Does anyone know how to make HTML layouts usable on Godaddy?

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My first question is: Does anyone know how to make HTML layouts usable on Godaddy?.

My next question is: Here is a list of the top 10 dotasia auctions. $79,888. $53,607. $22,500. $21,500. $20,501. $19,388. $17,100. $15,500. $15,500. $13,500.

Are domainers fueling the dotasia auctions?.

The more a domainer pays for a keyword dotasia, the less the potential profit margin when attempting to flip the domain..

Or do you think there are actual end users participating?.

Looks like all of the top dotasia auctions are english keywords.. hmm....

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Your question was: Does anyone know how to make HTML layouts usable on Godaddy?.

I think you have a combination of things going on.

You have domainers buying on spec,.

You have defensive reggs,.

You have companies buying both for end use and probably some defensive reasons as well.

The particular names you listed are not the only example, I know quite a few companies had put in bids for .asia names, I remember seeing a list somewhere...

Comment #1

Its entirely reseller driven. Do you think .asia advertised to people in .asia - or HostGator buyers in general?..

Comment #2

There are a substantial number of companies buying to protect their identity and market brand. While they may not promiminently display their new acquisition in their specific country, they may well use the .asia extension in print advertising elsewhere in the world and have it route into their present site.

Have never been in the HostGator business but this is precisely why I bought in and have sold to end users here in NYC (

Also, buying a name to " retire " it is a strategy.

This is not a sales pitch for a HostGator ,as I already have it heading to Paris, but I have a HostGator

To whom would this have value? Well, the largest gold exchange in the world is in Thailand.

Would this HostGator make them bigger? Absolutley, not.

Is it a better HostGator than the that they presently use? Perhaps..

Is this a HostGator in someone else's hands that possible gives an impression that they are a larger exchange because of the .asia extension as opposed to Maybe.

But that will be up to that exchange and others in the gold business to determine.

It is my unsubstantiated take that the majority of .asia business domains will not be sold in Asia but to companies wanting to establish a company in Asia or the sub-continent of India.


Comment #3

With the high prices that keywords are going for, the resellers had better have a solid game plan in regard to flipping (profiting from) their domains.. a lot of money is being spent of pure speculation on this point..

Comment #4

.....I would say domainers are fueling all the auctions !.


Comment #5

Of course, all these new tlds are spec driven..

Comment #6

I am referring to reseller spec. driven which is pretty crazy considering the high prizes keyword dotasia's are going for.

Atleast with dotmobi, my brother puchased a handful for $500 to $1,000 a pop and then flipped them for 10 times or more what he paid for.

With dotasia, I would love to see the keywords going for xx,xxx be flipped for the same return on investment.

It just isn't going to happen.. again, they had better have a solid game plan for making some sort of profit..

Comment #7

I still remember the 6-figure amounts poured into mobi domains.

You really must have a very sound business plan because you don't make that kind of money back overnight.

Prices are already too high to make flipping possible IMO..

Comment #8

I disagree. C'mon, domainers (in general) dont spend that much on speculative purchases - maybe I'm wrong, but I reckon x,xxx starts to get towards the limit of domainers on a speculative extn - once again, I am generalising. Domainers look for bargains. Those are end-user prices IMHO..

Comment #9

I keep getting sales spam from some company saying unnamed company X is going to register the .asia version of my company's HostGator ( s ) , unless I contact them immediately to pick up.

It smacks of spamminess and desperation, IMO...

Comment #10

Yes I don't think domainers are fueling the big sales as scriptfordali said, most domainers would be over and out after a few hundred.

If not, where are these domainers? They certainly aren't posting on here. And all the famous industry leaders (who have the budgets for a lazy, speculative $XX,XXX .Asia purchase) seem to concentrate on com and tend to talk down the new extensions.

That leaves end users.

However I do think domainers have a big influence in the mid-lower end of this current auction process...

Comment #11

I think it is mixed with endusers plus resellers.

Some end users will invest in domains to redirect to their companies. Like , the buyer might be porn businessman or businesswoman. I think dotasia will send out some messages to the big companies to be aware of dotasia domains esp for sunrise period and those companies may just want to grab generic domains before their rival companies got them.

I think mixed results so far and high priced ones are from end users...

Comment #12

Here is some food for thought.. I was watching the scrolling ending and ended auctions on and several of the english keyword dot asia's are available in the .jp (japan) extension.

Isn't that scary for those investing thousands in english dot asia domains....

Comment #13

Here's something to think about. The '' sale has fallen through which is beginning to look like a common occurrence for larger .com sales. SCAREY!!! End of .coms AHHHH!.

We can over-analyze anything and come to the conclusion we're after...

Comment #14

My point is this.. if the .jp version is available (granted it is just one of the many countries of asia), why in the world would a domainer pay hundreds, in some cases thousands for the dot asia version.. what is their game plan?..

Comment #15

It is because .jp will mostly apply to Japan whereas .asia is more global including most poplulated countries China and India.

There aren't not many .jp sales so far. only sold for $9 and you can see demands for .jp domains...

Comment #16

Perhaps it has evolved that english will be the international language of trade whilst each country conducts business in their native tongue when dealing within their boundaries..

If a japanese firm wanted to sell internationally within asia, they would adopt a .asia site and have it's HostGator name and products listed in english (as well as options within the site for other major languages if required)..

If they are focusing on their domestic market then their is no need to have the english HostGator and their site would be strictly in japanese...

Comment #17

That is one valid point. One possible reason is that speculators are looking at the new extensions like they are the next gold rush and they overlook the opportunities left in existing TLDs..

What's more, .jp is an established and proven extension while the viability of .asia has yet to be seen..

Also, too many domainers are sheep following the sheep (assuming the top bids are from domainers)..

Comment #18

We had better not hear any weeping down the road from dot asia english keyword domainers who spent thousands participating in these auctions.. be smart with your investment capital my friends and don't get caught up in the excitement of the next extension just because past extensions (dot mobi) have performed well in the secondary market..

Comment #19

The vast majority of .asia names sold so far have been for reg fee, up to say, $350, in the auctions....That'd be mostly the domainers, I reckon.....And, at that price, the risk is not that great for them...

I guess most of the sunrise domains went to end users.....And, there were a fair number of those sold/allocated...

The big auction sales, like, at $83,000, or so, has to be an end user, you'd think - probably already established in the Adult business.

The $x,xxx, and very low $xx,xxx range of sales at auction (usually for pretty good keywords) is hard to pick, isn't it? ...I suppose a mix of end user & deeper pocker domainers.....

Comment #20

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