Does anyone know what the cost of Nutrisystem is?

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Got a question... Does anyone know what the cost of Nutrisystem is? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... The other day I saw a thread about why you shouldn't take a day off from dieting, for the most part I had planned to only take a meal off every 10lbs I lost. So I have incentives and milestones set..

But do any of you take 1 day a week to eat a meal you want or a day off altogether?..

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Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Hi. I don't take a day off each week. But I do go off every once in awhile. In fact, in the beginning, I took a "night" off every 5 pounds lost - not the whole day. It's really not the best thing to do though. We are supposed to be learning to reward ourselves with non-food related things since food is what got us here in the first place..

There are a lot of senior members whose posts I read and I can tell that their entire mindsets have changed about food. Food is fuel for them. I'm just not there yet in my journey so I still reward myself with a night off. The next morning however, I get right back up on the horse and the key is to not feel guilty about it. Just get back to the diet and move on. I also drink more water the next day..

Looking back over these past 4 months while I have been on NS, I have gone off more than 5 times less than 10. Just hit 30 pounds yesterday, so it still works. Would I have taken a couple less weeks to hit that 30? Yes. Were those other nights, like my Christmas party, or another few days during the most recent holidays worth going off? Yes (for me)..

So, that's my opinion. Good luck!..

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I've heard a lot about "days off" but usually in relation to people who are on strict diets, like body builders, that are *not* trying to lose weight. No, I don't take any days off from staying within my calorie count range and getting in all the good stuff like fruits, veggies, protein, fat, dairy, etc...

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I just started (one week in) but I am trying not to Flex on purpose. I have about 15 lbs to loose and I figure the closer I can stay to the program the more likely I will be successful. I do have a few upcoming dinners out that I cannot have myNutrisystemfoods, but I am carefully planning for them so I don't derail..

This is one thing aboutNutrisystemthat I liked better than another system I was on before. I have a hard time loosing weight if I cheat. So far I have not been tempted to cheat because I am always full and I get chocolate something almost every day ; ).

I like your idea of every 10 lbs. If you are going to sustain any lifestyle change for a long time it is unrealistic to expect that you won't have days "off"..

Days "off" and "on" are how I was able to maintain my previous weightloss for so long. I would be good during the week and allow myself to indulge a day on the weekend...

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I think it is too easy to cheat more, be tempted if had done that every 10 pounds. But a reward I think is a good thing! I did when I hit target weight- but I only wanted to lose 20#. Losing alot like say 50,80,100 pounds- YIKES- that seems overwhelming to me so I would do some kind of reward with smaller goals..

I know once I went out for my favorite malt and another time for small hot fudge sundae (maint- still a no no)- and I actually got sick because it was too sweet and messed me up- (puke and runs). That was a good thing but a bit bummed. But found healthier snacks/treats..

Good luck in how you decide..

May be others who have alot to lose, can chime in for what their rewards were...

Comment #5

Nutri Bears are my reward!.

That and a new charm for my charm bracelet for every 5 pounds. I will never use food as a reward...

Comment #6

No I do not take a day off but I am just starting. Last year when I lost significant weight I did indeed do the one day off of the weekend thing then it turned into the whole weekend and continued to increase to more days and I gained it all back so not doing that again..

Comment #7

No days off for me, I am a hardcore 100%-er when I am in weight loss mode. I don't even eat out, unless I HAVE to, then I order just a lettuce salad with 'legal' veggies with fat free dressing on the side..

I find 100% is the only way for me, it keeps me strong and motivated. Days or meals off would just slow me down and make me want to cheat!..

Comment #8

What kind of charm bracelet, Katie? I like that idea! I think I may steal that..

I have a couple different Brighton bracelets. One for states I've traveled to and just for fun..

I also have an Italian charm bracelet (I think that's what it's called) My sister and niece have bought all those charms. I need to find a store that sells them so I can add to..

I agree on finding a non food "reward". Using food as a reward is what got me here..

Darn me for being so fabulous I needed SO many rewards!..

Comment #9

I think it's on Katie's Page! It's beautiful. I was going to ask her if she made jewelry but now I think those are her charm awards! I love it!..

Comment #10

A killer wardrobe is my reward - makes me a lot happier than any food ever could!..

Comment #11

Tricia's right...I have a picture of it on my page! I have around 25 charms on it, but I notice that I need 5 more, as I've just reached 150 lost from my highest weight..

I've been collecting them on and off for a journey has not been a straight line! I've actually had to have two bracelets to put them on, but I don't have a pic of that one posted yet. I buy charms that are relevant to my weightloss journey, like a pair of flippers, a bike, an apple, a pair of sunglasses (reminding me to be stay "kool" and take it easy), etc. I put them on a charm bracelet that has the screw-off balls on either end. There are a lot of sites out there where you can buy charms...

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I love the idea of the charm bracelet as a reward for myself & of course clothes will always encourage me. I do agree with trying to be 100% on this plan for me otherwise it gets easier & easier to add a little here and a little there. It just depends on the person though, and you have to think about what works for you...

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I don't "take a day off" since this, for me, is a lifestyle, not a diet. Have I eaten out? Yes. Do I do some of my own meals? Yes. Have I gone a little over on calories in a day? Yes. Have I gone wild and eaten anything and everything I want? Absolutely not! That would make me feel like I was a failureI guess I need to be in control. Since this is all about lifestyle and I am one of those that has really adapted to Eat to Live, Don't Live to Eat, I will never use food as a reward again.

Currently I am at goal and actually enjoying the challenge of maintaining. I might now slip in an extra bite of peanut buttermy favorite thing in the whole world, or have an extra carb here or there but will not intentionally go off the deep end. That is what works for meI am not speaking for anyone else!.

Katie, love the charm ideaI have one of those bracelets with the screw on beads at the endlove to look at and and all the memories that are there on that bracelet!..

Comment #14

I take meals off here and there, but not as a reward. It's more for social reasons. For instance, it was Restaurant Week where I live this past week, meaning upscale restaurants in the area offer a fixed-price dinner. I went one evening, and I had what looked good. That sort of thing once every few weeks is worth it to me...

Comment #15

I haven't taken a day off, but I have not been 100%. Being 100% is the biggest factor in my "diet" failures in the past. When I try to be 100%, I beat myself up for the being off (even if it was an extra fruit or a little extra of anything)..

This time I've made a mental shift and have really thought of this as a life-style change. In the past I always couldn't wait to get to my goal so I could "eat normally" (which meant go back to old ways)..

This time around, I've probably been out to dinner, lunch or even breakfast at least once a week. HOWEVER I don't just eat anything I want and I go into the meal thinking about what I am eating. If I order something rich, creamy, high-caloric, I don't eat it all and I don't take it home with me as left overs. I've often ordered an appetizer as my main meal and when I want more to eat, I'll microwave a few veggies..

I could have lost more weight more quickly, but I've done that in the slow is fine with me, because it's staying off. I've recently hit a plateau, but know that if I keep doing what I'm doing I will reach my goal. (actually I reached goal, but set a new see, I didn't have much faith in myself b/c I'd failed too many other times ... all of those being 100%..

I'm truly impressed with all of theNutrisystemfolks who are 100% and who have maintained and made a true lifestyle change. You are all such inspirations to me...THANKS!!..

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Before you can have cheat days you have to ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly..

Are you or have you ever been a binge eater?.

Are you obsessed with the scale?.

Do you lack the willpower to get back on track after one day or night of eating things off of the beaten path?.

If you answered any of those with a yes then you probably are not a candidate for having off days from this lifestyle change..

I can say no to all of those and have and do successfully go off plan for a day or even a week at a time. As long as you understand it will slow the loss down and that the scale may show a temporary gain then I say go for it. Just get right back on track as planned...

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New clothes are my non food rewardand old clothes that fit once again, or are too big....PRICELESS!!!!..

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