Does anyone know how many Nutrisystem points there are in Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry?

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First question I got is Does anyone know how many Nutrisystem points there are in Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... I am wondering what people's experiences are with either staying 100% true to Nutrisystem program or "tweaking" it. If you "tweak" the program, do you have better, the same, or worse results? I am not, personally, interested in debating the merits of either strategy (I know that has already been done a number of times in a number of threads of all kinds of topics). I am more interested in results/experiences..

I tried Nutrisystem for about 2 months or so a few years ago. I tried to do it "my way" but I really messed it up (almost no add-ins or adding in less healthy things). I lost 8 pounds, got bored, gave up, and then gained those 8 pounds, plus almost 18 more back (there were personal issues at the time and I chose, rather consciously, to dive face first into junk)..

I knew Nutrisystem worked, so after losing over 15 pounds on my own in about 10 months or so, I decided to try again. This time I stayed 100% for over a month. Then my weight loss really slowed and so I started "tweaking" and I am still going back and forth from 100% to "tweaks"..

What I am finding is that when I put little changes in there for a day or two (having a Subway 6" Turkey with veggies sub for lunch or having chicken, brown rice, and broccoli for dinner, or having a different low-cal dessert), and then I go back to 100%, I get a little bump in my weight loss. Could be a coincidence, could be a shake up my body needs..

Other experiences? Thanks!..

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You betcha! however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

I have to tweak mine. When I am 100% dedicated now I either gain weight or I don't lose any. This most recent time I did it for 3 weeks solid, no tweaks & put on 3 freakin' pounds. So, I tweak & lose weight. And for me, I can't stay onNutrisystemfood for the rest of my life so I need to learn how to eat without having an entree at the ready. It works for me, but everybody is different.

We're all different - you have to find what works for you...

Comment #2

I know I'm pretty early on in the progam-going on my third week today, but I tweek a little. I might eat another low-fat snack instead of theNutrisystemsnacks (I have left over WW snacks left), I do either eat a home cooked-healthy meal on Sunday or Saturday evening. I keep it really healthy-skip the gravy, butter and oil. The one night I didn't want to eat one of theNutrisystemmeals for dinner so I made myself an egg beater omlette with green peppers cut up. I just make sure I have a nice balance with whatever I tweek...

Comment #3

Thank you for your responses. I am weighing the pros and cons of going 100% versus flexing more. I appreciate the input!..

Comment #4

As AuntThelma stated, "tweaking" and flexing are not the same thing. I am in pre-maintenance mode and flexing a lot of my lunches and dinners, but I still stay on-plan. There have been a couple of instances where I "fell off the wagon" and ate a meal that was not fullyNutrisystemfriendly, but I returned immediately to being 100%..

Also, you are not supposed to eatNutrisystemfood only for the rest of your life and are supposed to be learning how to do things on your own, but staying within the required guidelines. If you decide to "tweak", that's up to you...

Comment #5

I guess it's all semantics. I consider a Subway Turkey w/veggie 6" sub "tweaking". I consider the chicken, brown rice, and broccoli (in the right proportions "flexing". And I consider a "Big Mac" to be, um, something else (like "cheating" but I don't like that word per se - how about "gaining".


Either way, I just seem to get a bump in weight loss when I go outside of theNutrisystemboxed (or frozen) foods and add-ins - whether it's Subway, flexing, or something else that's still pretty healthy. I find that weird except that I do think my 41 year old body gets too accustomed to the same things. And I am one who will order 18 of the same lunch (yes, I ordered 18 trail mix bars because I so love them), eat the same veggies, fruits, dairy/protein over and over. So maybe that's where I need to start. Shaking that up first...

Comment #6

OMG - I was thinking the same thing!!! I thought it was just ME and that it was a coincidence! I'll go for days without losing, then go off slightly by eating my own healthy meal, then all of a sudden, the scale will start moving down again! It's like my body gets used to the combination of theNutrisystemfoods when I do it for days in a row without deviating, and it stays stuck. I don't mind doing theNutrisystemfoods and then once in awhile having my own food for one of the meals - that's what seems to be working best for me. I'm shocked someone else said the same thing - I thought it was just in my head. Could still be that it still is! LOL But what ever works, right?..

Comment #7

I'll test it. I really miss fish so I'll grill a piece of fish with vegetables instead of myNutrisystemmeal tonight. The scale has not moved in 3 days, I'll see if it goes down tomorrow. I know there's a lot of things that can make the scale not go down and it could be that it IS just a coincidence, but if that happens EVERY time, well then I know that's what's for me. I'll let you know tomorrow...

Comment #8

I tweak it too, but for different reasons. I know I will catch a lot of slack for this, but the bottom line is I do not like vegetables. I don't even like lettuce! (or salad dressing for that matter!). It is rather limiting, so, I am being as good as I can be. Taking the advice of the posters on this site (which are excellent, by the way), I keep trying -in very small doses- different combinations of things with small bits of veggies added in. I have found that I really like to eat the southwest wrap stuff, the chili with beans (I normally HATE any kind of bean!) and can eat and ENJOY a romaine lettuce salad with a hard boiled egg chopped up in it and one tablespoon of caesar dressing.

THAT is a positive change toward a lifetime of good eating. If I choked down every veggie, I would probably quit the program because I would be miserable. I kind of split the difference, and work on increasing my veggies slowly. I even experimented with the black bean soup - I don't think I was ready for that step YET! Tee Hee. Bottom line, it works for me.

Good luck to you...

Comment #9

I hear you - I wasn't used to eating vegetables either! And when I did, they were always smothered in butter or some kind of cream sauce or fattening dressing! Since that is no longer is an option, I had to retrain myself. I've learned to eat them but I am only eating the same veggies over and over again. For now, it's OK, but I'm going to have to eventually expand my options before I tire of the ones I do like to eat. I go to the grocery store and I can't come up with ideas - I just keep on buying the same ones. I just ordered theNutrisystemcookbook so hopefully it has some recipes for new vegetable dishes I could try..

If you don't like salads, wow - that makes it pretty hard for you - that's one thing I DO like. An option which many people have recommended is V8 vegetable juice (low sodium). I bought some but it's still sitting in my cupboard because I have been able to get the vegetables in so far...

Comment #10

The V-8 juice is good when added to the ministrone or beef veggie soup or tomato. Try it. You could also add it to the Italian style tomato based dinners...

Comment #11

Ditto! Flexing means staying withingNutrisystemnutritional guidelines, which I did, 100%, no cheating or 'bending' the rules. Worked for me!..

Comment #12

Kdona - I thought I was crazy too. I'd have something (still pretty healthy) off plan - maybe one or two meals - and bam, the stuck scale moves. I haven't decided to do it intentionally and regularly yet. I am going to try shaking up the meals and add-ins first. But I think for some of us (for me, I think it is from yo-yo dieting since I was 11 years old), changing things up one meal a week (flexing a healthy meal, for example or even Subway) might help. I'll be curious to hear what happens for you!..

Comment #13

Allnamestakenup (by the way, I love that user name!) - I was actually having an easier time with the veggies than fruit. I was trying to get grapes down every morning and apple slices for every snack. This week I bought some strawberries and bananas to mix in with the fruit and it's helping. I wonder if there are some veggie combinations you might like if you find you need to or want to increase them. One of my favorite veggies is raw red and green pepper slices dipped in FF dressing. Mmmm! And then my kids just hate peppers so oh well.

Now if I could find varieties of protein I like, I might be set...

Comment #14

I guess I tweak it..

I allow occasionally items that are not in any way shape or form on plan (like a 75 calorie cookie or a 35 calorie mini peanut butter cup). I also go a little high on some of the fats (1 ounce of 2% cheese is 5g of fat). All of my tweaks are still fairly close to the guidelines and I count everything I eat, but it's the only way I could possibly stay sane. I refuse to say I can never have something again... I just need to do it in moderation and in controlled amounts...

Comment #15

Sometimes when we eat something that is off our plan, we compensate later by eating strictly on plan whereas we weren't know, we had been fudging here and there. Sometimes I wonder if that doesn't explain why we think that the act of eating something off plan creates a later weight drop...

Comment #16

Believe it or not, I'm not a fruit eater either! No wonder I have trouble with my weight - I exist it seems from carbs and crap!! My body is in shock with the small amounts of "good food" I am giving it! I want to try baking the mixed frozen veggies in the oven coated with a layer of PAM spray to "roast" them next. Someone on here mentioned it somewhere - I lurk a lot! I figure if I cook them until they are on the crisper side, I may have a good "new" food for me. My "go to" fruit (and it isn't every day either) is sliced bananas sauted (in PAM) on the stove with some FF whipped cream or sliced apples with cinnamon (& PAM) in the microwave for a minute or two. These two are yummy (to me), but a bit of a pain. My laziness factor is something I must continually fight! It's a wonder I do as well as I do when I look at it this way! I DO log everything, I truly am working on the healthy foods - it just might take me some time. Thanks for listening...

Comment #17

LOL! Maybe, besides our cholesterol and BP numbers, we need to consider our "laziness factor" too!..

Comment #18

I have a cheat or maybe I should say real life (since cheat is a bad word around here) meal day once a week which means regular cereal instead ofNutrisystemand a piece of fruit, usually a light lunch and I also go out for dinner that night and have whatever my heart desires including dessert I do not like alcohol unless it's a special occasion. I have been doing this since I started and I have had a loss every week. The other 6 days I stick to it 100% and exercise 5 days a week. It works for me and if it stops working I will tweak it.Some people are on the flex plan and have weekends off so it all depends on what works successfully for each individual..

Also my doctor says having something different fools the body and actually gets the metabolism going because it's not the same food all the time. Seriously I don't plan on eatingNutrisystemfor the rest of my life so this is practice for the real world...

Comment #19

The "weekends off" plan is supposed to be where you eatNutrisystemfoods during the week, and then follow theNutrisystemguidelines during the weekend. So it's really not where you eat whatever you want on the weekends. Just wanted to post that, as lots of people don't seem to understand it...

Comment #20

One thing to look at too is whether on 100%Nutrisystemdays you're eating mostly dairy or protein for your dairy/protein servings and whether you're eating the minimum 1 oz or maxing the protein servings (eating up to the 100 cal, 3 g fat). If you're eating more protein when you flex or "tweak" that can account for the weight loss least per the peeps on the boards and it seemed to work for me. Lost 1.1 lbs my 2nd week and the scale hadn't budged part way into the 3rd week and I was still really early in! Started eating more protein instead of cheese and maxing the protein - more calories, but the weight started coming off again - 1.5 lbs more in the last few days of the 3rd week and another 1.5 lb so far in the following 4 days..

Maybe it was a coincidence & yes, I am impatient, which is why 2 weeks in with a 1.1 lb loss the 2nd week I was already looking at the boards for how to kick that up a notch, but I'm sticking with it for now...

Comment #21

You cannot expect to see the scale move daily. There are so many things that affect your daily weight. You really should not become a slave to the scale. If people haven't read this article, it is a worthwhile read to better understand why the scale isn't always our friend:.

Why Scales Lie.

By Renee Cloe, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (reprinted with permission:.



Weve been told over and over again that daily weighing is unnecessary, yet many of us cant resist peeking at that number every morning. If you just cant bring yourself to toss the scale in the trash, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the factors that influence it's readings. From water retention to glycogen storage and changes in lean body mass, daily weight fluctuations are normal. They are not indicators of your success or failure. Once you understand how these mechanisms work, you can free yourself from the daily battle with the bathroom scale..

Water makes up about 60% of total body mass. Normal fluctuations in the bodys water content can send scale-watchers into a tailspin if they dont understand whats happening. Two factors influencing water retention are water consumption and salt intake. Strange as it sounds, the less water you drink, the more of it your body retains. If you are even slightly dehydrated your body will hang onto it's water supplies with a vengeance, possibly causing the number on the scale to inch upward. The solution is to drink plenty of water..

Excess salt (sodium) can also play a big role in water retention. A single teaspoon of salt contains over 2,000 mg of sodium. Generally, we should only eat between 1,000 and 3,000 mg of sodium a day, so it's easy to go overboard. Sodium is a sneaky substance. You would expect it to be most highly concentrated in salty chips, nuts, and crackers. However, a food doesnt have to taste salty to be loaded with sodium.

The more highly processed a food is, the more likely it is to have a high sodium content. Thats why, when it comes to eating, it's wise to stick mainly to the basics: fruits, vegetables, lean meat, beans, and whole grains. Be sure to read the labels on canned foods, boxed mixes, and frozen dinners..

Women may also retain several pounds of water prior to menstruation. This is very common and the weight will likely disappear as quickly as it arrives. Pre-menstrual water-weight gain can be minimized by drinking plenty of water, maintaining an exercise program, and keeping high-sodium processed foods to a minimum..

Another factor that can influence the scale is glycogen. Think of glycogen as a fuel tank full of stored carbohydrate. Some glycogen is stored in the liver and some is stored the muscles themselves. This energy reserve weighs more than a pound and it's packaged with 3-4 pounds of water when it's stored. Your glycogen supply will shrink during the day if you fail to take in enough carbohydrates. As the glycogen supply shrinks you will experience a small imperceptible increase in appetite and your body will restore this fuel reserve along with it's associated water.

These fluctuations have nothing to do with fat loss, although they can make for some unnecessarily dramatic weigh-ins if youre prone to obsessing over the number on the scale..

Otherwise rational people also tend to forget about the actual weight of the food they eat. For this reason, it's wise to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before youve had anything to eat or drink. Swallowing a bunch of food before you step on the scale is no different than putting a bunch of rocks in your pocket. The 5 pounds that you gain right after a huge dinner is not fat. Its the actual weight of everything youve had to eat and drink. The added weight of the meal will be gone several hours later when youve finished digesting it..

Exercise physiologists tell us that in order to store one pound of fat, you need to eat 3,500 calories more than your body is able to burn. In other words, to actually store the above dinner as 5 pounds of fat, it would have to contain a whopping 17,500 calories. This is not likely, in fact it's not humanly possible. So when the scale goes up 3 or 4 pounds overnight, rest easy, it's likely to be water, glycogen, and the weight of your dinner. Keep in mind that the 3,500 calorie rule works in reverse also. In order to lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in.

When you follow a very low calorie diet that causes your weight to drop 10 pounds in 7 days, it's physically impossible for all of that to be fat. What youre really losing is water, glycogen, and muscle..

This brings us to the scales sneakiest attribute. It doesnt just weigh fat. It weighs muscle, bone, water, internal organs and all. When you lose "weight," that doesnt necessarily mean that youve lost fat. In fact, the scale has no way of telling you what youve lost (or gained). Losing muscle is nothing to celebrate.

The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns, even when youre just sitting around. Thats one reason why a fit, active person is able to eat considerably more food than the dieter who is unwittingly destroying muscle tissue..

Robin Landis, author of "Body Fueling," compares fat and muscles to feathers and gold. One pound of fat is like a big fluffy, lumpy bunch of feathers, and one pound of muscle is small and valuable like a piece of gold. Obviously, you want to lose the dumpy, bulky feathers and keep the sleek beautiful gold. The problem with the scale is that it doesnt differentiate between the two. It cant tell you how much of your total body weight is lean tissue and how much is fat. There are several other measuring techniques that can accomplish this, although they vary in convenience, accuracy, and cost.

If the thought of being pinched, dunked, or gently zapped just doesnt appeal to you, dont worry. The best measurement tool of all turns out to be your very own eyes. How do you look? How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? Are your rings looser? Do your muscles feel firmer? These are the true measurements of success. If you are exercising and eating right, dont be discouraged by a small gain on the scale. Fluctuations are perfectly normal. Expect them to happen and take them in stride. Its a matter of mind over scale...

Comment #22

Thanks for this thread. I am starting my 4th week and have shown a loss each week and want to keep it going. My birthday is next Friday and I plan to go out to dinner (keeping healthy guidelines in mind) but I have been wondering how it will affect my weekly results. I realize each of our bodies respond differently,but it is encouraging to find out that others have had good results. I'll post back in and let you all know...

Comment #23

Yeah, I know there are a lot of things that could impact why you aren't seeing a loss. As I said - maybe it IS just a coincidence - I have NO idea! I just saw someone post that it seems like when they go off the plan slightly and have their own food the scale seems to move more than when they are onNutrisystemfoods 100% of the time. And that has been MY experience! I thought it was just in my head, but when I saw someone else say the same thing I thought maybe there was some merit to that. I decided to try it last night - I had my own (healthy) food instead of theNutrisystemdinner and the scale went down today and the 3 days before the scale wouldn't budge. That's happened EVERY time I ate one of my meals off of the plan. Maybe it has NOTHING to do with eating something different, I have no idea. But if this works I guess that's what I'll do every now and then! I'm ounces away from my first 10 lb loss - yippeee!..

Comment #24

Thanks so much for all of the responses. I appreciate all of this information and the experiences! So helpful...

Comment #25

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