Does Provide Backup facility?For DNN Website?

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I got a quick question: Does Provide Backup facility?For DNN Website?.

I also got another question: OK, I just signed upfound this forum while Googlingand poured over the forums, lots of high-level discussions going on. Haven't found any "Start here" posts, though. I just bought about 20 dot com domains kinda willy nilly, ones that made sense to me, on GoDaddy, for their $6.95 special. I even fell for one of their "Traffic Blazer" add ons, though I don't know what to do with it. Now I want to "park" my domains and make wild amounts of cah (!?!), though I'd settle for something more modest.

Presumably, there's a lot I need to know. I signed up for Sedo and NameDrive, but I assume they only accept domains that are up and running and producing traffic? What's a new guy like me to do to get started? I'd prefer not to have to spend weeks learning everything to make a go of this, or is that what's required? When you get up off the floor after your laughing fit, please remember that you were where I am, once upon a time...Thanks for any tips, links, resources...

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Your question was: Does Provide Backup facility?For DNN Website?.

Hi Handy! Glad to have you with us over at Namepros.

This subforum is a great place to start your learning. I drafted up a post here which may be able to provide some assistance.

In general, I do recommend taking several weeks (no joke!) to get a better understanding of the industry as a whole before plunking down more cash. At least 10-20% of members I've gotten to know on a first name basis have admitted to making stupid mistakes (myself included) when starting out and who knows how many aren't admitting it!.

I'm not sure about how you found us here, but I will tell you that it's not a get-rich quick scheme like some of those publications like CNN Money sometimes make it out to be. It does take hard work to succeed in this industry and a solid understanding of the industry from the get go is fundamental to having success with whatever budget you bring to the table...

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You have got a good head start. I started with $0 when I came here, though I dont have much more now I do have a bit of experience.

I use NameDrive, they have no requirements but they have rules that you need to look at. As soon as I register a new HostGator I either put iit on my pile to dev or I park it.

I have been hanging around IRC and have learnt alot, but the forums have even better posts on. Spade is a superb domainer who basically taught me most things I know. Nickrac is very knowledgable about parking. There are many great people here, so meet them.

You will be able to learn everything that you need to know from these forums, so stay actiive and have fun!..

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Im going to agree with RocknRollo here. This industry doesnt just take a few days to learn, or even a few weeks. Many of those successful, took years to master this industry and even still, it changes daily.

First mistakes made. 20 HostGator names, without even looking I can take a pretty fair guess and say they are all worth about nothing in terms of resale. The TrafficBlazer is also pretty much a waste. If youve just purchased that, call up GD and ask for a refund. It does nothing you cant do yourself with just 2 minutes worth of time.

Once again - you'll find this forum an invaluable source of information - but you'll need to do research and homework to make it in this biz. Plane and simple.


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In your reading make sure to read up on vurr, overture, wordtracker, You want to reg names of real products that real people search for if you do that then you will get traffic and earnings, made up names make no money and are hard to sell unless you reg the one unique address and stumble on the unique buyer...

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Welcome to NamePros!.

You should really have read up on as much as you can before you start buying domains. Alot of people make this mistake but it's ok as long as you didnt go all out and buy 100+ domains. As stated above the domains that you have purchased are prolly worth nothing.

These forums will offer alot to learn about. Try checking out some of the topics in the newbies section of the forums. There is some really good stuff and some useful sites to check out in that area. So do some reading and learn up on the industry. is a really good site for resources and past sales histories. So take your time and start reading up on everything.

As for parking is prolly your best bet at this stage in the game. Easy to use and pays better than Sedo. Also for parking try different companys. Different domains to better at different Parking companies. Dont expect to see crazy amounts of money rolling because it just isnt going to happen unless you found an insane "diamond in the rough". Want to lear more about parking and montenization head over to the Parking and Montenization forum.

Have fun and Welcome to a great Community!..

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