prompted to make my initial post. For what it's worth ..........

Moniker's interest in the HostGator market is solely to make a profit. The Live Auction format I assume has been quite profitableMoniker solicites HostGator name submissions from the public with no expressed guarantee of inclusion in the live/silent auction or of the quality/integrety of the auction being proposed. The manner in which Moniker selects names/ promotes it's auctions/ directs it's auctioneer/ or any other business practice regardless of the public perception of morals or ethics is at their sole discretion. However, indiscretions as noted above will damage Moniker's ability to profit from these auctions as I'm sure will be the case for their GeoDomain Auction...

Comment #59

I wonder of all those names that abc mention by the same many are sold? or it's in silent auction?..

Comment #60

They are all in the silent far there have been no bids on any names at all..

Comment #61

I'm sure Monte or someone from Moniker has checked this post in the past 24 hours, yet no posts or explanations have been forthcoming regarding two issues that I hope they address. still waiting for Monte to explain:.

1) how registrant Gilbert and Partners Ventures got approx. 1000 domains (registered 9/20/07) included in the Geo silent auction. does Moniker have a relationship with this registrant that gives them special consideration above other submissions?.

2) what is this about fake/false/phantom bids during the live auction? during the Geo live auction, is it true that the auctioneer pretended that bids were made when, in fact, there was no bid?..

Comment #62

There will be more and more participants in the auction arena now that they have seen what can be done.

It would appear that the latest auction has most definitely not lived up to expectations for a variety of reasons, auctioneers having no knowledge of what they are selling being one factor - but the newcomers will have watched and learned.

Snapnames have their own variation coming up soon - that will be interesting to see how they select the names that are allowed to participate and what results they achieve accordingly. Personally I think they will be a huge success with their background knowledge of knowing what the catchers are looking for being the major factor.

IDN' will also soon be a factor in the market place but far more knowledge is needed by the "sellers" to make that a success- it may well have to be the IDN Roadshow , independent of the ascii marketplace.

The coming year will be very interesting as the major players battle for position - can only be good for domaining in general...

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I agree completely. I expect many new quality auction events in 2008.

Still no bids on any names in silent auction yet.

Here is a recap of what sold in the live auction:.

Domain Name Sold Price. $600. $20,000. $3,000. $250. $5,000. $1,000. $2,500. $1,500. $1,000. $24,500. $10,000. $15,000. $15,000. $5,900. $200,000. $3,500. $250. $4,000. $7,000. $1,500. $600. $2,250. $2,500. $1,250. $19,000. $1,000. $4,800. $600. $3,250. $4,000. $52,500. $33,000. $300. $33,000..

Comment #64

So much for the "wisdom" that is commonly pushed by the auction houses of setting low reserves!!!.

When the reserves are low and the auction is a flop, you are forced to sell cheap.


Comment #65

I blogged about A country name with population of 7million sold for $300? Wow. I know it was a .biz, but $300! I'm sure the new owner can make that back with BS development...

Comment #66

I don't think you would have to do anything, I would give $400 now if the new owner wants to turn a quick , I don't think I am the only one...

Comment #67

SILENT AUCTION update: No bids.

The majority of bidding activity normally occurs during the last day (mostly in the final hours and minutes) but I was hoping to see a few bids by now. With a few thousand names available in the silent, I'm surprised that there hasn't even been a single bid...

Comment #68

No posts here from Moniker yet. I guess they are getting all their ducks in a row!..

Comment #69

It would be nice if Moniker had some sort of anti-sniping thing in their software like some other auction sites do (enom->namejet, others). In these auctions, a bid in the last few minutes extends the bidding deadline. It might help cut back on this last minute rush for the door. It wouldn't eliminate it, but it sure would cut back. Human character being what it is, even on the auction sites with anti-sniping auto-extensions, I would wait until the last minute (hey, we all play games). If the anti-sniping extension kicks in at 10 minutes before auction close, I would start bidding at 11 minutes before to avoid the anti-sniping extension...


Comment #70

I picked up a name at snap names yesterday and did just that I put in my final bid before the final five-minute mark to prevent the auction from being extended.

It certainly wouldn't discourage earlier bidding if Moniker added this feature to their silent auctions...and made everyone aware of it too. as you've mentioned before Marc, marketing is key...

Comment #71

Might help to drop the 'fee' for allowing people to bid on the domains too - lookyloos might be tempted......

Comment #72

3 days with no bids in the silent auction,are things ok?..

Comment #73

Things are right on schedule:.

Online HostGator Auction: Saturday, 11/17 through Wednesday, 11/28.

Don't expect anything significant for another week. Maybe a few early bids will dribble in, but nobody likes to express early interest in online auctions.

My highest selling HostGator in TRAFFIC got no bids at all until minutes before auction close. Then it flew. My buyer was very smart.


Comment #74

Marc is right but I would still like to see a single bid.

In past silent auctions there has been a little activity in each of the early days...but this auction has a bit longer duration so i'm staying patient.

I'm checking the auction frequently and will post as soon as I see any activity...

Comment #75

Comparing Moniker's auctions with the future Snapnames ones, I still prefer Moniker's..

I won't transfer my domains to another place (like Snapnames requires for now) just because of one auction. They must remove that clause...

Comment #76

Yeah, what a genuinely stupid thing for snap to do. Like people were saying in the other thread, snap has tremendous potential given their knowledge of the drop. They screwed up that potential by getting greedy and penalizing people for insisting on registrars that are orders of magnitude better than the registrar they use. It would be interesting to see how many people with excellent domains are sitting this one out based solely on the registrar requirement. That poll should of course take place in the OTHER thread, or a new thread. Maybe an appropriately named new thread could get snap's attention - nothing else does.


Comment #77

Maybe some of the potential bidders for the silent auction have read this thread and they are waiting for Moniker to reply to some of the concerns we have here concerning this auction...

Comment #78

If a potential bidder is interested in a HostGator name they will come for it, still 8 days left so I assume it will go ebay style with last minute bids, I really feel that a lot of people were unaware that the auction even existed, this thread and all of the blog posts comparing the live auction to the titanic is actually helping spread the word for the silent listings, maybe we will see some nice sales in the silent to save the performance of the live auction, time will tell I guess...

Comment #79

Agreed. A lot of potential bargains in there.


Comment #80

I was just on DiscussNames message board and read several posts regarding my comments made here in this NP thread. In my first post there, which I've copied for you to view below, I responded to those who felt I was making up some of the facts I stated about one registrant having hundreds of names in the silent auction. First let me say, if you know of the names and doubt they were registered recently, why don't you just check the whois info yourself?.

Now, let me clarify for all of you who think someone is making false allegations about one registrant having nearly 1000 domains included in the Geo silent auction. I'm the one who posted this FACT on NamePros. (if you want to read all the posts on NP, here's the link to the thread

I checked the whois info on several domains with minimum reserves being offered in the silent auction because many of the names were similar. (It was not because I was upset that my submissions did not make it. I have eight in the silent and I'm happy with that.) After viewing the whois info (which all of you are welcome to do), I noticed that the same registrant was listed on name after name (registrant Gilbert and Partners Ventures, LLC) and that each name was registered on 9/20/07. (And I don't appreciate the comments that I am making this up when you can spend 10 seconds and verify it for yourself.) Furthermore, I didn't say there was anything illegal about this, I just thought it was peculiar that so many names were owned by one registrant and that they were all registered two months ago through Moniker. It made me feel that this regsitrant may have been given special consideration or has some special relationship with Moniker. There has been no response from Moniker on the NP board as of yet so I don't know their side of the story.

I have not wasted any more of my time checking the whois on additional domains because once I checked a random selection of approx 70 names with the $360 reserve price and they all came back with identical registrant info, I knew the others would likely yield the same results. (go ahead and do some checking yourself. the info is readily available.).

Here are a few you can check:.

Frankly, Moniker can do whatever they want. It is their event. I have only had positive dealings with Moniker thus far and completely enjoy dealing with my rep but the truth is the registrant has a large proportion of the names in the silent auction and they were registered recently through Moniker...

Comment #81

Agreed, when I first saw your post I must admit that it seemed strange thet Moniker would allow such a thing to happen that could potentially blow up in their faces. Subsequently I also checked some of the names and came to the same conclusion, does not seem right despite Moniker being allowed to do as they wish.

As with the "silent" being deafening atm, so is Monikers response, they obviously consider it is not worth their time. Their choice.

For the record, I sold one in the live and have 9 in the silent...

Comment #82

Another issue in this thread was "fake" or "false" bidding. these are not the correct terms and I think is important to clear this up. this type of bidding is called "off-the-wall bidding" and is an acceptable practice at most auctions. for a nice, concise description of this type of bidding, please visit this link:

Comment #83

The above link is broken. Could you repost? I would love to read it. I am surprised that this is standard practice, but I know I have a lot to learn.


Comment #84

Thanks ABC!!! Learn something every day. I will rep.


Comment #85

Thanks for the info. This explains many things and is reflective of my observations noted in post #57. I called them phantom bids, I'm glad to now know other proper industry terms for this practice.

This confirms that indeed any pass price at this auction is completely unreliable...

Comment #86

Excellent point. I had been keeping records of the pass prices from as useful information for comps. Now I know that these are meaningless "comps". Of course bigeduh is still an excellent site, and during the live auction was one of the best sources of info (the dropouts of the live feed from the auction were annoying to say the least).


Comment #87

I learned this from creature on another board so I will pass the rep forward...

Comment #88

ABC, I don't appreciate you cross posting something I said on a different forum *out of context* on this one.

I never accused anyone, much less you personally, of making false allegations. Taken in context, my remark was a casual question not a statement, and I in fact also stated that: Which it is. I too would like to hear some feedback about this from Moniker...

Comment #89

Check out the world history of auctions. Fascinating stuff:

Comment #90

I'm sorry enlytend. I certainly don't want to make any of this personal...

Comment #91

And here, ladies and gentlemen, rests the case for the prosecution...

Comment #92

It's been a few days and we haven't heard from the defense..

Comment #93

100% agreed...This is a touchy thing...I believe the industry needs TV commercial promotion. Only so much advertising online and word of mouth can do..Moniker needs to invest upwards of $1million dollars in Television commercials per auction and maybe have less auctions per year but many more audience attendees....

Comment #94

Very good. I might disagree on the $million/auction, but perhaps somewhere between the cost of the ceo showing up a couple days before and posting a single message and $1 million. I have been saying all along "it's the marketing stupid" (to paraphrase clinton). In the last auction the total sales were below $1 million, so perhaps at least something > 0.

I can hear it now: but Marc, with advertising, the sales would be >> $1 million, and I agree. Somehow though they need to start without busting the bank first time out.

As I have said before, I complained to my account rep that finding out a few days before an auction makes it hard for the sellers to do their own marketing to encourage end-user bidders in target markets. There were also a few posts (somewhere) about how in previous auctions part of the auction admission fee was deducted from sales. There are lots of good ideas around here, some even no-cost, like providing an auction list with a *reasonable* amount of time before the auction.

Moniker is still tops IMHO, but wot's comment about market saturation and timing just sounds spot on to me with current Moniker marketing.


Comment #95

It seems bidders are waiting for the last minute. Hope there will be some bids by 28th..

Comment #96

Does Moniker need to explain why they chose these or those domains? If that person has a special contact with Moniker, so what? That's normal. It's their auction, their rules, right?.

As for advertising, I agree. Maybe not in TV, but in specialized sites and contacting more companies and ceos related to the areas of some good domains in the auction...

Comment #97

Agree w/Coupons.

Where is it written that Monte and Moniker can't include someone's personal portfolio in their auction ... be it 20 names or 1000 names? The auction serves a valuable marketing function for the entire HostGator industry...

Comment #98

Monte and Moniker can do what they want with their business, but alienating their customers can facilitate their downfall...

Comment #99

Did you submit any names to Moniker for this auction? Were they better than those accepted? Care to post examples?..

Comment #100

I did submit domains to the auction, but that's not the problem. I believe, according to other posters here, that the deadline to submit was a few days before many of the domains that made the auction were registered...

Comment #101

I don't see that as a problem either. It was a few days after the deadline. They probably hadn't even begun going through the names yet. My Moniker rep has accepted late submissions from me before and I'm far from a big fish. They still treat me like one though, which I like.


Comment #102

I will try to make this my last post about this issue. I've stated several times that I understand it is Moniker's event and they can conduct it however they want. And my issue is not with the deadline because, in the past, I have forgotten names on my submission form and asked if I could send them over after a deadline has past as well. My issue with this was the fact that several of us submit a fairly large number of domains to be considered for these events and would like to think that all of the submissions are treated equally and the accepted domains are based on quality and reserve price. If all of these names in question were selected based on quality and reserve, fair enough. However, knowing the difficulty of getting names included in these events because of the sheer competition (ie.

700-1000 names) with no reserve, do think you would be saying..."HURRAY, most ALL of mine got accepted! I got 900 in!"? I doubt it. That's why I was initially upset. I have eight names in the auction (and that is fine with me...i'm not greedy) but, knowing from past auctions that 5-10% of the names in the silent get bids, I wish I had 30 or 40 more in. (And yes, I do think many of mine are as good as many of these-with comparable reserves-and I don't need to post them here for some of you to evaluate.) I just want to think that all of our submissions are evaluated equally.

ANYWAY...I"M OVER IT NOW...BEFORE MONIKER COULD EVEN RESPOND. (Though I would still like to hear from them.) At this point, I'm just hoping the silent auction surprises us all and closes with some fantastic bidding. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!!! ALL OF YOU FANTASTIC NPers AND TO THE ENTIRE MONIKER STAFF AS WELL. BE SAFE AND ENJOY!!!..

Comment #103

Don't really see the relevance regarding the matter in hand , but:.

I think most of these are but just my opinion. Removed as it may prejudice future sales.

And quite a few others,all with very acceptable reserves and not registered in the last two months, but then I don't have the contacts...

Comment #104

They do in fact frequently "bid" names up to the reserve price in order to stimulate interest. Monte makes no bones about this and though many might not be aware of it it is NOT a secret.

While I personally believe the practice should be discontinued (except of course when they put my names up) there doesn't seem to be a legal issue.

That says it all...

Comment #105

Seems to have backfired a bit. Other points of view here:

Comment #106

It seems some think it is OK whilst others obviously think it's wrong - that's life!..

Comment #107

And the CAC Macao in the coming week. Hope that fares better- still time though he says positively...

Comment #108

0 bids.

(Three days remaining - expect the bidding to double and possibly even triple!)..

Comment #109

There will be bids on the final day.

The next auction could be massive with 'Bets dot com' up for sale...

Comment #110

2 x 0 = 0.

3 x 0 = 0..

Comment #111

I look to the last few hours before this really starts..

No-one wants to show interest and expose their hand...

Comment #112

This is why they should establish anti-sniping end-time extensions.


Comment #113

0 bids. You're absolutely right Marc. Without making the changes you mentioned, there is no reason to have a silent auction last for seven days or longer. (Especially when there is no marketing campaign to create awareness in the first place.)..

Comment #114

Closes on Wednesday when CAC Macao starts, just 24 hours away- one door closes another one slams shut Hope not - but not very encouraging - fingers crossed for us and Geo/Moniker.

I see that Moniker have been noticeable on the forum by their absence - not the right approach for customer relations...

Comment #115

If you missed the article from Ron...

I think definitely a good handful of names will sell at the last minute of course, liked the following point he made...

"My take on the auction was that this particular crowd is going to be interested in only the very best geo domains - for example a name like, that did sell for $200,000. Associated Cities members hold some of the most valuable geo HostGator real estate in the world - the exact names of well-known cities. Few of them are interested in anything less because their sole interest is in building one, or perhaps a handful, of full blown businesses on true blue chip domains.

That is not to say that multiple word domains, like aren't decent domains that would be useful to the right buyer - just that someone who owns has little need to buy up every HostGator that describes a product or service related to their city. They already have the core name from which everything can be sold. The more specific names can be useful in driving traffic to the main site but there are an almost infinite number of permutations, so most core .com city owners are not interested in starting down that road.

I would guess that buyers of multi-word geo names and alternate extensions to .com will probably have to come from a broader pool of potential customers than the highly focused group at the GeoDomain Expo. If the second tier names are to sell in quantity in conjunction with this event, I think it will be necessary to woo off-site buyers who are interested in working these smaller service or product specific niches within the geo space."..

Comment #116

0 bids.

There is 24 hours left in this silent auction so hopefully my next post will show some bidding...

Comment #117

Hopefully being a big keyword here.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed abc..

Comment #118

No bids yet. i'm checking a few times each hour...

Comment #119

The CAC Macao has now been extended from two days from 27/28 originally, up to 6th December ( unless that was the original finish date?) so I think more problems with lack of bidders are anticipated...

Comment #120

Note to self:.

Do not expect good prices for auctioned domains in the Christmas season...

Comment #121

Christmas time affects many markets, like hosting sales. Maybe it affects hugh ticket domains too... although markets are really different.....

Comment #122

No bids in the silent yet. I just checked. all GEO names end in 6 - 8 hours. I will be checking a few times each hour and will post bids as soon as I see any...

Comment #123

Thanks abc. In the last auction my biggest selling HostGator for xx,xxx did not get a single bid until the last few minutes before close.

My guess is that things will be slow as usual until the last few minutes... which gets back to that anti-sniping thing.

Good luck everybody in the last few hours/minutes!.


Comment #124


Some end in 4 hours. Why the difference in end times for the same auction?.

Thanks in advance...

Comment #125

They stagger the end times slightly. the first auctions will close around 5PM EST with the last ones closing around 9PM EST...

Comment #126

We have signs of life. 1 $ 1,180.00 2 hours. 1 $ 530.00 3 hours. 1 $ 360.00 2 hours..

Comment #127

1 $ 3,530.00 54 mins.

1 $ 1,180.00 2 hours.

1 $ 1,180.00 1 hour 25 mins.

1 $ 1,180.00 1 hour 53 mins.

1 $ 1,180.00 4 hours.

1 $ 530.00 1 hour 59 mins.

1 $ 360.00 3 hours.

1 $ 360.00 1 hour 11 mins.

1 $ 360.00 1 hour 58 mins.

1 $ 360.00 2 hours.

1 $ 360.00 1 hour 22 mins.

1 $ 360.00 3 hours.

1 $ 240.00 4 hours..

Comment #128

Thanks for the updates.

Q: Is there a way to do a search to pull up all of those domains that have bids on them or must you go to each category and page?.

Thanks in advance...

Comment #129

When you click search, check the box that says "bids on"..

Comment #130

Monte is speaking on this radio station

At 7 PM EST tonight.

I wonder if we can call in or ask questions.....

Comment #131

16 names with bids.

1 $ 3,530.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 2 hours.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 4 mins.

1 $ 1,180.00 36 mins.

1 $ 530.00 10 mins.

1 $ 360.00 1 hour 49 mins.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 15 mins.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 9 mins.

1 $ 360.00 19 mins.

1 $ 360.00 38 mins.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 1 hour 50 mins.

1 $ 240.00 2 hours..

Comment #132

16 total bids.

1000 auctions have ended so far with no bids...

Comment #133

What else is sad is the access phrase they gave me at the event was no good when I tried to log in today...

Comment #134

24 names with bids.

1 $ 3,530.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 5 mins.

1 $ 530.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 470.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 470.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 42 mins.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

2 $ 360.00 24 mins.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

2 $ 264.00 12 mins..

Comment #135

So I guess the bright side is 1 of them is mine, weak advertising on a whole..

Comment #136

Don't know why but now the auction only shows that six items have been bid on:.

1 $ 3,530.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 1,180.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 470.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

1 $ 360.00 11/28/07.

I don't have an explanation why. i've searched some of the names that formerly showed up on the bid list and cannot find any of them...

Comment #137

Or that those in attendance were given cards with the wrong access phrase. I figured out that some letters needed to be capitalized but it wasn't printed that way. Really bad of staff to not simply add the typo from the card to their database of valid access phrases...

Comment #138

I see that quite a few of those on this list that are now missing in action with your updated list were regged in Sept by you know who. Now you know..

Comment #139

So is the list of 6 names the final list of what sold??? Any idea what happened to the other domains that were previously listed as sold?.


Comment #140

I have no idea why the list went for 24 names to six names. i'm just reporting what I see. I did notice that some of the names that were "sold" (such as are now on the new WebmasterWorld inventory list but I don't know if it necessarily means anything...

Comment #141

I sold one which is not in those 6 posted, got the form today from moniker, also got 4 offers on other domains today and did some digging and 3 are definitely end users, not sure on the 4th one yet still gotta dig on that one, so at least 7 sold, maybe the original 24 or more, not sure can only confirm my 1...

Comment #142

Wow, one of my that was not on the list of six sold too. I just got the agreement from Moniker.

So now we are up to 8 sold...


Comment #143

I'm of the belief that all 24 of the reported sales on this thread are valid. I'm not sure what happened with their reporting software afterward. It seems to have gone buggy.


Comment #144

I guess the good news is if you had 1 sale of possibly only 24 you did good, the bad news is if it is only 24 total then I guess the silent auction followed the trend of the live auction, This was the first geo auction as last year in Chicago they didn't have one so maybe something new of this sort takes time to gather some steam, some bidders may have not wanted to pay to bid as well so if you had names in you may see some after effects as I received 4 offers so far today, I would expect the offers to be from domainers but they seem to be from end users so maybe just a lucky coincidence in timing...

Comment #145

Was your sale not on the original list of 24 listed on this thread?.

I'm hoping it was more than 24. Like you said, 24 is very low. TRAFFIC silent's have been getting around 300 sales lately...

Comment #146

Bill it was on the list of 24, I passed on PubCon as I figure TRAFFIC will be stronger, not saying PubCon won't produce some gems, just think more advertising will be done for TRAFFIC and it's still months away which gives time...

Comment #147

I would check to make sure that you aren't listed at pubcon anyway. I explicitly told my rep to not sweep from previous auctions, and I just found out he did anyway against my explicit instructions.


Comment #148

The geo auction was the first time I have ever submitted to Moniker, don't think anything would be considered premium for that but I'll spot check it, Thanks.

The non geo domains have never been submitted and will give them a shot at TRAFFIC and see if any pull through...

Comment #149

Yes, this is why I set different reserves for each HostGator and each auction. I raised my reserves for pubcon under the assumption that it would not be marketed, making low reserves very risky.

Like I said above, keep excellent records, and on important details like Moniker screwing up reserves make sure that you get a confirmation that they received the materials and comments. It could help later... like in my case with low reserves from previous auctions being swept into this auction, even though I explicitly set higher reserves for pubcon on the official spreadsheet submission... again, glad I have it on record with a confirmation of receipt by my Moniker rep (Don L*).


Comment #150

I ran the whois on them and see who you mean, but what do you see in this that I'm missing? What happened to those names?..

Comment #151

I believe that the concern/interest among some of the people is this:.



Whois Server:

Referral URL:



Status: clientDeleteProhibited.

Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Status: clientUpdateProhibited.

Updated Date: 20-nov-2007.

Creation Date: 20-sep-2007 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<.

I believe the final date for submission was 9/17/07, so the above was registered after the final date. If you look at the traffic thread there was a similar issue about the same owner registering hundreds of names after the close of submissions but being admitted to the auction.

There were others that have done a more thorough investigation, so see the other threads. I do admit there is a pattern... and when it comes to hundreds of domains it is a statistically significant pattern too!.


Comment #152

Thanks for the answer. so one thing is the date they were regged compared to the cutoff date by moniker. I spose they can let in whoever they want at whatever time though.

What else is going on that people would be concerned about with this auction? and what happened to those names with bids that disappeared?..

Comment #153

Yea, I agree it is their auction. A few days late is no big deal. I suppose the objections were with the large volume of late submissions.

I think the other "missing" domains were related to some bug or whatever. I do know that mine was one that went missing and then I got the seller's agreement today from Moniker, so it wasn't missing for long!.


Comment #154


Ie; your sig.

Ella and Joe Pass covered that tune waaaaaay better..

Comment #155

I had a feeling that this auction wouldn't get many bids, so I was reluctant to lower my reserve price....

Unfortunately I was right.....

Comment #156

Total sales:. $600. $20,000. $3,000. $250. $5,000. $1,000. $2,500. $1,500. $1,000. $24,500. $10,000. $15,000. $15,000. $5,900. $200,000. $3,500. $250. $4,000. $7,000. $1,500. $600. $2,250. $2,500. $1,250. $19,000. $1,000. $4,800. $600. $3,250. $4,000. $52,500 $33,000. $300. $33,000.

Last updated Sat Dec 1 00:39:40 2007...

Comment #157

Thanks Wot.

I'd say was a bargain and, and to note a few. All underpriced...

Comment #158

Agree...and imo is worth at least 1 million.


Comment #159

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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