Does have good consumer service?

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My first question is: Does have good consumer service?.

My next question is: .PARIS may be one of the first new TLDs.

Organisation was formed last year to make it happen.

Guys and Gals ... the internet is being turned upside down.

And it doesn't look that bad.

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Your question was: Does have good consumer service?.

I wonder how they'll navigate the TM issue. I remember a discussion here about the city of paris suing to get or - something like that - and winning. would surely be on their radar?..

Comment #1

This is all ridiculous. I know! I want .stupid for this idea....

Comment #2

I can think of one I would like to register but I guess it will be taken well before me. Hilton.Paris..

Comment #3

Guys this can be a good thing:.

2 different ways you can do it:.



Comment #4

Yup total confusion ... great for everybody ... great for Google...

Comment #5

No.... not confusion...easier to find certain things in certain places.

Quit being immune to change...although I do agree with you on

Comment #6

This is all BS and just a money maker for ICANN! There are very few people who actually type-in the full address when using the internet. Most people use search engines to find what they want. If you have great seo you can get people to view your site no matter what the type-in address!.

.....Smoke and mirrors my friends.....Smoke and mirrors!..

Comment #7

Yes I also believe this will strengthen dot coms!..

Comment #8

Heres the icann announcement and them announcing .paris Link..

Comment #9

I agree with you.. just a little. But I think because of the wide number of options available, we'll see the value of the "old school" TLD's driven down, at least temporarily while things sort out. In any case, my thought is any two keywords, such as will SEO better than a comparable .com naturally...

Comment #10

I guess it's a bit/much cheaper to get .paris than (if he was to buy it at today's price)...

Comment #11

Yeah, definatly cheaper....

If someone makes .theirowntld, we will be able to reg ourdomain.theiroldtld at like godaddy???? ???? or is it for just themselves?..

Comment #12

I really cant see that happening.

Would the prices of dot com be higher if there were no other extensions ? YES.

What makes you think having all these new shiny extensions will help .com.

Think of this,.

You are a property developer building 20 6 bedroom homes, selling for $400,000 K each.

When all of a sudden another developer comes along and build 150 6 bedroom homes at $300,000 each.

Is this going to help the first developer ?

I think not.

(granted not the best example but you see where i'm going with this right).

Alot more money will be poured into these new extensions instead of buying .com's.

The big .commers will no doubt try and convinve themselves (and you) this will help them but it's to simple to see it wont in anyway whatsoever.

I hope this takes 10 years to come to life...

Comment #13

I would imagine that Google will make the necessary adjustments so that dot com/net/org will still be favored by search engines. After all, they are against people buying rankings, so factoring in the extension would go against their policies.

I'm already convinced they have done with this .info domains, and I have quit developing them all together. I can get instant top-5 rankings with a net/org niche keyword domain, but I haven't had any success with an equivalent .info domain...

Comment #14

Thank you for posting! I just want to throw a tomato at those guys! It was mentioned earlier that the domains would be in the high thousands to six figures, I wonder how much the annual renewals will be? I bet they will be at insane prices as well...

Comment #15

Let said if this announcement come out 4 month early, you think 2.5 million deal will on ? .

If i'm the owner, I would go for .pizza for low six then for couple million .....

Comment #16

Nope. Google is a whole lot more sophisticated than that Can you really imagine a company with all the processing power and Phd's they have, saying I know lets block all sites on one extension lol.

There are more .info's in there than ever, over the past couple of weeks I was really surprised to see just how many were turning up in everyday searches...

Comment #17

Do we really need all these other ext? again people are talking about icann making more money from this sort of activity, and many points raised with regards to making other ext value go down.


Comment #18

I read on the day this was annonced that the owner of lowered.

His selling price to below $4.5 million. Dilution is dilution and affects valuation...

Comment #19

I wouldn't go that far ... Think of the potential for SEO based extensions to jump in your face on the major engines. If your entire portfolio is based on sales ... And then someone pops up with .Sale(s) and actually gets Googles attention. You now have unlimited amounts of competition in your face to deal with ...

Maybe we should all just bail out of Domains and start using"Some Keywords here" type stuff..

Comment #20

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