Does anyone know how to move the ads from Godaddy (free hosting) from the top to the side? Thanks?

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I got a quick question: Does anyone know how to move the ads from Godaddy (free hosting) from the top to the side? Thanks?.

I also got another question: I am only referring to the multi worded, seemingly forced names....not the single word generics or the obviously golden multi word combos.

I see all sorts of people buying 2, 3 and 4 worded dot coms in relation to solar energy, thermal energy, green energy, fusion energy, green energy etc etc....all based on speculation, with lots of " it's going to be huge " comments thrown in.

Here's my point....

Electricity is used the world over...yet, or or doesn't make any hydro companies do not need google to sell electricity....or advertise for them.

There are a small and limited number of electricity resellers....same as natural gas.....but back to electricity, everyone uses electricty....and multi worded electrical names for an energy sector businesses web presence, is simply not required....

Same thing for gasoline....natural gas, oil, fire

Why would this be any different for ethanol, or solar energy, or wind power, or fusion etc.....these companies do not need type in traffic and will be so big and all consuming, that they will not need to use addwords to drum up business.

Anyone agree with me? Are people throwing their money away by buying multi worded brandable domains that contain various energy terms....I think yes, based upon today's energy sector not needing oddly named, lengthy .com's that contain the actual energy sector they are involved with.

Shell, Iogen, Enbridge, Enron, Ultramar, Mohawk, Esso, Husky, Archer Daniels Midland,admworld etc.....

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Your question was: Does anyone know how to move the ads from Godaddy (free hosting) from the top to the side? Thanks?.

I don't think they'll be worth anything... How could they be? Well, some 2 word domains might... but it's not like just anyone can start up a business selling energy. So I don't think silly domains like 'solarenergybuy' (which sadly is registered) will ever be worth anything...

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Some years ago you might have said that names wouldnt be worth anything. ANd you would be wrong..

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It depends on what you're using the HostGator for. I'm all over the internet searching for articles relating to alternate energy, global warming, green products, green ideas, etc. so if you want to buy '' and it has articles I'm looking for than sure it's great but if you're buying them to park them and hope an electric company buys it from you it may not be the best investment, atleast not for the next fiscal year I don't believe...

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That may be the case. But in 5 years from now when you can reg what you can now, it will be worth good money...

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Interesting question..

The traditional energy companies are monopolized by few big guys. However it is possible that the solar companies will be thousands more small companies. So there is a chance.

The solar or green would fly...

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Well if we do ever convert to non gas powered energy then their will be plenty new names for the energy world...

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Consider conservation names. or, maybe dieselfuelconservation.

Conservation is the only immediate action which can be taken to lower energy prices.

Wait until oil is $150 a barrel in us.

Send a PM if interested...

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Alright, let me try to clarify this for everyone and myself.. As I read the original post, it is talking about business names. Now there is going to be NO demand for silly random names in that field. Why?.

To me it's pretty simple... There are loads of solar installation companies out there already, and there will be many more down the road, but since solar installation is the only aspect of that field the average person can get into, and solar installation is done locally... the domains would be something like (City name) or (Business name) or (Last name) That is, if the installer even has a website, if it's going mainstream like gas is... I've never seen a privately run gas station with it's own website, have you?.

And as far as manufacturing alternate sources of energy, this is where common sense comes in... I don't really see people manufacturing solar panels, ethanol, windmills, and especially any fusion reactions in their basements. Think about it, this is not as easy as setting up a porn site, it's not going to be an average Joe/Jane thing on that end.

As far as informative sites, that's a different story.. but there are endless variety of those available, however I didn't see mention of that in the question asked...

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Energy providers may not be a good target for HostGator investors (not convinced with your argument though), but those installing or reselling solar panels and other energy-related commodities certainly are...

Comment #9

You must find something that is USABLE as a website..

Comment #10

Is everyone missing this part or something? The entire focus of tpruby's post was the silly, forced, random, horrible HostGator names... It's alternative energy, why would it be any different than any other business? It's either good or it's bad, and bad names are bad no matter what their target is.

Where is the demand for horrible HostGator names? Have they ever been worth a dime?..

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Agreed. Can t see the difference either. Alternative energies will grow as well as awareness of people looking for infos. Solar energy, eolic power, alternative traction combustibiles such as biodiesel, ethanol (and even hidrogen) are part of the future source of energies. Oil companies are currently investing in them. So they are certainly an important field to esplore for domainers.....

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Also agree. I think speculative names (like might have been 10 years ago) are worth the risk, but stuff like is stretching it a little far....

Comment #13

Exactly. No matter what your buying on speculation so you really cant go wrong...

Comment #14

I can't remember if it was here or not, however I distinctly remember reading an appraisal thread about the owner of asking for appraisals a long, long time ago (I think it was '04 or '05). Anyway, most people had no clue what he was talking about and nobody was saying things like "OMG dude you're so lucky" like they would no doubt be saying today... A name like that today is an easy 6 figures maybe even 7 in the not too distant future just another reason why there'll always be money to be made (and people investing) in the latest technology/trends/fads/etc...

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My energy names are all related to the huge financial instruments trading markets that have arisen around the whole alternative energy/ GHG emissions reduction protocols.

I have gotten qualified mid $x,xxx offers for each of these names:.

...but note these are very specialized names that deal directly with markets currently worth $40,000,000,000 and estimated to be worth over $100,000,000,000 by 2010 and over a $Trillion by 2015-2020...

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I think there is not much money out there in this area.

In loan, mortgage, refinance areas, there are so many small firms demand good names because there are money there to be made using a good HostGator is only small.

Portion of the advertising budget...

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