Does anyone know where I can print out the Nutrisystem slide card thing?

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My 1st question is: Does anyone know where I can print out the Nutrisystem slide card thing? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... I could not exercise!.

NOTHING else changed during that time...I ate EXACTLY the same as I always do, yet there it was this morning...175.4..

I fell and cracked two ribs just over two weeks ago...sitting hurt, standing hurt, and for a few days even breathing hurt..

No P90x, no treadmill, no situps, no pushups, not even very much, zilch, nada! The closest thing I got to exercise was running my mouth here..

I am not worried mind ya...I can zap that off in about two weeks and hopefully I can start this weekend with some treadmill time and more walking...the other forms of exercise will have to wait a bit until more healing takes place..

Just goes to show ya that even after maintaining a few years even a slight deviation from ones plan can get that scale moving the wrong way. I probably should have adjusted my calories by 3 or 400 the last two weeks..

Be diligent people...incorporate a little exercise into your plan if you can...even just walking if you are physically can add from there as you lose and gain strength..

Do it today...

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Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

I feel pretty good now actually standing and walking, thats why I am gonna attempt the treadmill this weekend. Anything bending or stretching is another story..

You dont realize how much your ribs and surrounding muscles come into play!.

Thank you Cuqui...

Comment #2

Sorry to hear of your recent accident. Injury to an active person like yourself is a double whammy, I think..

I'm relatively new here but I've read several of your comments. You have the type of wit I generally enjoy...translated to mean unless I'm in a snit and you douse it before it plays out...LOL (I think I enjoy your posts so much because you remind me of some of my past colleagues...all now retired.).

Have a good weekend and ease into that come-back on the exercise. (I'd almost bet you drank less water than usual, too, due to pain meds and doctor's offices, etc. you know...affects gain.).

Hope you're soon back to your routine,.


Comment #3

Sorry to hear about your fall Mark. Hope you are on the mend and can get back into your regular routine soon...

Comment #4

Mark, cracked ribs are awful! You are right, you don't realize how much they come into play every day until you have to deal with them. I hope you get back to the exercise soon but don't do it too early. You are a pro and will get those pounds right back offas one said, could also be not so much water, meds or whatever! You know how to do it so we are not worried about you! Feel better soon!.

P.S. I love your sense of humor alsosome may not get it but I sure do!..

Comment #5

Ouch, Mark! Sorry to hear about your injury - especially just before the cruise. You'll have to tell Jenni not to squeeze too hard!.

Broken ribs are a pain in the ... side. I've torn mine up skating (well, falling off of my skates), racing go-karts and, once, just helping someone up at the rink. Glad you're feeling well enough to ease back into your exercise routine...

Comment #6

Drats! Broken ribs affect everything you try to do.

Did you slip on the ice or were you doing something you "used" to do easily when you were "younger".

Glad you are able to ease back into your groove! Be sure not to overdo! We'd hate for something to happen to you!..

Comment #7

Thanks for posting this Mark. Important information and a good reminder how important exercise is..

OK, who am I kidding? I'm really jsut glad you posted it cuz it reminded me of your fall and I got to replay it again in my head and LAUGH!!!..

Comment #8

Thanks Debbie, I'll try my best to keep ya smilin'..

Actually I have probably drank MORE water the last coupla weeks...I am one of the wierd ones that has always loved water. As for the pain meds, I am not much on taking things, I still have all but four of them left...they made kinda groggy so I only took a half of one before bed to help me sleep..

I did however in the beginning use the helpful suggestion posted on the bottle "may cause drowiness, alcohol will intensify effect" the first two days and have a half glass of wine with them..

What GREAT suggestion!.

I really think not being able to exercise and not adjusting my calories to reflect my sedentary level got me...

Comment #9

Sorry to hear about your ribs Mark..

I'm sorta in the same boat you are, except mine was a sprained ankle and very sore, bruised, tender heel. Ankle is fine now, but still can't get a shoe on my right foot (one that touches my heel). Real fun walking around in clogs with all this snow that we keep getting here in NJ. LOL.

Wishing you a speedy recovery...

Comment #10

Oh boy do I know this!! I lost a lot of weight 3 years ago and was exercising like a bandit. I stopped, and the weight came back quickly, with a little extra!..

Comment #11

Laurie! My first ever friend here!!! The lady with a vision!.


Where ya been girl?!!??..

Comment #12

Thank you Deb...that is very kind of you!.

On rib usage...I KNOW what you mean....I sneezed about 3 days in and though I was gonna sh!t myself! DAMN that hurt!..

Comment #13

Thats why I am trying to be so careful Rat...I want to be as ready as possible by next saturday..

I'll tell Jenni you said to be careful what she squeezes...

Comment #14

Yup...slipped on steps and fell backwards on a stone was a dumba$$ move but would have been funny to was an epic fail!.

Just ask my smarta$$ buddy Mimi...

Comment #15

Feel Better Coach!!.

I was training for my first ever 10K when I broke my fibula....

I ran 18 miles on a stress fracture that I thought was "shin splints'!!.

That was in September... semi all better now, but having troubles getting over the 5miles mark on one run!! Better get over it!! Half marathon coming in May!!.

Ejoy your trip...and get better soon !!!..

Comment #16

If you're going to quote me, at least quote me correctly, smart a$$..

I don't care.


She squeezes - that's between you and her (pun intended). I just said she should be careful.

How hard.

She squeezes. We wouldn't want you to come home with exacerbated - or additional - injuries, now would we? Some conditions just don't lend themselves well to an ace bandage....

Comment #17

I slipped and fell in the bathroom once and went down right on my right side on the edge of the tub. I cracked a few ribs and there is NOTHING so painful .. and unfortunately there isn't a darn thing you can do to make them heal quicker. I had to have my son help me put my socks and shoes in ... it was pitiful...

Comment #18

Eeeks...I didn't know you fell! Sorry about the ribs- OUCH! My dad fell a while ago off a ladder and broke a couple..

P.s. wasn't there a thread a while back regarding laughing when we see someone fall???..

Comment #19

Mark, feel better soon. I'm accident prone so I've always been worried about something like this happening.I live in fear of slipping and falling in winter..

I did have a nasty blow to my ribs and the next day I began having big pain wrapping around the side. I thought it was a rib problem; it turned out to my developing shingles which aren't exactly fun either..

Yes, lack of exercise can create a remarkable difference. I don't have an injury to blame but I went on a trip and got out of the exercise routine and when I came back, I developed a bug that would not go away so I didn't feel like exercise. The good work was partially undone but I'm back into the routine now...

Comment #20

Its a pretty cool day...I got to quote my oldest friend and my newest!.

Thank you Lisa...or is it Charlie?.

I have heard those shin splints can be quite careful with that...

Comment #21

You are EXACTLY right Karen, I get nicked up all the time but this rib thing was VERY painful the first few days...and with all the advances in medicine the only treatment is TIME..

Its gettin' better every day right now though!..

Comment #22

Thanks Yolonda!.

I didnt know you hurt an ankle!??! MAN.... thats gotta be a pain wearing clogs with all this snow!.

I hope you can get a shoe on soon!..

Comment #23

But you ignore me sooooooo..... (said in the tone of a 5 year old waiting for the answer to the letter she wrote to one of her newest friends...)..

Comment #24

See - If it weren't for my warm welcome you never would have joined in here on the boards!.

I'm fine. Always trying to lose 10 pounds. That keeps me from gaining!.

I hang out on the walking thread and the pacific coast losers thread!..

Comment #25

You're right Laurie...and I thank you for it!.

I didnt even know what "friending" was when you sent me that request...It made me feel welcome.. everybody knows...YOU created the monster that is Coach Mark! (was scoach33 back then.


Comment #26

So anyways...I was able to run 3 miles this morning on the treadmill with little time was off a few minutes, I guess from inactivity (34:37) but that will come back with repetition..

I did 1/2 of a sit up <laughs>...thats gonna take a little longer, as will the yoga and any other bending, twisting exercise...

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