Does anyone on Nutrisystem know where I can find recepies for wraps/burritos?

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Got a quick question: Does anyone on Nutrisystem know where I can find recepies for wraps/burritos? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Is that not what we do each day here?.

If one of us is having a bad day, we move heaven and earth to help..

Whether it is a bad hair day, tough day at work, kids driving us nuts or worse..

We have been there for each other as much and as often as we can..

So I figured I'd step up tonight, in an effort to show much each of you has helped me at the times I needed it most. Sometimes you did not even realize it, but almost without exception, I smile every time I step in this door..

So keep that Beautiful smile on your face and spread the health and wealth!..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

Comment #1

Woohoo. Good for Mom!.

Yeah, are these really the people we want to run health care for the masses?..

Comment #2

Roddy that is awesome. You have hit the nail right on the head..

Even without realizing it, everyone here has helped me every day I stop by. And it has nothing to do with diet or life style change, but it has everything to do with friendship, warmth and comfort. Whether I am having a great day or the day from Hell, when I come here I feel good. I laugh, I grump, I vent and through it all I know you understand..

I hope that I remain friends with the friends I have never met for a long time. And I truly hope that I can help everyone as much as you all have helped me...

Comment #3

Good evening Gutter peeps!.

Roddy, that was an excellent thread opening, very impressive start..

Great job on shaking up the system Sally's Mom! It's about time something went her way..

I love my Gutter Peeps. I cherish all of you in here and am thankful for all your help, 2x4 threats, and friendship over the years...

Comment #4

Well said Roddy! Great thread opener!.

Yep we are all here for each other thru thick and thin..

And coming here the smiles and belly laughs are abundant..

The gutter is full of awesome inspirational people!..

Comment #5

Roddy...awesome opener was just logging on here to put up a new thread and Vicki's thinking I was still under the weather was right, thanks for the intro it is soooooo true! I owe ya!!..

Comment #6

Rick, yep you also make each day brighter by just being here!.

Love all my peeps here and just thankful for each and everyone of you, can't imagine my life without you all and cannot wait til the day we all get to meet!!!..

Comment #7

Thanks and welcome Beth..

Hope you get to feeling better..

Comment #8

Thanks for doing the new thread, Roddy!.

Beth - I hope you're feeling better!.

Just a quick fly by for now. Busy day with the guys today. TTYL..

Comment #9

I am starting to feel better.

Hoping to get outside at some point today to enjoy the weather!.

Vicki have FUN!!!!..

Comment #10

Glad you are perking up, Beth! Our weather was really nice the last 2 days (while I was at work) and now that I have a 3 day weekend it has turned cold again. Driving to Boston today (Cambridge, actually) to take DS1 to lunch. That will pretty much consume my day - it is about 1 1/2 hours each way (if the traffic doesn't totally suck)...

Comment #11

Good afternoon Gutter..

Got up to NEPA about 11:30. We did not rush this morning at all. Easy ride. Very windy. Cherokee was all over the road!!!.

Everyone enjoy Saturday. I will drop in now and then..

Glad you are starting to feel better Bodacious!!! You always feel good to me...

Comment #12

WOOOOOT!!!! WTG Mom!!!! What happened to her is ridiculous..

ROddy GREAT opener. I love the gutter. Truly a group of wonderful people who keep me motivated and inspired and sane. Haven't been able to get on to play much lately but I'm missing my gutter time and peeps. Just a quicky run through for me. Just chillin out and enjoying a day of absolutely nothing planned.

It IS a gorgeous sunny day but have a little person under the weather here so we'll see. I am contemplating a nap lol. Got my BBB yesterday and so far having a 100% day. YAY!! Catch ya'll later. :-)..

Comment #13

Good job on the thread Roddy!.

Wtg Mom-Sally!!.

Hi Y'all... It's Saturday and you all know what that means..


Comment #14

Tell me about it - my poor little car was rocking and rolling to Boston and back!..

Comment #15

Traffic was tolerable today (you haven't lived until you try to drive the Mass Pike westbound to Sturbridge the day before Thanksgiving!)..

Comment #16

Was very good at Legal Seafoods - got a lunch-sized grilled salmon and broccoli. Then got a large iced coffee from Micky D's for the drive home - oops. (well, at least I got it with sugar free syrup instead of sugar, but need the cream in it, not FF milk)..

Comment #17

Sally sorry about the traffic! UGH!.

Beautiful day here planted a cherry, peach and pear some weeding done and winding down my day with a nice margarita!! I LOVE spring!!!..

Comment #18

I love Spring too - it should get to New England sometime about mid-May...

Comment #19

Quite jealous. I'm fareezin my a$$ off! Had to pull out a flannel shirt. I might even put jeans on to cook dinner. Too chilly for shorts downstairs. Argh!..

Comment #20


It's 25 degrees here and STILL very, very windy. The wind has been relentless since yesterday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend...

Comment #21

We have the same weather going on north of you too!..

Comment #22

Hey, it's winter in New England - anyone masochistic enough to live here gets used to it...

Comment #23

Hey Beth & Sally......hope you're having a Sweet Sunday!!.

Let's here.........lightening & thunder all night......& that was the the outside stuff.

....trouble is it's 32.....lots of ice on everything. Might be a good day to stay inside...

Comment #24

Brrrrrrrrr Gene and Good Morning!!.

Stay inside and cuddle in front of the fire, sounds like a GREAT way to spend a cold Sunday!.

Sally spent most of my life up north so really appreciate the warmth here!..

Comment #25

Gene...please let me know when DS heads overseas, wanna keep him in my prayers and you all and his unit! {{hugs}}...

Comment #26

<entering lurk mode, need to start cleaning, will be popping in and out!..

Comment #27

That does sound like a wonderful idea!!.

I'm're planting already!!! I spent Friday with my favorite chainsaw trimming some trees & cutting a couple half-dead big ones winter's firewood..

Comment #28

THANKS Beth!!!.

He arrived at Bliss yesterday & will be there for awhile...

Comment #29

ALWAYS...tell him thank you from me as well and you and Jean too...I KNOW the sacrifice y'all are making as well!..

Comment #30

.......Yes you do!! I will be sure to tell him...

Comment #31

And I have lived in TN, VA and GA so really appreciate the warmth there too!!!..

Comment #32

It is amazing how my blood has thinned, get cold at much higher temps than I used to!..

Comment #33

Good morning gutter!.

I just read thru instructions for the stool tests I'm supposed to do this week..

Yet more deprivation in store. I don't know what the bleep I'm supposed to eat?! Most everything I eat Is on the list of foods to avoid..

Looks like I already have to wait 3 days before even starting. and then the tests are for 3 days..

At least pizza and pasta are not on the food avoid list but 6 days of that could bring Wilson back!.

Dilemmas dilemmas...

Comment #34

I agree with Sally does NOT sound like fun!!..

Comment #35

6 days of pizza and scraping my dookies with Popsicle sticks doesn't sound like fun?.

I'm not starting my pre test diet til tomorrow. I absolutely need red meat today before my blood test tomorrow...

Comment #36

Just checking in with my gutter gang...nice opener, Roddy!.

Beth, hope you are feeling back to yourself again. And Annie, WTH is up with that diet/test you have to take. Ugh, maybe I don't want to know..

Off to run some errands in the blustery cold...

Comment #37

I just got the computer up and running. Went to Weather Underground to discover they are calling for 6-10 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow!!!!!.

What the Vodka!!!!!!..

Comment #38

Your knockers are knocking again??.

Just swinging by before I head out for the night..

Have a good evening..

Comment #39

My knockers do knock, I think it might be the lead content in the gas..

Have a great night Roddy...

Comment #40

Have a marvelous Monday Gutter!! (Just a quickie run through to say howdy)..

Comment #41

Got to see grandson yesterday.

DIL made a trip to see her mom for her bday so got to hang with the little guy for awhile yesterday!!..

Comment #42

That's wonderful! Post pix (we know you took some.


Woke up to a modest amount of snow. Since I am home today I want to clear it myself instead of paying snow-blower boy to do it. DH is still a little peeved at him for not finishing the job when the snow blower broke (DH had already paid him generously before it broke), then when he did remove the rest of that snow - after we had already removed a considerable amount ourselves - after a subsequent modest snow, he expected more payment for the removal of that old snow. I don't begrudge him as it was a lot of snow and he has an expensive new blower to pay for, but I do think he got a little overpaid there. We have decided to buy our own snow blower either the end of this season (if there are any sales) or as soon as they come out in the fall. We just don't want to pay full price for a good snow blower this late in the season...

Comment #43

Good morning Gutter! We lucked out and got NO SNOW overnight or this morning!!!..

Comment #44

Good morning y'all! I'm hoping to have more time to hang out tomorrow when the guys are back in school and at work. We had a fantastic weekend! I'm on a plane right now flying back to MI and snow (boooooooo!!!!!!) after spending 4 days in Phoenix...

Comment #45

At least you were able to get a brief respite from winter weather! Fortunately our snow was minor - I went out and cleared the walks and half the driveway before craving my morning snack (blueberry smoothie - mmmmm!)..

Comment #46

I'm hoping our snow fall was minor too, Sally. It was cool (50s) and rainy Sat & Sun but we made the most of it and spent every moment we could outdoors. Yum on the smoothie!..

Comment #47

Just popping in for a quickie. President's Day is turning out to be another gorgeous day down here in southern Louisiana. I'll be doing some gardening. Hope y'all are playing naughty!..

Comment #48

Morning Gutter!.

I was recently finding myself amazed at how good the dogs have been with me home everyday (that was mistake #1, never believe for a minute that they are good!)..

This morning I went down and a box of Cracklin Oat Bran was gnawed into. They got about 1/2 box..

I guess they want to join me on my high fiber stool test week! What a support team they are...

Comment #49

Annie - What will all that fiber do to them?..

Comment #50

It'll make gy-normous doggie dookies!! Only for Aspen and Slick. The girls are innocent of the crime. They have alibis...

Comment #51

I was thinking more along the lines of horrible doggie gas!..

Comment #52

Good Morning Gutter!.

Not a lot going on here, just home with the girls since there isn't any school today. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (the ones who got one). Sprinkling rain here, so don't think it's gonna be a good weather day, but at least it's not snow!..

Comment #53

Mom has now received the additional food stamps that had been withheld (actually it is credit on a debit-like card, not stamps)...

Comment #54

Great opener, Roddy! Thank you for taking care of us..

Same here, Rick. This place keeps me sane. (Relatively speaking.


Comment #55

Didn't want you to have to worry about the thread when you needed to be taking care of you...

Comment #56

Good morning Gutter. Had 10" of white crap on the ground when we awoke this morning in NEPA!!!!!!!!!.

Safe flight Gorgeous..

Comment #57

Woot for getting back on track! Which little one was ill and are they better now?..

Comment #58

Good morning, Robin! doing anything fun with the girls today?..

Comment #59

Turning off my laptop for the rest of the flight. IDK if I'll make it back online tonight or not. If not, I'll hopefully catch up with y'all tomorrow!..

Comment #60

No, nothing exciting planned Vicki, just doing laundry while dd2 seranades me with songs she is making up (hope she doesn't plan on having a musical career, poor kid can't carry a tune in a bucket with 2 handles). How about you? anything good happening?..

Comment #61

Hey Kaye!! (waving).

Great news about your mom Sally, glad to hear it.......

Comment #62


OMG! Hi Robin..

How is your President's day thus far?.

I am getting a complex it seems whenever I log in here, no one is around..

I am beginning to think I should brush my toof and wear deodorant...

Comment #63

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