Does anyone know what it costs to join Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... Does anyone know what it costs to join Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Swim on in and tell us your achievements, large and small. Let us YELL out the compliments and splash WTGs and ATTAgirl or boy all over you! Sally will bring her pom-poms, Barry will bring the clapping hordes, Coach will bring the one-liners, DebKitty and Cool-lean will have the smileys and cute pics..

Lost a pound? Met a mini-goal? An inch gone from the waist or 1/8th gone from the thigh? Buy a smaller size in jeans?.

We want to share your joy!.

Come on in, the water's fine!!.

***Posted: No Skinny-Dipping Allowed***..

Comments (51)

Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

First I will be serious...just this one time..

I am thankful toNutrisystemfor two reasons:.

1. It pointed me in the right direction on my way to making a lifestyle change on how I viewed and related to food...I lost 53 lbs along the way and have kept it off for over 3 years..

2. On these very boards I found the woman I never even knew I that gives me everything I ever wanted in a woman, as well as filled holes that I never knew existed..

I went from a fat bastard to the luckiest sum-b!tch on lucky is that?..

Comment #2

Peggy - I know how you feel and it's AWESOME!!!! Great job!!.

Coach - who knewNutrisystemwould help people find love? very cool..

Pam - what is your issue with skinny dipping?..

Comment #3

It's a public forum.... it's probably against the law somewhere...

Comment #4

Wow, Coach being SERIOUS - now that's gotta be something, right????..

Comment #5

Dangit! You edited it before I could start rumors!..

Comment #6

I walked by a total of 5 cookie displays here at work today. Two Girl Scout boxes, open and ready to give; two homemade baskets just sitting there being friendly and one amazing one from a client meeting - big sized chocolate chip and M&M cookies in the kitchen..

Didn't touch a crumb!!!! Who needs it? I'd rather fit into this cute sweater that got me compliments this am...

Comment #7

Yeah - it didn't come out the way I meant it!! LOL..

Comment #8

What did you do with Coach Mark???????.

Cheers to the luckiest sum-b!tch..

Comment #9

It's not huge, but I am wearing a pair of pants I bought over a year ago that I love and that I could not even zipper. Now they are a little loose and I am getting lots of, "you look great" and "have you lost more weight?" comments...

Comment #10

LOL I was soooo ready to get him in SO much trouble!..

Comment #11

Coach, I think you almost made me cry that was so sweet..

For myself, I'm just excited that I made my first goal of 185. it feels amazing! I've gone from a 24 womens to a 14 misses..

I spent two weeks re-losing the 10 temporary pounds I put on durring my cruise, birthday, valentines day and those stupid steroids and I am now back in line for losing the last 30ish pounds I have left to go...

Comment #12

For Pam, Peggy, Coach, Aunt Thelma, Mokey, Patty, Sherilyn & everyone above!.

A big congrats to you all!.

Pam, I think the rule about the no skinny dipping means just not alone, huh?.

Everyone grab a buddy!..

Comment #13

I said I would be serious got that already, sooooo I aint coming back unless I can be nekkid...I didnt do all this work to hide in under clothes..

Jus' sayin'..

Comment #14

Great idea!.

I had made up my mind today to stop at Burger King for a whopper. It would have been my first really bad choice on NS. I could smell the air that comes from BK. Somehow I made myself skip that and drive to the gym instead. I still want that whopper though! However I had a good workout and came home and ate a salad...

Comment #15

There's the Mark we all know and love..albeit not as snarky though..

Good job everybody - great thread Pam!..

Comment #16

Just met the goal that I set for myself over 13 months ago!!.

80 pounds lost.

Under 160 pounds.

In a normal BMI range for the first time that I can remember..

It's a good day!..

Comment #17

Yay for you!! keep after it girl!.

Ahhhh.... happy happy for you!!!!.

Like I said, love the pic of you and jenni.

GS cookies (TM) are tempting but nope, have my ownNutrisystemone!.

That feels so good!!!.


Whopper of a great decision!!.

It's a Awesome Day, Congratulations!!!.

Pam, thanks for starting a feel good thread!.

For me, I am back in size 4 and loosing my pregnancy pooch! Getting my rear kicked at crossfit, and loving it!..

Comment #18

Dude, wasn't it bad enuf that we saw you strutting in your long underwear?.

Feel free to stop by and flash us anytime!..

Comment #19

I met goal in January and have been successfully maintaining for more than 6 weeksI am actually 2 pounds under my goal and feeling good! I knew from the beginning this was for the rest of my life and I am happy with that. I love the way I feel (and size 4 jeans aren't bad either!!!)..

Comment #20

Thanks for this post and it is great to hear all the good things going on! Way to go, all of you. " Ain't" this a grand plan????? Go, Nutrisystem! And, by the way, Coach, nice to know you have a serious bone in your bodyjust don't exercise it very often or we won't recognize you!!!..

Comment #21

You just wanna get me banned...i celebrated 14 months free yesterday!..

Comment #22

I was saving the snark for another thread out of respect to Pam...

Comment #23

That wasnt even the best part...the best part is that I still get to be me and she.



(most of the time anyways).

How cool is that?!!??..

Comment #24

That's a victory worth celebrating. Where is Pam with her certificates?..

Comment #25

I know, right!?!!??.

I think I'll do a thread in poem chronicling the last 14 months...

Comment #26

I put on a pair of jeans, hot from the dryer, and did not have to suck in to get those puppies zipped! Small win, but oh-so satisfying...

Comment #27

I LOVE that!! Nice, toasty warm jeans that fit. Nothing better!..

Comment #28

Victory at work today. There were two birthdays and both guys brought stuff in.One brought in donuts and cookies from a well known bakery, the other had cake and cupcakes...and one of them treated everyone to pizza for lunch. I had NONE of it!! Had my usual salad/lunch/fruit/yogurt...YES..

Comment #29

Bowled in a PBA tournament 2 weeks ago. I finished 2 pins out of the cut. I gave back 30 pins the last in games 7 & 8 because of missed spares. (I was 9th after game 6) Still got a check but the checks are MUCH bigger for those that make the cut. Best finish in 2 years...

Comment #30

Since I gained 5 lbs back around the holidays, I decided to try to get it back off now. After all spring is coming. I lost one pound this week and that is pretty average for me since I lose at a snails pace...

Comment #31

(I am on maintenance and generally use my own foods.).

Last night the family wanted grilled steak and baked potatoes. sigh. Had to figure out something that would work for me and not carve me out of the family dinner......

I decided to grill a Boca Burger for me. Had it with a tiny baked potato (no butter, of course) and grilled asparagus and sliced tomato. Almost like Summer. Within standard dinner guidelines. And looked similar to what the rest of the family was eating!!.

I can do this!..

Comment #32

To the group - great Victories!!! Nothing better than your jeans fitting right!!!.

The plan works and I love it!!..

Comment #33

P.S. AT, I saw your nephew on America's Funniest Home Video.....

Comment #34

Ha ha - he's a character!! His intro was "things not to do."!!..

Comment #35

Mine doesn't involve thins like smaller sizes, etc. Three years ago when on the Big Island, I wanted to do a tour that involved extensive walking over different areas, including uneven hardened lava of various sizes. I had such bad knee pain and lack of coordination with my knees at that time that I could not participate in the most hazardous part of walking the lava at night. Yesterday, my friend I booked the tour, along with another, for next month and I plan to hoof those areas including the lava flow area at night....slippery rocks, or not...

Comment #36

Jean, what a great story!! That's the real purpose of the plan! To feel better and live better!..

Comment #37

Good for you!! What a beautiful place to accomplish a goal...

Comment #38

So Pam SB started a thread.

To pat all us losers on the head..

She called the thread the fishin' hole.

To give the feelin' of old fashioned soul..

I love the idea of applauding our friends.

Pam started it - let's make sure it won't end!..

Comment #39

AT is a poet, there is no doubt,.

She knows just what I'm talking about,.

Giving a shout out of yea's,.

To everyone who deserves some praise..

It isn't fishing for compliments, you see,.

Just showing everyone what can be,.

When you put your mind and heart into,.

Being the very bestest YOU!.

(Love you, AT!)..

Comment #40

Of course I was inspired by NS's own poet lauriate, PamSB!!..

Comment #41

This thread was on Page #3!!!.

Time to give this baby a big BUMP!..

Comment #42

Nutrisystem rocks!.

Vegetables, I now eat!.

Ice cream? What is that?.

Creamy sauce, Good-bye!.

Natural flavors now rule!.

Mrs. Dash does help!..

Comment #43

Come on and join in! What are your successes?..

Comment #44

I have two...the first one is kind of husband was going to do laundry and he asked me 'don't you wear those Spanx control wear anymore?'.

I told him I don't feel the need to wear them anymore!.

Today I went to the neighborhood church and picked up fish frys for my husband and daughter...none for me!..

Comment #45

Congrats on having a husband that helps with laundry..

Mostly good for you on the Spanx and no fried fish!!!!..

Comment #46

Today we were running errands and DH stopped for a couple of hot dogs and fries. I ate myNutrisystemdinner before we left the house and watched him eat!..

Comment #47

Good going! Just make sure he doesn't do this with the french fries:..

Comment #48

What did I do in kickboxing class tonight? I RAN AROUND THE PERIMETER OF THE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WITHOUT STOPPING. That's right, Carmel ran around somethingCarmel, who couldn't make it around the track even once without stopping in high school 25+ years ago. Then I jumped rope, pounded the bag, did some sprints, and ended the evening with 100 crunches and 30 leg lifts. KILLING IT. Who wants to touch me now??..

Comment #49

I have been maintaining withing a pound since May 2010. I feelNutrisystemgave me a new lease in life. My blood preasure is normal now (it could not be controlled before). Went from a size 16 tight to a 6 tight or a very confortable 8. I did not find love inNutrisystem(like coach Mark) but made the love I have at home a lot better. I feel a lot younger than my years. Tell me what's not to love about NS?..

Comment #50

The tie at the waist of my pajama bottoms is getting longer..

Comment #51

Such great victories on this thread. I loved reading through it. Way to go everyone!!!.

My first victory was this week at school when a colleague asked if I had lost weight or was it the black outfit I was wearing...? And then, a denim skirt I had bought as a size 14 thinking for sure it would fit (I never try clothes on at the store ~ those lights & mirrors!!.

), did actually not fit AT ALL when I got home. Fast forward a few weeks...It fit very comfortably this Friday.

And I even got a few comments at school about how "cute" I looked..

Comment #52

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