Does anyone know of a healthy diet to follow besides Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Does anyone know of a healthy diet to follow besides Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... TZ has not been able to start the thread so I've decided to start the thread for the Onward and Downward Challenge entitled,"This Year is Our Year.".

The theme focuses upon this is the year that we will make the most of our efforts. For some, it will be reaching the goal and beginning to maintain. For others of us, it will earmark the reality that we are making significant progress and not letting excuses hold us back..

TZ stated,.

"Welcome to the very first challenge of the year 2011!!! We are calling this challenge ...This Year is Our Year Onward and Downward challenge! This Year is Our Year O&D Challenge, for short! Mouthful I know......but we want everyone who knows the Onward and Downward name to be able to recognize that's it's the same group of ladies...still chugging along! As always, newcomers are always welcomed to join us, no matter where we are in the challenge. This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread. I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!! We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Christmas feasting is over and the New Years parties are time to get serious and get moving! Let's get ready to be our skinniest and best for the new year of 2011!! This challenge will run from today until March 17th.....St. Patrick's we have just about 11 weeks (9 left) to work hard and get ourselves moving each day and eating better..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great upcoming year in 2011 and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next 10 weeks! Why not get support from one another as we journey through the next few months towards our ultimate goals..

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and March 17th, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members. I'll be posting a new thread each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

So what do you plan to achieve during this 11 week challenge?A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through the struggles for this upcoming year. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know eachother and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to..


As we enter this fourth week of the challenge, the question of the week is:.

What are your favorite as well as least favorite forms of exercise?..

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Yes sir! however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

Jean, thanks for starting the thread for us. I looked for it earlier and was hoping someone would do it. I hope Judy and TZ are ok..

My feelings about exercise are similar to yours. I struggle with making myself do it, but I know that it is the biggest factor in helping me to lose weight. In the past I've belonged to a gym and for awhile that helped because I met a friend there who became my workout buddy. Knowing that she would be at the gym every morning waiting for me really helped me to be accountable and just to show up. However, almost two years ago life circumstances caused both of us to give up our gym memberships and since then I've had a hard time getting back into a routine..

This fall I began doing the Wii Walk It Out program and really enjoyed it. I typically walked for at least an hour and a half or more almost every day. However, I've been through that twice now and I'm ready for something different. For Christmas I requested and received Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active 2, so I've been trying to get started using them. I guess we'll see how motivated I feel to do those..

For my least favorite exercises, I guess I'd say swimming and aerobic dance classes. I'm not a good swimmer and don't especially enjoy being in a pool (although I love to be on the beach and enjoy snorkeling). Aerobic dance classes intimidate me I'm always going left when everyone else is going right, etc. I never seem to get the hang of whatever the rest of the class is doing, so it's very frustrating for me...

Comment #2


, I feel somewhat the same about those aerobic dances. I'd get so hung up on getting the steps done correctly that I wouldn't get the aerobic part done. I think you could just put on some music and do your thing do it and forget the exotic moves...

Comment #3

I've gotten right back into exercise again, like I was 3 years ago. I'm so glad ... I don't know why I just stopped for a few years. I do the Leslie DVD's as I can do all the moves and I get a good workout. I've tried the Dancing DVD's, and the Denise Austin DVD's, but I find that the Leslie ones are the most successful for me and ones I can do and stick with...

Comment #4

Jean, thank you for starting the thread this week. I started exercising regularly when I startedNutrisystemlast January. I'm happy to say that I'm very lucky to have found a lot of workouts that I enjoy. It's actually to the point that I sometimes wish I had more time in the day so I could do a few of them more often. Current favorites: EA Sports Active 2, Wii Gold's Gym Cardio, Zumba, Paul Katami Kettlebell Kombos, Jackie Warner Xtreme Time Saver, Bob Harper's Carido one, and a few other DVDs that are not coming to mind this second. I actually miss my older Tae Bo workouts.

As soon as I get a chance to figure out how to have both connected, I'll be doing a bunch of Tae Bo workouts..

My least favorite exercise is walking. I loved it when I lived in Brooklyn and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back every morning. But now I just get incredibly bored since the scenery isn't that exciting..

Jean, Congrats on being 100% since Jan 1 and the 0.8 pounds. Great job! It's tough to get back in the exercise routine, but remember, once you do it for a while, you'll miss it when you don't get to exercise..

Pam, I hope Tz and Judy are ok, too. I'm finding ES AS2 motivating since I set up a schedule for workouts and it keeps track of when you do and don't make your scheduled workout. I agree about the Aerobic dance classes - I think that's why I like my Zumba DVDs so much. No pressure to get he moves just right - I just do my best and have fun without anyone being able to see how well I'm doing with the specific steps..

Karen, that's great - it's definitely all about finding the exercise you like and will do...

Comment #5

OWI today and I'm down three pounds this week! I have kicked up my exercise over the past three weeks, and I think this is the scale catching up..

Hope you're all having a good day...

Comment #6


, congrats upon the great weight loss!.

Regarding your comment about once one starts exercising, you miss it when you can't. I have never gotten a high out of exercising and never missed it when on a trip, etc. I think that is why it is so hard to get back into it...

Comment #7

Hello everyone! I got three miles in on the treadmill today! Also crunches, push-ups, and arm work! I am going to Sizzler tonight for a fundraiser for my son's wrestling team.

So...I looked up calories of their foods, and I am going to eat grilled chicken and broccoli, and stay away from the bread!! I might have a glass of wine though.

Hope everyone is doing great out in Nutriland!.


Comment #8

Planning ahead pays off. I've checked out the nutritional info of my favorite restaurants wo that when I go there, I know what to order. Congrats upon the exercise!..

Comment #9

Congratulations on losing 3 lbs this week! And good job kicking up the exercise!..

Comment #10

I have breakfast down and Midnight is in the carrier to take to the vet for the tests. It will be a long day as I can't pick him up until around 5:30pm. The vet is in the city about an hour from me and shopping is on the other end of the city about another half hour. I don't need to shop for anything so perhaps I will just mall wallk...

Comment #11

What a great description! I'm with you - I don't enjoy it. I'd rather be spending half an hour sitting quietly and reading. To me, it's a chore like cleaning the bathroom. Not the right mindset, I know!..

Comment #12

Hi Everyone,.

Welcome to those members I haven't seen here before..

Congrats to everyone that continues to lose weight, YAY!!!!.

Those that lose slowly and those that are not losing, Never Give Up..

I haven't been around because it's been so crazy since December 13th. My mom has been in the hospital every week and each stay has been between 3 to 4 days. She's at home at the moment and I pray she continues to do good..

I'll tell you they finally found out what is causing her chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. She has Mitral Valve Stenosis. For those of you who do not know, it's when the main valve collapses and the blood can not flow the normal way thus creating chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. Since she's is 91 years old (92 on March 1st) and her health is so delicate they do not suggest surgery. So we both have decided to take it one day at a time. The doctor said the good thing is that all her arteries and valve are clean, not clogged and what she needs to do is put her oxygen mask on, relax and take her nitro pill.

So that's what we'll do..

I am trying to work a couple of more months because I have finally decided I'll be taking a leave at work to take care of my mom. I need to save a little more money and pay the car insurance and I want to take the spring break which is an entire week (paid) prior to the leave thus not using what little vacation days I have left..

I really have not even touched theNutrisystemmeals for the past several months. I hate to admit it but I have gained weight.

I'm back up to 311.8lbs as of yesterday morning..

I can't believe I have let myself gain weight. I need to take my control back and continue to lose again..

Ok enough rambling. Thanks for always listening..

Hope everyone is having a great day...

Comment #13

I'm so sorry for both of you! That has to be extremely scary..

You'll get back on track when life is a little saner. Right now I can certainly understand your mom being your priority. I lost mine to a sudden heart attack and I know you cherish your time with her, as trying and upsetting as it may be...

Comment #14

I lost 3 1/2 pounds last week. This week will be trying because it's the big pet expo and my schedule will be all mixed up..

Had lunch at Applebee's today and picked one of their new 550 calorie meals. I just really don't believe it. Seemed way low to me. So I had aNutrisystemlunch for dinner!..

Comment #15

Fabulous description...."a chore like cleaning the bathroom." On the other hand, when you are finished with cleaning the bathroom, you can see a clean bathroon. There is no similar immediate gratification when it comes to exercise..

MaryAnn, congrats upon the weight loss..

Sylvia, your mother is a priority at this time. When things are stablized, you can get back on the program...

Comment #16

Silvia I'm so sorry you and your mom are going through this. I think your priorities are right where they should be at this time. Be kind to yourself and don't let food become another stressor to deal with. Nutrisystem will still be here when you're ready and able to come back to it...

Comment #17

Thanks Jean. I promise you that when I started a year ago, I felt the same way about exercising. But I found a number of DVDs and now Wii games that I really do enjoy. And I also notice that I'm much less stressesd when I exercise, and better able to stick with my meal plan..

Thanks Karen!.

April, great job on the exercise, and for planning ahead for your meal out. Sounds like you're planning smart food choices!.

Thanks Ann!.

Jean, I hope the vets visit helped figure out what's going on with Midnight. And I hope you found something enjoyable to do while that was all going on..

Maryanne, I felt the same way when I started. But having found workouts I really enjoy helps a lot. I have days I wish I had more free time so I could do a second workout. Belive me, if you told me I'd say that a year ago, I'd have laughed out loud!.

Silvia, I'm sorry to hear that your mom has not been doing well. With all you've got going on, it's understandable that you've been off yourNutrisystemplan. When you're ready and things are a little calmer for you, we know you can get back on track! {Hugs}.

Maryanne, congratulations on the 3.5 pounds - way to go!! Good luck with the pet expo - hopefully you've got lots of breakfast / lunch bars or portable subs to help...

Comment #18

Hi everyone, hope you had a good Tuesday. It was a crazy day for me. Started out with another inch or two of snow today - which was funny because the weather people on TV were saying maybe a flurry or passing snow shower. It was messy going to the train this morning, but luckily the roads were clear when I got home. And we're now expecting anther storm starting on Wednesday morning / lunch time. Sounds like somewhere between 4 and 12 inches depending on who you listen to.

Hope the rest of you that may be in the path of this one are in the areas that get rain instead of snow or ice!..

Comment #19

Congratulations on 3.5 lbs lost.

- that is really great! And sounds like a good idea to have anNutrisystemlunch for dinner after that lunch!..

Comment #20

I really expected a 550 calorie meal to be centered around a 4 ounce steak but this was 7 ounces. So not sure about that calorie count..

I fell back into an old habit yesterday of not eating breakfast. I'm really working hard on changing that. One of the hardest things for me is getting the day started off right by eating breakfast. You can teach a 60-year old woman new tricks but it's slow slow going!..

Comment #21

We're expecting 4-8 inches over the course of today and tonight. Once we get past that looks pretty clear for the pet expo weekend (snow showers Friday doesn't sound like a biggie). If I had to choose between having this storm today or over the weekend I'd say today is better. But DH wouldn't agree of course. Shoveling should be good exercise if I can just force myself to take breaks. What bugs me is I'm SO out of shape that the shoveling just demolishes me and I don't get enough billable work done! I guess that's another mental picture I need to add to the album in my head to bring out when tempted to eat...

Comment #22

Good morning, everyone! I'm having my Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast. I've always been good about eating breakfast of some type. The cereal alone will fill me up for a period of time, so I'll have my protein and fruit later..

It's a very yucky, rainy time right now but we are expecting a heavy wet snow. In fact, it is just now starting to change over It is supposed to be a fast moving storm, dumping the white mess over a short period of time...

Comment #23

This is just a reminder about the role of scales and our total reliance upon it's measurement. PamSB often posts this article on which I had added emphasis via underlining important ideas...

Comment #24

I shoveled the first wave. Seems totally unfair that another wave is going to follow it! I hope it comes down on the lower end of the projection so DH goes to work in the morning and I can get out of here for the pet expo setup without hassle from him! LOL!..

Comment #25

Today was my OWI and I think I lost 1.2 pounds this week. I say I think because I don't remember exactly what it was a week ago darn CRS disease! I wasn't expecting much because I've changed up my exercise routine and I'm not doing as much cardio as I was, so I'm pleased with this loss. Since starting back in July, I've lost 3.5" off my hips and 4.5" off my waist and I'm down 2 pant sizes very happy about those numbers! Not done yet, but happy with where I am right now...

Comment #26

Hi There,.

Just dropping by to say Hello!!!.

I want to thank everyone that comment and I truly appreciate it the support you are all sending my way..

Thanks and have a great day...

Comment #27

Congrats upon the loss. What is even more impressive are the changes in your measurements...envy, envy!!.

Sylvia, you are having much stress and will continue to have it for a period of time. You cannot be Super Woman; you can only do so much. Prioritize but do take some time for you...and that includes checking in with us at least once a week...

Comment #28

Well, however much you lost, congratulations on it. You are doing so well! I write my weight on my refrig. calendar, leaving off the first number of each weight in the vain hope that no one will know what it means!..

Comment #29

I have a small notebook upstairs that I've recorded every weigh in since around 2007. You can flip through that and see just what a yo-yo I've been. And the long stretches without weigh ins are the worst...

Comment #30

I have a master calendar on which I record all important things. I record every weigh in including any mid-week checks. I had a mid-week check in today and recorded it. Yes, some minor progress was seen...

Comment #31

I usually record it here on this website, but for some reason I didn't record last week's weight on Wednesday. I did do it on Thursday, so I used that as last week's weight. I've also been putting it below my signature each week, but I didn't update that last week either. I wonder what I was doing last Wednesday that I forgot to do those things? Oh well, it's not that important at least the scale is still moving downward!..

Comment #32

Pam, I don't think it will be a major problem that you did not record your last weigh in on the site. You know that you are making progress, and I guess that just as long you show progess on the site at least once a month, you are being accountable..

I did the Leslie Sansone workout with weights, which I see is also being sold by NS. The interesting thing is that I didn't pay theNutrisystemprice. The weights do make a difference...

Comment #33

Jean, I'm also a breakfast eater. Although I don't usually eat as soon as I awake - I used to wait until I got to the office. Now I eat as soon as I exercise, shower and get dressed. I hope you didn't get too much snow..

Maryanne, hope the second wave isn't too bad and that you got to do your setup..

Pam, congratulations - that's fantastic progress!!.

Hi Silvia, good to see you!.

I keep a notebook that I record my weight in each week and my measurements in about every 4 weeks or so. Defintely helps to flip back through to remember my progress if I'm feeling discouraged!.

How is that workout? I'd tried one of her workouts on VHS a LONG time ago and it wasn't bad, just wasn't varied enough to make me do it regularly...

Comment #34

Just dropping in for a few mintues to say hello. I have more work to do tonight, but didn't want to not get to drop by today since I didn't really get here yesterday. We ended up with another big snowstorm. I am not sure how much it was this time, but it must have been wetter snow than the last few, because it sure way heavy. I shoveled for over an hour and actually worked up to a sweat this time. After doing my EA SA 2 workout this morning, I think I'm really gonna feel it tomorrow morning..

Hope you're all having a good day!..

Comment #35

I am exhausted. In spite of the snow I had no trouble getting to the fairgrounds; in fact I was early. On my feet from 9:30 when I got there pretty much until leaving at 4:30. Hopefully I burned off a few calories!..

Comment #36

So far I like it. There are two DVDs; both involve walking. It has 2 lb. hand weights which can be used. One DVD provides 2 miles in 30 minutes along wiht moves to help with flatter abs and a stronger back. The second DVD has three different workouts: 1, 2 and 3 mile workouts for a total of 6 miles.

The first DVD is "Power walk with Friends;" the second one is "Total Body Slimming System Burn Body Fat and Sculpt Your Arms...

Comment #37

Just marking my place and checking in, though not really anything to say. We have a work day scheduled Saturday, but it is one of those where there is not much I am able to help with, so I do not expect to get much exercise from it. I worked very late today, trying to finish the newsletter and Sunday bulletins so they are ready for the folding team Friday morning...

Comment #38

We are having another snow day; ice and snow again. I got the call around 4:50am so I just stayed up. Until last year, we had never had winters like this since 1978. We may have had snow at times but there would be long breaks or the snow would come down but be gone the next day. It doesn't help that our temps have been below normal..

I've been good and staying on plan despite the fact this kind of weather could motivate me to eat. I rarely bake cookies but last winter I discovered those slice and bake cookies and baked them several times. I have none of that in the house. The warm cookies did taste good on a lousy day but none this year...

Comment #39

Boy, my arms could use some sculpting! I need to find my lighter weights (I've got the 6-pound ones). DH "borrowed" them when he was doing p/t and can't remember where he put them. If I can't uncover them, I guess I'll get some new ones. That should guarantee I find them!..

Comment #40

Those cookies could be the death of me. Definitely not something I could have in the house!.

I pitched all the treats I ordered for the holidays. Except a jar of soft peppermint sticks. They only have 25 calories each - and they are something I can actually eat just one of...

Comment #41

Maryanne, I don't keep cookies in the house as I normally don't eat them at home; last year, I was bored and started making them...and, of course, they had to be eaten. I even have problems with theNutrisystemcookies and some of the otherNutrisystemdesserts. They trigger in me a desire to eat more. Right now, I'm having a protein and fruit for dessert instead of theNutrisystemdesserts...

Comment #42

One of my biggest struggles while on Nutrisystem has been baking. I love to bake, but if it's in the house I'm going to eat it. So since startingNutrisystemin July of last year I have severely restricted my baking and made a point of packing it up and getting it out of the house immediately. I have a nephew serving in Afghanistan right now and I've committed to sending him cookies at least once a month, so I bake them early in the day and as soon as they are cool enough they go in the box and straight to the post office. He loves chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. The chocolate chips are a big temptation for me, but fortunately for me, I don't like peanut butter cookies..

My husband has been a little miffed that I'm not keeping any of the baked goods around since he loves them, too. But he's satisfied with store-bought cookies and they aren't very tempting for me, so for now that's what he keeps around...

Comment #43

That's a good idea. I think some days I would be purrfectly happy with protein and fruit for dessert...

Comment #44

Jean, thanks for starting the thread this week. I have been having Internet problems, but I think I am finally up and running smoothly again. I guess we will see how it goes this coming week..

I have finally been getting myself back on track and have lost 2 pounds this week! I also managed to squeeze back into my new jeans. I am celebrating that today! I have got some of my nice new clothes hanging up in my bathroom waiting for me to fit into them again. And I am making myself weigh in every morning and am writing the number down. Together that all seems to be helping get my focus back on the program. which I really need to do because I only have one month until my yearly vacation to Mexico and I need to fit back into my summer clothes..

Jean, grat question of the week. You must have been reading my mind since you asked what I was going to when I found I couldn't get online. My favorite exercise is water aerobics with the Wii Walk It Out game ae close second. up until my work schedule changed this fall I had been really good at getting in two to three days of exercise a week, but since then it has been very hit and miss. I have really got to get back onto regular exercise pattern. It really makes a difference to my ability to maintain and to loss weight..

My least favorite types of exercise are gym aerobics classes. I am always two or three beats behind and moving in the wrong direction. I get really bored with weight machines. I can use those once in awhile but cannot make it a regular routine...

Comment #45

I've never been a cake and cookie eater, thank goodness!! I can bake with my kids and not even take a bit or a lick..

My downfull has always been cheese and pasta. Boy oh boy I could make a whole pound of spaghetti, covered with vodka sauce and work through that whole darn thing throughout the day..

I've been onNutrisystema 3 weeks and one day and so far I haven't had any temptation to "carb out" ... I don't know why, but I'm obviously happy about it..

I've made my way out of the 150's as you can see from my ticker below!! The exercise is really paying off as my size 12 jeans are quite baggy in the legs. I tried on an old pair of 10's, and while I could get them up and button them, they are too tight to wear ... but I think pretty soon I'll get there!..

Comment #46


It is good to see you posting. I knew that you had mentioned internet problems earlier and assumed that was the reason. Good job on getting yourself back on track. I'm definitely with you about those gym aerobic things, especially the dance ones..

I really got off track when I went to Hawaii and gained far more than usual when there. Then I was sick for a long time and just enjoyed too much confort food. I'll be going back in April but staying at an owner rental. The owner provides coffee, eggs and fruit from his own farm on the Big Island. I just ordered muffins from the food thread to take on the trip. That will take care of breakfast while there for us..


, you are doing a fabulous job. I'm trying to visualize where you are now to picture what I might be in a few months. Keep up the great work! My really big weakness is not cakes but cheesecake and pumpkin pie. Yes, I enjoyed them too much during the holidays...

Comment #47

THANKS!! I don't know if any of you looked at my profile pics, but my avatar pic is me at around 128 or so. There is a pic of me in my profile that you can see how I gain SO much weight in my face. I hate that!!! I immediately get the chins!..

Comment #48

Good for you - keep up the resolve!.

Congratulations on your 2 lb loss!.

Great progress! You are where I should be - and might have if I had not stalled out!..

Comment #49

Fit and Free Pizza would be on QVC tonight. It is in the system now and can be ordered. It is item M22493; the price is $46+ with shipping included for 10 pizzas. For new people, these pizzas can be used on theNutrisystemprogram. They are also bigger than theNutrisystempizza. Each pizza is 248 calories with zero fat and zero cholesterol but packs in 20g of protein...

Comment #50

I've got to work on making some room in my freezer!!!..

Comment #51

I checked on the prices at the pizza site andthe package of 12 would cost almost $11 to ship. Since the shipping was included in the QVC deal, the QVC package of ten is around 90 cents cheaper per pizza. I don't know if I have room in my small freezer...

Comment #52

We have a lot of freezer space - large side by side frig, upright freezer and old freezer on top frig in the basement. But it's pretty full. Omaha Steaks kept emailing me all these great deals around the holidays. Very hard to resist. Then I started stocking up on sales on diet breakfasts and lunches and other stuff. Then there's DH's "stuff".

But it's very tempting!..

Comment #53

Okay, just ordered the pizzas on QVC. Looks like I have until Thursday to organize the freezer space a little better!!..

Comment #54

Maryanne, that does sound exhasting. I hope that the expo is going well!.

Jean, those sound better than the one I had. I may have to keep an eye out for these to be on sale somewhere..

Ann, I hope your work day went well. Sounds like another busy few days for you!.

Jean, great job staying on plan when it's the kind of weather that would have tripped you up before. Hope you get at least a few days for some of that snow to melt!.

Tz, I hope your internet problems are solved. Congratulations on the 2 pounds - Way to go!! Wow, vacation will be here before you know it. I have to start really planning my time off this year. I know one painting trip I'll do in October, but I'd love to find another one or two for this year..

Karen, you're doing a fantastic job - those 10's will fit in no time!.

Jean, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, they've already sold out. But I'll check back there before my next order. I'd ordered these for the first time at the end of last week and they arrived on Wednesday. So yummy!! Think I'll be ordering these instead ofNutrisystempizza pretty regularly!..

Comment #55

Hope everyone is having a great night!! I just wanted to check in. I got 2 work outs in today, (with Leslie Sansone), 2 different 4 mile high intensity DVD's ... I'll get into those 10's so help me God!!..

Comment #56

Good Evening everyone. I hope this has been a great Saturday for everyone. I spent the morning having blood work done and shopping for Rannon. I am interested in seeing what my lab numbers are this year. They were really good last year, but I have not been as strict these past couple of months nor have I been taking my supplements so I can't guess what I am going to see when I get the results..

It will take a couple of weeks to get the results back. I'll be anxiously awaiting those numbers...

Comment #57

Well I now have a level stairway! It has slanted down on the right for as long as I can remember. We have braced it up well, so in two weeks we will be on to replacing plywood in the second floor (at top of stair). They squeak badly, are very uneven (parts higher than other parts), have gaps between sheets, and an engineer told us we need to replace some completely as they are too old and dry. We cannot lay tile in the new kitchen till the subfloor issues are adressed..

Good to know you all had a good day...

Comment #58

The good news is that I lost 2.4 pounds last week. That is definitely better than the 0.8 the week before..

TZ, I'm sure the lab results will still be good. If not, then you know how to get back on track so that the results will what you desire..

Ann, you have quite a project ahead of you but when it is finished you will enjoy it so much...

Comment #59

I got my lab results back Friday. Cholesterol is good; glucose is a little high (102). So I definitely need to take this weight back off!..

Comment #60

Karen, great job on all that exercise!.

Tz, I hope the results are what you're looking for. And now that you're getting back on track, I'm sure they're continuing to improve..

Ann, glad to hear that you got that stairway work done. Sounds like it must have been a busy day..

Jean, great job, Congratulations!!.

Maryanne, you're back on track, so I'm sure that your glucose will start to show improvement...

Comment #61

Good morning everyone. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stay in and do the work / housework I should do, or if I'm going to go shopping. With the weather we've been having, I actually feel like I should shop since it's supposed to actually be sunny today. My next chance to shop won't be until at least next weekend, and who knows what the weather will do then. Sounds like another storm is coming Tuesday / Wednesday. Ugh..

Hope you have a good day!..

Comment #62

It was a gorgeous day so I did plan to go on an outing to the city. Like you, I'm hearing rumors of another storm and just wanted to get out to civilization while I could. As it turned out, I got a phone call that lasted over an hour. I then decided to leave just after lunch. As I was getting ready, I noticed my Medic Alert bracelet wasn't on my arm. I've had it for several years so the clasp was getting loose, not to mention the bracelet itself is looser on me than before.

I looked all over but couldn't find it. I just ended up staying at home..

I've been called to work tomorrow, so tomorrow should be enough to pay for the replacement bracelet. I'll have to call Medic Alert when I get home from work...

Comment #63

Jean, Hopefully your bracelet will still turn up - then you could have it made smaller / have the clasp fixed instead of having to get a new one. Maybe it fell off in you car or in your jacket sleeve?.

I ended up not going shopping either. I was going to head to Macy's that's near Trader Joe's. I have not been there since I started NS, so I started searching the boards for ideas of what to get there. Found so much interesting stuff that by the time I'd finished, enough time had passed after breakfast to exercise. So I exercised for a couple of hours instead. By the time I did that, took a shower and had lunch, I no longer wanted to head all the way to the store.

I realized I'm off Friday, and right now Firday looks like the weather will be ok, so I'll shop then...

Comment #64

Jean, I hope you find your Med Alert bracelet. Another place you should check is your laundry hamper. It might have fallen off while you were changing and is stuck in the clothing..

I didn't get any shopping in today either. I'll be running out of yogurt and fruit before very long. I guess I'll be shopping after work one day this week..

I got my exercise in tonight. Yea! 3.9 miles with my Walk It Out game. And a whole week on plan with my food, it sure feels good to be back in control of myself...

Comment #65

This seems like a common theme I plan to do something, but by the time I get done eating, then do my exercise for the day, get cleaned up afterward it's time to eat again and at least half the day is gone! I used to get a lot more done each day now it seems like I spend all day maintaining myself!..

Comment #66

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