Does anyone know how many Nutrisystem points a jagerbomb is?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anyone know how many Nutrisystem points a jagerbomb is? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hello everyone.....

I just discontinued/canceled my Weight Watchers Monthly pass...since they changed the entire program at the start of the new year with calculating points and deleting all of personal food favorites and not giving me the option to stick with the old program I got upset!! I was somewhat successful on WW, but was sick of counting points and weighins that made me feel like part of a cattlecall..

I am looking for something new that will keep me on track. I am a stay at home mom, and military wife...after 2 12lb babies and 2 c-sections I am sick of muffintops and flabbiness. I looked everywhere to get a general idea of how much $$ the basic womens plan is per month, but pretty secretive on website. Any tips, or encouragement for me to start Nutrisystem...still on the fence, but need to do something!..

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You betcha! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Price is approx $250 per month and I believe they are also giving away 1 free week of food. I just started and love the food. It is an easy plan to follow. You have to add in your own fruit, veggies, and dairy and some protein as well to combine with their food but it's all worth it and super easy. There is a lot of support on-line and over the phone. Everyone I speak to says it works. There are people I know who have lost 100 or more lbs as well...

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On the main page, under icon Shop or Womens Plans, it will let you know the price and plan details..

I loveNutrisystemand the ease of the program.

Check out the boards, ask questions and if you feel it sounds like something you like come aboard..

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@ Nooney72- I would love if you emailed me the buddy bucks coupon...$30 savings is alot in my book! ().

Thanks for the encouragement and feedback ladies! Will have to chat with the hubby and re-work the budget to make this work! Wish me luck!..

Comment #4

I was on WW (online only) for the whole year of '09 - quit in December. I lost about 7 lbs and my weight loss stalled the last 4 months of the year. I think my biggest problem was being hungry inbetween meals..

I startedNutrisystemin September of '10 and have lost 21 lbs. For me the difference is that on NS, I'm not hungry inbetween meals and of course it is much easier since theNutrisystementree just needs to be nucked rather than prepared from scratch..

I thinkNutrisystemfoods have more protein and less simple carbs which helps control hunger. It has made a huge difference in the "will power" factor for me. If hunger between meals is a big issue,Nutrisystemmay be the answer for you too...

Comment #5

Be sure to check with your health insurance carrier, too. Some of them give a discount for Nutrisystem 10-12%, depending on which company. It's part of their wellness programs. Also, some people do it through Costco and find that it is cheaper that way. You can still select your foods with that plan just like you can if you just sign up online. And once you start, you can do the daily dose click-ins to earn $10 off on future orders.

So there are lots of ways to reduce the cost. Good luck!..

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I was on WW in 2001 and was very successful, but then work interfered and I could not prepare my own foods, pack lunches, eat normal meals, etc. so, I flopped and gained all the weight back in about a year..

IMO -Nutrisystemis much, much better for several reasons:.

1. Your foods are 100% nutritionally balanced (but you MUST include you Add-ins of fresh dairy/protein, vegetables and fruits)..

2. There is NO, repeat NO counting points values, adding or subtracting points for activity, having flex points by saving them, etc..

3. WW is not as structured for what you are eating - just the point values (based on calories, really) - there is a big difference between 100 calories used for yogurt or 100 calories used for a cookie snack pack!!!.

4.Nutrisystemfoods (at least the basic plan foods) are ALL shelf stable - no need for refrigeration/freezing or worrying that something will go bad after a few weeks on the shelf..

5. Your portions are done for you withNutrisystemprepared foods - no measuring, weighing, etc. The only measuring you need to do are with your add-ins, but most of those can be prepackaged and portioned for you (i.e. fruit cups, single serve cheese, etc.)..

6.Nutrisystemhas a fantastic website, bulletin board, counselors, recipes, and much more that is FREE!!! You don't have to be anNutrisystemmember to surf the site..

7.Nutrisystemworks! You are not restricted to onlyNutrisystemfoods and are taught how to fuel your body properly so that you can live your life the way it should be!!! It is not a diet - it is a live-it!!!.

8. & 9. There are no meetings to attend and no weigh-ins required (that's your business :-)).

I could go on and on, but ....

Surf, read, browse, etc. - but do come back, you'll be glad you did...

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I was in the same spot you were at the end of last year. I had lost almost 50 lbs last year, but slacked off over the holidays with eating habits and excersize. So I was pondering over what I wanted to do the whole month of december, know that I had gained back 10 lbs from the holidays. I went back and forth between Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. I did Jenny Craig about 20 yrs ago and I got down to 177 lbs, so I know that program works, but the food it a little pricey. As far as Weight Watchers, I live in a small remote town, so they only meet one night a week at 6 pm, and I work for a dr office and don't always get out at that time, so I knew that probably wouldn't work for me.

But when they went to frozen foods at the first of the year and had a special where you got 7 days free the first month with no obligations and I could cancel at any time, I said why not. That would be about $299 ($11 a day) including tax and shipping..........."Wow" I said!!!! Then I got online here and found out I could get another $30 off if someone sent me a "Buddy Buck", which came to $269 (under $10 a day) out the door. I just couldn't pass that up. One of my friends said to me, "I can't afford to do that" and I said "I can't afford not to do that" with my health and future. So if you would like to do what I did, I would be more than happy to send you a $30 off coupon so you could get the same perks I did.

So let me know................Deana..

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Can I use a Buddy Buck on my Second Order if I just went online and ordered on my own without one the first month? I ordered for both me and my husband?..

Comment #9

I bought a Nutrisystem card off of Costco online for $259.00. I received 35 days worth of meals, but could not order any of the "Select" frozen foods..

Today has been day #14 and I've lost a little over 8 pounds! I'm super excited.


Comment #10

You can order just a week or two at a time thru OVC and then try it out first..

Comment #11

I am almost sure you can. I just sent you a message via personal messages. If you didn't get it, email me at @.

And I will send them to you for both your husband and you..

Email me the email you signed up with and your names..

Thanks for asking, could use the help..


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I was in the same position you are a few weeks ago. I lurked here for 2 days before I ordered after reading thread and thread and peoples reviews. I found the amts of weight lost in ppl's sigs amazing. They have a great promotion going now too so I thought what do I have to lose, besides weight.

PS-this is only my 4th day so I cant really give you a full review but I havent eaten anything I dont like yet. I also have never been on WW's but most ppl do say the points system is a pita...

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If you are going to sign up why not save money:.

Free $ 30 coupon off your first order.


Its that simple!.

...New Year, New You!..

Comment #14

You cannot use Buddy Bucks on the second order unless they have been earned (meaning, you referred a person who placed an order). But, if your husband cancels, you can then send him a Buddy Bucks and when he restarts, he gets $30 off his order and you get $30 off your order...

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Today is day 2 for me. I haven't received my frozen food yet but not displeased with the basics. I looked over the website and finally called to place my order and glad I did.I mentioned my sister in-law was once onNutrisystemand immediately received the $30 referral discount, and another discount of $20 just for calling. My total for 5 weeks of select meals was just $229.95. My next 4 weeks will be $259.95. I've committed myself to 9 weeks.

The basic food is pretty good. And right now I feel as if, for the first time in my life, GOAL can be a reality!..

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NS has let many, many people use Buddy Bucks on their second order as long as they did not use one on their first order. If her husband cancels, I think he has to be off the plan for 6 months before he can re-start and use a buddy buck otherwise we would all be cancelling and re-starting...

Comment #17

I was adamantly told NO by customer service. But, I'm not going to cry over spilled milk. No big deal in the grand scheme of life...

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I'm a WW lifetime member, but honestly nothing works for me like NS. I love it and have been very successful on this program. And considering the money I am NOT spending on eating out, Starbucks, drive thrus, etc, I thinkNutrisystemsaves money. Plus, the fact that I have paid for the program keeps me 100% on track, I literally NEVER cheat...

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I think I was born a member of Weight Watchers! I lost, gained, lost, gained, etc..

For me, the big thing I liked aboutNutrisystemis that I don't have to keep track of anything except the little boxes I check off in theNutrisystemplanner. I HATE counting points. I did Atkins for a while but really missed fruit and I had to count carbs. With NS, I don't have to count anything..

I've lost 30 pounds since late August and that was with spending December trying to work the "Emily Plan" with wine and extra snacks into NS. Once I figured out I hadn't lost any weight in a month I decided to just doNutrisystemthe way it is written. No "Emily Plan"!.

Again, if you need a buddy buck, let me (or anyone, really!) know!..

Comment #20

Former WW here too. I did lose a lot in 2008, but gained it all back. I tried again in October, but by January had lost almost nothing. I have been onNutrisystemfor 2 weeks and I'm down 5 1/2#. This program is definitely working for me...

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I want to join and would sure like to be able to use Buddy Bucks. Could somebody send me some to use? Thanks!..

Comment #22


, email me at.

And I'll send then to you!..

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Hi rn_momma;.

I just noticed your post. My start weight is 150lbs, goal of 130lbs. Very similar goal, however not similar results. I have followedNutrisystemto the letterprobably even too literally (I have literally weighed my add-ons to be as precise as possible.) I came toNutrisystemas an "under-eater", consuming less than 800 calories or so a day; which is where my weight came from. I don't drink soda, don't eat chocolate or sweets either. This is just not working for me, despite my efforts and dedication to the plan..

I have called the counselors numerous times; they are FANTASTIC...but I'm really losing faith here. I am just beginning week #3, and I am now, the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I have GAINED four pounds on NS, and again, I follow everything to a T! I haven't cheated (why cheat myself?). The counselor I spoke to yesterday told me that I'm exercising way too much for my caloric intake..

I'm stuffed to the gills. I almost gag at every meal, just cramming all this food in. YUK. Common sense tells me to exercise and bring in less calories;Nutrisystemis telling me the exact opposite..

Can you offer any advice? I'm devastated here. How much exercise do you do? I walk briskly for at least a mile, do approximately 5 miles on the bike, and a few minutes here and there on the stairclimber. Not much, really....but again, I am eating so much food I can't bear the thought of eating another ounce. But racing season is in 2 months, and I have to exercise to get into shape. Any help you can offer would be so greatly appreciated..

Crushed, bloated, full and porked,.



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I would say that because you came from an 800 calorie diet, your metabolism is very screwed up. Your body doesn't know how to deal with so much more food than before, so it is right now stockpiling food in anticipation for when you go back to that 800 calorie diet..

What you can do is lower the bulk of your food, not the amount of food. Have 1/2 cup V8 for a vegetable serving. Measure out your vegetable servings. 1/2 cup cooked veggies isn't very much. Drink fruit juice for some of the fruits in your day..

Spread your meals out during the day so you are eating more meals and spreading out yourNutrisystemmeals and add-ins throughout the day...

Comment #25

Free $ 30 coupon off your first order.


Its that simple!.

...New Year, New You!..

Comment #26

Would love to send someone Buddy Bucks...................

I am a Newbie and very excited about the program. Getting ready to get my 2nd shipment, so if you need help with $$ towards your first shipment, personally message me with your email and name and I will send you a $30 off coupon, which will also help me with $$ towards my next shipment..

Good luck...............Deana..

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BamBam ... I hope someone here can give you answers. I agree with cgbinky that it is likely your metabolism is just completely messed up with how you were eating before. I hope you don't give up. Perhaps visit your doctor and get a blood work up to make sure your thyroid and other levels are ok...

Comment #28

I think this is very good advice. Another way to reduce bulk is to eat dried fruits instead of fresh from time to time. Raisins won't fill you up nearly as much as a banana or an apple. Keep your salads small, or eat other types of veggies. Drink milk instead of eating yogurt or turkey or egg..

It's funny here we are telling someone how not to be full, when it's usually the other way around. So many new NS-ers don't max out their proteins enough, and find they're hungry..

Stick with it for awhile it takes some time to learn what really works for you and what doesn't. 800 calories a day is a death sentence. You have to give your body fuel, or it will quit on you!..

Comment #29

Agreed. Your body will level out in a few weeks. Just give it time to normalize..

As to the original topic, sure, if you can order a week or so of it, give it a shot. Otherwise (or if you decide you'd rather just jump in), I'd go with the Costco card. It's the most cost-effective way of doing it, particularly since it's on sale this week...

Comment #30

Christi - the other posters are right. Your body was starving at 800 calories a day and it wants to hold onto every calorie you are feeding it right now. It may take a month for your body to realize that you are treating it well. When it feels ok, it will start dropping the weight. So, now you are at 154 with a goal of 130. Look at my ticker - very similar..

I work out 1-2 hours per day at a very intense level involving weights and cardio. I listen to my body and add extra calories (protein and/or carbs) as needed to keep the body going. I'm averaging one pound per week and feel better than I have in years..

The program works, you just need to let your previously abused metabolism catch up with you. If it takes a month - no big deal! Be patient!..

Comment #31

BamBam Racer Girl...

I'm exercising very little.. I walk as much as I can, but I'm in school full-time, and on the couch studying endlessly.. so not a lot of action going on here..

I'm with the other poster who suggested you check with your doctor and have some blood drawn. I'd be curious about the thyroid as well. Get a physical!!..

Comment #32

BamBamgirl~ You and I were in the same boat!! I wasn't consuming but 900 calories a day and still obese. I worked out three times a week and saw no change..

My dietician told me it's because I'm not eating ENOUGH. Who knew??!! Insane I thought...purely insane. Well..I'm a busy mom with an even busier hospital job that doesn't allow me the freedom to eat a 3 full meals and 2 snacks a day. I'm dead tired when I get home and the last thing I want to do is cook. I was never hungry. Ever.

I've been onNutrisystemfor two weeks. Felt like a big fat pig eating all I was eating....but guess what??? I'm almost 3 lbs down. Booya..

I haven't been working out, haven't had the time, hospital is full to the gills, kids are sick and so was I. I know I would've lost more if I was working out..

I love the fact that the main meal is done and cooked and just need to be nuked...salads are so easy to pre make and fruit is grab and go and so is yogurt. I keep a dozen hard boiled eggs in my fridge and I eat one everyday with my breakfast. The protein keeps my satisfied..

I love not counting calories or points or what else there is to count..other than the pounds coming off!.

The food isn't that bad..there are a couple things I won't order again, but overall you feel like you're eating "real" food!.

One thing that works for me is, I have my dessert after work..

By the time I'm done with dinner, I'm good for the rest of the night..

Water helps, a lot. Drink a lot of water. I went to Old Navy and got one of their drinking cups w a straw...16oz I think they are. I drink 4 of those while at work and 3 more when I get home. I drink plain water, crystal light and coffee in the am...

Comment #33

It is expensive, but I think worth it. I am a mom of 4 kids (11,10,7, 9 mo) and it really is not in our budget, but it is worth it for my health. I pay $259 plus I had to spend about another $150 at the store for fruits, veggies, fat free type stuff (cheese, cool whip...) I have been on the program only a few days and have already lost 6 pounds. So far I am impressed and have only had one food I really did not like. The frozen foods have been wonderful...

Comment #34

FF cool whip. Just remember that 2 TBL is a 25 calorie serving. That is not 2 HEAPING, OVERFLOWING TABLESPOONS. 2 leveled tablespoons..

You shouldn't have to spend much more than usual at the grocery store. All those fruits, vegetables and ff stuff should become part of your entire family's menu...

Comment #35

I just signed up forNutrisystemtoday. Last year I did a three month boot camp along with WW. I worked my b...u...t....t off and only lost 10 pounds in 6 months (continued exercising three months after bootcamp). WW worked for me in the past but, now that I'm 53 and going through menopause, things that worked for me before don't work now. I was very frustrated with all the work I was putting in and not really losing much in the size department. I am a very good cook and I know how I should be eating but planning ahead and going out and buying all the things I need after working all day.

I've been so reluctant to start another diet because I have had such failure in the past. I went on a beach excursion yesterday and we walked the length of the beach and I can tell you, it was the most painful experience with the extra weight. My feet were killing me. Although it's not really in my budget, I am going to give theNutrisystema try because it seems like a no-brainer. I hope I like the food..

Comment #36


, anyone on an 800 calorie diet has to be medically supervised. When you exist on 800 calories a day, you body's metabolism slows down big time to help preserve the body's resources. PamSB often posts an article about an individual being obese on 800 calories a day and the reasons..

Now, that you are eating a reasonable number of calories a day, it willl take time for your body to adjust and realize that it doesn't have to store up food for the famine ahead. It is beginning to learn that you feed it at intervals. When all this happens, you will start to shed the weight. Also, muscle weighs more than fat so if you exercise extensively then you mgiht be developing muscle which weighs more..

Regarding the cost of food, I'm on the Costco plan which is 35 days of shelf stable food for $259+ with free shipping. I've been on auto delivery with it since the beginning with zero problems. I use the program to flex so basically that food lasts me almost two months at an average cost of $130 a month. There will be two or three days a week that I substitute anNutrisystemmeals with something that meetsNutrisystemguidelines. I don't do the frozen food thing simply because if I want that, there are some very good ones available in the supermarket. I happen to like shelf stable food for the convenience and what I order has been very tasty to me.

Is the cost of the food justified? Yes, in many ways! First, you are not eating expensive junk food which does not deliver nutritional benefits. Seconsd, you will not be running through the drive thru often if at all which is a major cost saver. Third, the health benefits really pay off. I am one who has had improved cholesterol count, less knee and back pain, etc. Medical care is not inexpensive. Those co-pays add up!.

Yes, I am one of those who sometimes uses Buddy Bucks on the Costco plan because I refer new people to the 28 day program. It does reduce the cost some. In the "good old days," people who joined could use Buddy Bucks on the second order if they did not use it on the first order. That went "bye-bye." The terms and conditions are spelled out in the Buddy Bucks explanation...

Comment #37

Sweetbaker, welcome to NS! Since you have already signed up, you can earn Buddy Bucks by referring someone to the 28 day program. These are the guidelines as posted by the Moderator in the Buddy Bucks threads in both the General and Newbies forums:..

Comment #38

All thank you for your advice/kind words. I plan on sticking with it, but it is nice to be able to vent a little, and know that some of you are in my same boat!!TYTY..

Comment #39

I just quit WW and started NS... I'll be on the ride with you if you decide to join..

Comment #40

I have done Weight Watchers in the past, and also LA Weightloss. With WW, I HATED standing in line to be weighed in. HATED IT! I loved LA because you met with counselors one on one and no appts. WW was harder for me than LA, but I think they were close program wise. The bad thing about LA is there werent a lot of them, so I drove 60 miles one way to check in. LA has since closed.

I have only been doingNutrisystemfor a week, but so far, it has been SUPER easy to follow. No points, no preparing food. One thing I really like is I sort of spread my food out. I love snacking, so I will have myNutrisystembreakfast...then an hour later I'll have my fruit....then a little later my dairy. Next thing I know it's lunch. And then I do the same thing.

As far as cost...I was always going through the drive thru, or getting a cappachio (sp?)...that alone is what??? 7or 8 $$?? And thats only 1 meal. One crappy meal. For around $10.00 a day I am getting full nutrition AND losing weight AND feeling better about myself...

Comment #41

I just joined about 2 weeks ago and with a discount we have through work it comes out to less than $9 a day. I used to spend that on one meal each day eating out!..

Comment #42

My experience is the food is terrible. It is shelf food. They have some frozen foods but it is limited. When you open the food it looks nothing like the picture. Some of it is plain nasty like the chicken salad. I was on the program 4 days and I couldn't take that awful food anymore..

I am sending it back...

Comment #43

I have been on WW 3 times in my 50 years and have gained the weight back every time. I am single and I hate cooking and shopping for groceries so after awhile the WW just wasn't cutting it for me. I love this plan because I can just pull it out of the cupboard, heat and serve, not much to think about so easy and yes I still have to buy fruits and veggies but that's easy.Plus I eat way more veggies and fruit on this plan because it's in my daily food planner.Also I like not having to go to a weekly meeting and listen to the same stuff over and over..

All 3 major diet companies work but you have to find the one that suits you the best and for me it's NS...

Comment #44

May I ask why you are still here and reading posts, if you don't like Nutrisystem and are sending the food back?..

Comment #45

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