Does anyone know any good Nutrisystem recipes?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anyone know any good Nutrisystem recipes? Hoping for any comment. Another question... HAPPY FEBRUARY FLUFFS!!!.

2nd month of 2011 - January had been a rough one for many of us with illness, loss, frustration, weather, and family it is passing and we hope and pray all of these items will dissapate quickly or at least lessen... and heal..

As we enter February - it's gonna look like this and more for many.... What a winter it's been thus far!!!.

And oh - this is the month for:.

That means chocolate - chocolate - candy - candy - oh my goodness - all the ads and displays in stores - you can escape it... Plus some of us are alone for this well publicized time for 'lovers' - so yep stress will be happening and head hunger will appear... We can control it you know - we're strong and we have a goal and we are not really alone are we - no we may not have that beloved husband beside us any more but we have children, parents, grands, dear friends - may not be the same but we can make the day about showing them we care if we want to participate.. Take a minute and find a card or make a card for a best friend, a dear parent, a beloved grand, a wonderful child, or someone who needs cheering up... Today at the Kroger I went to - they were selling Valentine balloons for $3.00 - the purpose was for them to be sent to local nursing homes for Valentine's Day... what a great idea...

If you have a beloved, tell him thank you but no chocolates please - candles, books, flowers, lingerie - none of these add pounds or mess with your walk to health....

> The Wt. Loss Minute By Linda Spangle, RN, MA.

> Author: 100 Days of Weight Loss.



> Great idea: Start a restoration project for your life.


> When he opened the creaky door of the old farm garage, David.

> could hardly believe his eyes. Covered in dust sat an old car, a.

> red 1968 Mustang. The frame was rusted along the bottom, and.

> dents marred the hood and the sides. The interior was awful with.

> torn seats and a musty odor..


> 'What a beauty!' David exclaimed. 'To most people, this car might.

> look like junk. But I think it's wonderful. It just needs to be.

> restored. Ill tow it to my shop and by the end of the year, it.

> will be transformed into a classic. When I take it on the road,.

> it may not perform like a young mustang of today. But it will be.

> solid and strong, and it will take me where I want to go.'.


> He thought some more, then added, 'I can see it now Its a warm.

> sunshiny day, and as Im driving the car along the beach, windows.

> down, people turn to stare. Mostly they see my face inside that.

> car utterly joyful because of what Ive restored.'.


> David bought the Mustang and started working on it every day..

> Paint, sand, polish, mend, replace, update. He fixed broken areas.

> and added new things that made it sparkle. A year later, he eased.

> it out of his garage and headed to the beach, singing at the top.

> of his lungs. His dream car had been restored..


> Need some fixing up?.


> Many of you may feel like that old Mustang. Rusted, tired,.

> overweight, discouraged. Lately, Ive been having a lot of those.

> feelings myself. Between side effects of my breast cancer.

> medication as well as lots of coping eating this past year,.

> Ive gained weight which is one thing my doctor wants me to.

> avoid..


> So as part of my next phase of healing, Ive concluded that I.

> need to do some restoring in my life. Over this next year, Ill.

> be focusing this ezine on ways we can find renewed energy as well.

> as body size by working on a restoration project..


> How to restore yourself.


> 1. Start by making a list of areas you want to restore..


> Heres my list:.


> * My weight.

> * Eating patterns.

> * Fitness level and endurance.

> * Attending a church that I love.

> * Producing and creating at work.

> * Building friendships, old ones as well as new.

> * Cooking meals, especially dinner.

> * Sewing and crafts.

> * Playing piano, get my skills back.

> * Singing, having a good strong voice.

> * Spiritual, devotional life.

> * Learning new things, study.

> * Computer skills, new programs.

> * Love more deeply.

> * Feel my emotions more deeply.

> * Feeling balanced and grounded.


> 2. Determine whats needed for restoring each area.


> Some things will be simple and quick, such as cooking a healthier.

> meals or pulling out a favorite recipe book. Others will require.

> more planning, digging, purchasing or learning. My piano skills.

> fit into this one. Im considering taking lessons so I can.

> restore my ability to play difficult, classical pieces the way I.

> used to..


> 3. Work on the list a little each day..


> You cant scrape the body, rebuild the chassis, sand and paint.

> the exterior and replace the upholstery all in the same day. So.

> get realistic, and choose carefully what you want to focus on..


> Today my plan is to do ten minutes of my yoga tape, play three.

> songs on the piano and walk at least 20 minutes on the treadmill..

> Tomorrow, Ill cook something new, and set up a coffee date with.

> a friend..


> 4. Start right away.


> If you keep postponing your restoration project, at the end of.

> the year, youll be in the same condition as you are today. So.

> get going. Use each day to work on restoring a tiny bit of your.

> life. And as the months go by, youll be able to see a lot more.

> of your original structure, beauty and value..


> 5. Believe you can do this!.


> As you move forward with your restoration project, keep your.

> vision clear and focused. When David began restoring the Mustang,.

> he researched everything he could about the 1968 model. He found.

> several photos of ones already restored, and posted those in his.

> work area so hed have a good vision of his goal..


> He also stayed determined and committed to his goal. He.

> understood that some parts of restoring it would be easy, others.

> quite difficult. When sanding one spot revealed a larger dent, he.

> kept working on the project. But he persisted and eventually, the.

> hard work paid off as he created his dream..


> Click here to see my vision:.





> OK, maybe not the curly hair. But Im looking forward to a.

> healthy body, great energy and a joyful life..

Let's make this month count - hopefully those who have been hospitalized will regain their health and strength and those of us catching those winter bugs will improve and spring back to health....maybe the snow and ice will slow down and we'll be teased with thoughts of spring coming... Joanie will be celebrating a birthday this month....

All are invited and welcome to join us - we work hard at keeping the Fluffies drama free and strive to help, support, care for, cry with, laugh with, tease, sympathize, and chat with positive thoughts, words, and prayers. We start the new thread the first day of each month and then chat thoughout the month... So pull up a chair and chat a while...

Above all - be healthy - DRINK your water, MOVE your body, THINK before you eat..... Keep it POSITIVE and SMILE.

- oh heck go ahead and laugh out loud -.

You may enjoy it and others will think you know a really good secret...LOL..

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Of course! but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

Comment #1

Hi Fluffs. Well durnit I had a nice post typed up and poof it was gone. I hate when that happens..

Becky I love when you start the thread. You are always so inspiring and encouraging and always positive. Thank you!!.

Have not been doing anything exiting lately. Just doing some exercise and staying on plan. Reading the last of the Fever series on my Nook. I never thought I would read a fantasy type of book but the first one was free and got me hooked. The one I am reading is #5. Well it is supposed to freeze tonight and the next 3 nights so I had best go outside and cover my plants. This has been a strange year for weather...

Comment #2

Well, probably 6" of white stuff landed overnight, but I'm warm and fuzzy having read Becky's marvelous opener. How do you do it month after month?.

Peg, am I right to assume no work for you if you lose power? :-).

Norah I was thinking what do they know about weather in AZ until I remembered what happened to your trailer! And yes with all the work your doing cover those plants..

Andrea, thanks for the compliments on that photo. Hadn't thought of entering it in a contest. Perhaps I will..

Guess I'll be taking Cath's recommendation and work on the taxes today..

Joanne, I'm hoping UPS can still get through. Pat ordered a neat lens for my new camera - a Rokinon 650-1300mm w/ add on 2x tele for a potential 2600mm! We're going to Mt Rushmore and other western sites in the summer. Think this will pick up Washington's mole nicely! LOL.

Stay safe folks, still praying for Becky, Camille and son, Chrissy, Cath and Linda, Annie and all the Fluffs! Hoping all are warm and safe and February is healthier for all...

Comment #3

Norah - Your plants are beautiful - certainly hope they do not get frostbit!!.

Good for you on exercising - It is too ugly here today to venture to the gym. I will just work out here..

Leslie - Hope the UPS man can get through to your house. The Lens sounds really nice..

We had some snow and then sleet and then snow. Todays wave of winter weather will include up to 8 inches of snow and up to 3 inches of sleet..

Purdue University cancelled classes today - that is so rare. I think the last time they did that was back in '96 and then so many kids got sick from playing out in the winter weather with out proper outerwear..

You asked if I lose power if I have to work - NO - pray I lose power. LOL!!! I do have a good sized battery back up but without electricity the phone will not work. I may venture over to my house a bit later this morning and get my oil lamp that was my Parents! We do not have any candles but we do have a gas fireplace..

Stay safe Fluffies!..

Comment #4

Good morning all....

Sounds like everyone needs to be careful and stay in and warm.... SusanM may be covered in snow at the moment and it's heading east for sure..

Thank you for the coimpliments - it usually just kind of flows for me - hope it strikes a cord for any that need it....which included me for I talk to myself a lot you know....

Norah - did you get those flowers covered? I haven't heard of the fever series - glad you enjoyed them..

Leslie - snow snow snow - think everyone has had enough don't you? ugh taxes - I haven't tackled that as yet.... stay warm....

Harley - could be a very interesting day at work for you.... the menu sounds like glad you have a fireplace at least.... be safe..

Well I managed to feed the gaggle and have moved from under the blankies in bed to under the blankies in my recliner which is where I'll spend my day.l..

May feel just a touch better but the coughing is miserable - more cough syrup coming up and it is nasty let me tell you...

Rainy and dreary here - forecast is for more rain and rain and rain....

Hope Chris is doing well and that Annie has a diagnosis and is going home and that Camille is improving and all is well with her son and that those in the path of the blizzard are staying safe.... Waving to Andrea, Joanne, Susan55, Marie, Donna, Cath and everyone else......

Comment #5

Harley - are you crazy - going out in that weather.... if Jim is at work - have him buy candles ont he way home... I can't believe you don't have candles as prepared as you are for so many

Comment #6

Becky - Oh I do hope the cough gets better. I have taken some sinus meds as well as the nasal spray - trying to get the ears to open up. IF I was at my house I have candles and oil lamps - HE does not. Sure makes me wish I had insisted on a gas range!! Darn it..

I need to get dressed and get the snow blower fired up - Jim is at work...

Comment #7

I did get my plants covered last night abut now I need to uncover them so they can get the beautiful sunshine today and then they will need to be covered again tonight and tomorrow night. Weird weather..

Becky I hope you get to feeling better soon and lose that cough. I still have a little one. No where as egregious as last week tho...

Comment #8

Oh good Norah - then there's hope for me..... cough syrup isn't doing a great deal of good so now eating cough drops as well... whine whine.

Harley - please be careful - I know you are a 'can do' person but remember the shoulder and other health issues - don't push too hard....

Back to my movie and magazine.....

Comment #9

Good Morning Fluffs -.

Hello from beautiful, sunny, So. Cal. Any of you guys want to move here?.

Becky - Great start as usual. Good for you to stay under the blankies. Take care and eat lots of soup..

Harley & Leslie - Should the UPS man be able to get to you, you need to have him bring you one of these..


Safer than candles..

Norah - Your new block walls look fantastic..

Andrea - I agree with Becky. Having a little fur baby greet you when you come home is the best thing. When you are ready you might want to think a bout another fur baby. Not only will he or she give you lots of love but you will also be giving a home to a kitty who needs a loving home..

I hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #10

Hello Fluffies,.

I just started the program today and love the encouragement I am reading on these threads. I am very excited to have such support on this journey..

I live here in Nova Scotia Canada (East Coast just above Maine) and we are in for a dilly of a snow storm over the next 24-36 hours. Suppose to get 4-6" tonight and another 12-18" tomorrow afternoon/tomorrow evening. I work shift work (12 hour shifts) and it should be fun getting up at 4am tomorrow morning and shoveling before I even go to work. Oh well God's little way of getting my butt to exercise...

I love the way you started the month... very cheerful and positive... it is definitely what I need..


Comment #11

Norah - Glad you are feeling better. Our weather is weird as well..

I did use the Snow blower - DH needs to take off the one wheel and get it filled up - getting rather low so it was more of a battle. Got the drive and sidewalk done as well as the neighbor's sidewalk...

Comment #12

Welcome Heather - glad you've joined us on the Fluffs. it's a great place to land - come chat with us as often as you can... Be careful in that weather and stay warm.. Our friend Marie from Coco Beach is also from Canada and calls herself a frog from Quebec (I believe I'm right on that).... Also Jackie pops in every so often and she's from Edmonton Alberta area and a Canuck... Best of luck to you on the journey to health..

Harley - you've certainly gotten your exercise today.....

Hi Cath - thanks..... no thanks on the move to CA - you have earthquakes out there - hope you're having a beautiful day in the sun....

Hi Andrea - thanks - how's your day going - lots of clients on schedule.....

Comment #13

Heather - welcome to the Fluffies!! We are scattered all over the country. Some of us work, some are retired, and some of the Fluffies are trying to get over illnesses / hospitalization..

I am in NW Indiana and we got the first wave of bad snow/ Sleet / ice last night. We are to get up to 18" of snow tonight along with winds in the 35 - 40 MPH Range. I used to do shift work and got up at either 0300 or 1500 so I totally understand!! My husband and I have 3 grown children..

We are, as you have already figured out, an encouraging bunch of gals. We are here to encourage, listen, laugh with and care for each other. Life is good!! Come back often and chat with us!!.

Congrats for taking this step to better health...

Comment #14

Becky- Off to shower now and WORK !! Jim came home - wanting to beat the next round of weather and asked if a neighbor blew out the driveway ! HA HA HA !! I told him the snow blower fairy came along - He was impressed and YES I did get my exercise in today!!..

Comment #15

Welcome Heather. I hope you come and visit often...

Comment #16

Welcome Heather! Hope you love the plan, and know you'll learn to love all the Fluffs!.

Cath, not moving to CA, nope, not gonna do it! (HATE hot weather!) I'm an old girl scout so we've always had several lanterns around the house (we do a lot of camping) so we're well equiped (have oil lamps as well.) We don't have the new fangled solar ones, though we've talked about getting one. I'm just too cheap!.

Peg, don't work too hard!.

Becky, is the gaggle blanket curing you yet?.

Gals, my DIL's father (Doug's wife) is in the hospital with complications from diabetes and is having surgery on infected feet tonight. We could use some prayers, please. I think Liz is quite scared. They haven't even told his parents that he's in the hospital until they know what happens in surgery..

This sure has been a bad winter (healthwise) for a lot of folks we know!..

Comment #17

Howdy Hi - feeling just a 'tetch' better as the old saying goes... Cousin just called to check on me and I told her I'm almost afraid to say it cause I'll have a coughing fit. Walked out to the end of the driveway and got my mail and took out my trash and back under the blankies.... Cool and damp outside....

Harley - glad Jim came home early to beat the weather and traffic rush....imagine him thinking the neighbor did that hard work you accomplished..

Cath - sure you don't want to visit Harley or Leslie or anyone north of the mason-dixon line right now?.

Hey Leslie - sorry to hear about DIL's father.... I'm with you - lived in the hot weather enough years in Houston......

Comment #18

Well Cath you can come here - we're going to have a couple inches of rain and heavy winds and flooding - maybe you'd prefer that - I already see some fog coming in...

Comment #19

Before shutting down my computer wanted to pop in to say hi but tired so going to take a nap since it's just least b4 dinner time..

I feel much better but body just tired, tired, tired. Becky, sorry to hear you're sick...Cath, hope your friend is feeling ok. News reports say it's to be in the 70's on Fri....right now I'm freezing in the 60's. Norah, your block walls look great! Harley, sounds like you've beefed up the security at your safe. Leslie, the snow pics on your FB is more than I've ever seen in my life....brrrr. Prayers for your DIL's father.

Andrea, hugs to you and Ethan with the loss of your kitty...I'm sorry. Hi to both Susan's and anybody else I missed. More when I have the energy... stay warm and be safe!..

Comment #20

The storm is SOOOO Ugly here. One of my coworkers and I were working on a case - she asked what that noise was - the sleet and rain and Snow (does snow make noise when it hits windows? Don't think so) hitting the windows. She is in Washington state. The people in INDY were pretty much all sent home at 3 PM to get them home or at least on the roads hopefully beating the rush hour..

Hope all stay safe and warm!!.

Chrissy- Take care of you and no apologies about being tired - you have been through alot!!!..

Comment #21

To all the FLuffies in the path of the storm: STAY SAFE and I hope you can stay home!!!.

Prayers for all the FLuffies with health problems and for their loved ones too.....

Comment #22


It is really bad here!!.

No school today or again tomorrow. 25 below zero with the winds!! I just stay inside! Got my junk room cleaned out today!! Still had a little Christmas stuff laying around in there..

Scrapbooked about 6 pages and made a bunch of Valentine treat bags. Great day!.

Did you get your lens Leslie?.

Hoping you're feeling better Becky!!.

NorahI love that graphic!!.

Harleydid you have to work?..

Comment #23

2catAs soon as I can catch a planeI'm moving in with you! This is almost scary here!.

Hello Heather and WELCOME!! Good luck on your journey!..

Comment #24

Leslieprayers for DIL's dad. That's scary!.

Andreait took me a couple of years, but I am glad I did it! Bootzy is so much fun! You'll know when you are ready..

Beckyforgot to say that loved the start. I always look forward to what you are going to say!..

Comment #25

Hi Chrissy and Marie!! I've missed you!!!.

STAY SAFE everyone!!..

Comment #26

Happy February fluffs!.

I thankfully made it home last night. Today's blood draw was decent. Need another good draw tomorrow to prove stability..

I have a lot of folllowups to do over the next weeks. I am just hoping and praying that all of it can be done as outpatient. I sure don't want to go back..

Many thanks for the well wishes and prayers..


Comment #27

February sure came in with gusto! I doubt they'll be able to find the groundhog tomorrow - let alone his shadow! I actually saw one today - he was contemplating crossing the busy highway service drive making him a candidate for the Darwin Awards for sure...cute, but perhaps not too bright..

Becky, thanks for the great start to the month as always! Glad to hear you're feeling a smidge better too!.

Harley, I had a nice electric smooth top stove when we lived in Indiana - add just one ice storm and a week without power and you can probably understand why I had the builder haul out my pretty new electric & run me a gas line when we bought this current house! LOL, I slept in my jacket, hat, & sleeping bag that week & would have appreciated some nice hot meals! Hoping you guys stay snug & warm!.

Norah, sorry the post gremlins got one of yours! I'll have to check out the fever series - I need to get some more books on my Nook! I like fantasy & irreverant can't-be-for-real kind of books. I get my fill of reality in real life!.

Leslie, well, if you tire of looking at Washington's mole - you might try for the rings of Saturn! That lens is one hunk of glass! DIL's dad included on the prayer list for sure..

Cath, I'd move! Our summers can be brutal in Alabama - it's the humidity combined with a lack of air movement. But I just got a grandie moved only 2 states to the west - so, I'm here for a while..

Heather, welcome to the boards! I'd love to see Nova Scotia one July or August, of course! Lot's of good info on the boards & I can say theNutrisystemprogram worked for me and countless others. Does the 12 hour shifts mean you only have to work 3 days a week? I worked 10's & 12's in the past & did like them for just that reason - no 5 day weeks except for OT!.

Andrea - waving back at ya!.

Chris, good to see you & hope you can rest & regain your strength!.

Susan55, are you back to Chico?.

Susan M., sounds like you got a lot done on your snow day! Stay snug indoors for sure!.

Annie, hope you're feeling better every day & so glad to hear you are home! No place like home for sure! Take care & get some rest..

We've had rain & more rain - but nothing that will freeze for the next few days anyways! My house phone decided to just blitz out - a Uniden I've had all of 8 months! I called their 24/7 customer service number this morning - but, no one was there due to the storm (wow - does that mean they're not in India?). Ran out to Walmart and got a V-tech with an extra hand set. Need it for the answering machine part anyways even if I do decide to mail the Uniden in for warranty service. This has been my month for various electronics suddenly going kaput! It's been a good month in spite of that, however! I got to spend a couple of weeks with my newest grandie, had a fun beading day with my crafty friends, and I got back to my goal weight range! I just need to exercise my healthier choices for Superbowl Sunday this weekend! And, perhaps exercise during the commercials as well!.

Marie, I'm going to join you in wishing all to stay safe, stay warm, & stay healthy! Prayers going up for all in need too!..

Comment #28

Joanne, the author is Karen Marie Moning. Love the way she writes...

Comment #29

My goodness Annie! I missed what happened, but sure said a prayer for you. Glad you are home and hoping that you can do the outpatient testing as you wish!..

Comment #30

Marie - So good to see you!! The weather is horrible. We were remembering an ice storm we had in Illinois when the kids were little - we lost power for days and thank fully had LOTS of wood to keep the house warm. All 5 of us curled up in front of the fireplace..

SusanM - Yes I had to work - it was fun as we were all comparing if our lights were flickering, how low tree branches were getting and if we lost the internet. I made it through just fine - they actually sent people home at 3 PM from the office. They wanted the people to try to beat the rush out on the roads..

Annie - Oh good you are home! Hope all the followups can be done as outpatient. Prayers continuing that your counts stabilize..

Joanne - Our last ice storm we had a gas range in our house. I talked to a person in Hawaii - he enjoyed the story of our ongoing Winter storm warning / Blizzard warning. Hope your weather calms down as well..

It is cold here - incredibly cold!! Hope all stay warm..

Comment #31

Joanne: My daughter is in India and it is 80 degrees there. She said that the people there can't believe her when she tells them what is going on in Kansas. I got a new phone too, but I replaced a 10 year old one. Hope you get it fixed!!.

DH is being a crab because he has to go to work as an administrator. I'm steering clear of him for the moment...

Comment #32

They found the groundhog & he didn't see his shadow, so it will be spring in 6 weeks. Well, I hope so anyways!.

Susan M., 80 degrees sounds perfect! I hope DD is enjoying her time in India - at least the weather is better!.

Oh, I believe we have treatment available for cranky DH's... I had to use it myself last weekend, but I'll pass this on to you in case you need it..

Harley, be careful out there! Did you get the ice too?.

Norah, thanks - I'll have to look that author up..

Becky, are you feeling better this am?.

We are clearing up, but down about 30 degrees since the weekend. I actually have time to stay home and play today - in between doing laundry - so that's my plan. I have a few of the new series Off the Map on the DVR, so might check that out. Also got the DVD Inception from Netflix, so will watch it with DH tonight. It's 2.5 hours - so I'm hoping it's a good one..

Waving good morning to all of the fluffs!.

Hope everyone has power & stays safe in that awful weather!..

Comment #33

Good morning Fluffies!.

Yet another snow day. It is SO COLD!! At least the wind has calmed down some..

Joanne: I used your solution to shove DH out the door this morning..

Harley: Sorry you are having to work! I love this time off. Lucky for me, I get paid for it though. I feel bad for the secretaries and paras who are not getting paid because they probably really need the money..

I'll check back later to see who has made it in today!! Have a good one! I'm off to scrap...

Comment #34

Good Morning All - I slept in - still coughing and sneezing but doing ok... It was pouring rain all night and now it's snow flurries, cold, and very very windy..... we are so lucky compared to so many of you guys... it went north of us....

Chris - good to see y ou posting and know that you are improving.. Like Harley said - of course you're tired - continue to rest and take care..

Annie - YEAH you are home now...and had a good count on your latest test - fingers crossed for the next one. Please take good care and rest....

Susan - glad to know you're safe - sorry DH has to go out in the weather... Enjoy your snow days. Glad Joanne's treatment (which I believe Annie invented) for cranky DH's worked for you. Glad DD is doing well in India...

Marie - hello - how's everything in sunny FL? You and Betsey and Oliver and Michael ok?.

Joanne - you sound good - glad your weather isn't so awful... You did have a good month didn't you? Fantastic... oh good no groundhog's shadow - I'm thinking most everyone has had enough winter.... Hey enjoy that play day - everyone should take one every so often.....

Harley - hey Harley - where are you? I sure hope you haven't lost power....

That storm was awful at your house last night sounds like - I think the only time you hear snow is when it's really big flakes and heavy with wetness and you can hear it hitting the ground - not the windows goodness. Do hope you and Jim are doing ok and of course Josie and Edgar....

Hey Norah - how's everything in AZ? Did your plants make it though another cold night? What's going on with you today?.

Susan55 - where are you? Everything ok in Chico? Hope all is well..

Donna - are you guys frozen? hope things are ok at your house..

Cath - of course you're sunny and warm in CA..... guessing you are running amuck at the office..

Andrea - how's everything with you? busy? Do you have an art class this week? Are you doing ok?.

Camille - how're you feeling? Any improvement? How's your DS doing?.

Leslie - are you safe? I hope things are ok at your house and you have power.... How's DIL's DF?.

Waving to everyone. Hope Heather joins us again today..... Cina - how're you?.

Nothing on my schedule once more - just tv, reading, naps, and meds - but that's ok - as long as I'm getting well I can deal with it.....

Please everyone stay safe and warm.....

Comment #35

Good morning fluffs. I woke up at 8 this morning to a whopping 33 degrees...brrrrrrr. The plants got covered again last night so they should be ok. The sun is out again today. Weird that we would be so cold and the skies are clear and blue..

Becky I hope your cough goes away soon. Those are so annoying..

Marie good to see you!.

All of you getting slammed by this winter storm please be careful and safe..

I have a chiro appointment this am so I am off. BBL...

Comment #36

I talked to Harley - she and Jim are fine - they still have power but she had a slight issue and her computer isn't charged as yet today... They have lots of snow but have been downgraded to only about 10" with ice but not as much as Indianapolis has..... blizzard conditions today.....

Comment #37

We're home, have power and aren't going anywhere! We're glad to hear we have a lot of good company out there (and here on the board!).

DDIL's DF has more infection than they originally thought and will have more surgery again on Thursday. I don't think this is a lifethreatening situation, but certainly nerve-wracking for Liz and family. Apparently her father has been fighting doing what he was supposed to since his diagnosis last year! Liz is very worried that he will persist in that behavior even after all that he has been through..

Well gals we bought a keurig coffee maker last weekend and I feel another sample coming on! Stay safe and warm all...

Comment #38

Good to hear. Thank you Becky for letting us know. Could not believe how cold it is here. It was 37 on my way to the chiro and only made it to 40 so far. Brrrrrr...

Comment #39

Enjoy that coffee time Leslie - glad all is well at your house..... oh oh not good on DIL's father not doing as he's supposed to do - maybe this will wake him up... Stay warm....

Yep Norah - talked to bf in east TX this AM and it's cold cold there as well - we've gone backwards on the temp today - now down in the 20s with a wind chill in the teens....keep warm..

Comment #40

Good Afternoon Fluffs -.

Glad to hear all out Popsicle Fluffs are inside safe and sound..

Chrissy - Take care. Lots of naps are good as your body need them to heal..

SusanM - I will make up the bed..

Annie - Happy you are home. Will cross fingers for more good blood tests..

Marie - Great to see you here today. What have you and your DH been up to lately?.

Joanne - can always come for a visit in the summer. Little humidity here..

Becky - Run amok? Moi?.

Norah - In the mid 30's here in the early morning as well. I agree. Brrrrrrrr! So cold here because the Santa Ana's are blowing and they bring in the cold air from the desert..

Leslie - Prayers for your DDIL's father. Hope he realized he must take care or he may lose a foot or even the leg..

Linda is still waiting to hear from UCI about when she will go in for the stint and biopsy. Hoping they call today..

Well.......time to get working. Have a great day Fluffs...

Comment #41

Oh Cath - I'm sure I'm confusing you with some other Fluff that has a history of running amuck on a regular basis - not sure who it could be as I know Annie is still recovering so is most likely behaving (at least a little)... I believe she is the one who was removed from a hospital room for causing too much laughter for her room mate... hmmmm are you two related?.

I've worked hard today - fed the gaggle twice, did dishes, scooped litter, brought in the mail, and took a shower - so think I'll go to bed shortly. I do feel better tonight so hoping the worst is ahind me....

Take care this cold winter night Fluffs.....

Comment #42

Just hoping all Flufies are safe or more healthy!!!.

Here well we are helping DMIL to move out...lots of things to take care !.

But all is well and ok... we had very bad weather last week, lots of rain and tornado watch and then DMIL was scared a lot for the first time I knew her, she was living 30 minutes from us, never had been a problem since last we knew a change was in order....

So she found a place .4 miles from us and it is a miracle... just working a lot with all the moving now ...


HEAL SICKIE FLUFFIES telling that with love..

Comment #43

Fluffs - Is anyone else having a problem with getting to scan down the page- I can not do that!! I am done with work and wanted to chat - HELP why can't I scan down the page - I can scan down my gmail page..

Comment #44

Just got done watching 2.5 hours of Inception - it was very clever, and somewhat emotionally detached IMHO..

Like watching a dream of a dream....

Anyone ready to celebrate New Years Eve again & start the year all over?.

It's out with the Tiger and in with the Year of the Rabbit in just a few hours..

Rabbit years are supposed to be more laid back..

Long life, wealth, peace, wisdom, & virtue!..

Comment #45

Scrolling fine here. Try delete cookies yet? My Safari browser doesn't always play nice with theNutrisystemwebsite and deleting cookies & signing back in seems to clear things up many times...

Comment #46

Joanne- I read some troubleshooting on the Mac BookPro site SO here I am!!.

I am sure many are hoping the year of the Rabbit will be more laid back!!.

My battery ran down on the computer as well and did not recharge as I did not have the prongs out straight - Now I know!! The weather here is horrible. We did get over to my house to be sure it was okay- My trees were not terribly iced over. The power lines were still up in the air. YEA!!! There was a foot of snow at my house. It is mixed with ice so really treacherous. I stayed in except to get to my house.

I need to go back and read the posts!..

Comment #47

Hello Fluffs!!!.

I sure hope everyone stays nice and warm and safe in the cold, icy weather...

Joanne- I sure got a good chuckle out of your laid back wabbit... so cute...Happy New Year!.

Marie- so glad you have a place for DMIL close by....

Harley- sounds really cold, and dangerous on those roads....

Becky- Hope you feel better, I can't rememebr did you make it to the doctor?.

Cath- it was a beautiful day 65 degrees, but sure gets chilly at night with frost on my deck....

What a cute squirrel Becky!.

Norah- cold and clear at night here too....

Annie- so glad your home now keep that blood work stable...

Chris glad you were able to stop by and say hello....

Camille- hope you are feeling better and also your DS Bob....

Not much going on with me... I went to Chico on Monday, did shopping and cleaning and got Kaden and I had him for 2 nights, I took him home late this morning... Then I packed up and drove to S.F. and here I be...Sal and I will work on his bathroom... Sal took off all the old ugly wall paper and we'll clean and prep the walls for paint... We also have a new pedistal?sp sink to install, so I bet we'll be doing that soon..

I got an e-mail from the director of the clinic saying that she's interviewing psych techs and she'll contact me soon... I am staying positive that I get this job...but as director she has to run that clinic as cleaply as possible.... so... just hoping here.....

Hugs to all, Susan..

Comment #48

Harley, glad to hear you got it Working! I am posting from my Nook, lol. It would have been quicker to go log in to the computer..

Have a good night and stay safe and warm. Logging off here..

Hey Susan, keeping fingers crossed you get that position..

Nite all...

Comment #49

Good morning Fluffs,.

I was really crazy busy at work yesterday with all the snowfall we had... so thought I would drop in for a minute and catching up on the entries... sounds like everyone is doing good and hopefully keeping safe and warm inside... haven't lost power here yet so that is a good thing but from about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground on Sunday to about 3 1/2 feet on the ground this morning it is looking a lot more like winter here..

I am on day 3 ofNutrisystemand doing good... any plan is hard with shift work but I ate a few extra veggies and that helped with any hunger cravings I was having... I have found most of the food tastes good or is at least palletable for the most part (there were a couple exceptions and I have since updated my order for next time)... the taste though makes it easier to stay 100% on the plan... sometimes the temptations are great at my work place as they have a portable cart of nothing but sugar and salt goodies... so I am really going to appreciate those cheese puffs and pretzels fromNutrisystemthese night shifts coming up....

I got all the exercise I needed over the last couple of days of shoveling snow... got up at 3:30am yesterday and shoveled for an hour... went to work... shovelled to get out of the lot at work and then came home to 2 more feet of white stuff in my driveway so another 1 1/2 hour of shovelling after a 12 hour shift... needless to say I was sore, winded and tired by the time I hit the bed last night... so I am up early again this morning...

Stopped in here to say good morning and out to shovel the driveway before heading into work again... not too bad out there this morning though only about 2-3 inches left from last night... I am thinking it is God's form of exercise for me... but all I can say is BRING ON SPRING PLEASE!! ahaha.

Congratulations on the weight losses and sticking to plan... it is really all about mindset and where your head is really at when you do this... I have to say thank you though to all of you on here.... you are truly my inspiration to keep going....

Have a fantastic day!! - Heather..

Comment #50

Pyrosea... first I Love the photo... very pretty scenery... Just a quick answer to your question... I work 12 hour shifts... 6am to 6pm for two days and then 6pm to 6am for two nights...

So my days off are great for the plan and day shifts aren't too bad (I just added extra free veggies to my snacks in my lunch bag) but nights are always a struggle for me... so I am on day 3 (second day shift) doing good so far and love pretty much all the food for a couple exceptions (which I have gone in and changed on my pre-order for next time)... well going to get on with the day... another long one.....

Comment #51

Good Morning Heather - Talk about burning Calories!! I LOVE your attitude about shoveling and saying it is God's Exercise for you!! I did shift work similar to yours and and can so relate to what you are going through. I was on the Dupont schedule with the Dept of Defense for 2 years. We were on 4 Nights, off 3 Days, on 3 Days off 1.5 Days, On 3 nights, off 3 Days, on 4 Days then off 7 days. That was the best part but during the working part it was a killer..

Sounds like you are doing well and have figured out the extra veggies help curb the hunger. Keep up the good work !..

Comment #52

Susan55 - Glad you had some Kaden time ! What color is the bath room going to be? Love Pedestal Sinks !!.

Marie - glad your MIL is moving closer to you and Michael. You are a good DIL!! ((((HUGS to you )))).

Becky - Hope you are continuing to get better - The weather looks like more ugly will be coming your way!! I heard from my friend at work whose hubby was to undergo that shoulder surgery - they have both been so sick with the flu that his surgery was cancelled and may not be well enough for the surgery in a few days. They both got the flu shots also she said..

Cat - you did a marvelous roll call so I am Ditto-ing you!!.

Okay Girls - I need to scoot - I go on work earlier today and need to get some stuff done!!..

Comment #53

Gals flying by to say I won't be around much the next couple of days. My dear friend Bettie's son, Rick (who was our tax accountant!) died suddenly of a brain aneurysm yesterday. This is an extra serious tragedy A's I know Bettie (now 85) was counting on Rick helping his younger brother Jerry after Bettie meets her maker. Jerry is an independently living mildly retarded cp'd man..

Prayers continue for those in need here and I would appreciate some for this family that is hurting so badly..

Heather glad you found us again. Gotta run.....

Comment #54

Flipping back & forth from days to nights definitely adds an extra challenge to maintaining an eating schedule. I used to do that when I worked at the hospital years ago. The extra veggies are a good idea & there are a lot of ideas in the food talk & recipe sections. You could make a big pot of soup out of the unlimited veggies as well. Personally, I found keeping my protein grams for the add ins on the high side helped keep hunger at bay as well. I drank a lot of mineral water in the beginning too - it seemed more filling..

I've been maintaining my goal for 9 months so far, but those sugar/salt items are still a challenge for me if I get started eating them. I'm down more than 85lbs. (or 38.5 kg) since starting the program. I still take an order every 2 or 3 months just for the convenience of having shelf stable foods in the pantry & I share with DH who takes them for a lunch a couple times a week..

Shoveling over 3 feet of snow since Sunday! Oh my! What an exercise blessing! Laughing here & love the attitude! That photo was from - it's St. Ann's Harbour from Kelly's Mountain in Cape Breton and it is certainly very pretty up there! As a diver, I always wonder what is under that water - but I think I'll leave that in my imagination as my curiosity diminishes with the temps! I did dive into Tobermory/ Georgian Bay in Ontario (current photo) for a week some years back - it was great, but I won't do it again. It was 55F/13C at the surface and dropped to 45F/7C just 23'/7 meters down and I did it in a wetsuit. It was July. That was just silly...

Comment #55

Good morning fluffies. It is still morning here..

Welcome Heather. This is an awesome group of ladies here and very positive and supportive. Hope to get to know you better..

Leslie, I am so sorry about Rick, and am keeping Bettie and family in prayer..

I was up and at em this morning. I had a dentist appointment at 8:30 and then went and got my allergy shot. No cavities and all went well with both appointments. I had to dress in layers this morning as it was a whole 37 when I left the house. It is supposed to get up to 50 today. We shall

Comment #56

Goodmorning Fluffs,.

Leslie- prayers to bettie and her family and to you too as you give your shoulder to lean on..

Heather- welcome again to the Fluffs, I admire you getting up so early to shovel snow and then call it God's exercise....

I might be swearing...Your work schedule is unique, and at least you know when you'll be working to make plans for your personal life... I had a friend that worked for Owen Corning Fiber glass and did 12 hour shifts, worked 3 days, off three then 3 nights off three... it seemed pretty nice to me....Joanne gave you excellent advice, many of the food boards have great ideas to augment the entrees and make them so tasty...a personal favorite of mine is the rice risotto, which I add a little garlic powder, Italian seasoning and a small amt. of parm cheese....

Joanne- you mentioned wondering what is below the surface of the water got me to thinking... probably cars... recently in California we had a tragic event and a canal was searched and they pulled up something close to 12 cars.

My hat is off to you Joanne for maintaining for 9 months... I bet you feel very good and spry.....

After the girls weekend we all decided that spry was the word for 2011....

Harley the color is.


With white all in semi gloss... we are still in the prep phase... Sal had hideous wall paper to take off, and now has to mud the walls and then sand and mud etc until walls are smooth...I will be helping today....

Becky- Do you have lots of white stuff? how are the gaggle behaving? hope you are feeling better, no coughing or sneezing I hope....hope the storms haven't left you powerless... stay warm and hugs to you..

Hello to all, thinking of each of you and hope more peeps check in. Susan..

Comment #57

Howdy Hi.

Oh Leslie - how awful - such a sad situation for your friends.... I'm so sorry.. Hugs.....

Heather - good to see you back with us - my goodness what a schedule you have and all that shoveling - you must have been glowing like crazy after that... Good for you with the veggies to help the hunger... You are doing great..... 3:30 AM up and moving - I was just going to sleep around that time this

Susan - oh yes Kaden time for you - I know you enjoy that so much.... and now to work with Sal on the bathroom in SF.... I have a pedestal in my hall bathroom and love it - also called a Fluer de lis - I learned that tidbit when I was in the cultured marble/acrylic business... Enjoy all that work - glad it's not

Great graphics Joanne - what are you up to today? Any jewelry creating?.

How's the weather at your house?.

Marie - glad you're getting DMIL moved closer to your home - I imagine you are busy busy with the moving - I so dislike the moving Are Betsey and Oliver helping? - glad you like my reading groundhog.... I thought he was cute....

Harley - already at work for the day? Is Jim home working again today? All that snow and ice aren't going anywhere if your temps are like ours.....

I started this post 2 hrs - 5 phone calls and a shower

Sounds like many are improving as far as weather goes - some health issues are improving although we have others popping up and folks needing support, comfort, and prayer.... We all know we're here for each other... Those back on the healthy path - keep up the good work and keep the E flowing and keep on glowing......

Comment #58

Hi Norah - glad all went well for you even if it's so cold there... Just talked to bf in East TX and it's about as cold there as it is here and they're expecting snow....

Hey Susan - we have no snow - just super cold but snow's coming later... I'm still coughing but no sneezing thus far today and cough doesn't seem to be as croupy.... have fun with all that remodeling.....

Comment #59

Susan, I'm thinking a few centuries worth of shipwrecks under there & some pretty decent underwater life - Cape Breton looks absolutely pristine & gorgeous topside - I'd really love to visit..


But, growing up in a very urban area & thinking of what's under those waters (Detroit River), I would bet on finding guns & more guns, followed by cars, & then everything else imaginable! Dangerous & creepy! Lots of traffic overhead & municipal water intake vortexes down below. Yucko! Not a good place for finding sushi for sure!.

The maintenance is hard for me - I keep sliding ~5 lbs. up, then diet 5 lbs. down to stay here - it's a constant battle. If I was willing to give up cocktails, good bread, & Italian food, it would be much easier to not creep up on the scale - but if I got rid of those vices, no telling what even worse ones could develop in their place! If it keeps me from becoming a hoarder, a gambler, or a cat burglar - I may just have to stick with them..

Becky, our weather - little ice pellets clinking on my windows for the past 2 hours. Countless accidents on our roads. They didn't expect it and we have no salt here. They just dismissed all of the schools early and some of the businesses. The highway nearest me they reported 4 separate accidents within a one mile stretch. Very atypical weather for us.

I've been reading my Nook & drawing some sketches for some possible leather designs in between watching the news reports. I finished a practice scrap of leather to learn some basics at the leather shop - we all did the same design for our first attempt - but not sure yet how to create my own design to work with these leather tools. I'll just have to jump in and figure it out as I go..

Norah, I'll take that 50F! Or even the 37F at this point!..

Comment #60

Well the day is over girls... thanks for all the encouragement... going to grab my dinner and maybe get a 1/2 hour on the tread mill watching The Big Bang Theory... love that show....

I too have put Bettie's family on my prayer list... it is always hard to lose a family member and suddenly doesn't help....

Well girls... off to eat and then walk on the treadmill... not that I haven't gotten in my exercise for the week in the last couple of days.. haha... I pray that it shows on the scales on Monday... doing good with the food and love some of them so much that I have gone in and changed the order again for my next shipment....

Have a good night....


Comment #61

Hi Fluffs! Back to reality today!! And I have to work the wrestling meet tonight..

I finally called the doctor and I go in on Monday. It's just my regular doctor, but she has to refer me to an orthopedic doctor. She said she wants to see me anyway to see my hole on my head and how it is healing..

Leslie: so sorry to hear about your friend's son. Sad situation!!.

Hope you are all still staying safe and getting healthy!.

Oh, Susan55do you ever watch The Bachelor (it is not very good this season)....anyway a girl on there was talking about being from Chico...

Comment #62

Marie - You are such a sweet DIL helping with the move to get DMIL moved closer to you. Hope your wx is better this week..

Leslie - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Bettie and the tragedy she is going through and the challenges ahead with her other son ... prayers indeed. How is your DDIL's DF doing today?.

Susan55 - You sound so busy between Chico and SF, along with the work on the house, time with Kaden, etc. Good luck on the position. Retirement? lol.

SusanM - Did I read correctly - 25 below zero with winds?! ...and I'm complaining about it being in the 60's?!! I missed something about why you're going to the doctor???.

Joanne - Good for you catching it with 5 lbs. You've lost so much and proud of you keeping within that 5 lb. goal even though it's a challenge..

Becky - I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and meant to thank you for the wonderful 'February start'... always love yours and Joanne's graphics.

Norah - You'll have to remember those cold temps this summer when you're well into the 100's. lol 63 here and have had my heater running all day and still cold.

Harley - Do you often have to change your work schedule... was it a better shift to your liking, or worse?.

Camille - I'm thinking of you today and hope all is well with you and your son.

Heather - Welcome and good luck!.

Cath - I napped yesterday and seems around this time (3PM) is when I start pooping out. Has your friend Linda heard anything yet regarding her stint and biopsy?.

Andrea - Hope work, etc., is going ok for ya..

Nothing new... PT comes out tomorrow, feeling better each day. My DD Kelly called from Denmark this morning, evening her time. She bought a pre-paid phone but we only talked for 9 min. I thought it was the first call since she's been gone then she reminded me she called when I was in the hospital but I sounded drugged up...must've been because I sure don't remember her call..

I've been eating healthier since my most recent hospitalization. Prayers for those in need and continued thoughts of all you being hit with that white stuff to be safe! Nap time.....

Comment #63

Evening all.

I'm done for the day - gee another busy busy managed to do dishes and take out trash and scoop litter and other than feed the gaggle that was it for me... I do feel better just not as good as I was expecting to feel by now - patience isn't one of my virtues.....

Heather - glad you made it home from work safely - and even have energy for the treadmill after that long day - you go lady. I really enjoy Big Bang Theory - Sheldon is a hoot....

Chris - so good to see you - sounds like things are continuing to go in the right direction for you finally - so glad - good that you got to talk to Kelly as well..

Ah SusanM - fun snow days are over for you, huh.... sorry... oh good glad you are going to see the Dr.... keep us updated.....

Oh yuck Joanne - those icey pellets aren't good news at all. stay safe... your leather design looks good IMO... you are a talented lady.....

Hope everyone stays safe and warm tonight - I'm hearing snow and ice even in Houston - hope my friends are loving it and staying safe and warm out there... I'm closing for the night but will be back in the AM - you've been warned... Safe and peaceful night Fluffs.....

Comment #64

Becky - Please PACE your self!! Don't want you to over do!! LOL!!! Glad you are feeling better!! Glad you do not have snow - We have SNOW !! IT is up to the bottom of the mailbox after the snow plow went through. Jim got up early this morning and used the snow blower than 3 snow plows came through to clean out the streets. Took Edgar to the vet today - He acted like his left foot was hurting and since he has been jumping DOWN from the top of the shower door rail I wanted to be sure he had not broken or sprained something. It was so funny - the vet decided to check Edgar over but could not hear his heart due the loud purring. That was funny!! Anyway - the vet said Edgar probably has learned that holding his foot up like it hurts gets him extra loving!.

Chris - Glad each day is getting better for you! I am one of the scheduling lialsons for the group I am in. My responsiblity right now is to get a permanent shift for 15 people. We used to each have a permanent shift until we got a managet who decided we all needed new shifts- he ended up losing his job. There was a tremendous outcry about that and the line was long in HR. So out of 15 people, I have 10 who are happy with their schedules and 5 who will have a melt down tomorrow when they see what is left. The 10 did not duplicate shift choices with anyone else.

My shift is already a permanent shift and my hours are 1:30 - 9:30 PM. Some days I work 12 hour shifts but usually it is the above listed time..

Leslie - So sorry to hear of your friend Betties's loss. How tragic!.

Susan 55 - Thanks for telling me the color - you know I could not sleep at night til I knew!! LOL! Taking down wallpaper can be a real pain..

Heather - good for you! I am so proud of you!! Love the attitude!!.

Susan M - Did Hubby calm down ?? Did you have to work today - sorry if I missed that! Glad you get to see the doc soon!! Take care of you!.

Joanne -What a pretty leather piece! I love working with leather - this is certainly a crafty group!!.

Norah - yea on going to the dentist and getting a good report!.

Well - you all take care and have a wonderful night!!..

Comment #65

Hi, all you fab fluffies. I'm doing better. Feeling somewhat human, again, but puny. DS is mending, but sore. Said it will take about a year for all the soreness to subside..

Prayers for all who need healing or comfort, & lots of warm hugs..

After sleeping a good deal of the day, it's time for my lovely warm bed..


Comment #66

Morning all.

The coughing continues but I do feel better.... as usual a cold cold morning and a wintry mix and snow predicted for this evening... I do have to go out today - going to wrap up a lot and will mostly sit in the car and DM will do the running in and out of the grocery and pharmacy....

Camille - thank you for popping in and letting us know you and your DS are improving... continued prayers and care for you both....

Harley - you are a busy bee - so glad Edgar is ok and just faking for attention... what a good boy..... too funny about the purr....

Hope to hear others are improving and staying safe..... no news from me of course as I'm not out and about this week - only what I see from the window - "Oh look - do you see the big yellow bus".... lol and hear on the phone.....

Happy Friday.....

Comment #67

Happy Friday Fluffs! It's just going to rain all day here, probably an inch then go down to 29F tonight. Another chance of snow next week too. DD woke up to freezing rain in LA too. "I thought it was supposed to be warm in the south." Well, it was until the weekend she came down to look for a house - I told her she must have brought some of Wisconsin down with her & we all would appreciate if she sent it back north!.

It was 72F last Saturday!.

Susan M. - good on you for making that appointment. My annual got cancelled twice last month - once for the doc's schedule, and second time the clinic cancelled because of weather. I still haven't rescheduled. Won't they just stitch "the hole" in your scalp together?.

Chris, must have been kinda weird to not remember the other phone call from your daughter. Prayers still going your way that everything comes out "clean" and that you can put this all behind you soon..

Becky, my youngest DD had a terrible cold/cough/something going on - as did her DH. I want to say it took them both over a month before the coughing totally cleared, and they are in their 30's and healthy otherwise. Hopefully, whatever you've got going on will pass on more quickly. They both had flu shots before that too..

Camille, good to hear from you this morning. Your DS has been thru so much - prayers continue for a good recovery. Your son has really been thru it..

Today I'm going to go thru the files and start putting tax info together. Or, at least that's my intent. No big plans for the weekend here - DH has a wood carving club meeting at the state park for Saturday, so I'll probably work on a project at home. Planning on catching up with friends & family on Sunday afternoon and then watching the Superbowl that night. I've got hummus & fresh salsa & fresh veggies for snacking. Turkey burger sliders or chili will likely be the main course. What's up at your house for the weekend?..

Comment #68

Good Morning Fluffs,.

This is one of my favorite boards... the words you have for one another are so encouraging and motivational... keeps me coming back... I don't know if I will ever get to the point of being able to do what some of you do by listing everyone individually but I do come on here often to catch up on everyone's lives and journeys..

Well I am on day four today, this is probably the first time I have tried to sabbotage my own progress by now. I really have my mindset that this program is going to work. I do know that my weight loss is always good the first week and then it dies to about 1 pound a week... but that is one pound in the right direction and one pound that is never going to see these hips again!.

I need prayers to get me through tonight... this is my first night shift on plan and every night shift is always take out night at work... I have it set today that I have had a cup of decaf... going to try and do a little walking on the treadmill (my ankle is giving me a little grief after all the shoveling the other day) and then have my breakie, then a cat nap, get ready for work, have my lunch at suppertime, go to work and have my dinner at my lunch hour which is 1 in the morning (when most normal people are dreaming!)... I am taking lots of veggies and my favorite dessert/snack (chocolate pudding) so I can have that when the pizza or chinese food smell in the room is driving me crazy!!!.

I probably won't be posting again until Monday... but you will all get to know how much I have lost this week as Monday is weigh in day for me....

So warm thoughts to those of you still dealing with winter weather... glad old cat was just faking it (they are a funny animal for sure)... and prayers and thoughts to those of you still healing....



Comment #69

Happy Friday Fluffs,.

Heather... planning ahead as you have done is the best way to sure to measure yourself so when you don't see pounds gone on the scale you will see inches gone from your body....

Joanne- that's great that DH has a woodworking class and you also do so many creative things... diving to a ship wreck must be so awesome! also loved your leather work how long did that take you to do?.

Becky- that cough stuff is no fun especially if you can't sleep at night... Sal has gone thru two bouts of coughing and it was awful, also know some people on the east coast having the same thing... so hope your goes away soon....

Harley- so glad kitty is OK and just a good actor.... too cute...geeze that schedule and shift work deciding sounds tense, is it based on senority as to who gets what? are you allowed to trade shifts amongst yourselves if you have unexpected plans come up?.

Camille- good to see you and glad that you and DS are on the mend... 1 year to recover sounds like a long time but considering what he had done I guess not....

Susan M- I don't watch bachelor this year, but have heard about the Chico contestant... her family has an undertaking business in Chico... I also read a spolier that she is one of the girls that has a home town visit to Chico, which was supposedly filmed at Halloween time... so I'd like to watch when they air that... I hope she shows the finer things Chico has to offer.

Also want to let everyone know AARON ROGERS is a CHICO BOY!!!! go Aaron!!!.

Chris- good to see you and also wanted to let you know that one of those Duck players is from Paradise... another butte county boy we are proud of.

OK I'd better scoot, already lost one post... Sal and I took our 3 mile walk yesterday... more work to do on the bathroom, will have a low key weekend... I'm going to have lunch with two girlfriends on Sunday and then watch some of the game w/Sal... Hugs to all, prayers to those in need, have a great day. Hugs, Susan..

Comment #70

Good Morning Fluffs -.

I never got here yesterday as I got engrossed in a project I am working on and lost track of time. I guess that is good as it makes the day go by faster..

Linda has finally heard from UCI and is scheduled to go in for the stint and biopsy on Monday morning. Evidently this is a one day procedure and she will be able to go home that evening..

No time for roll call today as I must get back to this project. Have a great day everyone...

Comment #71

OK, I think I'm starting to get a little bit of cabin fever, but allows for some time to check in.....

Susan55 - GFY and Sal with the long walks. Sounds like Jeff Maehl (Oregon Duck)... great season the team had! Go Packers...and yes, go Aaron!.

Cath - It's good to hear your friend can soon begin the procedure. Let us know how the biopsy turns out. 'Work' project or 'fun' project? Well I guess a work project can also be fun..

Joanne - Yes, it was weird not remembering my daughter calling me from Denmark.... I'll blame it on the IV Morphine and Dilaudid.... geez, now wondering what else I missed. lol Way to be organized with getting the tax info together, even if only "intent.".

My intent usually waits until March ...ugh..

Becky - With bronchitis, the cough may last for several weeks. Even though all the coughing is a nuisance will help keep your lungs clear to prevent pneumonia. Sounds like you know not to overdo but happy to hear you're feeling better..

Camille - Glad you and your son are feeling better... continued prayers..

Harley - The scheduling sounds like a headache. That part of my job I sure don't miss while I'm on my leave. I pretty much let my staff self-schedule but when there are 'holes' then they all need to kick in and be creative. They usually work it out because they know if not, then I'll assign dates/times which nobody likes. How was the "5" meltdown? You've got a good shift and glad you got off of nights some time ago. When you sometimes work the 12 hr shifts, that's where I thought maybe your schedule changed but sounds like a prn thing.

Leslie - Thinking of you and your friend and all that has recently and so suddenly occurred. Hugs....

Tonight I'll be going to my older daughter's house for dinner with her family then tomorrow night my older son and his family are coming over. I encouraged he and his wife to go to dinner alone and leave the boys here so I can have some grandie-time but they so need a break with all that's been going on with my DDIL's father in CCU. Her DM had a stroke a few years ago and he was her sole care taker. They had to line up a nurse for her during the day time but every morning and evening she and my son have been over helping her DM. She can't even get to bed alone so things have been stressful with the extra demands having 2 sick parents at the same time.... life.

Gotta run (I wish run) as PT will be here shortly.... Oh... I've lost 10 lbs the past 2 weeks, but mostly from the hospitalization and appetite down from the meds... but I'll take it...

Comment #72

Afternoon everyone.

Back in from errands and very tired - DM is here doing her laundry and I'm back in the recliner with the blankies... All I have to do is run her home when she's done... so all is well here. Talk to bf and they have 4" of snow in East TX around Tyler and talked to other friends in Houston - ice there but now snow - freeways are all closed down....

Heather - no worries about the roll call or not - some of us have been together for several years and some are newer - you'll figure it out as you go - there are times we don't even do rollcalls for various reason. We're just glad you've just us in Fluffland.. Fantastic that you've worked out your food schedule for your night shift. You are doing great - fingers crossed for your Weight In... Have a great weekend even with work and we'll see you on Monday...

Hey Susan - ohoh a 3 mile walk for you and Sal - good for you - none for me... sounds like lunch with friends will be fun as well. I don't seem to be coughing as much today so am happy with that - planning to continue resting and taking care till this goes away a bit more.. Do we get to see pics when the bathroom is done.. ok don't think I know who the Rogers person.....

Hi Joanne - beautiful graphic - wish I could feel some of that healing sunshine now... Oh yeh - this bronchitis stuff is rotten for sure... Norah and Camille can attest to that from recent experience. I do believe I usually bounce back faster than this but hey aging does effect it I'm guessing. How interesting - a woodcarving class for your DH - my plans for the weekend is pretty much what I'm doing now - we're forecast to have freezing rain followed by snow this evening and tomorrow AM... Sunday will depend on how much I'm coughing and the weather whether I make it to morning worship...

Red is on ppv so will watch it probably tomorrow....

Cath - must be an interesting project is it's keeping you in your chair and Oh good glad Linda is going Monday for the tests. Prayers to be said for sure.... Hey how's Jake doing? Did he ever get cleaned up?.

Where's everyone else? Need to hear from you guys and know all Fluffs are safe..... Annie - need an update on how you're doing before you cheer yourself hoarse this weekend... Andrea???..

Comment #73

Hey Chris - yeah for the 10 lbs... gone - boo for the way you did it.... yep I'm just dealing with the cough hoping the croupy junk evaporates.... ah yes dilaudid - do you remember when I had my 2nd knee replaced - they overdosed me with that stuff - was asleep for hours and then had a visit and conversation with my preacher that I didn't and don't remember at Sounds like your dil and ds do need some quiet time - hope it doesn't wear you out to keep the grands.... Enjoy the dinner at DDs tonight - keeping taking good care.....

Comment #74

YAY! It is Friday! It's been a busy week, and today's been the busiest. I'm alive and well though. I have another client in 5 minutes so can't stay. It was interesting to read all the talk here of people (Chris, Becky) who couldn't remember things they did while on their meds. I had a client today that couldn't remember her last session with menot surprising as I had had to walk her to the bus stop because she was so drowsy I didn't think she'd make it..

I did have my watercolor class on Tuesday, working on my toucan painting. It's going pretty well now, after a rough beginning, so I probably will share it with you when I'm done. I don't work on it except in class so it probably won't be done for a couple more weeks. I also have an all-day art workshop on Sunday, and am looking forward to that. I'll spend time with a friend tomorrow, but hope to stop in here and spend a little more time here when I can..

Welcome Heather. I'm glad you're here, and glad some of the MIA Fluffs turned up to say hi. And me tooHi!..

Comment #75

Hey Andrea - good to see you..... ah yes - that's the first time I'd ever had meds affect me that way - I was so shocked when the preacher was there the next day and commented on how much better I seemed than when he was there the day before... My cousin drove to the hospital cause I wasn't answering the phone - I was so deeply asleep and then when I woke up and she was there I threw up all over both of us... ugh.... TMI TMI I know....

Sounds like a fun weekend for you and more art happening my talented friend.. Enjoy every moment of it - can't wait to see your.

Painting of the toucan.....

Comment #76

Hiya Becky.... I think that is so funny about your conversation you don't remember with the preacher. Did he ever tell you what you said? Perhaps you don't want to know..

When I mentioned to my DIL about bringing the boys over, I was thinking more like in a week and should have said that when I extended the invite. Should be ok though because they're the older grandies... 8 and 5..

Hi Andrea - Sad about your client and nice of you to walk her to the bus stop. I presume she's on medication? Good thing she isn't driving. Looking forward to seeing your toucan painting. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend in store for you..

OK, it's that mid afternoon time telling me how tired I am.

...going to try and nap a bit then dinner at DD's. Have a peaceful evening, all .....

Comment #77

Enjoy that nap Chris and dinner at DDs... LOL I apologized to the preacher for anything I might have said and he laughed and said no no - you were fine - you just didn't seem quite right when you were talking.....

Comment #78

Went for a walk (temps in the low teens today) to clear our heads and shake off the week of storms. Had a lot of fun w/ the new camera!.

My own personal Eskimo - at least he was good and wore his mask so he could breathe!.

I would love to know what critter left these tracks! LOL.

At least we saw the sun for 6 hours today. A real attitude adjustor. Of course snow returns tomorrow, but now there's enough to go cross country and/or snowshoe, so we won't mind as much... LOL.

Glad to see all seem to be recovering. Chrissy don't wear yourself out with all the family activities! Becky, loved the story. Cath glad to hear the Linda news (sure been praying). Heather, glad you're continuing to post. The support is a big help and now my brain departed. Catch you all later either here or FB!..

Comment #79

Hi all. I figured I had best post before I have everything read as most of you will have signed off by then. Went to the cardiologist today for my test results and my heart is very healthy, valves are healthy and there are no blockages in any of the arteries. yaaa hooo. That's a huge load off my shoulders...

Comment #80

YAHOO for that news Norah!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic..... so glad you let us know so we could celebrate with you..

Leslie - sounds good - a nice brisk walk in the cold.... strange tracks - great pics - thanks for sharing....

I'm done - I hear my comfy bed calling me.... Peaceful night to all..

The graphic is for Harley..... heehee..

Comment #81

Becky the graphic is hilarious, lol..

Joanne. I keep wanting to tell you that your leatherwork is beautiful!!..

Comment #82

Heather - Good for you - it seems you have it figured out. I guess it is a mindset also and sounds like you have it!!!.

Good to see you !..

Comment #83

Camille - so glad you are feeling better ! Wow imagine a year for the soreness to subside - Just glad he is also on the road to recovery..

Becky - Glad you are feeling better - Got any plans for the weekend -.

Joanne - I am amazed while talking to customers all over the country the different temps - Hope your kids and grandie are doing well as well...

Comment #84

Susan - I am constantly amazed at how people can not seem to read instructions. I ask for 2 choices - I get as few as 1 and as many as 8 - those who chose more than 2 get upset that I did not pick their 3rd choice. I have one of my colleagues blantantly lie to his supervisor but I HAD proof he was lying - but he is a "Golden Boy" so anyway - or 15 people I have 9 happy and I think after I present a possible solution this coming week - it will be better. We went through a time when people were happy with their schedules but we got a boss, who was later fired for this assigned schedules for people without consulting them - BAD move!! Then we went through assigning point values to all shifts - of course people complained about that - you just can not please everyoneI get no extra money for this but it is about the only way to get the next step in my career path so there you have it!.

I had a great post this morning but lost it when the battery died on my computer. I was going to meet a group of gals from work tomorrow but the one gal who lost her husband a year ago can not make it and we want to get her out. so tomorrow is a haircut for me and party for a coworker of Jim's - he took a new position within the company.

Got a kitty on my arms so it is hard to type now..

Comment #85

Thanks Becky!!! LOL!!! I Need to get a snack - my tummy is growling..

Comment #86

Norah - yea!!! congrats on the good report!!! Good to know your heart is healthy!!.

22222222222222222ioli8 - that was Edgar saying Hi Fluffs!!!.

Leslie - Glad you at least had sun today!! I did not venyure out today -The sinuses are trying to beat me up!!.

Chrissy - Glad you are feeling better!! Tough way to lose 10 pounds - you sound like you are feeling better. Enjoy the boys and how sweet of you to do that ! Hope your DDIL's parents recover. You asked about my schedule - I am considered a permanent shift but it can move either way about half hour to hour. I had to have a discussion that yes it is "permanent" but we have to base shifts on customer demands and sometimes those demands shift. I have reminded seveal people that when we hired on we all agreed to work weekends, Holidays and overnight shifts. So why is everyone forgetting that.cause they think they can.

I only spoke to 3 of the now 6 people - we forgot to add a gal to a rotation..

It is late so I am going to bed - tired and tomorrow will be a busy day - hoping to find a brad nailer so I can work in the kitty shelf..

((((HUGS)))) FLuffies!!..

Comment #87

Good morning, all... can't believe I'm the first one on living on the west coast. I'm always up early because lately I poop out by 8-8:30P... used to run on 5-6 hrs. of sleep each night and now 10!.

Good morning, Harley ~ Thanks for explaining and all makes sense now when you mention your schedule changing. Agree, with the staff understanding... our policy reads "...staffing needs are always according to the department's needs...." Funny how they always forget this part at the time they were hired and I need to remind them.... along with how we're lucky to have a job. Do all staff work out of their house? Another nice bonus! Have a great day!..

Comment #88

Morning, All..

Can't believe the weather some of you are having. Had sun several days last week, was a nice change..

Chris, I will take the weight loss. Hard way to lose, but right direction & we need SOME compensation for what we go thru when sick..

Becky, I'm at the cough, cough, cough stage, too. Exhausting, isn't it?.

Lot of busy Fluffs. Not doing any more than I have to..


For our nurse Fluffs: I've had Bronchitis, finished the antibiotics, fever gone. I think all that's left is the cough & the "punies". Is it safe for my son for me to visit or do I need to stay away ? .

Virtual hugs to all..

Comment #89

Morning - I'm into the can't sleep till 2 or 3 and then sleep till 10 or later - got to change that pattern quickly.... feeling better and it will be a day inside for me (again) - has been raining and clouds are moving in - may get a mix and snow flurries later.....

Chris - good morning - how was dinner and grandie time.... hope you're feeling better today..

Harley - sounds like a difficult situation for sure with those schedules and gripey people...Rotten tasks we have to take on in order to move to positions we desire isn't it.... Hope it's a good day for you today and a party too....

As usual - no news for me - the cats aren't saying a whole lot this AM now that their little bellies are full - mostly purr purr snore snore... not really much at conversing after breakfast....

Keep it positive and healthy my friends.... DRINK your water MOVE your body THINK before you eat and SMILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

Comment #90

Morning Camille.

Good to see you.... I understand that cough cough cough - it's so annoying and boy am I sore from the coughing fits.... Continued care my dear... I'm sure our Nurse friends will be along to give you an answer.... isn't it great to have these folks with different backgrounds and training and knowledge to help us..

Comment #91

Camille- usually when you take a course of antibiotics you kill the germs and are safe to be around others... however with your son, I am not sure what his resistance is, so to be safe I would do two things, ask his doctor and if that isn't possible wear a face mask and don't get too close... you don't want him catching anything....Saturday hugs to you Camille!..

Comment #92

Goodmorning Fluffs,.

I seem to be having issues with losing posts...Not much going on here... Yesterday I spent much time going up and down a ladder cleaning the bathroom walls of all wallpaper glue, it looks much better... Today will be painting and helping Sal...It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I am hoping for some outside time today... I'm going to go make a cup of coffee for my Sal he loves his first cup in bed watching the news.... he always asks"am I good for a cup of coffee? this time I'll beat him to it hahahahaha! I'll BBL Hugs, Susan..

Comment #93

Hey Susan - enjoy that morning coffee with Sal.... Sounds like lots of exercise on that ladder yesterday... Wish I could say it was gonna be nice outside here today lol - maybe come June......

Comment #94

Hello Fluffies!.

Running by because what I really want to do is hit the refrigerator. Scanned the posts quickly. Sorry Becky and Camille are still puny. That cold seems to stick around forever..

Joannethe reason she didn't stitch my head is she said it would mess up my hairline and she thought it would heal okay without it..

Chrisway to go on the 10 pounds. Sorry you had to lose it that way though!!.

Great news Norah!.

Susan55ughremoving wallpaper!!.

Hi Andreawant to see Toucan painting when done!!.

Going to our school musical this afternoon. They are one of the first high schools in the nation to put on Phantom of the Opera. My DD was the choreographer which is good for her since she is going through a rough spot right now with boyfriend. She has gotten a lot of attention for her work..

Okay, I'm going to go vaccuum and I'll be back!..

Comment #95

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