Does anyone know how many points red bull is on the Nutrisystem diet?

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Question I have... Does anyone know how many points red bull is on the Nutrisystem diet? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Since Nutrisystem, I got off the nasty fattening foods - GOOD. I now understand why it's important to eat vegetables and fruit EVERY DAY not just once in awhile - I finally get that - GOOD. I definitely see the benefits of Nutrisystem and how it could work, but I'm not sure it's the program for me.

I don't really like all the food that much and eating packaged food every day - especially the shelf items are starting to get to me. (only on week 2!) I would definitely struggle through them if I felt the weight was coming off but I'm not seeing the weight loss. I know it's too soon to tell - I lost weight in the first week but I really think that was water loss and the fact of going from eating enormous amounts of fattening foods - I think that would have been the results on ANY diet I was on. But for days and days to go and NO results - not even an ounce and seeing how so many people report only losing 2 pounds in 3 weeks - I could certainly lose weight that slow all on my own without eating Nutrisystem foods I didn't like! I know - I know - some people have great success and have lost a lot of weight - I am talking about ME and how my body is reacting to this program..

I also just realized that almost ALL of the food items contain some sort of bread item - either it's wrapped in breading, a rice, pasta, macaroni, mashed potatoes, pizza, wrap, pancake, cereal, etc. etc. I NEVER ate this much bread/starch - 4 times a day! In fact I trained myself NOT to eat that much starch! I think my body is not used to it and that's why I am not losing weight. And it doesn't "feel" healthy with all this starch. EVERY MEAL you have some sort of starch - breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Which, BTW, I was never in the practice of eating dessert but Nutrisystem gives me one every day so I eat it! So I am actually training myself TO eat dessert when I didn't before - where is the logic in that??? Don't get me wrong - I look forward to my dessert every day, but I was never one to eat much dessert.

So - is this really training me correctly?.

I always feel so BLOATED making my clothes feel tight which makes me feel fat and like I'm not doing anything healthy for myself. I'm just not sure about the packed food thing with all the preservatives (could it really be that good for you?) and all this starch - just not sure. Well, I have the food and will continue with it for the remainder of this package, just not sure I am going to continue after this one time. I just bought the book the 17 day diet - I might try that and see if that's a better route for me. The main goal is for all of us to find a way that works for US, right! I'm going to give it a little more time I guess...

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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First of all, good job on the weight loss so far!.

As far as the 'starch,' rememberNutrisystemis low glycemic index, not low carb. It focuses on HEALTHY carbs, which is a whole different thing than white bread, white rice, sugary snacks, etc..

The bloating gets better, a lot of people take Bean-o to help with that..

It's really up to you. I wouldn't say I LOVE the food, but this is by far the program that works for me. I reached and maintained my first goal (maintained withoutNutrisystemfood), am back onNutrisystemfood to reach my ideal running weight. It is working! I tried in vane to do it 'on my own' and was getting no where..

Good luck in your decision, no one diet is right for everyone, that's for sure...

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I agree that we all need to find the plan that works for us. For some that is Nutrisystem, for some it's Weight Watchers, or South Beach, etc. That said, however, I really think 2 weeks is not enough time to fairly evaluate whether this plan is working for you. I had a very slow start on NS, but have gone on to lose 23 of the approximately 30 pounds I wanted to lose. Do I love all of the food? No way, but I love losing weight more than I want to eat the foods I like that aren't so good for me..

I knew what foods I needed to eat and what foods I needed to avoid, but before I started NS, I didn't do it. I'm guessing that you didn't either. If you're looking for a quick fix, or a painless fix,Nutrisystemisn't it. If you're looking for a proven plan that is healthy and workable, stick with Nutrisystem and start looking at the Food Tips thread for ways to customize the foods so that you like them better. And I don't agree that all the meals contain bread I've found very few of them that have breading. Perhaps you need to look at customizing your order to get fewer of the things you don't like.

You can, too...

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[But wouldn't you much rather be able to eat yummy carbs].

Yes, except I don't think the foods are yummy! lol I'm just venting - I don't know - I'm obsessed with wanting the pounds to come off quickly, that's for sure. I just need to stop obsessing about it..

Thanks for reminding me about the HEALTHY carbs - but it does seem like more starch than I was used to...

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Starch is bad. Low glycemic carbs (aka complex carbohydrates) are not bad or evil. Carbs are necessary and important for energy. They are what give your body the fuel it needs to function. Complex carbs are digested slower by your body and don't have the same effect on your blood sugars..

A healthy diet should be 40-50% healthy carbs, 25-35% proteins and 20-30% healthy fat. You will see variations on these percentages by about 5-10% depending on what study you read. If you are body building, then protein will be a higher percentage..

The bloating is not from the preservatives. Not all of the foods have preservatives in them. Were you not eating any foods with preservatives pre NS? The bloating is from the additional fiber in not only the meals, but also in the fruits and vegetables you are consuming. Most people adjust within a few weeks. The dietitians have posted Q&A's on this under the FAQ sticky at the top of the forum in the Dietitian's Corner..

What's the sense in making you eat dessert? Because eating 5-6+ small meals per day is better for overall health and weight loss and maintenance than eating 3 or fewer meals per day. It keeps your blood sugars stable and your metabolism running. You can sub a dairy/protein and fruit for theNutrisystemdessert if you don't want to eat it..

This may not be the plan for you. It's not for everyone. Like you said, almost any weight loss plan will lead to weight loss. The key is finding a plan that teaches you how to eat healthy for life so that you can maintain it. Many view this as a lifestyle change and learn how to eat properly using their own foods. If this isn't the one for you, then feel free to try another plan that you think will work better...

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Perhaps if you can train yourself to stop thinking of carbs as starch and remember that there is such a thing as healthy carbs, it would help you to feel less worried about this plan? Bottom line is that with eating the right kind of carbs, it is still possible to lose weight..

Read some of the testimonials and you'll see that it really does work if you want it bad enough to work the program. As PamSB (one of NS's great success stories) said on her page "I'd have eaten the cardboard boxes the food came in to lose the weight". I'm paraphrasing, so my apologies if I misquoted, but I think the gist of it is correct...

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You didn't put the pounds on quickly, they will not come off quickly...

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Sorry you aren't happy with the program..

I LOVE IT!!! Starting week 6 tomorrow. Take a look - I'm down (only) 10# but I'm still thrilled. I love the food (I dress it up my own way), so I'll take yours!!.

Send it my way!..

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Personally, I wouldn't stay with any program/company that I wasn't completely delighted with and satisfied by, but that is just me...

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You've lost 4 pounds in two weeks - right at the top of the healthy weekly average, yet you are not happy. If you continue with your obsession with instant gratification re: quick weight loss, then you will not be satisfied with any healthy weight loss plan. Alternatively, if you shift your attitude, you will be satisfied and that can lead to long term success...

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You might as well give it a full month since you already have the food, then decide. To be honest I thought the program didn't work when I started, but after adjusting it did...

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I've just started this program (on day 8 now) and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm trying to take on a new attitude to weight loss. I used to be looking for that quick fix (lose as much weight as possible, as quick as possible), but I realized, I didn't gain 50+ lbs overnight, I gained it over years and years, so I have to change my thinking and plan for losing weight slowly, but surely and focusing on this as a life change. I must be lucky because I haven't experienced any of this bloating or gas that I read so much about. I did eat lots of veggies/fruit beforeNutrisystem(along with lots of pies, cakes, pastries, creamy pastas and ice cream!)..

I am also trying to control my obsession with the scale and am limiting myself to the recommended once-a-week weigh-in. Today was my first weigh-in and I've lost 5lbs already! I'm quite excited. I've been drinking my 8 glasses of water so I'm not sure if this is water weight or what I'm losing, but it's encouraging. I know that this rapid weight loss won't sustain itself each week, but if I even just lose that 1lb a week, that's still great prognosis for the end of 2011..

What I like best aboutNutrisystemis that it is so convenient, I don't have to put foods in the fridge/freezer (I'm using theNutrisystemCanada) so I can bring my foods anywhere, and it allows one to still have dairy (I love my milk!), veggies and fruit, thereby instilling a healthy lifestyle. I agree it's not for everyone, but for those of us with a sweet tooth, it's great having the desserts to look forward to every night..

Best of luck to everyone and let's all continue to support each other as lifestyle changes don't happen overnight...

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Well, today is day 11 and if I would have seen a weight loss and stayed there, maybe I would be OK, but this week my scale has gone up and down - today it's up - I am not even at the 4 lbs I originally lost - which is why I think that was just showing a water loss for that day and not true loss. At day 11, I would have expected a true weight loss of 4 or 5 lbs and I'm not there. I suppose I could go and change my ticker scale to what it is today but my scale is all over the place so I'm just going to leave it where it is for now. And no, I don't see changes anywhere else - my clothes are just as tight..

I originally went on the program because I have a friend who lost 60 lbs on NS. The pounds just MELTED off of her like butter in a frying pan! LOL (unfortunately, she put the weight back on but that's another story!) I thought if it worked for her it could work for me because I know once I lose the weight I'm confident I can keep it off - I just have to GET it off. I don't care HOW I do it, I just need to do it. And my objective right now is to do it as quick as possible..

So it's not that I don't believeNutrisystemworks - I have seen someone lose on it with my own eyes. I'm just not sure if there's something in the combination of foods that isn't right for MY body make up - I don't know if that's even possible! Maybe it's just in my head! But something doesn't appear to be right with not losing weight. I'm not giving up yet - I'm not even done with the first month so I will give it that time and then reassess where I am, and if I'm not happy, then try something else. If that happens, I'll report back to let you know if something else works better for me, or if it's the same results asNutrisystemwith another program. Maybe it works really well for some but not all, I have no idea. I have no problem eating my words ifNutrisystemturns out to work just as well or be the better program.

So, to be continued.......

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What is wrong with patience? How about giving yourself 30 weeks to lose 30 lbs and just enjoying the process and the learning experience?..

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We all want to snap our fingers or blink our eyes and have the weight fall off. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way..

Have you called and spoken to a counselor to make sure you are following the program correctly? Some people need to modify things to make it work. PamSB lost 105 pounds, but she didn't lose anything the first two weeks on the program..

Any medications or underlying health issues (thyroid, etc) that could be contributing?..

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Quick weight loss is not especially healthy. TheNutrisystemplan takes the weight off steadily by lowering your calorie intake and keeping your blood sugars steady to help avoid bing eating or overeating..

Forget the idea that weight loss should be quick and you'll have a better time. It is really FUN to watch the weekly trend downward..

Do what you have to do, but be realistic. And take care of yourself...

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Yeah.....I suppose if I was just trying to lose weight, it would not be this big an issue - I know it will eventually come off it I am doing all the right things. But I admit - I AM stressing myself out because I have to be somewhere next month and I can't let my friends see me this fat! They'll tell me I got fat to my face too, and I can't bear to go through that! I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but no one likes to be fat in the first place, and certainly you don't want to be told you are either! lol They're not saying it to be MEAN - it's just their culture - saying you got fat is just like saying "oh - you changed your hair color." I can't change their culture - it's just different than mine and that's how it is - I just don't want to hear it...

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Let's face it... most of us love food. So the process of reprogramming all our habits of turning to food because we're happy, sad, bored, etc will take a long time..

Food isn't something we deserve, it is a necessity..

So if the weight comes off super fast and easy, then the re-programming won't stick and we'll be right back here, or at WW or some other diet program..

Settle into the routine...learn to eat at home more and get creative with vegetables. These changes are the ones that will keep you in your skinny jeans for more than just one season..

And not losing weight is also not gaining weight... so what would be happening if you weren't on NS?.

Good luck, and if it doesn't work when you follow the plan to the letter see your doctor and get the bloodwork done. (Try doing it without eating out or drinking alcohol for a week...that's when I see the best results.)..

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Are you weighing yourself every day? If so, you're going to see ups and downs and if that drives you crazy, then don't weigh every day..

I don't think it'sNutrisystemthat you're not satisfied with, it is the fact that you are not dropping the weight quickly, in time for your 'place to be' next month. I don't think anything will probably get you to a 32 pound loss in a month's time, do you? You already know your friends will say something about gaining weight, so when they do just say, yes I have a plan in place to take care of that, or I know I'm doing something about it. A few people have said something to me about my weight gain so I understand what you mean about not wanting to hear it, but at the same time, if it's next month, just stick with NS, see what foods you like, etc. stay on the boards and you will start losing..

All the best to you!.


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Just wondering:.

1. You knew you were gaining weight or over weight for awhile, right?.

2. You've known about this meeting with the people that obviously control how you feel about yourself for awhile, right?.

3. You wait until a MONTH before you are to meet with these regulators of your self-esteem and then insist upon losing a pound a day to meet their expectations..

Am I missing something here?..

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Are you losing weight for others alone, or are you losing weight because of the health benefits to you? People who lose weight to please others are likely to be the ones to gain back whatever is lost..

I bet those perfect "friends" have some problem but they don't let it get to them or deprive them of social contacts. You are so right; you can't change them but you can change the way you see yourself. I'm sure you have many positive qualities you're not seeing simply because you are wanted others to validate you on external appearances..

Skip the meeting with those shallow people and focus upon yourself if you can't get past them commenting on your weight. Your health is important. Chances are good that they are concerned about you but you are letting what they say build up into a massive beating on your self esteem..

There is an old maxim in communication that says the message is in the mind of the receiver. Words are said but the receiver interprets them. Start changing the way you interpret things...

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Honestly....I was in total denial about the weight I had gained. I work out of my home so I am in sweats everyday - I can just eat away and still fit into my comfy clothes. It was just recently that when I dress to go out with friends I was having a problem fitting into my clothes and I've had to buy some new bigger sizes. And that's what hit me in the face. And especially recent pictures - oh my!!!! Could I REALLY look like that!!!! I really didn't think it was that bad - how many people don't want to face that! But, yes, it IS that bad! So while I was gaining, I didn't pay attention or didn't WANT to pay attention. Who knows WHY we do what we do.

And yeah, BTW - I think you are missing a lot! Being overweight and the emotions that go with it are REAL! Why are you condemning me if I don't like hearing someone tell me I am fat? WHO wants to hear that! The problem is - THEY ARE RIGHT!!! Do you REALLY think society accepts overweight people? REALLY????? Does that mean that I'm allowing society to be regulators of my self-esteem...OK...whatever!!!! That's the world I live in. I'd rather be fat. I'd rather eat cheeseburgers and pizza and Ben and Jerry's every day. Because I like fattening food. But people don't look their best when they are overweight. Why? Because that's what society has taught me - and everyone else.

But if being fat was what society deemed was appropriate - I probably would BE FAT!! I'm being VERY honest here - from the bottom of my heart. Are YOU? You can't say we're not here because we don't want to look better for ourselves AND also how others see us. If that wasn't the case, I think we'd ALL be fat because who doesn't like to eat! So, give me a break!!! LOL..

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NS is a plan aimed at 1-2 pounds per week loss for the average person. So maybe it's not for you..

You could always take the biggest loser approach, cut your calories way back, and hit the gym 3 or 4 hours a day with a personal trainer. That's the way they lose a pound or more a day...

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Nobody said that being overweight and the emotions that go with it are not real. What is also real is how you react to and interpret what is being said to you. If you know you are sensitive to what these so-called friends are going to say to you, why would you go to the event and put yourself in that position? Talk about setting yourself up for failure!.

If you'd rather be fat, go ahead! Nobody here is going to try to change your mind. Being fat or thin is a personal choice. I am personally fat, but one thing I do know is that I definitely do not want to be and am trying to work toward not being fat..

Of course a lot of people like the way fattening foods taste, but if I've seen it once I've seen it a thousand times on these boards in the short time I have been here, nothing tastes as good as thin feels! IMHO!..

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I think you are beautiful! PURRRR!! I kinda liked to eat yummy foods too, love KFC etc. and I probably would still be doing that if I didn't get a diagnosis of diabetes for Christmas. I am here to save my eyesight, my feet, my kidneys, etc. and if I lose 30 or 40 pounds in the process, that's all good! So far I am extremely happy with the whole program, all the foods are edible and some I actually liked! (Wanted to eat 4 of them even...LOL).

Dale (60 yo male)..

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Yes, I am being honest. I was 230 pounds. I was fat. I knew I was fat. I knew I was eating things that were wrong for me. I didn't give a rat's ass what others thought or said...honestly.

I just decided one day that I was tired of being fat, I didn't want to be fat into my 60s like I was in my 50s and I decided to do something about it. You are right, however, we are all motivated by different things. Whatever works to get us to our best us (whether it comes from inside or outside ourselves)..

After I had lost 105 pounds, one of my old-time legal clients saw me for the first time in a long time (230 to 125) and said "Pam, you look like a normal person!" I laughed and said "You are right!" And, he was...

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I believe eating healthy and maintaining a reasonably normal weight for HEALTH reasons is definitely NUMBER ONE. But hasn't anyone ever thought of it as to WHY you want to look a certain way? When I fit into a size 8 dress or pants and I don't see all the rolls and curves - I feel WONDERFUL! I LOVE going into any store and trying on anything and it looks good! OMG - YES - that feels better than anything could possibly taste! But why? Am I wearing that dress for myself? Yeah, it feels good - I feel like I look good - I'm happy! But am I going to sit home by myself with that sexy dress on so I could look at myself all night? NO!! I'm going to go out on the town and flaunt my sexy body in that dress and love every minute of that. That's my whole point!!! Yes, we are number one to ourselves and how we feel about ourselves is the MOST important thing, but I don't think people are being honest if they are saying there's not a thought at all about how others see them. I think EVERYBODY - all the models, all of Hollywood would choose to be fat if it were the other way around. But that's not considered attractive. I didn't create the society, I just live in it.

Thank you all for listening to my rants! It helps to speak what is on your mind so I appreciate the feedback!..

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Congratulations!!! I know what a task it is to lose 105 pounds!!!! See - what's considered "normal" is what society dictates. We all want to feel like we fit in like we are accepted..

30 years ago I weighed at my highest at 204. I pretty much have kept it off - gone a little up and down - most of those years in between I weighed around 150 which I can live with. Once I think I got to 170 but I was able to lose the 20 lbs. without a problem. So, I haven't weighed this much in 30 years! I got addicted to fast food. I really believe that food addiction is REAL! I was eating ENORMOUS amounts of fast food! I don't normally eat like that - I don't know what happened! I craved it all the time! Now - I have NO DESIRE to ever eat fast food again! I hope I stay this way! I swear - there is something in the food that is keeping America addicted. I said this before, but I view it as addicting as cigarettes - and JUST AS BAD for you if not more...

Comment #28

But, my point is, I never cared what anyone else considered "normal" or even cared about what they thought. No, I don't believe everyone would be fat if it wasn't for societal expectations, I don't believe that at all! I hated being fat...I hated not feeling good in my body...I hated the rashes in the summer time under my rolls of fat, under my breasts, etc. I hated the way I felt. I live in Santa Barbara and have clients in the movie and recording industries (my husband owned a large recording studio in Hollywood for many years and our clients were all of the major artists of the 60s and 70s), so I, too, was in the CA beautiful people arena...but that didn't make a hill of beans difference to me. What anyone else thought, what anyone else expected, that was THEIR problem, not mine. I had to want this for me, not for anyone else.

Five years today is my anniversary since last french fry (a feat I would have never imagined in my lifetime). I know where you are coming from there..

Where we just disagree is on the motivation for being thin and fit. To me, it had to come from within, or it would have never happened. Cause, no one else mattered...

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That's it right there! Finally an answer!.

Stress can make you GAIN 5 pounds in a week from nothing other than STRESS and the hormones it makes you body produce!! Stress will kill you on the scale...I've heard Jillian Micheals say this over and over. YOU are panicked and wanted to drop 15 pounds in 2 weeks and it's just not going to happen..

This shouldn't have been something you did for an occasion...seriously it has to be a life choice and a change for LIFE. If you don't want to hear it from you friends then stay home and skip the event. Otherwise go...own your weight and tell them all to take a flying gained weight, it's coming back off slowly and safely and shut their pie-holes!..

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I agree with Pam..

For me I wasn't going to be successful until I really wanted to lose the weight..

It was a light bulb that came on inside of me and I decided at that point, that I was going to do this and I didn't doubt that I could..

Even though it bothered me what others might of thought of me it wasn't enough..

It may sound strange but losing weight can feel selfish. I put myself first, if it inconvenienced others who wanted to go out to restaurants, who had parties which revolved around unhealthy choices, I excluded myself. I needed to make sure that I was healthy for ME. I wanted to enjoy my life and take responsibility for my choices and my life..

It is okay, if this program isn't for you. No one can convince you it is, if you don't think it is. So, just try and stay away from the bad foods (Fast Food), exercise more, eat better.Nutrisystemjust makes it easier, at least for me..

Good luck!..

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I think this is absolutely true - you might start out doing this for others but to be able to really stick to it and do what it takes to lose the weight you have to want it for yourself. I want to be slimmer and feel good about myself for ME! I would definitely not chose to be fat if that is what the norm was for society - I was fat and hated every minute of it. There are just way too many ways to make good tasting healthy foods to have to say if you want to eat good you have to eat the fattening foods. (I have had to learn this - finally).

To the Original Poster (OP) I really hope you have or will call a counselor to make sure you are doing the plan right, sometimes it is the little things we miss that makes such a difference...

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I don't think it is odd for an occasion to be the catalyst to start weight loss. It's pretty darned normal in fact - think wedding, reunion, family pictures, meeting your ex's new girlfriend.....

But I do agree that if you want to keep the weight off, you need more than an occasion - you need a long term attitude..

My catalyst was clothes. I was changing sizes AGAIN!!! and didn't want to go up another size. I lost the weight and ended up changing sizes, but the other way..

Use what works for you but make it work FOR YOU! Good luck with it. The plan works!!..

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I REALLY like to eat! I LOVE pepperoni pizza! I could eat a whole pizza in one sitting - no problem! I would eat pizza every day if I could. But you cannot maintain a certain weight by eating like that! Therefore, I believe that for myself, if society was the other way around and thought that being fat was beautiful, I would probably be fat and LOVE every minute of it because I could eat everything I wanted! haha So basically you're saying that if society considered fat to be the norm, you would still choose not to eat those other foods because you prefer to be thin - that's cool! It's hard to even imagine a world like that, but if were the case, I'd jump on the bandwagon in a heartbeat! LOL..

Comment #34

Fat for the norm..

Diabetes for the norm..

Heart attacks for the norm..

66 percent of American's overweight according to the National Institute of Health..

Yep, I think society does consider fat to be the norm..

I just choose to not be the norm...

Comment #35

Good point, PamSB!! I think you're right! lol.

Maybe I am stressing myself out! OK - I will put my scale away for a few days, I'll eat healthy, feel healthy, BE healthy. And wait until next week to weight myself!..

Comment #36

A friend just sent this to me - think it hits the nail on the head!.

It takes courage to reinvent joys, to reinvent opportunities, to reinvent dreams, to reinvent connections, to reinvent hopes that you have set aside..

~Mary Anne Radmacher..

Comment #37

If you are stressed and the scale messes with your mind. I would put it away for a month..

If you do things right, your body will have no choice but to lose. However, it does it on it's time frame..

Why not choose a date a month from now. Select a gift for yourself (It can be anything you want except bad food) and when you weigh yourself on that date and see it is working.. celebrating by getting the reward you chose for yourself. Treat your body like you want to be in it for a long time..

You can do this! Get excited about becoming the new you...

Comment #38

It takes maturity to say "OK, I'm here, and I want to be there" and then taking the 1st determined step witih your own foot onto that road, regardless of whether or not anyone's looking...

Comment #39

I seem to do better with the weight loss when I focus more on staying 100% to plan then when I focus on losing a set amount of weight in a certain time frame...

Comment #40

You know, I've been thinking about this, and I have to say, I wasn't fat by most people's standards when I started NS. I was heavier than I'd been before, but when I told people I was starting NS, they all said, "What for? You aren't overweight! You don't need to diet!" But I didn't like what I saw in the mirror, and I knew that I had formed some bad habits in my eating that needed to change. So I tried NS, and it worked. I've lost almost 30 lbs, and I look better than I have in years. I actually fit into my prom dress when I went home for Christmas (I graduated HS 2o yrs ago). I was thin in high school.

But what keeps me withNutrisystemis not how much weight I've lostthat's fantastic but I can honestly say that I would be on this diet/maintenance plan even if I hadn't lost weight. Why? Because I FEEL better. My health has improved in significant and notable ways. I love pizza more than anyone else I know, and could have eaten it for three meals a day every single day until I died and been happy. *BUT* I wouldn't have been healthy, and until starting NS, I had no idea that I had completely lost touch with what that felt like..

MaybeNutrisystemisn't for you, OP. I don't know, but it has worked wonders for me...

Comment #41

Of course we care about how we look. It is just one of many reasons I decided to lose weight. But, my health and how I feel when I'm overweight are very important other reasons. But I know that my motivation really is to be good to my body and thus myself..

I guess I'm lucky. People, my family and friends would never comment on my being overweight. Of course they noticed but were too polite to ever say something about me being overweight. To be successful at this or any other program you have to be doing it for yourself. If your friends are critical of you for being overweight they are wanting to feel better about themselves at your expense..

Be patient with your body, your not going to lose it in one month onNutrisystemor any other good program. I lost my 20+ lbs over 4 months time and used that time to learn how to eat so that my body can be healthy, strong and slim. If that pleases the people around me great! (It does!).

The frosting on the cake is looking good in my new smaller size clothes. I hope you stick with this because it does work. And I hope you can do it for yourself and not worry about anyone else's opinion of how you look...

Comment #42

Well, one thing I CAN say - besides caring about weight loss, besides fitting into smaller clothes - eating healthy I FEEL better! Whether it's NS, WW or on your own - it really does make a big difference. I was saying Oh, I could eat pizza and hamburgers and fries every day and be fat and happy if it was "in", but in all reality - I felt like CRAP when I was eating crap! I think I was just fantasizing about a world where you and eat what you want, be fat and it was considered beautiful, and STILL feel good and healthy at the same time! And while I'm at it, why don't we be millionaires at the same time! LOL Sure, the food tastes good at the moment but my body was got so wacked out by eating so badly. I never felt like that in my life! I was so drained all the time - I had to take two and three naps a day I couldn't keep my eyes open! I thought there was something really wrong with me. But all of that is GONE! I wake up, I'm wide awake, I have energy - I sleep well at night. So I THINK I would like to eat all that fattening food, but I really did feel horrible when I did. There has to be something seriously bad in all that fast food and so many Americans continue to eat it on a daily basis...

Comment #43

LOL! Well, yes, fantasy is fun! And I wish everyone would actually see/feel how junky food without lots of fruits, veggies, and grains makes them feel, but I think they're numb to it after doing it for so long. I only noticed it when I ate better, and then reverted back to old habits...

Comment #44

I just got home from Disneyland, and let me tell you, fat is the norm!.

I, for one, would never pick fat over fit. Even though it was only 20 pounds, I felt awful being fat. I was tired, sluggish and lacking in energy. And if anyone tries to say a muffin top is beautiful, then I will know they are crazy...

Comment #45

Hey, wait...we've been conditioned that muffin tops are "unsightly." There's nothing wrong with a few lumps, wrinkles, or sags, depending on your age, weight loss/gains in the past, and body make-up. We, as women, need to quash that little line of thought!!.

And of course it applies to the guys too!..

Comment #46

Sorry, Katie, but nobody conditioned me to think muffin tops were unsightly. I came to that conclusion all on my own. I don't think cellulite is beautiful, either...

Comment #47

Kdona, I have read all of this and was not going to say anything but I just must share. It seems you are a bit conflictedfirst, you say you are doing this for looks and then it for health, and back and forth. I think what you want is to be not fat for the looks but know it will be a healthier lifestyle also. I can truly relate to thisI have fought my weight all my life and spent 32 years working and trying to keep the weight under control. My last 11 years were pretty high profile and I worked with pencil thin women dressed to the "nines". I felt I had to keep up with them so anything I did about my weight was for looks, not health.

So, that's what I did and put on 50 pounds. What I found was that when we traveled, I felt terrible, didn't have energy to site see and was miserableblood pressure meds, high cholesterol, etc. When I woke up and decided to do NS, for once it had nothing to do with looks and all to do with my healththat is why I believe I will keep it off for lifebeing smaller and wearing cute clothes is fine but again, I am traveling and no one really caresmy husband loves me however I am and that is a true statement, not just pretty words. So, I think it is going to be much more difficult to lose and keep it off unless you are really more concerned about health than looks. That's just my opinionno one has to agree with me..

Comment #48

Any program will work if you work it. Even just eating salad and tunafish. You've started this thing now, so why not give it a shot and run it a couple months? Do you want to get slim or find the perfect program and experiment with dieting. Why not just go with what you're doing and succeed?..

Comment #49

I think you and I are pretty similar kdona! I startedNutrisystemroughly 5 weeks ago and also had my hesitations since I honestly truly loved eating bad foods. I live downtown with no car and thus no easy access to grocery stores.. so my life consisted of fast food and take-out. For example, I walk to work and half way there's a McDonalds "walk-through" where you can doorbell and order from the sidewalk. I would order on my way to work and on my way home.. enough that I ended up getting a McDonald's loyalty card..

I just couldn't help it.. it would just be chinese buffet one night, pizza the next, etc. etc. and I thought I was in heaven..

However, after deciding to go onNutrisystem(which I'll explain why in a second) my mentality to food has completely changed. I can't even think to eat junk food anymore because I realized that it truly was an addiction.. an addiction to the fat and sodium content. Once I completely cut it out I had no more cravings. I then knew that I didn't actually like it.. I was just used to eating this way and it was time to change.

So why did I decide to go on NS? Probably like you.. because I was ashamed to see my friends and have them tell me how fat I've gotten. To be honest, I avoided going to things just to avoid these situations. I knew I was fat but hearing someone say it to me would really hurt me. But a few weeks after being on the program it wasn't about them anymore it was about me. I didn't care what people thought anymore as I was happy to finally be doing something about my weight..

I don't even really care to check the scales anymore because I'm just thrilled that I finally have my energy back. I now go to the gym 5 times a week and LOVE IT.. something that I despised doing in the past. So I've decided not to stress about whether am I losing weight too slow one week over the next as I'm just grateful thatNutrisystemhas given me a platform to start LIVING...

Comment #50

Kristi, our recent culture has been conditioned that "thin" and "smooth" is bestit's been happening to you since you were a girl baby. Ever heard of Barbie?..

Comment #51

OMG - I have never heard of a McDonald's walk through and a McDonald's loyalty card! I keep on saying this - but I swear these fast food companies are just like the tobacco companies!!! These people WANT you to be fat!!! It's good for business!!!.

Thank you, aiekon!!! It does not feel good to hear someone say "boy, you got fat!" You all are thinking boy are those people CREUL, but guess what - I HATED to hear it but it kept me on track! If I started to put on weight, they let me know! AND I did something about it instead of letting it get out of control like it is now! Certainly it's not pleasant to hear, but maybe a little kick in the butt once in awhile isn't so horrible afterall? Is it better to have your friends NOT say anything? I don't know. If no one is honest with you, then it's possible not to be honest with yourself and go into denial and that's what I did! It takes a real friend to tell you that! I don't think I could tell someone - to be honest! LOL.

I would rather just not have put on this weight and not deal with it at all! LOL But since that's not an option, I decided I wasn't going to stress about it. I'm doing something about it so good! I feel better already from not eating junk and I'll lose as much as I can and that's that...

Comment #52

There's a book The End of Overeating that is written about the lengths to which food manufacturers go to get and keep you addicted to their food!..

Comment #53

I grew up as an athletic Tomboy and never played with dolls or Barbie. I played boy's little league and thought the Bad News Bears owed me royalties (even though I was shortstop not pitcher). I surfed in the morning and went to high school with hair in a pony tail and no makeup. The whole Barbie thing did not affect my thoughts, ambitions or likes and dislikes..

I also like my streets smooth (no cellulite, dimples or potholes) and fast (no muffin tops or speed bumps). Have I been conditioned there, too?..

Comment #54

Now, that is successful thinking! You go, girl. You can do it!.

If your friends say you are fat next month when you see them, perhaps you can diffuse the situation by saying, "You think this is fat, you should have seen me three months ago." Of course, I wish they wouldn't make such a comment, but perhaps this will stop it with one...

Comment #55

Yes at first it I was thrilled and told everyone.. BUT then I realized I should be ashamed that it got to that point LOL. I just remember another "this is why your fat" situation.. I'd order late night chinese food from a restaurant across the street probably 5 times a week. They recognized my number and order enough that I had to call and all they had to say was "got it" without me having to say anything! I used to call so often that someone I was dating at the time came across my phone bill, saw I was making these late night calls, called it thinking I was cheating.. only to be greeted by "Golden Chop Suey how can I help you?"..

Comment #56

Kristi, I was trying to make the point that not everyone here, even when they lose to their goal weight, is going to have a Barbie/beach body or anywhere close. And I've been working for years on loving my body just as it is at present, muffin top & all, which I think is healthy. I think we all need to be respectful and sensitive when talking about bodies here on a weight loss site, as everyone is in different stages of weight loss and/or maintenance. That's all I was saying..

Now, back to the original poster's thread!..

Comment #57

Weird. For the first time in my life I actually have "beautiful" days. I get noticed, I feel good about myself, I feel fit and happy. Do I still have a little belly? You betcha. Do I still have 5-10lbs to go? Definitely. But Katie is right, "goal" and "fit" is not one-size fits all. Rail-thin isn't everyone's destination and it certainly isn't the only form of beauty...

Comment #58

I wanted to briefly mention the mental side of eating a low glycemic diet. No more spikes in mood blood sugars are released gradually, and therefore, your system maintains a much more regulated temperament. I wonder, however, if the first couple of weeks in switching ones foods completely, having previously eaten a very unhealthy and high sugar/simple carb diet, can make you feel a bit down or frustrated because you miss not only the fast food, but also the fast highs of eating those simple carbs and the unhealthy fats? I think that if you give it another week, you will feel differently. You could even be Nutrisystem's new poster child!..

Comment #59

I don't miss the fast food at all. When I think of that food, it grosses me out! I am sure I did get a high at the moment I was eating it, but I'd always have the conversation in my head of OMG - this is so bad for you. It didn't stop me though. Most of my friends are thin. They make a conscious decision EVERY TIME they put food in their mouth what exactly it is they are eating. While I'm eating baby back ribs and french fries without a care in the world, they are eating a salad or a healthy piece of fish.

Everybody has a choice of what to eat. You can NEVER lose sight of that!! I just went through a bad period of not choosing wisely. The only frustration I have is allowing myself to get carried away with those foods and allow it to take over my body - but frustrated because I miss it - definitely not!..

Comment #60

Today is day 13 for me. I agree not sure this is right for me either. Only lost 6 lbs & I have done everything by the book! I feel it is also water weight loss. I am diebetic so on that plan & my sugar levels are UP not down.Not sure if I should stay on it or not due to the blood sugar but they have us if you cancel you have to pay shipping & percentage. My second only ships this week, would rather cancel but don't want to pay the charges rather buy & resale if I have to.It just really scares me but the blood sugar going up!Good Luck everyone..

Comment #61

ONLY 6 pounds????? Are you actually unhappy that you only lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks? The average, recommended weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Some people don't lose any weight in the first week or 2 and go on to lose a huge amount of weight (see PamSB's page). This is not a reality show where people are essentially in boot camp 8 hours a day, it is a lifestyle change. Many diabetics have been extremely successful on this plan. My diabetic sister, who can't afford to buy the food, ate exactly the way I told her to (basically following the plan but substituting comparable meals) and her blood sugar dropped drastically. Talk to a counselor - are you sure you are following the plan exactly, including your add-ins and water? All I can tell you is that I am almost 60 and I lost 65 pounds onNutrisystem(averaged a pound a week), have kept it off for 2 years.

Nonetheless, there is no one diet that suits everyone (although any healthy eating plan - NS, WW, JC, etc - WILL work for anyone if they follow it). Perhaps one of the other plans will appeal to you more...

Comment #62


Okay, BUT: eating that way won't let you maintain at ANY weight. Seriously. A whole pepperoni pizza every day and you'll be slowly gaining to the point you literally can't move..

One thing I'd suggest when you get to goal: stop wearing sweats. I know, they're comfy, and one of the joys of working from home is that you can be comfy. But here's the upside to having been fat and gotten thin: when you're thin, even fitted clothing is comfy! Even jeans are comfy when you don't have any excess weight my 16-yo daughter falls asleep in her skintight jeans. That's because she's slender and the jeans don't cut, even thought they're tight. And fitted clothing is a GREAT clue when the weight starts to come back on. There was a study of prisoners that showed that a big part of the common weight gain they experience while in prison is that in prison, you wear a jumpsuit.

There's no message given to you by your clothing when you're gaining weight. Put on a pair of jeans and a fitted shirt every morning to start working. If at some point during the day you decide you want to switch to your sweats, ask why. Are the jeans too tight to be comfortable? Is that a clue you're gaining?.

If you absolutely can't see yourself working in jeans, consider putting them on to eat dinner every night...

Comment #63

You are seriously complaining about ONLY losing 6 pounds in 2 weeks!!! Almost 10% of your goal. How much quicker do you want it to come off? Seriously some people don't see that weight loss in a month even if they have more weight than you to lose. Maybe it is water weight, maybe it is fat, likely it is a combination of the two. Everyone loses at different rates. A myriad of factors affects weight loss including our metabolism, age, medications, activity level, history of dieting (i.e. yo-yo dieting), what you ate immediately prior to starting NS, etc..

As far as your blood sugars levels going up, you should speak to a counselor or one of the dietitians. That is not generally reported here and I am wondering if you are following the program correctly (many think they are when they in fact are not) or if you need to make some modifications to either when you are eating certain foods or otherwise changing some of your add-ins. Perhaps some of the add-ins you are using are too in sugar and don't have enough protein to regulate your sugars. Please call a counselor/dietitian and discuss with them. That should be your priority #1..

Everyone should really call and speak with a counselor when first starting. Too often people think they are following the program to a "T" when in fact they are not. It never hurts to speak with someone and double check that you are doing everything correct...

Comment #64

My thoughts exactly! Im startingNutrisystemin a couple weeks and if I could lose 6lb in 13 days i'd cry from excitment. And, about those reality shows...I love them, but I want to slap the people who "boo-hoo" over only losing 9 lbs that week! I think it sends an unrealistic message to those trying to lose weight..

That being said (going back to the original post topic)Nutrisystemisn't for everyone. I've done it in the past and I *love* the structure and how it teaches me about portion sizes. But, I can't go more than a month or 2 on justNutrisystemfoods. But, thats why they have the flex plan, I suppose (they call is flex plan now, right?)..

Comment #65

OMG, I lost ZERO pounds my first 14 days. Zero, Nada, Zilch...not water weight, not fat, not nuttin'..

But, I felt great. I wasn't hungry (a MAJOR miracle) and I slept better (no acid reflux). So what if I wasn't losing weight...I was already feeling so much better..

So, I just didn't weigh again for 2 more weeks. Kept on keeping on. At the end of the month, I was down close to 6 pounds...WOOT! SIX pounds AND feeling like a million bucks?!! WOWZER!!!.

105 pounds lost later, still feeling like a million bucks, 18 months had passed before I knew it..

And, Monday (Valentine's Day) I will start my 6th year of feeling this way (not hungry, sleeping better, no acid reflux, not getting in my own way from the rolls of fat hanging off my body). Life is good!..

Comment #66

This is GREAT advice and I so agree! I did the same thinglived in sweats or pants and capris that had elastic and big (2XL) tee shirts. I wore this every day and it covered up what was happeningI knew I was gaining but didn't really look at itI wouldn't even look at myself in the mirror. Wearing fitted clothes is a great way to keep an "eye" on your progress and especially maintenance. I know how my jeans fit and will know if something is not right. It was very hard for me to wear fitted shirts but now I love them! Put on some of those fitted clothes and you will be able to enjoy them getting too big for youyou won't really get that with sweats!..

Comment #67

Don't wait until reaching goal to start wearing sweats. It drives me crazy how sweats and jogging suits have become everyday attire. How about using those clothes for their intended purposes which did not include being a couch potato..

Seriously, if you wore normal clothes with a non-elastic waist band, you would have a constant reminder how you are doing. Nothing feels better than being able to button those pants or feeling them slip down because you lost weight. You don't need the scale to tell you what is going on. I have a pair of shorts that I can put on and take off without undoing the zipper. Of course I can't walk around wearing them without a belt...

Comment #68

I have a pair of shorts and pants that I keep as my incentive clothing. I can tell if I have lost any inches just by trying on my clothing. The scale doesn't always reflect inch loss, especially if you are an exerciser...

Comment #69

I understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense! I've been working for myself for over 16 years and go for comfort clothes at home - to change now....not sure that will happen realistically. I'm an artist and have to feel "free" in my clothes! LOL I was able to keep the weight off most of those years, gone up and down a little but it's just the last year that everything went wacko. What you said, rvdeb - OMG - that was me exactly! I wouldn't look at myself in the mirror! and I didn't weight myself! THAT alone is a big indication something is wrong because I am a fanatic about weighting myself every day. You have to know where you are, right! When I go 6 mos without weighing myself, we got problems! Speaking of weighing myself, I went to a party last night and decided to have a glass of wine! I wasn't going to weigh myself for awhile, but I was curious to see what happened after the wine. I am down an ounce! I don't care if it's an ounce, I'll take it! So I have offically lost 4 lbs. in 2 weeks.

It's when the scale is creeping up, it was freaking my out. And I understand the various reasons it can go up and wouldn't be freaked out if it was just one or two days it was up, but it was up for like 5-6 days! Something didn't seem right. So I'm starting to think to myself....I drank wine and lost an ounce....hmmmm.....JK! lol..

Comment #70

Hey kdona,.

Have you decided to stick withNutrisystemfor awhile? Four lbs sounds good to me..

I get excited if I lose one lb..


Comment #71

Good job!! Love to see you thinking through all of this!!..

Comment #72

I'm just taking each day as it comes. I'm not going OFFNutrisystembecause I have the food still so I'm continuing with it and then will decide at the end of this first shipment. And what's weird is that the last couple of days the food hasn't been tasting so bad and I have enjoyed it. So I don't know if my taste buds are changing or if the in last few days I just picked items that I liked. At first there were so many things I couldn't even swallow! Like that salisbury steak and mac & cheese, just to name one - UGGG - I gave half of it to my dog! SHE liked it! LOL..

Comment #73

Yes, I really think our tastes shift. I cannot drink whole milk tastes slimy to me!..

Comment #74

Your tastes.


Do change..

Please don't be upset if you step on the scale next time and it's the same, or even up a bit. The effects of the wine may not necessarily be evident immediately. But, don't panic if the scale changes! It was one glass of wine. It may cause you to retain some water, but there are not enough calories in it to gain a pound from one glass! Since you're trying to lose this weight as quickly as possible, probably not something you want to indulge in often..

One last thing I have to mention. I've seen it posted here that feeding your dogs theNutrisystemfoods is NOT good! There are ingredients in the food that a dog does not tolerate well..

I'm glad you're hanging in there! I know it isn't going as quickly as you hoped, but if you stick with the plan, I think you'll be very happy with the results...

Comment #75

Thanks kdona for being honest. I have to say that the thought of eating a meal that has been sitting in a cabinet for weeks sort of creeps me out. I'm starting week 4 and just trying to deal with that. I want to be skinny for bunches of reason (clothes, comfort, activities and looks). I too work from work and heck, somedays it wasn't even sweats - it was just wearing my PJs all day. And then you get called into the office and are like, cr*p none of my clothes fit.

That being said, I bought the stuff for two months and I'm going to eat it. I've lost 10 pounds, which is amazing and a great place to start. After this, I think I'm going to Weight Watchers were the food choices seem more realistic to me. I get kinda of bummed with the 'holier-than-thou' dieters. I imagine their intentions are sincere and good, but the message gets lost with me.

You don't sound obsessed, just realistic. And not losing weight each day, is disappointing but I think it's the diappointment in myself for gaining the weight in the first place. Thanks for being real about it. It helped me to read someone saying it like it is. I was having a tough day today and knowing there are real people out there trying to get through this helped...

Comment #76

You know, I'm not at a point yet where I'm a cheerleader for the program, but I know that 1-2 lbs a week is normal weight loss and while WW online worked for me to lose weight, I was hungry a lot and I realized that I didn't really learn to eat healthier. I just found ways to make what I ate fit (eat less, buy their frozen meals, what fast food has low points) and when I didn't track my points, I didn't keep the weight off. For me, so far I feel like the structure ofNutrisystemis good for me and even when I eat out, I have in my head what my meals should consist of - fruits, veggies, fats, etc. I feel like I really am learning to be very conscious of how many servings of dairy, fruit, protein, veggies that I eat every day and that isn't something I did well in the past..

I grew up with 5 siblings, so we ate what was cheap - not necessarily what was healthy. Most of the veggies I ate were canned or frozen, so one thing I've found is that I don't necessarily know how to pick out good produce.but I'm learning. I've found that if instead of asking the produce people to help you pick a good onion, they will tell you what to look for and good quality produce helps a lot with flavor, etc...

Comment #77

Just think of it like canned tuna. Most of the stuff in a grocery store has been there a lot longer than 4 weeks..

Look up soft canning. It's very safe..

Get your freshness from your fruits, veggies and proteins..

Being fat and dying young creeps me out a lot more than eating soft canned food..

ETA: Nevermind, I just read the rest of your post. WTG on the 10 pounds gone so far! Good luck with WW. It's a good program. Lots of people have had a lot of success with it. There is nothing magic about NS. Personally, I LOVE it! But any plan you choose where you take in fewer calories than you burn, will result in weight loss.

(Preferably a healthy, well-balanced plan) Don't forget, you can still visit use these boards, no matter what plan you're on...

Comment #78

_Diana Thanks a lot!! I'm very honest here. I understand what you are saying about the ex. I think anyone would feel that - maybe just not ADMIT it!!! So what - we all have vulnerable moments! I don't think it makes you weak or that it means you are letting others control your self esteem like some people have suggested. Its just being REAL - and completely HONEST! So - some people have NEVER thought that you might care how another person visually sees you - OK, whatever!! You dont HAVE to admit it, but I am! Stop wearing nice clothes, stop wearing make up, stop wearing jewelry if you don't care how others see you. I didn't think a lot of people got my point, I'm glad you did...

Comment #79

Thank you for starting this post, Kdona. I was more concerned about the artificial sweeteners, etc. in theNutrisystemproducts. But, I am going to stick it out as well. I love... or really like most of the food in the program, but there are some items that I just don't care for at all.

Another thing is that I just don't have the time to prepare healthy meals the way that I would like, so this program is a life saver for me. I spoke to a counselor fromNutrisystemtoday, and she was very helpful. I am going to look over my order and change some of the items that I can change for my next shipment. I wish you much success in your journey towards better health!..

Comment #80

No I am very happy about losing the 6 lbs and I am staying on this if I can get my sugar levels down, I will take your advice & call a counselor to see what I am doing wrong. I was very proud of my self yestterday went to a buffet and only had a sald & 1 small piece of baked chicken! Never done that before.LOL. Thanks for the advice everyone it really helps...

Comment #81

Wow. Just wow..

I'm pretty sure all these successful losers/maintainers like Pam, Sally, etc. are "real people". Are they holier-than-thou? Not to my eyes. Just realistic. And honest about what worked for them. And interested in helping newbies that are really interested in being successful..

Pam, Sally, and all others that I'm forgetting at this moment, I'm continually amazed that you are so willing to help in spite of getting comments like these. There are a whole, whole lot of us that really appreciate you..

Again. Wow...

Comment #82

Thanks, Cindy. All us holier-than-thou old farts are indeed real people who were newbies once too, with a LOT of weight to lose (Pam was definitely one of my lifelines as a newbie!!!). We really do want to help everyone else to be as successful with this plan as we have been.Nutrisystemwas nothing short of miraculous to me - my newsletter story (on my page) is 100% true. I have personally received thank-yous from others who were almost scared off from tryingNutrisystemby negative posts, but were persuaded by responses from me (and Pam, and others) to give it a try, and were elated that they did. I am always willing to try to lend a hand to newbies, but if someone has completely unrealistic expectations, it doesn't help them to ignore that...

Comment #83

No problem, Cindy. The thing is: We are here to help anyone who wants our help. We will do anything we can to help them and will take as long as it takes to answer their questions and concerns. All we can ever do is relate our personal experiences..

Holier than thou? Naw. Happier than before? Absolutely!..

Comment #84

With all your hard work and success, I guess you could say that you are also happier than thou...

Comment #85

There is a big difference between holier-than-thou and enthusiastic-because-I-changed-my-life-through-hard-work-and-now-I'm-proud-and-happy-and-wanting-to-share-with-thou...

Comment #86

I work at home and wear my sweats every day. Why? Because I can't stand the way my jeans fit ... and I just can't afford to buy a smaller pair right now..

Comment #87

As I'm losing, I go to Goodwill to get clothes and/or buy pants & shorts with drawstrings!..

Comment #88

Kdona, I'm working my way thru this thread, but I wanted to respond to this comment...if you haven't already, read the book "The End of Overeating." This was recommended to me by KatieBCool (thanks!). It proves that food IS addictive, and tells what you have to do to break the addiction...

Comment #89

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