Does anyone know where I can find a Nutrisystem points calculator online for free?

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Quick question: Does anyone know where I can find a Nutrisystem points calculator online for free? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Just wondering how many lbs people are averaging per week? I started Dec 27th and according to my scale am only down about 2.5 lbs. From when I actually ordered it I"m down 5 (I ordered before xmas and started right after) I don't know how much Nutrisystem is really doing. I have been marking my foods to a T on here and in the booklet, I know I should be working out more as I've only been to the gym twice, but still...2.5 lbs in 16days?? Any suggestions? Examples of what I eat is Nutrisystem entrees and usually a lettuce salad w/Light Ranch (I know, but the FF is gross! and I don't use much), LF Laughing cow cheese wedges, raw broccoli/cauliflower, green giant veggies, FF hebrew natl hot dog, boiled egg, light cottage cheese, etc.

Any suggestions?..

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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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I started on 10/6/2010 and have lost 42 pounds of weight, 7 inches off my waist and at least 5 inches from my chest..

I met up with some friends of mine last week that I hadn't seen since August 2010 and one did not recognize me initially..

I'm doing the men's basic... 35-40 more pounds to go!.

Love it!!..

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The LF laughing cow wedges are 35 cals and 1g fat...usually eat w/ celery but I have also bought some Lf lunch meat. Or for the snack I'll do a boiled egg and 5.5oz tomato juice, an orange or no sugar added motts applesauce (1 cup =1 fruit serving). I was just throwing out some examples of what I've been eating. Yes I track everything in here & in the book. I'm averaging btw 1100-1400 most days. I've checked online and my BMR is around 1560 which means even if I were to sleep all day I'd burn at least 1500 cals, so I dont know why I'm not losing more w/the cut in calories and at least some activity through my regular daily tasks.

As far as the dressing goes it's usually light ranch or some sort of light vinaigrette/italian...

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Sounds like you're right on track.

You will average 1-2 lbs per week. Some weeks you may lose 3-4 lbs and other weeks you may lose nothing. I hit plateaus for 4-5 weeks and lost nothing. Keep at it. Keep regular measurements, the inches will move when the scale doesn't..

You didn't gain the weight overnight, you sure won't lose it overnight.

It works, give it time..

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In my case my first week I lost a couple and the second week I gained some, which left me with just a modest loss. both weeks I really worked the program in the same fashion. now it's been a month and I'm averaging just a little over a pound lost a week. if I look at that loss over a four-month period, that would be pretty good pretty great, actually..

We're not gaining weight, right?.

You're building great habits, i'm sure. hang in there!..

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You said that you bought lunch meat. In addition to looking at the protein, etc., look at the sodium count. Call a counselor and go over the program and what you are eating. Make sure that you are measuring your foods correctly in those that do not come in a single portion size...

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One thing to remember is that, while you feel you have a lot to lose, it is not as much as many peoplethose people recording big losses are usually ones with more than 39 pounds to loseit is just going to be slower even if you follow the plan exactly. I started last Feb. 16 and have lost 53 poundsthat is not much over a pound a week average. But, the good side of that is a chance to learn good eating habits, have my food and buddies to fall back on when I get stressed and I do not have wrinkles and hanging skin due to slow loss. If you follow the plan it will come offit just may not be as fast as you want. Also, sodium can be a problem for some people so you might watch that for a few days and see if you see any difference.

Good luck and come back here often!..

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I think the main problem you may be having is fluid retention. My body holds on to fluid like crazy....and it's very frustrating. Lunch meat has alot of sodium in it, so I don't even eat it anymore. Also, when it's "that time of month" your weight can go up as much as 5 lbs...I really have a hard time then with water retention..

All that just to say, your body might be holding on to alot of fluid!!..

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Thanks everyone. As far as the lunch meat goes it's Healthy Choice, but I've only had it once so far. The sodium may be an issue, Idk, I drank plenty of water even beforeNutrisystemand usually nothing else besides maybe unsweetened tea. I've also read on here that ppl are having issues with regularity..I fit into that category before and I def fit into it now. Weird. Anyway, I feel better w/what I'm eating and yes, I'm not gaining so I continue on....

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