Does give me a site to build?

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I got a quick question: Does give me a site to build?.

I also got another question: Ok guys - as stated before I am fairly new to this.....

(well when I say new I am a web developer who has been watching the HostGator market curiously for about 4 years lol).

I now believe I know enough (about SEO, what makes a desirbale name etc) to slowly start picking up some names....

I own 15 now!!.

And tend to only go for .com, .net and

And I only ever grab ones that have dropped (most I have paid is $30 for a .com).

So my question is this.....

IS it possible to still find gems manually?? (sometimes I spend 15 hours at a time searching through domains). I use my brain, a dictionary, and my gut instinct.

Is this enough??? Are there any good ones left?? I tend to see a lot of people going for .in (understandably) but what I dont understand is the less valuable (in my eyes) domains.......such as

CAn a beauty still be plucked out the air (.com) and am I worng about etc??.

Sorry about the boring post lol.


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Your question was: Does give me a site to build?.

There are definitlely still some gems available to hand reg. some great names have simply been overlooked and every once in while you'll come across one if you're diligently checking available names. also, there are new terms and phrases that become popular everyday. there will undoubtedly be new products, services, inventions, etc. in the coming years which will spawn groups of valuable HostGator names so be aware of "new" names too. as Marc mentioned above, any filters and programs that assist you in searching are extremely helpful.

You'll kick yourself later if you miss it...

Comment #1

Hmmm interesting reading. Yes I am familar with Adwords etc - I have been an affilate and owned/built websites etc but always been interested in domains....

Im currently taking things slowly - feeling the market etc - learning.

And I am currently applying the rule that any HostGator I own must pay for itself in any given year in order to be renewed etc.....i wont renew a HostGator that generate no revenue....

Just curious as to how much an "average" HostGator can bring in per year??.

I know this could be almost impossible to answer - as all domains are different etc and aimed at different markets - one can be worthless one second, and valuable the next.

But is there any kind of yardstick to judge things buy?? I mean - lets say I owned 100 domains (i dont lol) - would it be fair to say that on averahe each doamin could possibly generate - I dunno......$30 per year??.

So - say it is around $10 to renew - thats $20 profit x 100.

I know I am being very vague and I know it doesnt work like that - just tryin to get a feeling for what is a realistic target - I am hopin to generate cash via ppc rather than selling to end users.

So - what makes a HostGator a "good" earner?? and what figures are realisticly achievable??.


For your information (for example) I have recently registered

Comment #2

Sure their are great names left. YOu just have to search, and search and hopefully get lucky and find a great one...

Comment #3 is a good name that should sell. As for the monetization, here is what google says:.

Advertiser competition: 0.3 (google relative strength).

Avg search volume: 0.25.

Ads CPC: $0.05.

Based on this I would say that this HostGator has a good chance of paying for itself through monetization. Even if it didn't pay for itself, some names are good enough to keep for years until the right buyer shows up.

Where do you monetize? That can be a major factor in whether a HostGator pays well in parking.


Comment #4

I found for reg fee this year. Obvious brandability. I also found a couple months back that if I had bought would easily sell for over $70 now. I have found 2 names in the last 12 months that I paid reg fee and sold for over $200 each.

I think that it is possible to find the gems. Resisting the fool's gold is the hard part...

Comment #5

Glad to hear it vurg. With the right buyer any name can sell...

Comment #6

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