Does anyone know of a good Nutrisystem location in the Detroit Metropolitan area?

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Question I have... Does anyone know of a good Nutrisystem location in the Detroit Metropolitan area? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Hello All,.

I'm just starting out and want to run some thoughts by the experienced group. I've lost weight in the past and have usually just dieted on my own, following the standard calorie in v/ calorie used concept. i.e. just eat less or exorcise more, all esle constant..

I chose a structured program this time primarily for the convenience. I don't want to count calories (I used to use a tracking app on my blackberry) and worry about shopping for meals and groceries that are low cal, and creating/cooking, etc. Basically, I am paying for the structure/convenience is the way I look at it, not any type of magic food..

After 3 days on Nutrisystem I have a few thoughts on this and am looking for input..

I see the system as primarily a 'portion control' system. I know there is a lot of marketing about the GI and good nutrient mix and timing and all....but at the end of the day, if you ate the same portions of reasonable meals, along with the same grocery add-ons, I would assume you would lose a similar amount of weight. Does anyone else feel this way or is this a common discussion?.

I guess what I'm wondering is how much of this program has to do with the actual Nutrisystem food? Assuming many of you 200+ pound guys ate the way I used to eat, when you change to these small portion "entrees" and add mostly vegitables, fruit, and a couple small very low fat snacks(or desserts), increase your water intake and exercise, you are going to lose a bunch of weight...regardless of whether it's a "NS entree" or some other meal with the same weight/portion (normal meal, not a block of lard)..

Understanding that everyone is not the same and many need to be told "eat this and dont eat that", where the structure of the program would be the actual value. For me it's simple the convenience of not having to think too much about what I'm eating each day. The color coding is even a big plus for me! I know Im very new, but I see no magic in the Nutrisystem food itself or the mix of ingrediants within the Nutrisystem food, but rather they provide a structure for the time tested method of take in less calories than you burn..


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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

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The portions count but also the amount of protein and fiber count. It's not always easy to get in the small amount of calories the plan provides. Protein and fiber keep us from being hungry so it's easier to stick to the plan..

I thought the same things you did, but after two years of maintenance, I will say, the wweight loss is a lot easier with them doing most of the cooking...

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I've found this to be true..

I joined July 2007. Ordered 2 BBBs, went from 225 to 198 in 2 months, and from then on did Nutrisystem "on my own", using the calorie/fat/portion control lessons I had learned..

I found normal grocery items (soups, frozen dinners) that were comparable with their Nutrisystem counterparts line-by-line on the nutrition info (also, you can buy the Nutrisystem Nourish lunch cups at Big Lots); used the online Nutrisystem tracker to log my food & exercise every day; stayed active on these boards (joining challenges, 100% check in threads, fitness threads, etc.), kept my net intake under 2000 calories & got down to 165 at my leanest..

Been hovering around 170-175 for a couple years now, with a cheat meal here & there. Biggest impact of this experience has been EXERCISE. I'm a gym rat now; in the gym 5-6 times a week & do some form of exercise every day...

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Meegwell, I've been on Nutrisystem for 10 days now and was thinking the same thing. Is it the food that's doing the trick, or can I just eat small meals and all the vegetables on my own and get the same result (lost 7.8 lbs since starting last week). For me, it's the discipline and color coding of the program that seems to be doing the trick. I've also done the fewer calories in, more time at the gym in the past, to success. But these days, I seem to need the structure of 5 small meals a day more than ever. Good luck!..

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Im certain that individuals can lose weight by eating healthy small meals several times a day. They don't plan for you to be on Nutrisystem forever after all, gotta go back to a normal plan some day. What I like about Nutrisystem is the convenience of the foods. At 400 lbs I obviously wasn't running around scouring Nutrition labels. While on Nutrisystem foods you get exposed to what a healthy portion size should look like, learn the types of foods you should be eating. If you learn those lessons and keep an eye on your intake it's a recipe for success, Nutrisystem just made it really easy to do...

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Sure, you could do it on your own..

Have you?.

I am guessing you haven't or you wouldn't be here..

The strategy is simple...Burn more calories then you consume. People ask me how I lost my weight. I always say the old fashion way...Diet and exercise..

NS makes the diet part easier. I don't plan to use Nutrisystem foods the rest of my life, but I have found I need the discipline that Nutrisystem provides..

Not everyday and not forever, but it is great to know it is there when you need it..

I lost 94 lbs using NS, went on maintenance for 15 months (staying at that weight), recently gained a few pounds and now back on Nutrisystem to get myself in line with the plan. Nice to have the ability to get back on as needed!.

You can do it on your own, but most people don't..


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Portion sizes are important. But as Mr_Bungle stated, finding grocery foods that are equivalent/comparable to Nutrisystem is the key. The "magic" in the foods is that they are low GI and high in fiber and protein. So many people only count calories, but not all calories are created equal. For example, I could easily eat 3 large bowls of Corn Flakes, Cheerios or Rice Krispies at least 6 servings if not more and then be hungry within an hour. Now I eat 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean and I am satisfied and don't get hungry.

Comparable things exist in the real world, it just takes a lot of discipline, label reading and patience to figure it out. Quite a few people have lost weight doing Nutrisystem with their own food. Many people don't take the time to learn the program and how to eat healthy for life. They eat out of small boxes for a few months, reach goal and then go back to their old ways of hitting the fast food drive thru, scarfing down wings and pizza, etc. and then they are back again. The people who are successful learn the program and take those lessons with them when they reach goal and go onto maintenance...

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Hey Clark - you might of missed some paragraphs of my post!.

Best of luck,.


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You pretty much have it right, Meeg. If you're dligent enough, disciplined enough, and willing to put in the work, you can do Nutrisystem compliant foods yourself..

I'm non of the above..

Thank God for NS!!.


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There is nothing magic in the food and no reason that your body can't get diet down, with small portions of entree and large portions of veggies (KEY, this last one)..

I just see it like a tool. You can do your own taxes, but if they are really snarled up and you are having a hard time getting the gumption to unsnarl them and you go get a tax prepaper, you're just using a tool to accomplish the mission..

For me, I spent years being fat. Was very hesitatant to sign up for a "sell". but then I figured WTF. My health is worth giving something a shot. And it was a good structure to get the thing done. It worked for me..

Plus since I stopped eating out or drinking, the money was even a wash..

One tactical thing I like is the "too saucey entrees" when combined with my ginormous veggie portions. Really make for high bulk palatable food. Great evening satiation...

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I agree the protein is the difference in the Nutrisystem foods. I'm often amazed at how much can be packed into each meal item..

I just finished week 4, have lost 13.5 lbs, eating more vegetables and fruit than ever before in my life, full of energy and never hungry. I love it all! Convenience, selection, and results!..

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Hmmm. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that Nutrisystem uses an appetite suppressant they called "Nutrisol" which Nutrisystem says is "soluble fibers from oats, fruits and whole grains and fiber that make you feel full" and now "Omegasol" which Nutrisystem says is "a unique blend of heart-healthy soluble fibers and omega-3 fatty acids that help create a feeling of fullness and promote heart health"...

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There's nothing particularly special about the food, you can most likely find comparable entree's at your local supercenter or atleast I'm hoping to once I complete a few months of Nutrisystem. For me personally, Nutrisystem has been worth every penny. It has given me accountability and the education I need to get back on track. The convenience is a huge plus as well. Most people could do the same thing without the program but as it has already been pointed out...most won't...and there lies a big part of the program's value...

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Completely agree with the above - I like having most entries over about 2 cups of broccoli. I've never had so many veggies..


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