Does anyone know the point system from Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Does anyone know the point system from Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... OKhere is my storyi went on Nutrisystem in april of 2010......had to stop getting the Nutrisystem food in october of 2010 due to money constraints. I lost a little over 21 pounds..

Then the holidays rolled around and I had family from all over and there was tons of baking and cooking and snacks and dessets get the idea..

Well, I gained back about 4 pounds since then and have had a very difficult time getting caught back up so to speak..

I do least 6o minutes 3-4 days week..

My problem, I guess, is that I am having hard time doing this on my own without the Nutrisystem food. I eat ALOT of chicken and vegetables.......but I have heard that if you eat the same things over and over your body gets used to what you are eating and you won't lose as much weight....if any..

I don't have a whole lot of variety in my diet and it gets pretty boring. I did print out the "name brand" list Nutrisystem posted awhile back and that helps in buying different items to have on hand..

I don't have a big support system either. my DH doens't have to watch what he eats, so I almost always cook 2 different things for dinner which gets tiring sometimes..

I would like to know what other people, who are doing this on their own, are doing to stick to the right way of eating. I don't want to call it a diet..

I do log my food on and that helps me alot to keep track of EVERYTHING I eat..

Any comments would be greatly appreciated...

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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I've also been seeing others post about findingNutrisystemmeals at Big Lots. I don't know if you have one near you but perhaps that's an option. I don't personally know this because I haven't gone there in ages..

Are you still drinking all the water? In the past I found that when I slipped from a routine, the water was the first to go..

Other than risking boredom and possibly not getting all the nutrients you need, I don't think sticking with chicken and veggies, etc. will hurt you in losing weight. I have heard that about the body adjusting to the number of calories though so you might vary daily caloric intake just a bit...if you noticed,Nutrisystemdoes that, too..

Good luck!..

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Dana, I too have stopped myNutrisystemdelivery. I'm pretty close to goal, and the all at once chuck of $ was becoming a burden. Go onto the goal/maintenance forums for some great ideas on meals. Also check out the What did you eat today? thread in Food Talk and Tips. I've learned a lot about flexing from those places on the site..

Debbie's right about trying to mix up the amount of cals you take in each day. I don't think it's your body getting used to chicken and vegies exactly, but getting used to the same amount of calories coming in each day. Try a different bunch of vegies, mix up your carb intake (sometimes I use brown rice, other times sandwich thins, other times sweet potato, etc), maybe try some fish or seafood vs chicken breast, or even some soy protein (Boca burgers or crumbles are good, and are sometimes on sale for a better price)..

Stay on the boards/blogs for the support you need! I'm lucky, in that my husband was on the plan with me, so he's pretty supportive of staying within the guidelines so we don't re-gain.

Another idea, I'm not sure if it's applicable, is to change up your work-outs. Sounds like you have a great handle on getting them in, but maybe do something different for awhile....

Good luck, hang in there, those last few are the worst to take off!! (I've been battling with the same five since Christmas!)..

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Thanks for the input guys like I said I do track my food on and I try to stay between 1150 and 1200 calories a day, but that does flucuate depending on if I can get my workouts in or not..

I DO drink TONS of water.....a minimum of 128oz a I know that is not my problem..

I try to chang out my carbs once in awhile. I usually do a bagel thin or english muffin for breakfast and then rice @ dinner.....but I do plan on getting to the store to get some different dinner carbs (corn and peas)..

As far as the is actually costing me LESS money not getting theNutrisystemfood. before, I was having that big chunk ofNutrisystemfood coming out of our grocery budget and then on top of that I was having to buy MY fresh grocery add-ins and then food for my DH and food for my 2 dogs (their dog food comes out of our grocery budget)..

I have gotten a little smarter in what I buy as far as veggies and stuff and I can make them last longer than before..

I do have the "flex" guidelines printed out so I try to follow those so I know what to eat a carb and how much protein I should eat etc..

I don't work so I try to stay moving around as much as possible during the day so as not to get too sedentary..

My workouts pretty much consist of doing 70 minutes on my recumbant bike....on a level 7 program. this coming week, I am going to up it to level 8 and see if I can handle that. I am trying to work my way up to level 10. about 1 -2 times a week I do weights as well..

I tend to burn between 500 - 550 calories doing that..

This may be TMI, but my DH and I are also trying to get pregnant. so I am taking the weight loss thing month by month at this point. each month, if I am not pregnant, then I tell myself, I have another month to try and lose some more weight. my OBGYN did tell me that if I llost weight it would be easier to get pregnant. I guess 20 pounds isn't enough. LOL.

Again, thanks for the input. I will try and change things up a little bit. I do tend to get in a rut and eat THE SAME THINGS ALL THE TIME!!! so I am sure that I am getting pretty much the same amount of calories a day..

Should I try and lower it SLIGHTLY to see if that makes a difference?..

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Personally, I wouldn't lower it but I would do between your intake now and a couple of hundred calories more on some days, etc..

The thing you don't want to do is settle on a set number of calories each day. The body can adjust to almost anything (except lack of water). That's why you hear of people gaining weight on 500 calories a day. Plus, it wrecks your metabolism...can you tell I've been there, done that? Years ago I was under a doctor's supervision with 500 calories and instructions to do nothing but breathe! I kid you not..

This was many years ago and before people knew as much as they do now about nutrition. I will tell you though that one of the strange outcomes of that experience was that my thyroid function totally bottomed out. I now take synthetic thyroid meds and evidently will have to the rest of my life..

Since then, many diets...losses and regains. This program is the first that fills me up almost to the point of feeling stuffed and yet I lose! Amazing!..

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I agree with D52R in regards to calories. I wouldn't drop below the 1150, but maybe try to scoot up to 1250 or even 1300 for a day or so. Sometimes that'll "jump start" things. You can also try having your lunch at dinner and your dinner at lunch (along with the corresponding add-ins)..

Good luck with the baby plans..

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I empathize! I joined in '07, lost 72 lb.s in 7 months, maintained for 1.5 yrs. then gained 1/2 of it back. I went back on 100%Nutrisystemfor several months, lost about 1/2 of that, then, just recently, had to stop autoshipping BBBs, until further notice, due to an abruptly tighter budget. I miss my BBBs.Nutrisystemwas just soooooo easy, that way! I'm having a hard time sticking to theNutrisystemlifestyle on my own, right now. I've gotta re-program myself ASAP! Eating the same thing all the time is also what I'm doing, these days..

Best wishes for getting pregnant soon!..

Comment #7

Thanks guys again. i'm afraid to "up" my calorie intake for fear of gaining or STILL not losing either..

For instance, today...after I logged all my food, I was at 1140 calories.....and that was even eating a little more @ dinner than I was planning to..

I always have read that loweing your calorie intake by 500/day you will lose the 1-2 pounds per week. I guess that is my logic when it comes to the 1150-1200 calories/day. compared to what I was eating before those totals are well under the 500/day I need to take away to lose weight..

I'm also trying to watch my fat intake. I know you NEED fat in your diet.....i use EVOO to cook some veggies and peanut butter..

Several years ago I was trying to lose weight before my wedding. I lost almost 10 pounds in a couple months by eating whatever I wanted....just ate whatever the portion size was. if I wanted doritos....i ate them, but I only ate the serving size. and I worked out 4 days a week as well. I was also 7 years younger.

I try to use that philosophy as well because I know I cannot cut everything good out of my diet..

Those of you that have said to "up" my calories a should I do that? more protein? a carb? not sure how to go about that..

I too hope to get pregnant soon!!!! we have been trying for a year now so hopefully it will happen SOON!!!!!..

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I would start the calorie "upping" by maxing out your proteins. When you have that dairy/protein add-in option, go all the way up to 100 cals (just be sure to keep the 3g or less of fat and 7g or more of protein). Try that and see where your numbers end up - if you're still under 1200 calories, then maybe add an extra fruit at some point during the day..

Good luck!..

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I do generally eat ALOT of proteintoday I had about 300 or so calories of protein (chicken breast in my salad and pork chops for dinner) which came out to 91 grams of protein for the day....which is alot I believe..

Since I am not gettingNutrisystemfood anymore, I follow the "flex" guidelines which call for 1 protein @ beakfast 2 @ lunch and 3 @ dinner..

Which I take to mean anywhere from 3-4 ounces @ lunch (usually chicken) and then I eat 3-4 ounces @ dinner. should I eat more @ dinner?.

I usually eat egg beaters or egg whites for breakfast...

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The way I understand it, the straight protein stats are about 55 cals, so if your flex plan calls for six over the day that's around 330 cals - so you seem close there. I do wonder about the dairy/protein, you know, when it calls for one or the other - those can be up to 100 (even an occasional 120 cal yogurt is ok) maybe up it there? I'm just guessing and trying to give you some ideas.

When I flex, I try to make sure I'm getting a mix of proteins and dairy...gotta keep that calcium coming (although you can get that in other foods too). Good luck, keep at it...maybe post something on the Dietician's board and see if you get more help?..

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Thanks tessi try to get dairy from FF cheese on my salad or on my breakfast sandwich..

I was out of milk, but now that I have some I will probably drink some milk..

I also will be getting to the store today so I will definitely be getting some yogurt and such..

I did up my calories yesterday though. I still have severalNutrisystemdesserts left so I ate one of those to add an extra 160 calories..

I think what I am going to do is eat theNutrisystemdesserts until they are gone....that will add 100-200 calories a day....and see how that does for me..

Once they are gone, I will probably add a fruit serving or something like that to my day...

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Sounds like you have a plan, which is always a big part of the battle..

Comment #13

Hey tess.

I tries to post a thrread on the dietician forum, but it wouldn't post for some reason....

I logged all my food for today and I even ate MORE food today than I normally would and i'm still at only 1184 calories..

Then with my workout, my NET calories are only around 700. my DH suggested that maybe my body is in starvation mode..

Is that possible?.

I don't know if I should be eating even MORE food. and if I do, i'm worried that I REALLY won't lose any weight then...

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