Does Godaddy support Joomla?

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My question is: Does Godaddy support Joomla?.

My 2nd question is: Sorry guys but another buyer now is offering me to pay me by PayPal Mass Pay.

Somewhere I think I read they could not be reversed, unlike normal payments where chargebacks are easy to make.

IS that true? Is my payment safe once I get it in that way?.


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Your question was: Does Godaddy support Joomla?.

Since MassPay can be funded only by PayPal balance and not credit card , there can be no credit card chargeback.

There is a concern to what happens ...

If the funds are sent from a stolen PayPal account.

If the funds in the PayPal balance where transferred from a stolen PayPal account (a scammer moves money from a stolen account to his own and then to the seller) ... would PayPal investigate "2-accounts-deep" and freeze/return the money ?

If the funds in the PayPal balance where paid/transferred from another PayPal account that used a stolen credit card to make the charge.

I think in general PayPal investigates many layers/accounts deep until it finds the "rotten apple" (ie the stolen account or stolen card) and sometimes reverses all charges ... but what will actuallly happen is on a case-to-case basis.

In general though , MassPay is safer since it needs a bigger complexity of a scam to be "orchestrated" (ie stolen PayPal account (or stolen CC) instead of just a call to the bank for a chargeback).

What I do sometimes for small amount sales is say that there will be a 5-day (or 7-day) delay after payment for the transfer of the HostGator.

This gives some time for a stolen credit card chargeback to come-forward or a stolen PayPal account holder to complain (in which case I don't transfer the domain).

But , as you understand , there are many cases that a stolen account/CC can go unnoticed for many more days ... but at least waiting for 5/7 days covers for some of the cases..

Comment #1

As the previous poster says, the delay is a good safeguard.

The best part about mass pay is the drastically lower fees, more than the security.

There will always be risk accepting payments, even with wire transfers (we had an unfortunate episode on an ach payment received recently even)...

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Anyone with premier or business status can do mass pay but it still refundable.

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Https://;jsessionid=LxxR1cLYL76hPj4L09gln1g2TBfzZn 21BmpnHLFMwjPylSGJGzML!1502751412?locale=en_US&_dy ncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=PH&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9006&t=s olutionTab&ft=searchTab&ps=solutionPanels&solution Id=11163&isSrch=Yes..

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I've been requesting that payments be made to us via Mass pay. Most people you'll find to have business accounts and the savings in fee's adds up quickly. And I've been finding by requesting this buyers that couldn't send it that way end up adding enough to cover the fees...

Comment #4

Thanks everyone.

Ok, so Mass Pay is not safe.

How about the buyer opens a dispute and then closes it , then he pays me.

I read that a buyer can`t open the same dispute twice.

But how exactly needs to be done and what does he need to write or do?.

Please explain like if I was a baby....step by step.


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Propose to the buyer a payment method that you're familiar with and that will be safer for you. I'm not sure about the dispute i've not done it before and also I never received any...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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