Does anyone know how the new Nutrisystem points work? Can you tell me?

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Got a quick question: Does anyone know how the new Nutrisystem points work? Can you tell me? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... For the most part I really like the Nutrisystem food. But outside black beans and rice (luv) the powder foods taste nasty. I just had three cheese pasta and chicken. I just stuffed it down.

It was dreadful..

Anyone else have this problem. Everything else is okay. I am making sure I don't order those foods any more..

Down 19 pounds.


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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Congrats on the weight loss!!.

I've never had the lunches you mentioned but did you check Lynns blog? Lots of great ideas on what to do with some of the Nutrisystem entrees...

Comment #2

I love the three cheese pasta with chicken and order 5 or 6 every month. it's really good mixed with broccoli and a little hot sauce..

I also generally order 5 or so split pea soup and the mashed potatoes...

Comment #3

Good evening everybody! It's funny that you should mention the mac and cheese, that's what I had for dinner tonight and I will tell you what I did. I made it the normal way, then I sauteed some chopped peppers and tomatoes in cooking spray with chili powder, garlic salt and pepper. I added the mac and cheese to that and cooked it together for a minute or two, adding a little hot sauce and more chili powder (I like spicy stuff), I removed it from the heat and added some fat free sour was sooooo good!!! I like the mac and cheese plain too, but it was really, really good this way!! I hope everyone has a great night!! Take care, Sheila..

Comment #4

For any of the powdered style entrees, be sure to use BOILING water, and only fill it to the line inside the container (it's a VERY faint line on the inside...get it in good light and wipe off the powder to see it). Then SEAL the top of the container with something heavy (I use a coffee pot) and let it sit longer than the instructions say (about 10 minutes). Then, microwave it for 30 seconds before you serve it. Like Markiesgirl said, be creative. It really is very good. I pour the mac and cheese over a large bowl of steamed veggies...yummy!.

Be well...

Comment #5

I also find it needs salt and pepper. I rarely add salt to anything, but the mac and cheese needed it. Pam is really right on with the seal it and let it sit longer than directions call for. Makes a big difference. I pour it over broccoli and a few onions, and it's pretty good! Plate it (DONT eat it out of the container. You'll be surprised that presentation matters...

Comment #6

I don't eat any of the food out of the containers. To me presentation definitely makes a difference...

Comment #7

Thank you one and all for such great recipe ideas. I try to grab the ones I like and try them out, and they are great.

I find the people here on Nutrisystem are the most caring and giving people who really care about each other's success...

Comment #8

Thank You for all the great tips.... I will try them because I have several left.....

Comment #9

Have you tried the cheesy broccoli soup? It tastes like the real thing! So Good!.

And the Alfredo too! Both r lunch items..

Comment #10

I' don't mind the mac & cheese, it's the eggs I can't stand. I've tried eating them every way I can think of and they just taste really bad in every way..

When I eat the mac & cheese, I will put it in a bowl and add my veggies to it. I think that helps and I think it makes it more filling...

Comment #11

Can't stand black beans, and.

I just had the 3 cheese pasta and liked it LOL! Isn't it funny how everyone's taste buds are different?.

I do sort of agree on the mac and cheese - not dreadful, but not like homemade!..

Comment #12

I had the mac and cheese tonight and it was awful. I wonder if they changed something because I think it used to taste better?? Anyway, this had a really funky unusual taste. So far I have liked almost all of the Nutrisystem foods and I had reordered the mac and cheese because I liked it before...

Comment #13

I used to just put the paper lid back on and put a spoon or fork on top to hold it down. Now I use HOT HOT HOT water (at home boiling from the tea kettle, at work from the hot tap) and plastic wrap over the top. You really do have to let them sit too...

Comment #14

I know they changed the mac and cheese. I use to love it as is but now it really tasts different..

I love the cream of broccoli soup and three cheese pasta and chicken...

Comment #15

I found the powdered lunches and dinners to be dreadful. The only thing that I found that was able to semi-salvage them was to put the water in the containers - let them sit for a half hour (stirring occasionally). I then transferred them to a skillet and put them on the stove..

After cooking them - I put them in tupperware - when they were ready to be eaten - I heated them briefly in the microwave..

I disliked the powdered lunches / dinners so much - I went on a quest to find out how things were packaged and made sure not to order them on my second order..

See attachment..


Comment #16

I am somewhat (well, a lot) disappointed in the wide variety of quality. I actually had to throw the tuna casserole away. It looked like vomit and tasted horrible. It's pretty unusual for me to unable to eat something (which is probably why I'm here). It truly is a disgrace. And I use things like Lean Cuisine, Progresso Soups, etc.

There is absolutely no reason for the food to be of any less quality than these examples. That said, the ravioli, meatloaf, pot roast - all fine and certainly edible..

I dislike the powdered soups and the tuna lunch vomit I will toss without opening. The eggs are fine (but take some skill in cooking them), most of the bars I've had so far are good. So, it's sort of all over the map..

What I do is each evening, as I finish my food for the day, I log into Nutrisystem and modify my next auto delivery to remove stuff that is horrible and add stuff that is palatable..

At this point, I'm committed to 2 months. If my 2nd order does not reflect my order (as some have commented on), I'll drop the program and make up my own (energy bars, bake my own muffins, cereal, lean cuisine, etc.)..

The whole point right now is to remove any choice. I pull it out of the box and eat it - I don't think about it..

It's definitely working - I'm down 7 pounds. It's just more punishment that I expected...

Comment #17

If I have time, I also cook them stovetop. I add the same amount of water only in a saucepan. Then I add the mac and cheese. After that I simmer it for about 10 minutes. Less watery and very tasty!..

Comment #18

I used to love the mac and cheese but have been off Nutrisystem for awhile because I reached my goal. I got back on this month becaue I gained some extra weight on vacation. Ordered the mac and cheese and am just horrified. It totally has a strong harsh taste of something (?). It says newly improved or something but everytime they do that they ruin it. Very disappointing..

Comment #19

As already said - make sure the water is BOILING - make sure to stir it well - don't add water above the line - cover it really well - and let it set longer than stated in the directions - nuke it a little bit -.

Then get really creative with the additions & serving - add whatever veggies, spices, etc (NS approved, of course) you can think of - put in on a nice plate or pasta bowl - and it is wonderful !.

My fav additions - mushrooms, broccoli, canned artichoke heart, Rotel tomatoes , FF weiners, etc - not all at once - just whatever veggies/protein you can add for the day and in whatever flavors/combinations you desire -.

The pasta dishes are great when they get ''dressed up'' !..

Comment #20

Or see my Mexican Macaroni recipe on the recipe pages!..

Comment #21

I LOVE THE MAC AND CHEESE it is awesome to me that I can be on a diet and lose weight and eat mac and cheese!!!!..

Comment #22

Okay, I treid my 3rd Mac and Chz tonight following the HOT, HOT, HOT water suggestion and then letting it sit for 10 minutes with the top completely covered. Heated a bag of frozen veggies and waited... As soon as I opened the Mac and Cheese it IMMEDIATELY looked different... almost like Mac and Chz instead of noodles and water. Then I poured it over the veggies...and it was tasty! So, thanks for the suggestions. Found another food to add back into my food choices... I had written it off!..

Comment #23

Amen!!! My favorite I order about 20 of these a month...

Comment #24

I don't like Mac and cheese, it tastes bitter!..

Comment #25

So I've never liked/eaten mac and cheese - not even as a kid (don't hold it against me) but I was curious after all the buzz about it and ordered one with my last shipment and you know what? I love it! LOL I didn't even doctor it up or anything. Ha!.

Have a good one,.

Jen from Minnesota..

Comment #26

I just think so many of the lunch things are salty. The mac and cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, any of the pasta and cheese things. How can I get rid of that super salty taste?..

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