Does exercising give you the right to eat more on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Does exercising give you the right to eat more on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... It's 5:00am in Orlando!!!.

Heading to the gym soon..

218.4 weigh in.

Chest, bi's and tri's (and abs of course) ahead of me this morning!!.

Going to absolutely KILL IT this morning!!.

There are other threads on here to hold us men accountable. I thought I'd start one to see who's getting their sorry a$$es up and outta bed for a massive morning workout since there seems to be a bit of a problem with it!!.

Who's with me??!! Anyone?? ........ Anyone?.

C'mon, Guys!!! Get UP!!!!!.

Well, I'm off... Later, Men...

Comments (82)

Of course! but you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Too much of a wimp a$$ this morning, I kept hitting snooze for a good hour, and finally got up at 6am. Damn who ever invented the snooze button..

Luckily, our office has a gym, so I'll be working out for an hour at about 2 today...

Comment #2

My sorry ass stayed up till 1 and did well to get up at all..

I got up early yesterday though (first time everrrr) and hit the home gym...

Comment #3

Alright that's a good start ... Rome wasn't built in a day..

Remember, this gets easier - It's only tough in the beginning - then you physically won't be able to stay up past 10-10:30 at night. My DVR is worn out from watching the previous nights shows..

Seriously, you're whole bio-clock needs to shift if you're going to work out in the morning...

Comment #4

I'll be on it tomorrow morning. I may start p90x ...again.....

Comment #5


I did not get your wake up post this morning but I will set my alarm for tomorrow morning. I have found a multitude of excuses to avoid exercise, after the first round of Nutrisystem I know that I can lose the weight without the exercise. As evidenced by my equally obvious failure, I have learned that I cannot KEEP it off without exercise. Most recent excuse has been that my son has practice 5:30pm to 8:30 pm and I don't have time to exercise. After sorting through the ramifications of an early death the last few days, I am reasonably sure that I don't have time to die early and leave my kids wondering WTF happened. My fat ass will be out of bed tomorrow morning for some cardio/resistance.

Thanks for the slap in the face this morning. Needed it...

Comment #6

I'm on the west coast so a little later to sign in. I'll be running later in the day...

Comment #7

That's great Gainford. Very Cool..

Hey guys .... I started this thread for early morning exercisers but hell, I'll just change the title and make it a check-in for those working out morning noon and night if you want..

Who cares when you're doin' it as long as you're doing something! Post that you walked the damn dog for 30 minutes or you and the wife had a brisk evening stroll (or you broke a sweat foolin' around at a medium pace). Just freaking get moving!!!..

Comment #8

To keep the clutter down, I say we keep from reporting any sexual activity that is under 10 minutes. Unless of course said activity involves you and 2 chicks - In that case you need to report - period. Regardless of whether or not you made it up to or possibly even surpassed the 30 second mark...

Comment #9

Woke up this morning, ran 1.5 miles (just getting started). I HATE waking up early!!!! But it does feel really good when I'm done! On the schedule I am following tomorrow is my rest day and then Saturday morning is my 2 mile run! I haven't run 2 miles since my Army days, I'm really looking forward to it..

Comment #10

Well phhhh..

I'm gonna have to start taking longer showers...

Comment #11

Began my day with a brisk walk for 50 minutes (~3 miles )..

Comment #12

Great job, men! Let's keep this going!!.

Hopefully we get more guys in here tomorrow..

I'll be checkin' in early before I train in the AM (or after if I'm runnin' late)..

Good night all...

Comment #13

Only if you're Rick Pitino. ZING!.

Only people following the Rick Pitino / Karen Sypher extortion trial will get that joke...

Comment #14

Yep. He must've been.


Excited. poor guy getting taken advantage of like that. such a shame .....

Comment #15

30 minutes of weight lifting (shoulders and triceps).

30 minutes on the elliptical. (I sweated my a$$ off).

BTW...The scale was kind this morning. Looks like I'll be overweight soon. 3lbs to go! I sort of like saying that my goal is to be overweight..

Goodbye obesity, you're not welcome anymore, so get the hell out!..

Comment #16

Right-On Sean!! I hit it hard today over lunch. So far 4 for 4 this week. It's amazing that this sedentary lump of lard has changed to actually LOOKING FORWARD to working out!!.


Comment #17

Was at work from 5:00 am to 4:30 PM.

Then I installed a new radio in my truck - 354 lbs fat gun in 100 degrees - that was a work out. lol.

Then I said I am not being lazy and wanted to make up for the tex mex so I mowed my yard and cleaned up alot of trash around the house..

Just took a shower - couple aspirin and I am eating my night salad with some craisins on top and a HUGE glass of ice water..

Tonight is so a choco pudding night. It hurts to eat my salad. I am seriously screwed tomorrow. Pushed it to much...

Comment #18

August 4: 5:30pm..

I lift weights at a university gym where I teach bugology..

80 minute workout, good stretch before hand, the football boys were putting new machines in and moving stuff around so I got a longer stretch then normal. Felt good. My workout was stretched out longer as well. I'll try and do this more in future as well..

2-3 exercises in each circuit, 5 circuits. About a minute rest between exercises, 2-3 minutes between circuits. Everything 3X12..

Exercise Weight Comment.

Upper Body.

Lever Incline Row.


Felt good, I need to work the back more.

Cable Upright Row.


DB Bench Press.


40# the whole way.

Db shrug.



DB Curl.


Got into it, ended strong.

Triceps push-down.






Elevated legs.

Twisting Crunch.


Elevated legs.

Vertical leg hip-raise.


New exercise, tough but good for me. Worked the shoulders and back as well.


Leg Press.


Smooth and strong.

Lying Leg Curl.

40# each.

Moved up to 40#.

Db standing calf raise.


Steady at 40#.


Chondro,msm,glucosomine,biotin, b-complex,b-12, fish oil, and a positive attitude..

Comment #19

August 5, 7:30pm.

35 minutes sweating in yard behind a lawn-mower. Only half done. I'll do the rest tomorrow before I lift again...

Comment #20

I'm a big guy. I weight 354 now and mowing my lawn about gives me a heart attack. I still do it cause I want the exercise but even only 30 minutes is rough. Anyone else the same way? I hope all the exercise gets easier as I get thinner...

Comment #21

I was more or less that way when I started. Three flights of stairs had me winded. Now I get in at least 3 miles a day walking / jogging. Still not in great shape but I run as long as I can and walk until I recover and jog at it again. The jogging stretches get longer and longer and my recovery times are shrinking..

It's a hell of a lot easier getting around at 219 than it was at 407..

Comment #22

Keith. Try taking a walk. Mowing the lawn is once a week at best, and pretty grueling. You can walk every day. It gets easier after a week, not just when you get thinner. Just walk away from the house and when you are half way tired, turn around. Rinse and repeat...

Comment #23

4:52am in Orlando!!.

216.6 weigh in.: shoulders, back and forearms (and abs) this morning..

Still waiting on that coffee but I've had a protein bar..

It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it..

Good luck today, men!!..

Comment #24

Only been on Nutrisystem a month. I am about 354 now. Started at 370. I used to take 2 days to mow my yard. Its not even a big one. I would have to take a break mowing the front yard alone..

Now I can bust it and do the front and back in a single day in about 1 1/2 hours. That is in Houston, Texas heat too. Its freakin rough and I feel like dying but it seems to get easier. Its rough doing the yard when you are carrying an extra person...

Comment #25

Great Job, Dan. Awesome progress!!.

It all gets easier trust me ..... Baby steps, my man. Keep up the great progress and soon you'll be bangin' weights and/or jogging with the rest of us!! It just gets better and better the more you MOVE!!.

It's all within reach, Dan!.

You just have to want it - sounds like you're on your way...

Comment #26

Checking in this morning, this morning is my rest day (my schedule says that no matter what you can't skip this day because your muscles need time to recover), but tomorrow morning is my longer run day. I'm going to try to do the 2 miles without stopping in less than 20 minutes. Can't wait to try it out and report back tomorrow morning! Good luck to everyone today!..

Comment #27

Which thread to report to???.

I'm more confused than a porcupine in a balloon factory...

Comment #28

I really don't get the 100% thread, so I've just been reporting to this one, I figure just as long as I keep reporting somewhere it will keep me honest..

Comment #29

You know what the difference is between porcupines and BMWs?..

Comment #30

LOL, can't wait to tell my boss that one..

Comment #31

I think I reported into the 100% thread about twice in my over 3 months on plan. You're.


To be 100% for Pete's sake!!.

This one's for exercise - I'm going to assume you're all 100% on plan!!!!! No cheaters in this thread. If you cheat, report into the "I'm a dumb-a$$ cheater" thread..

Keep killin' it you guys!!.

Doesn't matter if you're walking, biking, mowing, bagin' weights or bangin' your .... er, significant other/s (gotta be politically correct at least some of the time)!..

Comment #32

Ok, thanks for rectifying that..

I walked and biked last night..

It ain't much but you gotta consider I was doing nothing at all before...

Comment #33

I get to work by 6:30, no time in the morning for you Sean. LOL..

Comment #34

Yeah I get up at 5am myself and hit the road asap. I don't have time in the mornings to exercise..

Think tonight I shall air up the tires on the bike and hit the road...

Comment #35

HAHAHA - Yeah that place is off limits for me...

Comment #36


I hit it all 5 days so far this week.

Since I only have 3 upper body muscle groups for focused lifting (with some leg stuff and/or cardio to round it out), the other 2 days if I make it, I do misc stuff..

Today did "crossfit style" - 100 pushups (40-20-20-10-10) and 50 chinups (20-10-10-5-5) then deadlifts - 4 reps to work up to max (315 - new PR), then only 5 reps at 275 (I was pooped by then). No cardio..

2 week vacation starts......


Beach body is ready. I like to show the yunkins what an old 54 yr old ex-fat bald guy can do..

We'll see how my.

Good intentions.

To workout the next 2 weeks pan out..


Comment #37

I've biked after dinner a couple nights this week. I have already broken my bike twice somehow so when I have it and it's not 100 degrees outside I ride. Nutrisystem talks about doing exercises you enjoy and something about biking makes me feel great. Almost like i'm a kid again..

I've also noticed that I lose more weight on the nights when I bike...

Comment #38

Just walked the dawg about 0.5 mile.

Rode me bike 1.2 miles.

Pathetic to you gym studs, I know...

Comment #39

20 minutes with finishing the lawn. The DW helped out too! I am a lucky man..

Got 80 minutes in at the gym. Usual routine except went a little lighter. I think the college football jocks are getting used to me. I actually get a hello or two, and even a little respect when I need some space to workout. I've been sporting my Alpha male attitude to keep them dogs at bay. Now if I can only get them to turn that gawd awful crap music off.

I feel brain cells dying just listening to that crap..

Checked out the Y, it's pretty sweet but ain't free...

Comment #40

WHILE CARRYING A FULL GROWN MAN ON YOUR BACK! That's not pathetic at all. Keep up the good work. I'm only carrying a, say Nadia Comaneci on my back...

Comment #41

Didn't get to the gym yesterday, but I did walk for 45 minutes..

CardioMax DVD (week 1-2) this morning for about 30 minutes....sweated my a$$ off..

The scale was kind this said 215, which means I'm no longer obese for my height! but that's not official till Monday..

Comment #42

Did triceps/biceps yesterday. Hopefully feeling better in a bit to go do cardio and abs. First week of Nutrisystem throws you!..

Comment #43

Checking in from Colorado. Walked 5 of 6 mornings this week for approx 3 miles in 55 minutes...

Comment #44

No lifting today but I had about 3+ hours of yardwork. I have a reel (old school) mower and it's about 90 degrees here in O-Town. Nasty..

I'm beat..

Keep up the great work, men...

Comment #45

Logged my longest bike ride yet. 12.4 miles in 68 minutes..

Sport: Cycling, sport.

Start Time: Aug 7, 2010 10:52 AM.

Distance: 12.40 mi.

Duration: 1h:08m:02s.

Avg Speed: 10.9 mph.

Max Speed: 23.9 mph.

Calories: 1527 kcal.

Altitude: 1063 ft / 1306 ft.

Sweated for 30 minutes in the yard as well...

Comment #46

Wow, nice idea!.

Here is a creepy Hoff music vid. I am assuming the name is "Jump in my car".


Comment #47

Hit a new low weight this morning after breakfast and biking: 208.8lbs.

Sport: Cycling, sport.

Start Time: Aug 8, 2010 8:55 AM.

Distance: 10.87 mi.

Duration: 57m:41s.

Avg Speed: 11.3 mph.

Max Speed: 24.3 mph.

Calories: 750-800 kcal.

Altitude: 1103 ft / 1306 ft.

Fastest Mile 4:07 min.

Slowest Mile 6:02 min.

10 minutes of stretching...

Comment #48

5:05 am 215.0 weigh in - too low for me. Have to eat a little more the next few days. Chest bi's and tri's today. Tired as hell. Up too late watching preseason NFL. It was worth it though.

Awwwww yeeeeaaahh...

Comment #49

Thanks Sean, I appreciate it..

This is a good thread you started..

Got up a bit late today but still worked 20 minutes on the home gym & free weights..

I'm going to try and do 1/2 hour every morning M-F...

Comment #50

Great thread, Sean!.

Trying to keep it going through my 2 week vacation. Good start on Saturday, ran 30 min. Slow, but kept moving. Running is my weak link..

This morning took daughter #1 to the gym with me for chest/triceps and some squats. So far so good!.


Comment #51

This thread reminds me of somthing my SIL's super-marathon-running boss told him. When asked "what is the best exercise program", he answered "what you do"..


Comment #52

Only 90? it has been 106 here every day for the past 3 weeks..

Comment #53

I'd like to be carrying Nadia around...we live in the same city and I see her and Bart out and about from time to time and let me say...she is still smokin hot!..

Comment #54

Had a slow day at work so I'm home early. So I might as well get off my butt and go for my walk...

Comment #55

She's had a few enhancements that help a lot...

Comment #56

Wish I could join you. I'm bored out of my mind at work today - Would love to get out of here and start my "Couch-to-5K" program. I'm in good shape as far as lifting is concerned - but the wife just signed the two of us up for a 5K. I have less than a month. She does them all of the time. I really need to get on it. I don't want to walk a single step of it...

Comment #57

Colorado checking in. Walked 3 miles this morning. Completed 5 of 7 days last week..

New low weight today!..

Comment #58

4:45 am. Shoulders back and forearms today. Coffees still brewing. I need it bad. Playing a little hurt today. Bicep is bugging me a little and my back is a little tweaked...

Comment #59

Did my 3 miles in 50 minutes today. Good workout for me and the dog..

2 of 2 this week...

Comment #60

Last night:.

Walked 15 minutes.

Biked 3 miles.

Recumbant bike 1 mile.

This morning:.

Home gym and free weights 30 minutes..

Comment #61

I'm pissed!.

I did something to my back, so no weight lifting or cardio yesterday. Haven't done anything other than walking since Saturday..

Who knew I'd get pissed over not being able to hit the gym..

40 minutes walking yesterday..

Comment #62

Aleve is one of my most-taken supplements besides B-12 and C..

The back is a tough call. If I pull a muscle (just "tweak" it) I usually feel better if I go to the gym and stretch and pull the hell out of it - give it a shot, you'll be amazed. Lower back and neck is a different story. If I'm not feeling strong and stable in my core I'll usually take some time off..

FYI me and many other guys I know usually go balls-out in the gym for about 4-5 weeks and then take a full week (or more) off to repair ... and get some of that "fire/drive" back. I'm almost due for a break as I can feel my body pushing back...

Comment #63

Thanks Sean..

It is my lower back. Feels a little better today, but still not sure if I'm ready to hit the weights yet. Going to try this afternoon...

Comment #64

That's what I was thinking. Hope they don't get pinched!..

Comment #65

BTW...what does the extra B12 and C do for you? I'm taking a one-a-day for mens vitamin, and some flax seed oil supplements to get some omega 3s as well...

Comment #66

Perhaps, but I imagine several of those folks have had a close shave...

Comment #67

Tuesday 11:30pm.

Did a home workout last night. First time I've tried it..

Crunches and twisting crunches on the living room floor with legs on the couch..

Carried two 35 lb weights up and down the stairs for awhile..

Did arm stuff for about 20 minutes while I watched Big Bang Theory..

Oh yeah, push-ups. That was cool. I didn't know I could do those again..

Probably 45 minutes worth of working out and stretching. Didn't sleep very well, probably not a good idea to workout right before going to bed late...

Comment #68

I decided not to take a multi because I figured I was getting most of that stuff in all the veggies and fruits I am eating. I do take several supplements though..




(1200mg) and.


(1000mg): For joint health and repair while I'm working out. I tend to get pain in my elbows and knees and it really hasn't been so bad while I am on these..


(1000mcg): Promotes good hair, nails and skin while I am in calorie deficit..


: I've been told these can be deficient when eating less. Helps red blood cell and nerves..


(500mcg): I was getting fatigued a lot, this helps convert food to energy..

Fish oil.

(1200mg): is suppose to make me a better thinker. Good for the ticker as well...

Comment #69

Thanks for the info. I may add some of these to my daily routine..

Comment #70

I forgot to mention that I take a multivitamin and a b-complex as well ... I used to take extra vitamin E supps but I eat a ton of tuna and (too much) salmon nowadays. Also - I stopped taking creatine and stuff like that. I held too much water and I looked soft. I started taking in a little more protein powder over the past few weeks because I've really been tearing myself up in the gym. If I were you, I'd shy away from protein powder and creatine until maintenance.

The powder can work for you if you're in a pinch but you'll just be hungry in a half hour - you guys aren't ready for that just yet..

Vitamin info:.


Comment #71

The cheese resent your comment about string cheese. :-P..

Comment #72

If string cheese is for babies, then I must be a wimpy a$$, namby-pamby cream puff, 'cause my morning snack protein is always yogurt.

Seriously though...thanks for the info..

Comment #73

I was going to try good mornings today, but someone was always in the rack. RDLs have an advatage that way. Did a few outside the rack with bar only. Seem tricky though. Even trickier than RDLs...

Comment #74

Got my 3 miles in this morning. 3 for 3 this week...

Comment #75

Oh man I stay away from Good mornings. They make me nervous - I've had too much trouble with my lower back over the years. Totally beats on that area ....

Romanian deadlifts (assuming that's what you're referring to, Poly) target your quads, guys - love 'em. That said: I haven't done a deadlift or a squat since.


I know I should do my legs more but my knees are a wreck from abuse. I was bending the bar back in the day and I'm paying for it now at age 42...

Comment #76

Last night:.

Walked 20 minutes.

Biked 2 miles.

This morning:.

Home gym and free weights 30 minutes..

Comment #77

I loved deadlifts and squats, but I have a bad knee and they were making them worst. I feel like doing 2 sets of 10 stiff-leg deadlifts (RDL) at a non-failure load (135), I still get to smell the barbell a bit and it takes it easy on my knee. Hits my hammies most..

I also do hip thrusts. So far pretty light. Squeeze my ass at the end though..

Then a bunch of machine stuff that the purists hate, but it I don't get hurt on the way I do with powerlifts..

The one muscle I don't hit hard is quads since the kneecap gets too involved. I hit it a bit...but pretty careful..

My shoulder is kinda messed up too, which is why I wanted to do good morning. But I'll just deal with the RDL for now. Kinda shrug back a little so weight is not pulling too hard on shoulder...

Comment #78

Hey anyone -.

Since I'm trying to do the home gym M-F mornings, should I be alternating heavy sets and light reps or what?.

Right now I've just got it set on 60 lbs and doing 20 reps of everything (two sets of some things) and 50 on the rowing station..

And then I have 20# and 10# dumbells to finish out..

Whatever I do I gotta take it easy on my knee.....


Comment #79

I'm not sure if your shoulder can take it but have you ever tried sissy squats? They're bad-ass. When I was squatting in the mid to upper 400's for reps I still only put 135-185 on the bar. Isolates the quads like a champ. Not sure if the knees would hurt but I may even try it again...

Comment #80

Go to and grab a workout or two (5-day split). There are a million ways to answer this question - that's why I think you should head in that direction to start...

Comment #81

My take is a little "non-purist" so take it as that..

I would start easy, emphasize form and ADHERANCE. If you don't slack off. And if you don't get hurt, you will get stronger. Try to go up a percent or two a week..

There are a lot of debates about which exercises to do and how many and all that. But it really doesn't matter, especially as a beginner ("everything works"). Write out a program, journal it, and run it!.

Here is an article I like. Have Marty read it, if too technical for you..


P.s. I would go easy on intense abs work while still very fat. I was doing sets of straight leg L-seats and popped a gut out the belly button. (That is not uncommon for fatter, older guys.)..

Comment #82

8/11 12:30pm.

Biked to weight room, 3 miles round trip. 80 minutes workout, usual circuits with a high pace between lifts. Couple minute rest between circuits. Added a new exercise db lateral raise with 15lbs. Didn't do leg press or db curl. Everything 3X12 unless otherwise noted..




Upper Body.

Lever Incline Row.


Cable Upright Row.


Elevated dB Bench Press.



Db shrug.


DB Curl.


Triceps pushdown.



Db Lateral raise.





Elevated legs.

Twisting Crunch.


Elevated legs.

Vertical leg hip-raise.



Leg Press.


Lying Leg Curl.


40# each.

Db standing calf raise.



Comment #83

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