Does Godaddy support IMAP?

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My question is: Does Godaddy support IMAP?.

My 2nd question is: Hi all.

Some advice needed on this one. I have approached an end-user about a HostGator and they seem interested in it. Not sure what kind of money to ask for. Should I get them to make an offer and see if it fits in with what I expect??.

Or should I just name my price??.

They own the .com of an Indian geo (eg

I own the of that HostGator (eg

The end-user is of indian descent but lives in the states.

Place is not a capital city or anything..

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Your question was: Does Godaddy support IMAP?.

Agreed. Choose a price and stick with it -be confident with the price you have chosen for it, and make sure your tone reflects that.

Too often I get this from sales people:.

Me: "How much is that?".

Bad Salesperson: "Well, um... You know, it's a really great product, and um, it may seem high to you, but it really isn't if you look at the market. It costs about $650.00 or so? Maybe I can adjust the price a bit lower?".

Instead, it should be -.

Me: "How much is that?".

Great Salesperson: "That's a great question, thank you for asking! It's $650.00. It's a fantastic name, getting XX hits per day right now with no content, it's highly desirable because of __ and ___. How would you like to handle the payment?".

Me: "Well, I'm not sure..".

Great Salesperson: "Not a problem! Here's my contact info, but I can't guarantee it'll still be available later in the day, I have several other companies to call about the name."..

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And to add to that.. the silent treatment goes a long long way, just quote your price and be firm with it as GF have pointed out and then when he replied with a price that's not so interesting with you, then don't reply at all, let him see that you're not replying or entertaining prices that are lower than what you feel.

But this takes some abilities to do, you also need to know your buyer and their buying capacity...

Comment #2

Thanks Weblord, I approached him, but I was testing the waters and I didnt mention a figure in the email. He thanked me for contacting him and asked me what kind of price I am looking at.

I dont want to undersell the HostGator.

The HostGator is a town and disctrict in India, the district hs over 2 million people..

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If you have turned this way, then it's ok, as long as the prospect buyer keeps on replying.. the next move would be to quote your price since he's already sold out (partially) with your domain, he has interest, since he owns the .com and also see the content and the reach of audience for his .com, you will know at the least the buying capacity. now go for it...

Good luck..

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Thanks GF and Weblord.

Will do a bit of research on the buyer and let you know how things go.

Thanks for the help..

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Depends on what the .com is being used for. If getting the adds value by driving traffic from India, I would quote about half the value of the .com.

If it had been the other way around - the end-user owning the and you trying to sell the .com - you could have asked for a lot more.

The price depends on whether it is a nice-to-have or a true value addition to the end user IMHO.

Good luck...

Comment #6

Thanks mahadeva.

Done a bit of research.

I know the person has ties with the place and went to Uni there. The .com of this place redirects to an IT company (Oracle) which he owns in the states.

It looks like a "just nice to have" HostGator.

Will see what happens anyway..

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