Does anyone know how much food is at Nutrisystem?

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My 1st question is: Does anyone know how much food is at Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Being born in Miami Beach in 1963, I am A Dan Marino Fan, but a really big one at 450lbs..

I posted over in the Newbie section and was told to come over here, well here I am. Let me paste my previous posts here and see what happens,ok..

[b]Post 1 Desperate and Scared[B/}.

MY Spacebar is sticky and doesn't function too well,forgive me.

It has been awhile since I decided to try this and would you believe I have made no money since then,kinda sad too..

I make a committment to this and was going to order a month, special order to help with my weird no veggies selections, like no onions, broccoli, spinach,etc.., basically corn , peas, most beans except green beans,and tater's, so any advice on how to make a monthly request that would fit that my taste's??.

Please as someday I will make money again,heck only 400a month not bad at all, really..

Still not getting out of my truck to walk though and when I do to walk inside, I get winded easy and it scares me,why am I wimp,I used not be??.

Can I do this and still drive mytruck,even thou now I am not making money someday soon I will again,God I hope so,if not ,then oh well.... anyone got ajob for a 450lb out of work trucker, could sell my truck for a few grand2-3 maybe,probally not,I am that desperate thou,I am getting real scared about this weight,honestly..

Patrick Kane.

360-915-3445 gotta trust some peoplesome time,right.

Please call me and help boost my moral,I could use the help,please,I got no one else,and it sucks being alone in this struggle,for me it spells disaster..

If posting my number breaks the rules sorry,did not mean to break rules, honest, just wanted help.

Post 2.

Maybe I could talk with your Brother-In-Law , and see if he has any tips for me, and I believe that maybe I am in the right place, thou all previous diet attempts have failed ,heck even the no soda's and chips, and get out and walk a little bit mini diet failed miserably, but I refuse to quit, thou I fail time and time again, so far, but without family and friends willing to support you, I have had a hard time, very hard time, but give up no way...I must have success with my weight loss, I must..

They tell me just drink water, no soda and get out and walk a little each day, would show great results for the 1st, 2-3 weeks, and give me more energy to continue, but I never it that far yet, and I always considered that like my pre-season and I failed it , but let me try again, and again till I get it right, how hardis it, to drink water and walk a little bit each day, for me much harder than it was to quit smoking , amazing, but true, why is this..

See maybe cause I wobble instead of walk, my feet hurt when I walk, I can only afford 9.99 shoes from wal-mart, (rememebr 7 weeks without any paycheck), tough times have befallen me, but I refuse to give up, and with Gods help I feel I can overcome this, as Just last week I decided to pray for help in losing my weight, why I waited so long to do so is mystery to me , but now Ihave Gods help and hopefully he'll guide me thru this and give me the strength and support and discipline needed to succeed..

Boy I can ramble on and on here can't I, sorry , but getting all that off my chest felt good, thanks.


Well that should be enough for a start, I got over 200lbs to lose and so far every attempt has failed , but give up, heck no, so lets get this togehter, in the mean time I will drive this truck and do the best I can with what I have to deal with, what else can I do..

Man up I was told come here, so I am here.

Patrick Kane..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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Welcome Patrick. Like Yellerdog said, the plan works if you stick to it. I'm living proof. Down 100lbs in 10 months and maintaining since June 28th..

Drink all the water and more, eat all the food (plan and add in) but don't stray. Read and live the guide at least for the first month or two till you find what works for you. Don't forget that with 100lbs to lose, you get an extra carb serving in there..

Good luck, post often and be HONEST with yourself and us to get the most out of it. We've all been are are where you are so man up and lose lots!..

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Welcome Aboard..

This truely is a.

Great Program.

, but as you've been told....

You have to follow the plan..

I can tell one thing I know and that's people. Generally it takes a traumatic event to get most of us to change our ways. Being scared is just your.

First step.

This is YOU identifying the problem. Next you need to find a solution. At.

450 lbs, NS.

Should be a huge part of your solution. But it will not work if you do not start..

Another part of your plan should also include a visit with your.

Primary Care Provider..

If I were a betting man, I would guess it has been a while since you had a physical. Get an exam and make sure there are no underlying health issues. Once you are cleared ... start the program. One meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time. You didn't reach.

450 lbs.

Overnight... You won't lose it overnight. But you do have to start and you do have to stick with it..


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Welcome to your new family. I mean that sincerely. You now have all the support and help you will ever need to lose weight..

Time to do your part though. As far as I can tell you haven't ordered Nutrisystem yet. Why not?.

If you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY cant afford it, let me know and I have a solution..

Now give me 5 laps around your truck and when you get back answer my question...

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I feel for you, man. I do. But you're not going to succeed on this or any other real, sustainable weightloss plan unless you're willing to grow up, be an adult, and eat your veggies. You don't have to like ALL the possible options, but you need to be willing to suck it up and try them..

I used to hate broccoli. I eat it almost daily now...

Comment #5


I think everyone has pointed out the major items that I would speak to other then to say you need to think of this as a life style change and not a diet..

The first thing I would recommend is that you need to understand that vegies and fruits are in your future. If you can't/won't do that, I wouldn't even start with Nutrisystem (or most other weight loss plans)..

We are here to support you, but you will need to be fully following the program to get the benefits and the support!.

Best of luck,.


Comment #6

Yes Sir.

I do not have a Doctor, nor insurance either, no one insures 400lb people without charging over 2000.00 premiums a month and then not covering anything on top of it, but that is not the issue here..

I have sleep apnea,and got a CPAP in my truck,thanks to a study being done by Roadside Medical Clinic's which provided to me free sleep studies and a free CPAP machine, otherwise I would still be having sleep apnea and no way what-so-ever of ever, and I mean ever getting a study done, which costs about 3500 to have done at a sleep center, and then the machine is also about 2500-3500 dollars too, and for someone who has made no money for the last 7 weeks , but yet worked each day and put in over 2000 or more miles each week during that time( 7weeks), which is why right now I must wait to start the program , and believe me 300 or so for a month is really reasonable, but if you do not have it , THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE IT, but not because I am not working for it, I'm busting my azz trying, and for me a truck driver, not a pro football player, most college educated, they do not know how hard it is out here right now and for me to quit and go where, think Fox or ESPN needs a truck driver I am qualified, but until things turn around , and who knows when that will be, I do not know when I will ever be able to buy a months worth of food , heck I quit smoking, where did that money go, wish I knew, but it is so ffffing sad that I can not get together 350 or so for 1 month of food, not only will this save me money, but will also help me to lose weight , why wouldn't I want this..

So all the rambling to say as soon as I make some money I will buy a months worth of food and begin the journey to losing 200+lbs, and I thin k here is where I can begin that journey and maybe finish it too, no BS , no lies, and no more excuses, only the truth , rather I cheated or not , and if so, then pick up and start again, should be a pice of cake,no? Well no of course not it will be hard ,but with support and help I feel I can do this and we all know I want and need to also, right?.


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I gotta say that I agree with everyone else. You're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you will have to eat much differently than you did in the past. Fruits and green vegetables are a big part of this program. Either learn to eat them or, as others have said, don't waste your time or money..

I will give you some hope though. Once you've made the very long sacrafice and lost all the weight that you need to lose, you can eat an off plan meal about once a month. That is if you keep up your exercise and eat right the rest of the time..

This is all about making the decision that you don't won't to live with all the problems that come along with obesity. At 450, you are morbidly obese and I'm sure that you have some pretty serious health problems. I will guarantee you that if you'll lose the weight, many if not all of those problems will go away along with any medications that you are taking right now. That's what happened to me..

Good luck and I hope you make the decision to choose life over bad eating..

Patrick, I was writing this as you were posting the above. I also used to use a CPAP. I ditched it along with the extra weight...

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Well, if you weigh 450 pounds and climbing you're eating something, right? Learn how to make the proper food choices from the selections that you can make. That will go a long way. I realize that the Nutrisystem structure is a huge part of the process - it certainly was for me, but it's not the only answer..

BTW - if you're working (driving every day), why aren't you getting paid?..

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Try thinking of food as fuel. You know how bad your rig runs when you get some bad fuel..just imagine using that same bad fuel daily...If anyone told me I would be eating raw Broccoli and other veggies and liking it after 4 months I would have told them they are crazy! Now I don't feel "right" with out them..

As far as the apnea...mine went away with the first big chunks of weight, My knees hurt and had very little energy...After a week most of those issues were goneforever..

I understand how times are tough..but do the math, you will not spend more than you normally do on NS...It is just that it is in one big chunk. Also QVC has some great deals and cheaper ways to go on payments, so check them out..

Start with Water, Salads, smaller portions, and start walkingno matter how short the effortit is still will eat less when you are active also..

This is a total life style changeGOOD LUCK..

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I sent you a PM. To read it click on User Preferences that is towards the top left side of this page, and then click on List Messages...

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Dick I am working and driving, but as an Owner Operator, one with only 1546.00 left to pay off this truck, and then I most likely will sell it for a quick 3-5k, because that is all it wiil fetch now-a-days, yet just 1 1/2 yrs ago it would have sold quickly for about 15-18k, big difference..

But being an Owner Operator has it's down falls especially now that the trucking industry is falling apart and rates have fallen dramatically. I may need to switch jobs and plan to ,but after 36 months of paying for my truck I will not leave with just 1500 left, even it is a stupid thing to do, and working for free for 7 weeks is stupid I agree, but I am truck driver , not an educated man with other options, I wish I had other options, but I am what I am, which right now is man working for nothing, praying it will change soon enough before I must walk away. Now this still may not explain things well enough for you, if not PM me, but I am trying to stay loyal and hope things turn around, as I know nothing else, do you have any ideas or suggestions?.

Now back to the system and plan of NS, I really think I can follow the plan as I am motivated enough now to do so, when you get so fat that you can't put your socks on or wipe yourself you need to change, well I need to change and change now, that is my motivation..

I am sorry I am broke and have a job that right now isn't paying me, thou they do give me advances to eat on and such, (ya know bisket and gravy is cheap stuff), not much but just enough to survive on..

You want honesty well there it is, and as far as eating my veggies, I will try some , and other I won't, like raw onions and spinach and stuff, no way, man or not, but I will try new things once or twice if it means success, but not raw onions, okay, we understand that part, otherwise the menu of items seems very doable as they say, I really feel once started I will succeed here, and that to me is the truth, even if I fall off the wagon, then I get right back on, no quit this time, only success..

Hope that answers the question , boy I can'tget no more honest than that.


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Patrick, Nutrisystem is a great program. It is the only diet program that has worked for me and boy has it worked. I happen to have quite a bit of food left over. If you would like I could send you a week of food to get you started. Just send me your address. BTW, I run a business and I have been seeing trucking demand starting to rise (slightly).

Best of luck. JT..

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Well, that certainly is a strange dilemma you find yourself in. Now the question I have is, "Why sell the truck at such a huge loss once it's paid off?" Couldn't you start making money at that point? If that's what you know I don't think I'd be in a big hurry to abandon that. Certainly none of these decisions is easy but take your time to make a carefully thought out plan that works for you...

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Welcome Patrick,.

Like you I did not eat veggies before I started this diet, and like you I was also over 400 lbs (I was likely around 430 before I bought a scale capable of handling my weight). I can tell you that following the plan absolutely does work, since February 27th I've dropped 106 pounds from 407 to 301. I've only managed this by strictly following the dietary plan. I used to hate green veggies. I thought salad is what your dinner eats, I hated brocolli, sugar snap peas, Squash was just something bored women painted for fun. About the only green veggie I ate was canned green beans (Yeah I didn't even like fresh green beans) and for the first two months the only veggie I ate was canned green beans.

Ive found I actually like all those veggies I avoided in the past, no so much for their taste but because of the results I've gotten. They're now just food to me, not good or bad. As for exercise you can have success on this diet without exercising. The entire first 3 months on Nutrisystem I could likely count the number of times I went for walk on one hand and I still lost a huge amount of weight. Eventually I started noticing I had more energy and I wanted to give exercise a try.

Its something Ive come to look forward to. I just ordered some dumb bells and I'm going back to lifting weights since I'm finally starting to see my body emerge from all the flab I was carrying. I haven't lifted since I was high school but now it's something I just want to do!.

When I first started I thought I was making a lot of sacrifices giving up all the foods I loved, and my free time for exercise... but Ive found it's really not much of a sacrifice at all. Maybe you'll find yourself experiencing a lot of the changes I have. I wish you the best of luck...

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Pat: You are getting a lot of heartfelt advice here. I hope you buckle down and get serious about getting thin. It will be so good for you...

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I'm new here - only been 13 days - but I can say so far Nutrisystem works. It is a lifestyle change and it certainly changed mine. The advice from the guys that have been around a while holds true. Take baby steps - one step at a time. Keep a journal of what you eat/exercise/weigh - you will see progress. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen..

You have a choice. Fix it. Start slow, see progress over time..

Keep us posted. I'm going to be blunt only because I've been in this situation. Maybe more job opportunities will even suddenly emerge once you show to the bosses you can take care of yourself. Then you must be able to take care of a truck load of valuable merchandise....if you can't take care of yourself...hmmmm.


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I've got a few more things to add. I believe a large part of the obesity problem is that people believe that eating equals pleasure. Food is not some kind of reward system. As Cosmo said, food is fuel for your body. Nothing else. It's not meant to cure the blues, make you feel better because your team lost or lift your spirits when you're down, but that's what many people use it for..

It's a lot like alcohol. You might feel better in the short term but in the long run you will die a slow death from overeating the same as you will from over-drinking..

Separate food from your emotions and eat what is good for you. I can attest that, although Nutrisystem makes losing weight easy, it's not the only way to lose weight. Eating fruits and green vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and controlling your portions will produce results. All of this can be accomplished for less per day than eating three fast food meals. If you don't know what proper portions are, look it up on the internet or ask us. We are more than willing to help...

Comment #18

Thanks guys.

I will most likely get bored with V8 and such and try new veggies..

And for portion control I do need help there..

Like in the store they have single size serving of fruit , peaches , pears , pineapples, fruit cocktail, are these okay?.

If not then small, but how small apple juice , pineapple juice etc.., even brands names that pokay,please.

Yogurt too sizes and type, FatFree, yes, but then what type,please?.

Possible temporary veggie substitiutes to begin with, V8's what size, tomato juice also, what else maybe, carrots good , man or not,spinach, brocoli , cabbage,greens, anything like that has tatsted terrible for over 46 yrs now.

That is a longtime ,can I change ,yes will try yes,but small steps here okay, like Mike did, boredom got the best of him, and maybe me too..


Comment #19

V-8 is good but try to use the low-sodium variety. The salt does you no good..

If you are a heavy salt user, try the salt subs like Morton's No Salt..

Fresh fruit = good Canned fruit = bad. The canned/packaged varieties have a lot of added sugar. Stay away from them. An apple or a pear will fill you up more & be much better for you than a cup of fruit cocktail..

Canned fruit juice - think flavored sugar. All of the sugar, none of the fiber and other nutritional benefits..

Yogurt is good but look for the low/no fat with less than 100 calories per serving. Walmart GV brand has some pretty good ones for 80/serving. Yoplait Lite Thick & Creamy is good at 100/serving..

If you are not familiar with the glycemic index, get familiar. Pick veggies with the lower index number. Try them different ways. Stay away from the starches. Try grilling your veggies or roasting in the oven. They have a whole different flavor when done this way..

Bagged salads are a life saver. Have your dressing on the side and just dip your fork in it before spearing your salad. It's amazing how little it takes to add the flavor. Iceberg lettuce is boring. Try different salad greens & veggies..

Switch to 35/45 cal/slice bread. Lean turkey or roast beef. Grilled chicken. You get the picture..

Portion control is a big problem for all of us. It ain't easy but it can be done. That's why it's important to get on the plan as soon as you possibly can..

The advice to see a physician is well worth listening to. If you don't have insurance there has to be a free clinic somewhere in your area. You need to do this..

Oh yeah, water, lots of water. No juice, no soda, - WATER.

I'm no doctor ( but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express recently.

) but at your weight you ought to be able to lose weight on 1850-2000 cal/day..

Good luck...

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Try not to drink your calories is the biggest advice I can give you..

However, everything I have read from you is an excuse about one thing or another. I want to encourage you, but if you are set on your "this or that" you will never lose weight. Patrick, at over 400 pounds on a body frame that should be 200 pounds, this should send up a flag you are doing something very wrong in your eating habits. Step back and be honest (which is why you are here). Your lack of fruit and vegetables (nobody said you had to eat them raw) are part of the reason you are where you are. Stop the excuses and do it.

Then, you will have an ah ha moment! All I am trying to say is MAN UP! Stop the whining and complaining and Man up!.

I have used the "light" fruit packs as a fruit when I knew I needed something to travel..


Comment #21


I can add only a little to the good advice these senior members can give you. Now the job is in your hands. As a truck driver, I know that you have to keep up some paperwork. Why not start a diet journal, and keep track of what you are currently eating. Keep it simple and write in what you eat and when. In your posts you haven't said what your current diet consists of.

Don't try and count calories or grams of fat, just write it down. You don't say if you are a long haul driver or a local driver. But with that mileate and the type of truck in your picture, I'd bet on long haul. Well, let me ask you this, how many hours do you drive at one stretch without stopping the truck? So, if you eat while driving, maybe you need to stop the truck, walk around the truck a couple of times, then eat your meal, and drive on. How many times a day are you eating? Constantly, well maybe you can try and go 2 hours between meals.

Your never more than 2 hours from the next meal, if you eat six times a day. As for portion control, look at your hand. The meal should not be much bigger than your hand. The main dish is the size of your palm and the veggies about equal or larger in volume..

Now for money: How much are your spending for food now? If your eating the equivalent of Big Macs and Fries then your will save money on NS. Gotta go. I will keep watching your posts...

Comment #22


You have received a lot of great advice....

I know you are in a difficult position. Your weight is affecting everything you do and it is difficult to change due to your weight. You have health issues but can't really address them with a healthcare professional, since that is so expensive..

If you follow the plan, it will not take you very long to feel so much better you won't believe, but ONLY YOU can do it..

You need to take this one meal at a time. Don't think about the big picture at this point. Set a small goal and than work towards it..

When I started, my goal was to lose 25 lbs. I thought that would 6 months and the process would be very hard. 6 weeks later, I had lost 26 pounds and couldn't believe how easy it was, but I did it one meal at a time..

Why don't you set a daily menu that you can follow for one week. If you stick to the plan, you will see the difference. Success breeds success..

If you need help with the meal planning (Using Nutrisystem or not), I am sure many of us can help..

You sound like you want to do this...So make it happen..


Comment #23

What they said! The only other thing I would add is - if you write down EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth for a full day, then go to one of the websites that allows you enter your own foods (such as Nutrisystem, Sparkpeople, etc) and enter your daily food intake. You'll be amazed at how quickly the calories add up. When you're eating craptastic foods, 6000-7000 calories a day can be easy to do. Now, do it or don't, your choice...

Comment #24

So Patrick,.

What have you done today towards losing weight?.



Comment #25


I came here and I am getting awesome advice, but be assured I knew water and walking would be a great start and yet I have not accomplished that yet,and that is after numerous attempts, excuse,yeah probally, but true none-the-less..

My typical day.

Big thing for me was at least one hot meal, breakfast.

Eggs lots of them.

Ham steak or sausage patties, or both.

Potatoes,of course with gravy.

Biscuits and gravy too.


That was my big meal for the day.

Then thru out the day.

2 hot dogs for 2.22 at the pilots truckstop.

Bag of chips .99.

44oz drink .99.

Cheap meal.


Depending on the fast food at the truckstop.

Burger or chicken sandwich w/fries and drink 7-10.00.

Don't forget the pespsi thruout the day 2 for 3.00 1 liter or .99 cup at pilots.

Also coffee with 3 fingers of french vanilla 2 bucks a cup.

That is kinda my normal routine, no veggies there.

That is my day, so 400 a month would be awesome, please do not think I am whinning about the price, I think it's great and will save me money, and my situation will get better soon enough, and I will get a month, and then another and things will click and weight will come off, as I reached my point of no return..

I am a long haul driver who lives in his truck, yes I said I live in my truck, so no oven or skillet ,just a microwave and very small fridge, w/ no freezer space available, but I manage and will continue to do so..

Excuses, yes I have them all and want to eliminate them to succeed here and one way or another will do just that..

Gotta run, more later..

Comment #26

Not to butt in on the men's room (again), but Patrick, you should know that Nutrisystem costs more than just the cost of the Nutrisystem meals. You have to add several servings of fruits, vegetables and proteins each day, so if you're budgeting for it in the future, be sure to include extra money for those things. You can do them pretty cheaply if you choose inexpensive add-ins (like eggs for your protein), but it WILL cost more than the price you see advertised..

You can also get the Nutrisystem meals cheaper, though. There are many items for sale on the boards or on eBay or Craig's List, and Big Lots sells a lot of the discontinued items (often for as little as $1 or $2 an entree)...

Comment #27

Okay let me put this here in the mens room where it belongs okay and then let me have it , throw at me full force just like the all freshmen (or rookies) must endure.......

Let me say Pam suggested I stop eating all the stuff I eat, from the precvious post concerning my typical day... and this was my response.

I may make it 2-3 days with drinking only water, then wham , right back to pepsi and coffee with FV, and I really do not like coffee ..

I go into a truckstop to order bowl of oatmeal and a few scrambled eggs and walk back out having ordered my normal breakfast, why?.

Now , Please do not take this the wrong way, but when I was 300lbs and still growing I told myself and a few friends (not real friends as I found out later), but that when I reach 400lbs to shoot me , because I wouldn't want to live,well that is not the case, I WANT TO LIVE, AND LOSE WEIGHT, not shoot myself, but why all the difficulty in doing the basic stuff like cut out the soda and burgers and B&G, because I really want to stop eating that crap and lose weight..

Remeber,this is a person who quit smoking after 20+ years , 2 pack a day habit, using Chantix of course, but it worked and I quit for good , but put on over a 100lbs since then too.

I am 450lbs because I have no control and I want control and want it so bad, please if anything trust me when I say this. Excuses be damned, you want honesty and the truth, well there it is, I have no control, I have desire of course I do, so what is wrong with me,am I crazy,lazy or what???.

Stupid, yes been told that too, but maybe I am because I know what to do, and just don't do it, kinda like working for nothing, praying things will get better, but people are telling me now , look where you are , look at your situation and how can you be as patient as you are, faith I say, but even thou things are horrific for me now, I am still happy why because I do wake up,I got a bed to sleep in, with a roof over it. others do not have that,my laptop and verizon wireless is still active, amazing what 25 here and there will do, so yes I am happy, and sad too, more ashamed than anything else..

I am a grown man, sometimes I wonder, and this problem has me whipped like a ,fill in the blank yourself, you want truth you got it,.

So what now, anyone willing to smack me each time I order B&G for 4.00, or grab and eat 2 dogs ,chips and a 44oz drink for 4.00, and it is not about the money here it is a programmed response I have yet to overcome, why ....

Am I a wuss, of course, how could I say I am, look man no veggies and wait there is this other thing no discipline to follow thru..

If I had money, say an extra 5-6k laying around I would look into possible Lap-Band surgery in Mexico, drastic measures for drastic situation, but even that may not work ,it may,why because I would make the efforts to have real on site support people, right now I have no one out here with me, YES ANOTHER EXCUSE, but to me reality, you ask me why I say this is why, but yet others who drive truck can do this and do well on it, so what nowgive up and die, HELL NO, keep trying and keep trying and keep trying, maybe I can find someone big to kick my azz each time I go to screw up, since I can't do it anymore,and do not have the inner discipline yet to accomplish it..

Lord let me take a breath here as I will return and let some more off my chest..

Comment #28

Stop waisting everyones time, yours included. Let me recap, and correct me if I'm wrong..

A month ago you posted you will buy Nutrisystem soon..

To date you haven't because you can't afford it..

A member (was it Dick Willis?) offered to send you a week of free food. The offer is ignored..

I send you a PM with a way to do Nutrisystem for about $50 a week using grocery food that works with a microwave, and you decline..

You refuse to drink water, exercise, or eat veggies..

Please come back when you are ready. We will be here to help. If you want a pity party go back to the estro boards...

Comment #29

AT LEAST get diet 44 oz sodas! They taste the same and you would be cutting hundreds of calories...

Comment #30

OK guys.

, cut Patrick a break..He is in a tough spot. I talked to him on the phone today and he is sincere about making a change, he just needs to get started. I have faith in his desire to change his path..


, your food is packed in a US Post Office Flat Rate Box. Give me a post office/zip code I can send this to you at (general delivery) and it will be in the mail the next day. Seeing as you are on the east coast right now I think we can figure 2 day delivery (so 3 days total from shipment day)..

It is mostly Nutrisystem food but I was short a few desert/snack items so for some of the desert/snacks I have included store bought items that are close to Nutrisystem food on calories and nutrition. All of this food is shelf stable (no need to refrigerate) but I would keep it out of the sun as some of the items will melt. Also tip..the Apple Strudel Bars improve if you microwave them for 15 seconds. They get softer and tastier. Consult the Nutrisystem web site for all the add ins at each meal..

Best of luck to you buddy. We are all pulling for you to succeed...

Comment #31

You rock, John! glad to see you making this step. You will get stronger with time!..

Comment #32

Wow John, you're a class act. <sniff> I love this place. Patrick keep in touch with the group so we can help keep you on the straight and narrow..






Comment #33

Thanks John.

I pm'ed an address, you can use either , The General Delivery at Corbin , KY or the Pilot ,address in PM, as well as a phone number too..

Robert I hear you, really I do, and you sound no different than a drill sgt I once knew, until his death recently, probally my best friend, so say what you feel, I can take the honesty, because you are right I failed so far, and yes I was here a month ago, and again you're right I have not earned enough to get Nutrisystem yet, and I explained to you that the 3-4 monthI will look into what you suggest to save even more money ,but right now the month supply iswhat I think I need to get use to it and see what the portion size is and get use to it so I may better size things when I do it myself, somthing suggested that I think makes sense, so I will do that..

Pity for me is your choice, not something I look for in a internet board, wow that really makes me feel good, lets get real, I came here for support, why because I need it,for me quitting smoking after 20+ years was easier than this is for me, we are talking 450lbs and trying to lose it, toj ust stop what I am doing is not that fffing easy for me, otherwise why would I need the support, or be here asking for it, yeah let me ask MOM, nope she is no longer with us, how bout DAD, nope can't ask him either, how bout better halve, nope do not have one, other family memebers willing to help and support me ,no and ,lets see my neighbors, right I live in my truck, no neighbors either , whaaaaaaaa, right, of course cry me a river, nope just my situation, who helped you lose your weight, 20-50lbs most likely... what mommy, wifey, no you did it all by yourself..

Let me say getting to 450lbs wasn't easy either, but the journey here was scary after 300lbs, why because I could not stop it, say whay you may,but at 300lbs , I began making attempt to stop the gain and eventually start going down again, each time failing , MY mom died from a Gastric By-Pass at 66 yrs old, should never had the surgery, I did not know she was getting it till she did it, but it killed her, the one person who was always there for me, yeah MOM, momma's boy, absolutely not, I broke my moms heart a few times,and fortunately I was wise enough to realize it and apologize a few years before she passed on. She was my support system, if alive today,she would be there for me every step of the way, same as a wife or daughter, son ,or brother should be, heck even the person next door can support you, but doing this without support is not working, and with support, I do not know if it will either, but I must try it with support, which I thought I got here and have got great advice mind from both the men here and the women too, sympathy or pity, that not what I am here for, if that is what you think then maybe I am in the wrong place, as I will not be pitied and or will not be charity case, What John is doing aside, I am working hard and will make may way to get this Nutrisystem soon enough, it has been 7wks and yet I been sitting in Newburgh NY since Saturday because of no freight and the little there is pays too little to haul, so come tommorrow I will deadhead to Corbin , KY..

I may not get the support here, fine , I will still get the food and try this for a few months and see what happens, because I know my desire to lose weight is fffing real, being 450lbs is not fun or enjoyable, and why it is so hard for me to change and lose the weight is also a mystery to me, even I would not wish that you knew how hard it is for me to do this , by wishing the trouble upon you so you could see how hard it is, this is not a joke or a laughing matter,to me this is life or death, not an fffing pity party..

Comment #34


I can certainly relate with your situation as several years ago I was a long-haul truck driver driving team with my father. During that time is when I put on most of the weight that I now have to lose, which is about 150 pounds..

I am lucky enough to have been able to lose about 35 lbs on my own last year, but hit a wall and gained some of it back. Today however, I was fortunate enough to be able to order my first delivery of NS. I can't wait to start the system. I will be sticking to it because there's just no other option..

Please accept the help offered by these wonderful and generous individuals here such as John and Robert..

In conclusion, I want to share with you something my old high school football coach used to tell me which has resonated with me for years:.

"It's all in a state of mind.".

In other words, Patrick, get your mind focused and determined to lose this weight! You can do it! With the help of others here on this board who have "been there, done that", you can be successful in your weight loss..

All the best to you Patrick. Stay strong and don't give up the fight..


Comment #35

Pktrucker, I've flown in from estroland..

Even if you had the money for lap-band surgery it would be pointless without a willingness to eat small amounts of nutritionally loaded food..

Money is tight right now and you can save a good chunk of it while losing a chunk of weight by doing these things:.

1) Do not go into a diner, gas station snack pit or fast food place for 24 hours..

2) Go into a grocery store and buy Nutrisystem friendly food, and yes, there is plenty where you need nothing more than a microwave and fridge, if that..

3) When you wake up, drink water. Add a couple drops of flavour extract if you must, but no other liquids until you've downed a litre of water. You can't say your body can't handle if you routinely slug back bottles of pop..

4) I bet you can eat Nutrisystem appropriate store bought food for a full day for less than what you spent on a truck stop dinner..

Good luck...

Comment #36

John - you're a good man for setting Patrick up. Have you talked to D_S and found out what food plan/calorie range he should be following at 450 lbs? He will have more add-ins at his current weight and we need to make sure he is consuming sufficient calories..

Patrick - I truly hope you find the inner strength and commitment to stick to the plan. It is time to acknowledge that you are gravely overweight and really need to do something about it, not to make excuses. If you show that you are motivated and committed, you will get tons of support from many people on the boards. Whining about not liking vegetables or that you can't drink water won't win you much sympathy here. At this stage you need to take control of your health and do something about it..

You can make so many easy changes that will melt the pounds off of you. Starting with cutting out the soda. You are probably drinking close to 1000 calories from soda. Cut it all out starting tomorrow before John even gets the package to the post office. First thing in the morning have 16 oz of water - one of the small bottles - before your first cup of coffee. Make it a habit, make it a rule.

You said you don't really like coffee, so stop drinking it. If you must drink soda then make it diet soda but cut back on it and start drinking water. Drink a glass or two before each meal. Cut out the potatoes, gravy and biscuits and no fried foods. This alone will make you drop significant weight in one month..

Start walking. Yes, it won't be much at first but do it. And make it a goal to increase it by a few steps each day. I don't care if you walk the aisles of Wal-mart but get out and get some exercise..

See how you do with what John sends you and then we can give you all the help you need. You can actually do Nutrisystem using your own foods. The good people on the boards will compile a list foods that you can buy at the store and use in place of the Nutrisystem meals and what works with you living in your truck..

I am praying for you Patrick. Show us that you have the determination and desire to do this for yourself! I'm headed back to estroland too before I get kicked out. Good luck...

Comment #37


John is giving you a huge gift....

I know things are tough, but ONLY YOU can make the change and you need to make it soon to continue to receive the support that you need..

Change is HARD...The first thing you need to do is get your mind around that you have to change the way you eat. Food needs to be only fuel and only enough to get you to the next meal..

In a previous post I mentioned one meal at a time..

Use John's gift to get that started..

You can no longer eat the way you described, however if you give this a chance I really believe you will find you won't miss your old habits..

You need to come to terms with the quantities of food that you are currently eating and the fact that you are eating about twice what your body needs. You can no longer have "EGGS", you can have "EGG". Get rid of the pop and coffee flavorings..

If you are unwilling to do those things, you will not succeed..

We all are here to support and help you(which has be demonstrated), but only you can really do it..

Best of luck,.


Comment #38


, Mailed today at Post Office. Tracking number is.

0309 0330 0000 6711 9079.

Estimate that it will arrive in Cobin on Saturday or Monday at the outside. But given that we can track it, we should know more on Friday PM..

According to newest Nutrisystem guidelines because you have or 100 pounds to drop you need to have 2 carbs at breakfast (examples: packet of low sugar oatmeal or piece of rye or sourdough bread (not white bread) without butter), 1 fruit at lunch, and 2 carbs at dinner (examples: 1/2 cup of corn, peas or brown rice). Each of these carbs can be purchased in frozen single serving microwave packages so you don't have to measure anything and still get the right portion..

Best of luck...

Comment #39



Your weight loss is a huge testimony to your will, your gift to.


Speaks of your soul..

Great examples.

... both. Thanks for reminding me that there are still some.


Left in the wold...

Comment #40

Patrick, We are really trying here. Keep on posting and don't give up. These guys are super for working with you. I don't know where Cobin is, but if any of you guys can get there to meet face to face with Patrick, please go and give him some real personal support. Pattrick, if you roll through Albuquerque, give me a heads-up, and I will meet with you in person..

If any of you guys out there is a professional counselor, please hook up with Patrick and give him some of the support he needs...

Comment #41

Don't men also add proteins, like women do? (Patrick, a cheap and easy way would be to pick up a big bag of low-fat string cheese. Or eggs, if you don't mind microwaving them or have a way to boil them. If you do, boil a dozen and just stick 'em in your fridge. Either option will be cheaper than the hot dogs and biscuits and gravy and all that junk you're eating.)..

Comment #42

There is a whole set of add-ins. If John did not send a planner, I would be happy to mail a blank one of mine. Since Patrick has to fill out paperwork for his hauls, I think filling out the paper planner would be very similar and easy for him to do along with his driving routine...

Comment #43

Pattrick: I figured out from your previous post, if you are spending that much on a typical day, then you are spending between $600 and $700 a month on junk food. The food that John is sending you is the chance to jump start a financing plan to get you off the junk food circuit and onto a healthy food budget. This food package will enable you to save nearly $80 in the first week. You will need to spend about $50 to $60 at a grocery store to buy the frozen single serving veggies and fruits, string cheese. You can get a quart of egg beaters and keep it in the fridge on the truck, and microwave that for protein. Don't buy any soda, hotdogs, etc. If you do that, we can face the second week, and have a plan for that too...

Comment #44

Patrick you need to come to the point where you admit you are addicted to this junk. The only way to stop the addiction is cold turkey (I am not talking about the food). And the best way to do that is avoidance! We were all there in one level or another, you just seem to be worse than most (me included). More than anything, this is about setting your mind to achieve a goal. To use a movie line: Failure is not an option!..

Comment #45

Hi all. I am another from estroland. I just want to say that I am proud of the men on this board. I am proud to be associated with a group so outgoing and supportive as all of you are. Please, Patrick, listen to them and let them help you. It is obvious that they want to help...

Comment #46

Patrick: Have you looked into Overeater's Anonymous for the face-to-face support? They have meeetings all over (including all over KY, my home state)...

Comment #47

You're "the man" now Patrick. it's up to you. It's all in your corner..

Honestly, every person making these posts was at one point (and some still are) in the same boat as you. We did not feel good about the way we look, feel or are generally able to cope with situations in life like a "normal" human. We have kids we want to see grow up and have grandkids. We want to be respected as individuals. We have our own individual reasons. That's why we're all here - to support each other.

So we're on a journey together. So, you are in the right place (NS Forums so to speak) at the right time..

It's your turn. Hunker down and do it. If it takes two or more years, so what. if you don't you may not be around in two years. You will feel good just losing your first 5 pounds. When you lose 20, even better.

Check out some posts (mostly estroland for b4/after). Look at the before and after forums. Listen to what these great people are saying. They motivate..

And keep us posted...

Comment #48


I just finished reading this whole thread after looking at the one on the other board that told you to come to the men..

I hope you're doing well today. I had a couple suggestions after reading everything........

As far as water goes.... I know many people who don't like plain water. I like it as long as it's cold, but I know many who don't. There are many different kinds of sugar-free single-serving mixes like Hawaiian Punch, Crystal Light, and Welch's. I like to mix one single-serving packet into my 32-ounce water bottle even though they say to mix it with 16 oz. To me, it's too strong that way.

I take it everywhere with me & constantly refill it during the day. It'd be better not to always use those packets, but even if you mix one with your water all the time, it'd still be better than the soda & coffee you're drinking now and it would give you something other than plain water to drink..

The other thing I wanted to mention is along the lines of what some have said with addiction to food. Although I don't have as much to lose as you do, I have tried tons of diets in the past & have always quit them. Finally, this time, I realized that food has become an addiction for me. I found out that my church has an addiction recovery program and I downloaded the workbook for it off their website. I decided to go through the workbook along with Nutrisystem. Although I haven't done it daily like I should, it has helped leaps & bounds when I do read it & answer the questions..

I would encourage you to got to Overeater's Anonymous like Pam suggested and/or look into other addiction recovery programs. You can download the workbook that I have if you want to. It is at.


- there is a link there for the PDF file of the workbook. It's about 80 pages (I think), so you may not want to or be able to print it out, depending on your computer situation, but you could save it and look at it on the computer or open it on the website each time you go to a computer if you use the computer at libraries or other places. Just so you know, if you do look at the workbook, there are some scriptures in it from the Holy Bible and also from The Book of Mormon (I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). If you want to look up the scriptures, you can go to.


And follow the links there. The workbook would work fine even if you didn't look up the scriptures though..

Again, I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss journey. Oh.... I also have my own blog that I do for my journey, which also includes the answers to questions from the workbook that I've done already, that you are welcome to browse if you'd like. It's.


Comment #49

Patrick- You are right there on the brink of making that last step of changing your eating habitsForever. I can see it in your posts...That last step can be the hardest...I had tried, Jenny Craig, Atkins and a bunch of others...I found that this system to be the best. I too was addicted to all the fast foods...because well it is easy...You look at the menu on most FF places now days and there are "better" choices...Ditch the fries and eat a salad or fresh fruit cup...Diet soda if you want a break from water...but not the gallon size...

I have changed my ugly eating ways I still eat bad things? Yes we ALL have bad days but pick it up and get back on the beam...

Bottom lineYou can do it! and you will feel a huge difference right away....

Comment #50

I am in awe..

What a wonderful group of real men to take such an interest, understanding and compassion to help someone in need..

I am so happy to be associated with the Nutrisystem members..

WTG !!!!.

Patrick - these generous members are reaching out to you, so please please take advantage of this and I know you will make it..

We are all with you 100%...

Comment #51


I'm hoping you give Nutrisystem a shot. John's generous gift should help you get a head start. Just give it a day, then another day and try to string as many of those days together that you can and before you know it, you will see results..

There are many, many guys in here who have started out over 500 lbs and have done an amazing job. Take a look at Wizzbomb's story. I myself was almost at 400 lbs before I started. It seemed like a lost cause then, but looking back on it, once I made the all became a blur..

All it takes is a commitment from you. Nobody else can do it for ya. Once you make up your mind to change your lifestyle, the rest is easy. But...YOU have to do it, we cant do it for you. It's been done by many others, so I know it can be done by you..

Good luck and keep us all posted on your journey...

Comment #52

Fantastic John.

Now please pray my truck can make it there, as it broke down on the thruway today about noon ,had to get traffic stopped to do a you turn back to The TA in Montgomery NY,we put a band -aid (did oil change)on it I will limp it back to Corbin ,KY and pray it makes it there, it had fuel in the oil and shut down on me because of low oil pressure,the computer automatically does it, shut it down,so I am headed across I-84 west to I-81 south to just below Bristol,Tn,and then across Hwy 25 to Corbin,Ky,so if you see a baby blue International, (The truck in my picture), on the side of the road today and or tomorrow stop and say hi..

They say it rains when it pours,I have a rear engine seal gone and now fuel in my oil, not looking good for old realiable, man it just turned 1 million miles and it is falling apart,but if it was water in the oil it would'a been Kaput for the truck,at least now I have a small chance to save her..

If not then I will be a homeless 450lbs man with 1 week of Nutrisystem food, but that is better than a week without the Nutrisystem food,to me it is..

If my truck is toast ,it leaves me homeless and having to find another job, which God willing I can do quickly ,so the next few days will be an adventure for me..

Tell me please, John where I may get those single servings carb things you talked about please..

Well my truck is ready for the journey to Corbin, Ky,wish me luck and God's speed, please,thanks..

Comment #53

Good luck..

Drive safe..

Eat healthy on the way down, please...

Comment #54


, You can get the single serving frozen veggies in any grocery store in the frozen foods aisle. Look for the Birdeye brand in a blue package. They come 4 individual servings to a package. You throw the little white envelope into a microwave, 90 seconds later (I think) you get hot veggies in a single serving. Best of luck with the truck...

Comment #55

John - I think the calories get increased beyond adding 2 carbs and a fruit when someone is starting out at Patrick's weight. Pam may be able to help out here...

Comment #56

Patrick: Please call 1-800-321-THIN and ask to talk to a Dietitian. They can help you make sure you are adding enough additional food. You can also write directly to Mary Gregg, the head Dietitian, at.

And tell her your starting weight and ask for her advice. You don't want to impact your health by starting out too drastically (but GET RID OF THE SODA POP, BISQUITS, GRAVY AND FRIES, MY FRIEND!)..

Comment #57

Yes Fries and B&G, gone, soda pop absolutely trying , same as a few other things, but I will call Friday or Monday, and ask what you stated, promise..


Comment #58

Get DIET soda if you have to have soda. It tastes the same and has zero calories...

Comment #59

As someone around here has in his signature: Do, or do not. There is no try...

Comment #60

Okay everyone the real fun begins very soon for me. We all know I have 1 week of Nutrisystem on it's way, but with my weight being 450lbs I guess there are some add ons I need to know about 1st, so I will be waiting to here back from Nutrisystem before I proceed, which should only be a day or 2..

Now I have stated my willpower/discipline is almost non-exisitent, I am asking here in the Mens Room for help, And that does mean come on wimp do it, what are you a failure, can't you do anything right, man up you baby, or any of these deragatory lines, I heard them all before, and even said them to myself after eating again and again..

I have real issues and problems here , 450lbs normally means major problems, not simple easy solutions, but intense mental and physical preparation must be made and followed thru with, support sytems put into place and a plan formed and gone over so failure is less likely, otherwise, with no planning for someone in my situation will be disastratous, as it has been before ,time and time again..

I want it this time to be different, but my desire to get skinnier is great, trust me, but doing it is not that easy for me, and I want it to be better planned this time, I never had a real support system in place before, still not sure how to do it, I always pictured my wife ( better half) being my support system, neighbor too maybe, fellow co-workers ,friends all being your support system , but since I have none of these people in place, I must figure out how to get them into place so I may at least have the best chance I have to succeed..

I just can not do it alone..

I can not go into a truck stop with the intention of getting a bottle of water an apple, but yet come out with burger fries and soda, so many times this has happened to me, for the last 5years or so, and now next week it will change, I have some doubt about that, especially not without some help......HELP HELP I NEED HELP PLEASE, Tony Robbins WHERE ARE YOU, or a Shrink maybe, I need to change my thinking and habits, something I been unable to do for years, but something I need to do and do now, okay..

Like with the program, I will need some add ons because of my weight, same goes for my mind too, can I be any more blunt here..

Otherwise if I could I would enroll in to a fat camp for the enviroment would be what I would need to succeed, every moment someone there helping and encouraging ( or like bootcamp, screaming and yelling at you), thus changing my habits forcefully and creating new habits of eating that will make me succeed,instead of being doomed from the start..

Of course I can say I can do this and mean it, really mean it, but left to my own I will most likely fail, but with support and planning I really think I COULD CHANGE.....

Well could I get that type of help here, if so How do I go about getting it????.

God Bless..

Comment #61

I will send you a planner if you do not have one, Patrick. You just fill it out like a log book..

For the add-ins, I recommend buying several days worth. At truck stops, just use the head. Don't even go into the store or restaurant. Set up patterns to keep temptation away. If you need a break from the road...take a walk...tell us what you did...

Comment #62

One small tip is to read the Nutrisystem Daily Dose every day. Here is the link..


Comment #63

Patrick, what if you set up your own thread here for support? You can come here every day in the morning and post what you intend to eat for the day. Then come back later and tell everyone how you did..

It would be a good way to focus yourself on what you need to do, especially if you know you have to come back later and report on it..

You can even do it meal by meal if you need..

And if you have slip-ups, the folks here can give you tips on how to avoid the same problem next time around..

I'm on another board with a set of supporters. Having to come back and report what I did at the end of the day makes a big difference for me...

Comment #64

Pre-plan. Pre-pack..

Every day, first thing (or the night before), put exactly what you're going to eat in a bag or a cooler or something. Don't leave anything up to chance. That way whenever you want to eat, you'll know what to do. No decisions or willpower necessary..


Comment #65

And stop doubting whether you can do it or thinking that if you only had a wife or parents or whatever, you'd be able to. I think everyone here will tell you that having a spouse or parents or friends doesn't guarantee that they'll be supportive; sometimes they can be the biggest obstacles. Besides, no one can do it FOR you; what you choose to put in your mouth is still your decision. The same with a fat camp: They can monitor you while you're there, but once you leave, you're on your own. Surgery, too. I've known people who had the surgery, lost a lot of weight, and managed to gain it back..

It wasn't easy for any of us. We all struggled and most still do. And because of that, you ARE going to get some tough love (especially in the Men's Room, but even from us estros)..

I still say don't wait for the package to arrive. Start cutting back NOW. Dump the sodas and drink diet soda, water, Crystal Light - whatever you can manage will be an improvement. Cut back on the amounts you're eating now, and dump the junk like biscuits and gravy. Eat protein, veggies, fruit, some healthy carbs. Make sure you have healthy snacks in your truck, and eat something every two to three hours to keep from getting hungry and to keep your blood sugar stable.

You can do it, but you have to believe you can. If you think you're going to fail, you're pretty much guaranteeing that you will...

Comment #66

Try this..

Everytime you think you want to eat something that's not on your plan, imagine yourself dead, in a coffin, with your friends and family standing around making comments on how you did this to yourself. Because that's where you're headed. I can say that because I was headed in the same direction. I just didn't get as far down the road as you have..

Take control of your destiny. You can be morbidly obese with all kinds of medical issues (sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, aching joints, etc.) or you can will yourself to be healthy and able to enjoy life..

For a long time before I lost weight, I thought I felt bad because I was getting older. It turns out that a lot of what I was feeling were the effects of obesity and poor nutrition...

Comment #67

I started the same way. I was scared it would not work. I would not exercize at all I weighed only 305 though. I am short and a male(I was lazy) I got Nutrisystem started I lost 10 pounds and could now breath greatly and I wanted to exercize. But I went full tilt with Nutrisystem I am on now one year and one week I have lost only 86 pounds. But I am a new man as far as I am concerned.

Go there and check out the half priced good stuff. Only thing is I bet you are Diabetic also. I am and I have a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. I will not let these get in my way now.As for eating why not try a frying pan with some Mushrooms and Green and Onions and Peppers al kinds of peppers hot and mild, and then drink some water, Water in your case I would guess to be 1/2 half your weight in ounces. 1/2 of 450 is 225 so drink up Ole Buddy 225 ounces of water per day and walk around the neighbor hood and show off how you are losing weight...

Comment #68

Okay I believe that finally I am at the right place to do this, both physically and most important mentally, or at least at the best mentality I have ever been when it comes to losing weight..

I have read many books and a been told this and that, and it seem's the thing I do the most is PROGRAM MYSELF TO FAIL, yes I sabotage myself every time, how well, I say things like I need this or that and without them I will fail because I did before..

That is telling myself before I begin I will fail, well this time I do not wish to fail, or even struggle,( thou I feel that may be tougher said then done ), to overcome these bad habits. I must reprogram myself each day ,each meal if necessary and each snack, what-ever it takes to change this behaviour, and begin the path to success. I hear when the journey actually begins and the weight starts to fall off that the energy and heathly glow comes back into you and you become almost obssessd with hitting your goal,the same way you were obsessed with gaining it , but I am not a professional here , but feel that I am on the right path with this thinking..

So start a thread here where I should post each day what I am doing, which means that my Verizon bill need to be paid by the 9th or else it will be a short thread till I get it paid, as that was the best they could for me ,a loyal customer for over 10yrs , and thou behind at times, always paid my bill, and now only 1 month behind they no longer give much lee-way, I guess tough times mean tougher collection practices, who am I to tell them how to run their business, as this is my only bill about 250 a month , it gives me unlimited phone (139.99) text/pictures/calls ,also gives me the Navigator which I use in my business all the time, and that also includes my wireless connection for about 60.00 and about 50.00 in taxes for about 250.00a month, to me not that bad really ,especially if you price around and look for coverage al lacross America,then Verizon was it for me, 10yrs ago,maybe now someone else may do it cheaper, I do not know for sure, thou I am locked up in 1-2 year contracts, each time I renew, so leaving costs you a penalty doesn't it..

My other bill is my truck payment, and it was 780 amonth, 2 left, for a total of 1546.00, then they go away ( and I own the truck) and I have only the 250.00 monthly bills, soyou can see that I could easily afford Nutrisystem when things turn around and income starts to come in again..

But then the truck almost belw up in NY Thursday, fuel got into the oil and forced the truck to shut down on I-87 headed into Jersery to pick up a load, instead I hadto put 2 more gallons ofoil in the truck and have a trooper hold traffic back so I could turn around go back to the truckstop to get work done on the truck, thank God it made it there and I did an oil change and limped the truck back to Corbin, KY where they will look at it this wknd or Monday and see if I did irrepairable damage or if we can fix it with out having to get a new engine,( which I can not afford, now ),but the original reason I was coming to the shop was I had a "Rear Engine Seal" goout on me, and that is about a 1500-2000 dollar job, as you must drop the transmission to get to it, now I was lucky enough that the people I am working for also works on truck somewhat, and offered to fix the rear engine seal for me and charge me for it, thus allowing me to keep running, even thou I been running for 7wks and made no money, they knew this and still are willing to help me, for this I am very thankful and wish to give credit to God for this..

Now I also must come up with a 550.00 for an 2290-heavy vehicle use tax, for the IRS by Sept 30 or they may yank my Licesnse Plates, this tax is an yearly tax due in July, with Sept. 30th as deadline before penalties and such take place,like losing your license plates..

Other things needed for my truck, which just turned 1 milliom miles last week in Iowa are as follows in order of importance.

1. must have now 1 used drive tire 200+ this to be legal.

2. small horn replaced.

3. shocks (6) replcaed.

4. 8 new drive tires for winter, 2500-3200.

5. washer pump motor,( cleans the windshield ) $$ unknown.

6. Hood spring replaced ( each time I open the hood I must almost strain.

Something each time I go to open it ) $ 50.00.

7. 1 mirror about 25.00.

8. ultimate PM service about 300.00.

9. 4 new Batteries ( they die often lately and with winter coming.

Soon I need new ones to keep the fridge going and Micro ).

10. Invertor 2500-3000watts to run the Microwave 300.00 (old one just went.


11. Tri-axle alignment $180.00 if no parts need to be replaced.

12. Overheating issues, must find what it causing it, then fix.

Now there is other little things and then stuff that breaks without notice , especially on a 2001 miliion mile truck, but I DO MY BEST TO KEEP IT SAFE AND RUNNING , MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT AND YOURS..

Now I also live in that truck so, think of it as my retirement RV, except for me I am still workingBut to lose this truck would be to lose my home too, which would be extremely stressful to me , with no where to go, except eventually back to work for another trucking company if I could get hired on, which eventually I would, I am sure,as I have a clean driving record and over10 years of driving experience..

I mention all this as I believe that the stress of this situation has lent to me to stress eat, yeah stress eat, since I quit smoking and can't smoke to deal with my stress anymore I eat,and sometime I feel Iwould much trather still be smoking and have back the 100+lbs I put since I quit, putting me back to around 300lbs instead of 450lbs, and was at that time able to easily wipe and put shoes and socks on,now those are not easily done things, yeah thats right, which leads to more stress, but also more motivation to change..

I am putting down all the reason why I am streessed and what it looks like written down should not be as frightful as when it is not written down, but just floating around my head, so please indulge me,and let me try this ,please..

I will post this and read it and then continue with what worries or stressess me and then what I can do about...

Things like each day I wake up say and think this...not this.

How can I lose this weight and have fun doing it too..

Say it 10-20 times a day, program it into my mind and make it real, I think it might work, and I do want to try what might work, and keeping a journal or thread too.

But let me read this and then finish it, please..

Comment #69

Good luck, Patrick. Please, think of proper eating and weight loss as a place to score victories. Even if the truck breaks down...don't go out and pig out. Instead, say "I will get a Nutrisystem victory today and run my program right"..

What you put in your mouth is under your control. That's not a bad thing or a thing to feel guilty about. It's a good thing! It means you can always at least chalk up victories matter what else happens..

This mindset change has really worked for me. Instead of getting down in the dumps and chasing it with burgers or beer...I say "well at least I was healthy today...I'm giving myself a gold star for the day"..

So...I hope you report in tonight or tomorrow that you are.


And starting to.



Comment #70

Wow that was alot of writing for a 2 finger pecker, man that didn't sound right did it, good thing I am in the Mens room,okay laugh over, no offense meant, but still it doesn't sound that bad ,yet I go crazy over worrying about it..

1500 pay off truck.

550 for 2290.

3500 for everything else.

Less than 6000.00 ( not including the repairs being done by my boss, 2k).

Once business picks up that is about 2-4 months max to pay off, so why the worry, well lately the economy has really hit home for me personally with 7 weeks of no wages, yet this last week I made 700.00 and it was gone before I had it, fuel to go 900 miles to the yard and 250 for oil change that leaves me 112 dollars , which may be needed if truck is in shop for a few days for motel, but it was a positive week. Sad part is that this coming week I will be in the negative again , as each week I start 350.00 in the hole for the weekly deductions and then a175.00 fuel advance too from previous week, and I had no trips (revenue) this week, so I will carry a -525.00 balance into the following week ,and that is on top of another 350.00 deduction, making me NEGATIVE ,YES -875.00 to begin the week, pay day Monday to Monday, paid on Thursday,so maybe I crazy and need a new job, but not till my truck is fixed, but then I will beholden to them for fixing it, won't I, kinda liken to the old days when coal miners were alway in debt to the company store, but this is reality and real for me, not funny, but when I put it on paper it seems so ffffing wrong what I got myself into here, a revolving door with no way out,or is there? Any advice here I will welcome,true advice, not run away stupid or something similar,cause it is too late for that, especially if they fix my truck Monday, then I as a man will not just cut and run, I will stay to pay them back, and maybe God willing things will pick up and 2-3 weeks I may be in the good again, as it will at least take that (min. 1-3wksmax 3-6wks) long most likely to break even and make money..

You see an average Owner Operator should be making, take home, about 800-1800 a week, so that is one reason why I keep praying things will get back to normal soon, and if so then this mess will be handled and I get on with life, as I will be able to concentrate on the more important things suc has my self defeating habits..

I feel that now that I see how things are all written out, Ican still overcome this impulsive behaviour by deliberately confronting it each and every time and having anaswer when things get tough, because my situation at work will not get better anytime soon,as we see it may take a month or 2, maybe longer if the economy does not pick up,so I need to get over it and move on..

Like so many do ,leave work at work, and even thou I live at my job I still need to seperate it from the front of my mind and put it on hold when I can , and be happy I am able to work, and be happy I got a home , and things like this instead of stressing over when it will all fall apart and I will be on the streets and thus eat and gouge while I can, cause maybe I feel soon I will not be able too, God this is sick stuff but it seems to make sense as it was what I was doing when ever I could , get a big breakfast, Wendy's double or chicken sandwich, small frosty too, don't forget the Papa Johns Pizza's even thou the extreme heartburn, and his is a story of how I programmed my mind to accomadate my over indulgence..

When I got heartburn , even so bad it woke me up at times, tums/rolaids right, nope I needed Pepsi, yep Pepsi, as 1-2 sips would induce immediate burping and relief the pressure and I would feel better, how crazy is that??.

I did this to keep smaller bottles of Pepsi in the fridge,those Pepsi's are gone now, but the mind still thinks Pesi is the quick answer, as immediately burping up the gassess does relief the heartburn, so the plot thickens..

I have many self progammed responses that need to be erased, and most are related to eating and walking. I have actually convinced myself I can not do either because of this and that..

Okay the walking issues.


Wrong shoes.

Feet hurt too much.

Out of breath after 100yrds.

Back begins to hurt.

All excuses that can and will be overcome here.

True my feet hurt and I have cheap 9.99 wal-mart shoes, andI doget out of breath sometimes, but I can buy new shoes and when weight comes off the breathing will be easier. Chaffing in sweats or shorts does not happen anymore on short walks, so this too is eliminated..

See how easy it is to eliminte this when I get it written out and see how stupid it is and how easy it is to overcome the porblem stopping me from doing it..

Well I say it is going to be easy to overcome them, but until I actually do it ,lets not put the cart before the horse, now this is not to say I will not do them, because I have tried before and eventually let laziness take over and just ordered food instead or parked closer to the truckstop instead and when I had a chance toget better shoes refused to do so,and not 300pr of shoes , but around 100 or less, with the gel inserts, as my Wal-Mart shoes now stink and are worn out after 4 months , but it is how I am,why?? So I am here to change no matter what, and I fell all these little changes , while not easy but not hard either, don't you agree??? I must say YES ,or I will be doomed..

So eliminate my finacial worries and my walking worries, what next, my eating habits and energy levels needed to perform my job..

To my honest believe I am not diabetic yet,or diagnosed with High Blood pressure, or anything other than Sleep Apnea,so far, and that is really because I have no Doctor, can not afford one and am not in the same area long enough to get one, another excuse, but being broke all the time does not allow me many options, so I do the best I can, or so I think, any ideas here, please I welcome them, but understand I travel everyday all over America and can not afford Dr. visits, and at my age Pre-screening are important as they could save my life if I find things now instead of 20yrs from now,but that is for the health system to workout, or for me to make more money to afford the pre-screening which without insurance run 3500 or more for most test's,l ike colonscopy and sleep studies and other cancer Pre-Screenings ,things I need to get soon,and things I do worry about, and rightly so, especially with my overweight isses, but for now lets just say I am not able to do so with my current sitaution,maybe when I get out of the truck ,then we can see how I can use the public health care system if there is one then???.

Now planning my day ,my attack on hunger and healtiness. Getting NS, is a major step, asit eliminates my having to portion things ,because I would over do it most likely, and Nutrisystem does not allow for that..

Now the snack in between and possible cheat food, for when I just need something and have to have it now,or I will stop and get a burger instead. I must have food available to get to easily enough for those times, but also either have them be my regular snack and if not snack time make the food acceptable to have at any time to help with the urges I will get, until they no longer come, and then we can say I am on the way and on the highway to losing weight and better health, pun thrown in for laughes, haha....

Well there may be more but let me read this and evaluate it and see how it looks all written down, please help if you see and know of something here because it tooks years of bad habit forming to get to where I am and it will not be easily defeated, but deafeated it will be.....

More to come..

Comment #71


Breathing gets waaayyy better as you lose the weight..I used to snore like a more!.

I used to chaffe teribble...No more...clothes fit better and how they should...

Feet fit better as you lose weight and no longer hurt.

I could not ride a bike around the if I do not do at least 25 miles it is too easy...I can actually jog again!.

Back used to hurt, but with continued exercise it is all but gone...

Start easy - a walk around your rig...then challenge yourself to 2, then 3 etc. Before you know it you will be blazing a path around it!.

Good luck on the repairs..You make me feel good that you are making your truck safe for all the are there...replace words like "might" with "will" and you will be successful!..

Comment #72

One thing you have to realize about your addiction is that it's real. And, the more you cater to it, the stronger it's hold on you. When you start eating "clean" you will have more will power to resist what you know you don't want...

Comment #73

Patrick, As far as needing a snack, or cheat, as you call it, I assure you it will not be an issue. On Nutrisystem you eat every 2-3 hours all day so if you are drinking enough water, you never get hungry and never have to cheat. Make sure you eat on time...Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, snack at 10, lunch at noon, snack at 3, dinner at 6, snack at 9, bed by 11... adjust the start time based on when you wake up then stick to the schedule. That was the key for me..

Also to program a new habit, try a positive affirmation every day. Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I will feel geat when I have lost 10 pounds" or "I will stay 100% on the Nutrisystem plan today" something positive. Don't say anything negative, like "I won't do this or that."..just positive. This helped me break a bad personal habit years ago. It really works but you have to stay with it for about 30 days to reprogram your brain..

Looks like the food will arrive on Monday. While your truck is in the shop, go plan what fruits/veggies you will buy and head to a grocery store or super Walmart and stock up for a few days. Do you have a scale? If you do not, I suggest you figure out how to weigh yourself once a week...on the same scale if possible, right after you take care of your morning bathroom duties..

Best of luck my friend. We are all pulling for you to do well this first week and if you do, you will drop 5 pounds...count on it, and you will be on your way...

Comment #74

Man I went to the pub across from the truckstop to watch Football ,and got a diet coke, 2 sips and almost ordered a 1/2lb burger, but left instead, still hungry thou ,deciding what to do. Went to Big Lots and the only 2 Nutrisystem dinner they had were 3.00 and had my 2 big nemisis's mushrooms and onions, so I am not ready to try them yet, boy they looked small ,but I am sure they pack a lot of hunger wallop, right?.

John Hope your run went okay today,I am sure it did, now you make it sound like I can wake up and go thru the day like a normal person,because I will be far from it..

My schedule is too crazy.

Sometimes I start at 3 am , others 9am and others maybe 11am.

Somedays I wake at 5am and will still be driving at 2 am the next day, with a few hrs naptime and then getting up at 6 am to finish the load, then back to sleep for pickup later that afternoon the next day and this is typical for truck drivers on the road..

Now this could be taken as an excuse but I do not see that, but will need help in planning this crazy schedule I will be on so that I may keep some semblence of order while doing NS, please..

Still am kinda lost on the add-on's that I must get myself,like fruit and veggie's, thou the veggie's John suggests single Birds-eye single servings ,except they a frozen and I have very small freezer space,so I will have to see how big they are and how many days I can get at once ,which means what can I get in the can .may have to be V8's what size,please??.

Tomato juice too, what size..

Also is a whole banana okay if small in size,not the really big ones,and then the singles serving sizes of peaches and pears will work too, right ,the ones with splenda are okay,right???.

God I wish I had someone to go shopping with the 1st time or so, to make sure I am on the right track to start ..

But again it will not stop me making Nutrisystem work ,believe that..

I seem to be rambling let me regroup and see if I am going overboard here..


Comment #75

If you don't have much freezer space, you can use fresh veggies, too. Plus you really don't need that freezer for much else when you're on NS, so you can fill the whole thing with just veggies..

If you can only walk 100 yards before getting out of breath, that's fine. Walk 100 yards. As you lose weight and get used to walking, you'll find you're able to walk a little farther, and then a little farther than that. If you can, walk 100 yards early, and then later do it again..

As far as stress eating, that's also common for people here and it's going to be a tough battle, but you CAN do it. The biggest thing to recognize is that eating really doesn't help. It doesn't bring you more work, it doesn't get rid of your bills. All it really does is make you heavier and less healthy and more likely to need medical care. (BTW, I suspect you're kidding yourself a bit about not being diabetic. When you know which cities you'll be driving through, you can look for health fairs.

If you let folks here know, they/we can probably help with that.).

If you DO get your Verizon cut off (and I really hope you don't, but I understand), maybe you can stop at a library periodically; they generally offer free Internet access. I don't know what sort of computer you have, but if it's a laptop, you can also access the Internet at most bookstores and coffee places, where they offer free wi-fi..

The meals ARE small; portion control is kind of the point. But you don't eat them on their own; once you add some big helpings of veggies and whatever extra proteins and carbs you're allowed, they'll seem much bigger. Plus remember that each meal only has to hold you for a few hours because you'll be eating every two to three hours that you're awake...

Comment #76

BTW, instead of that 1/2-pound burger, how about a salad with grilled chicken (and as little dressing as possible)? Or a grilled-chicken sandwich, with a side salad or other veggies, if they have them? If you can get a whole-wheat bun, great; if not, you're still miles ahead of where you were..

Till you get the Nutrisystem food, think chicken or fish (and not fried, of course). Veggies, preferably steamed, and salads on the side. Diet Coke or water...

Comment #77

Here's a craigslist ad right in Corbin, good price maybe you could haggle and or barter, Good Luck.


Nutrisystem Meals - $300 (Corbin).

Date: 2009-09-16, 7:32PM EDT.

Reply to:.


Wishing you could afford the Nutrisystem meal plan? We have 4 boxes of Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks for sale at an EXTREMELY discounted price. Purchasing the meal plan cost us around $300 per month per person. We have at least 2 months worth of food for sale (very well could be more - I'm not counting all those dinners!). My husband lost 40 pounds doing this plan. Now we have so many that I have to store them in the spare bath, which does not make me happy. Please come get them. Local pick up only for cash...

Comment #78

Hey, those people with the Craig's list ad might even walk you through how to do it!!..

Comment #79

Find out how old the food is - Somewhere on this site is a posting how to decipher the codes. I'm not good at searching..

Good Luck on your journey.. You can do this...

Comment #80


Race went fine, finished in 2:18 for 13.1 miles. Thanks for asking..

Birdeye singles are small if you take them out of the 4 pack they sell them in..

4 or 5 oz V-8 or Tomato juice..

Generally 1/2 a banana is a serving but you can do a whole and just count it as 2 fruits..

If your day starts at an odd time, then just adjust accordingly. Eat every 3 hours until you go to bed. Your last meal/snack should be about 1-2 hours before bed so your body has some fuel while you sleep. And water, water, least 64 oz a day and more if you can handle it...

Comment #81

Pat I am sending you a planner at Corbin P. O. Good job on the diet Pepsi...

Comment #82

Wow, this time I got it and it makes more sense, eat every 3 hours and try to not eat 3 hours before sleep, if possible, and it should be more often than not..

Now I will have 20oz water bottles for which I could add those single packets of Crystal Light for some taste if needed..

Tangarines and navel are okay too, Applesauce single servings. Apples.

Do I need bread at all if so what type, 12 grain , whole wheat, ???.

Boy this oughta be fun when the weight starts to come off, only problem is that I will not be able to keep track to often as no scale goes 450 or so, except the ones I see once in awhile at some of the warehouses. But this is not a major issue, for now , as when I get under enough weight I can get a regular scale, right???.

By the way 10 minute miles John not bad...I feel this will be as easy as they say, why not , it really is a no brainer, as they say..

God Bless..

Comment #83


You should eat within 1-2 hours before bed. Just a fruit or a Nutrisystem desert..

Applesauce is fine if it is unsweetened. Oranges, tangarines are OK as well..

Breads are good (1 slice) of whole wheat, rye, sourdough, pumpernickel,,,any really whole grain but not white bread..

I didn't think about the scale limit....well, let your clothes tell you that you are getting thinner for a while...

Comment #84

I replied to the craiglist ad and will wait and see if they call me, I sent....

Hopefully we can deal on some of it, as I really am broke for the most part , but I think I have enough to get a few things from Wal-mart like....

1 or 2 , 4 pack single serving FF cottage cheese.

4-8 yogurt (.50ea) FF /sugar free w/splenda.

Single serving Birds eye veggies 1 or 2, 4 pack carrots/peas or carrots, or????.

Small cans(4-5oz) of V8 and tomato Juice.

Banana's navel's tangerines.

Single serving applesauce cups.

Whole wheat bread.


Ff mayo.


I need 4 add on's right.

1. Carb add on.

2. Protien add on.

3. Veggie add on (which v8 or toato juice will fill).

4. Fruits add on.

Any thing to help me get going with my no veggie tatste for now, but in time I want to get all these veggies I now hate into my diet slowly, but lets not screw it up for the 1st few weeks or month and let me eat something I will tolerate well enough to get thru the beginning month or 2, instaed of forcing me to eat stuff I hate at 1st, now with lettuce Iwill try right away to eat a small salad consisiting of just lettuce with ff waldens salald dressing ( please pray for , me that I like this and can expand on it in time) and that it becomes a favorite of mine in time, God I really hope so..

Okay more later,but I feel I am right there ready to begin..

Comment #85

Patrick: It is REALLY important to have someone take some before will need them for the SUCCESS STORIES before/after pictures when you meet goal!..

Comment #86


I hope you are doing well. I hope your truck is fixed up (well enough to make $ at least and be safe)..

U can probabaly use better shoes. when you start moving better, lets change that up - we'll help with that i'm sure..

Now I agree with everyone here on the plan. you have gotten tons of advice that has actually helped me as well. 1 quick question, have you talked to a Nutrisystem professional dietition? make sure what they think you should do matches up with what you have heard here..

If it is different - it could be based on your weight, activity level, age, and other factors - you need to make sure you are on the correct track. so just double check for health and safetly reasons. put down the remote, the Jets are going to win I guarantee, and give Nutrisystem a call tomorrow :-) make sure you are eating Nutrisystem food and the food you provide correctly and in the appropriate amounts...

Comment #87

Pam I only have the Phone camera, not sure how good that would be,and it could be done in front of the truck like the other one was, and that was done when I was 300 lbs, not even near 400lbs then, so basically double the size of that..

Now like Bob said and you too Pam was to get with a Nutrisystem dietician and check things out before I begin anything here until they give the okay on what I need to do as far as add ons and other things people my size may need to do, great advice, by the way BOB I have no remote as I have no TV in the truck, and yet I am a FOOTBALL JUNKIE, kinda sad I have no TV, had to sell it a few months back, but it has given me more time to read and play on the laptop..

My teams are the Gators and Dolphins, win or lose diehard fan.

Then maybe Hurricanes as a back up team, but they are a few years away.

Where would I start a thread for my journey as this seems to be that, but I do not know, and boy I would love to scale before I begin, but it will not stop me from beginning..

Off to the Waffle King, for 2 waffles and grits, maybe 3 scrambled eggs with chesse added on, NOT,JUST KIDDING, but what could I eat, bowl of oatmeal and a few scrambled eggs, or just oatmeal and toast (wheat), or both okay for now. No B&G, no waffles, even if I had sugar free syrup, no potatoes, what about meat, ham, or sausage patties or links, bacon????? No corn beef hash, right?.

Boy breakfast just got easier ,boring but easier..

My guess would be bowl of oatmeal and wheat toast.

And or scrambled w/toast or egg beaters scrambled, no grits.

Wel lall this made me hungry, be back soon.

God Bless..

Comment #88


A good breakfast is 1 egg, 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 piece of wheat toast (no butter) and a fruit. When you get your Nutrisystem items you can substitute a Nutrisystem breakfast item for the oatmeal or toast..

Oh and at least 1 glass of water. You can also have tea or coffee on top of the water...

Comment #89

Wow. I just got caught up, reading about 4 pages of posts in the last two days. There seems to be a lot of caring and helpful folks out there who really do want you to succede. Patrick, it seems from what you have written that your are really getting to understand the Nutrisystem program. Now, just start in small steps to include the plan into your crazy lifestyle. You know what or how to do it, now all you need to start is to begin by putting one foot in front of the other, and repeat.

Congratulations on the ability to walk out of the pub!.

Maybe your trucking company will help you to get the repairs done, or at least let you work it out. Your grasp on the weekly bills seems to be fine. Stretch the cash as far as it will go. Remember, walking costs less than eating, water costs nothing compared to any kind of purchased drink (including bottled water), fresh apples and bananas ususally cost less than prepared foods, etc..

Go hour by hour to control the hunger and temptations, go day by day to control the cash flow, go week by week to control the weight, go month by month to monitor the progress, and go year by year to live the rest of your life...

Comment #90


, copied from USPS tracking.

Arrival at Post Office, September 27, 2009, 12:21 pm, CORBIN, KY 40701.

Processed through Sort Facility, September 24, 2009, 8:04 pm, NASHUA, NH 03062.

Acceptance, September 24, 2009, 8:31 am, WESTBOROUGH, MA 01581.

Looks like tomorrow is the day....Good Luck..

Comment #91

Hey, Patrick...this was taken with my cell phone, so yours would come out good, too. Get someone to take it! We can't wait to see you fit in one leg of your pants, too!..

Comment #92

I am working on it Pam, will get it soon..

You know all these responses to my posts now makes me feel guilty if I cheat or quit again, like so many times before there was no one to answer to ,yet this time it feels like there are people out lurking and watching, and actually caring what happens to me and my success,man that is new to me and kinda cool and creepy all at the same time, but then who laid it all out for all to see , ME..

I did not leave too much out , name , phone#, email, heck even the town I was in all wknd., I lost the bid for the Nutrisystem food on Craiglist by the way, put up a real picture of me and my truck, and went crazy with putting down in writing the reasons behind some of my issues that make me eat and eat , and while I seem to be hanging on by a thread or fingernail, both financially, mentally, physically and businessly (is that a word) too, yet that does not matter here.

And why I feel that people here care for one another, no matter who you are or where you are from, that is way cool for me much appreciated..

That is why I feel nervous already, as I eliminated certain things already, but I feel scared and stupid all at the same time. I know now almost everything I need to succeed , why because of the response of all of you, you all answered my every question as soon as I ask it, and reading it here makes it sound so easy and simple, yet I why do I feel this way???.

So much happens tomorrow for me and I am scared to wake up and face it, I KNOW , MAN UP WIMP , DON'T KEEP BEING A LOSER ( bad choice of words, maybe shoulda used quitter), BUT......

Now my faith will be tested greatly tomorrow, as my entire life depends on a few things that need to be done, there are:.

1. the evaluation of my truckhow bad is it.

The outcome of those results could be devastating to me as follows:.

I could lose my home , yes my home.

Also lose my income potential, my truck.

Issue 1.

If the engine is gone , a rebuilt is over 8000 dollars or there abouts, way too much for me to afford, besides I still owe 1546.00 dollars to the finance company, so I would have to give it back to them, thus losing my home, and they already refused to refinance a new engine they said, but believe me I will be asking them again.

Issue 2.

My current employer evaluates my truck and then decides not to fix the "Rear Engine Seal", for what ever reason, that also leaves me in a situation where I may have to return the truck, because I can not drive anymore without getting it fixed now, it would be unsafe to do so, this job is about 2000 dollars ,maybe a hair less. And I have no money to do it anywhere else.

Issue 3.

They get into fixing my truck and find other problems and then they end up putting me deeper into debt with them, thus making my situation even bleaker than it is, as of now 2000 in debt to them is okay, but more than that could make me their slave for too long, (please remeber that in the last 8 weeks I only made 712.00, yet worked everyday, now do you see where I am nervous, and why I think I could end up being their slave for a long time), but I have no other choice , as who would fix my truck and bill me later, no one else, so I am stuck, and this worries me tremendously, as it should.

Isuue 4.

I also owe to the IRS 550.00 for a 2290, Heavy Vehicle Use tax, due back in July, but since I made no money since then, I have been unable to pay it. Now the fun begins because my company told me if I did not pay it by Sept. 30th , then they would be forced to take my License Plates away for non-payment of the 2290, as this is the law, if the current 2290 is not paid you can not get a License Plate in any state , now if the truck is fixed or they decide to fix it, then I will have to request the parent company to loan me the money to get my 2290, because of 2 reasons, 1 being that myagent fixed my truck and will need me running to get his money back, and 2 because I have been loyal and working hard for the last 8 wks and should have earned the money for the 2290 but did not, so I feel that I should at least be entitled to the company having my back and loaning me the money to get the 2290 to allow me to keep working, to me the only fair solution to this issue.....

Results : if they do not loan me the money for the 2290, then I will lose my License Plates and not be able to work anymore till the 2290 is paid, and most likely fired too ...(note that I can not go else where to work either without a current 2290, and companies do pay them for you, but some take out a deduction to help you pay for them before they come due, but mine did not ).

Truck issues :.

1. at persent are a Blown Rear Engine Seal.

2. Fuel getting into the oil.

3. 1 bald Drive Tire.

4. My batteries are dead and dying all 4 of them.

5 the invertor that ran my fridge and microwave overheted and blew.

Meaning that my fridge and micro are temporarily out till I replace the batteries and get a new invertor, about 400-600, till then I have really good jumper cables for my batteries, and no fridge and micro ( but all truckstops have micro's I can use and I do have a back-up smaller cooler I can use).

See how much will take place tomorrow, Monday, and that is just the bigger issues I must confront, there are smaller things I must do and will not mention here, but only a few may cause any real trouble..

I also get the package from John too, but must wait for the Nutrisystem people to get with me on how much add ons I may need, I held off on my shopping as having no fridge and not knowing the extent of damage to my truck yet, I felt it was wise to wait. Without my fridge and micro in the truck it makes things tougher, but definelty not impossible, just imagine going into a truckstop and heating your Nutrisystem meals everyday, no problem right, right, as it will become habit in time. It also will get me walking too, so I must get out and heat each meal, tough when I am use to closing the door and driving 4-6 hours straight without stopping,as this is what I do for a living drive,and on the average I must drive about 10-11 hours a day, which sometimes takes 12-16hrs to do, thou leagally I do it all in 14 hrs of course. But then some days I have no trip and others I drive onlys 4-5 hrs and sit around for 8-10hrs waiting to load or unload, so when I begin this Nutrisystem it will be a challenge to keep up the every2-3 hour rule of eating and not eating 2-3 hrs before bed, as my bed time changes daily, and somedays I only get naps, no real 8hr sleep time, and even thou I been trying to get on a more regular schedule it has not worked out for me, yet..

Now even with that schedule I honestly feel Nutrisystem can work with some really good planning and some major sacrifices on my part to help make it work, but it should be doable, as I was not ready yet, but I now believe putting it off is a cop-out and I am tired of waiting till next week or the week after,and then next month,nope it starts now, with Nutrisystem food for a week anyway, then after that week Imust stick to Nutrisystem type foods, but most importantly if I could stick with water and do some walking, avoid the soda and B&G, fastfoods and find healthy food to eat and snack on every few hrs like Nutrisystem , that I will be ready for Nutrisystem when I can get a few months of it, and also know with doubt that I can easily do it too, because I have been. Now I also must sacrifice nowand start to make myself eat salad, at least lettuce for now,o therwise this whole plan will be extremely difficult, impossible no, but without eating salad as filler I will be at a disadvantage from those who do eat salad, for many of you stated already that when hungry you eat plenty of salad, so I too must learn to eat it, MAN UP AND EAT IT, and this may taker a few weeks to overcome 46yrs of never eating salad before, but for this I am praying for Gods help to change my palate ,as only he can,enough on this okay as I feel the love here and the support, and that also will help me ,thanks.

Let me post what I wrote as before and see how it looks and see if it is as bad as I think it is, but this time I do think I have alot on my mind for tomorrow and my worries may be justified, but still Imust confront them each and everyone.

More to come on my worries and fear..

Comment #93

Lord what a mess I made for myself, 450lbs man. Now I must buckle up for the long drive back down the weight loss road, with or with Nutrisystem (with in time), I will get the habits necessary to succeed and begin overcoming the 46yrs of very bad eating habits , such as no vegatables or salads..

Why is this so important ,because you all say this part of the plan is where you get your filler , like me and my truck when we fill up,you all get the hunger taken care of by eating enough veggies and salads , because it is the recomendations of the Nutrisystem plan to do so, and if I stay just drinking my veggies with V8's how will I be able to tackle my hunger, I can't keep drinking V8's can I..

No I must adapt, and learn to eat some filler food, the one I chose for my 1st veggie to overcome is lettuce or some leafy type of salad, with possible salad dressing to help me to enjoy it, as I must do to get skinnier, I must change, no maybe allowed, so salad will be my 1st real test, heck I quit smoking after 20+ tears of smoking this should be a breeze no?.

Am I right here,or is there somehting else I can do, as that entire veggie list I have not eaten from at all my entire life, and yes I tried some things a few times and the results then were not pretty, but lettuce has no real tatse,so it seems the logical place to start, because collard greens with vinegar, is absolutely not getting into me, same as cauliflower and brussell sprouts, and these arethe things you use for filler, so I too must find a few items that I too can overcome the dislike for and learn to eat them, maybe brocolli or green beans, items not so bad on the tatste side of things, and could be prepared a few ways too, but when this mission is complete and I eat regularly even a plain lettuce salad and even a veggie or 2, then I am going to start to accellerate the weight coming off, and be eating better too..

By the way this post and the one above both are not going to be easy things to overcome, but I really feel with everyone here and God's help and my desire to lose weight and to also make a living that things will fall into place and I will succeed, if not then find out why and fix it so I can , as I hear that one should never never give up, as for me giving up means certain death, and I love waking up each day and living, so no surrender this time..

I hope that it will be as easy as eveyone says,well most everyone, some sayit will be tough, and it will be, but me and only me can do this for me, a desire to do it means nothing without actions, knowing how means nothing without actions, so what do I get form this, I need action now, no talk the time for actions is now , even if they are 1 step at a time, just like walking, then later running, but if I don't try it will not work.....

Time for bed, I put it offf long enough , and when I wake tomorrow I will deal with each thing as it comes and God will guide me thru it all..

Thanks everyone, really thx..

Comment #94

I been up for awhile waiting for the phone call or the Boss to come by the truckstop, nothing yet ,I left a message for him to call me, this has me even nervouser if that can be,.

Had 1 20oz bottle of water and will now go inside to get a cup of coffee, andlook for something at Mc D's ,maybe breafast wrap, then again maybe nothing, I think they have banana's, must try very hard to stay on path, the very least being no soda, and some walking no matter how little , but at least get it up to 30 minutes a day minimum ..

Still waiting for Nutrisystem to get back to me concerning the extra add ons I may need to,but it is still early,my luck the lady I emailed is on vacation this week, just kidding if I do not hear from her today I will call them tomorrow,as I am serious ,really I am , and hopefully my actions will soon show it too , more so for me than y'all but , glad to have y'all there,as some weird way it helps..

More later today when I find out how itis going,wish me luck..

Comment #95

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