Does anyone know a good site for an eating out guide to Nutrisystem points?

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First of all Does anyone know a good site for an eating out guide to Nutrisystem points? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... Well I'm one week into the program today. Here's what I think so far:.

This IS really easy!! It seems like I'm eating all the time and the food's not bad..

I have stuck to the plan except for last night when we took my father to Friday's for his 88th b-day. I was good there tho - had the Dragonfire Chicken (actually liked this already) and diet coke, not my usual Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp and tall Sam Adams..

First week's weight loss has been 6lbs. with next to no exercise - I did fire up the Wii Fit one night. I am going to get started on regular exercise and try to do it at least 5x/week. This is my biggest problem, I hate exercising..

The Nutrisystem food has been pretty good so far. Hit a few clunkers but overall I'm happy with the taste and I do feel very satisfied after a meal and don't get overly hungry between meals..

My favorites so far - Sweet & Sour Chicken, Zesty Cajun Chicken, any of the Black Bean stuff, Zesty Herb Snack mix and all of the dessert bars..

I am trying all of the Nutrisystem food as is first before I start getting creative with it. I have been looking through the recipe threads and people sure do come up with some great sounding ideas..

On to week 2. Pledge to myself - Stick to the plan and START exercising!!..

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You betcha! however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Great start! Just remember not to forget the water, it's very important. Sometimes 8 glasses isn't enough depending on size. Have to find the amount that works best for you..

Keep up the good work...

Comment #2

Ps - the more you exercise - the easier it gets..

You will even find yourself looking forward to it and missing it when not doing..

(or so it seems).

Just find something you like to do -.

Other than getting up and waddling to the fridge...

Comment #3

The Wii is a blast, it's just getting started. The incentive is getting my Mii to not look like such a big fat fatty! I don't mind the treadmill either and there's a nice flat screen right in front of it with NetFlix hooked up to it so there's always something to watch. Time to catch up on all those old shows I missed..

I do make sure to get 8 8oz glasses of H2o down a day. I am getting some exercise just walking to the john from my desk 10 times a day. It's way down the hall so it's not real convenient. Been thinking about a piss can under my desk...

Comment #4

Great start and way to go on the dining out! The first time I ate out on NS, I was freaking out!.

Exercise is key. Like Rob said, find something you like, but don't overdo it the first week. Any movement is better than no movement!..

Comment #5

I made exercise (regular exercise) idiot simple for myself..

I started day #1 walking up the hill and a few blocks away from my house. Turned out to be 3/4 of a mile..

I did the same the next day and so on..

Just walking. Didn't try to jog, didn't have some grand scheme to walk 5 miles or some such..

Just put on the tennis shoes and started walking (it was February after a record snow so meandering slowly along wasn't really a good idealol)..

Each evening about an hour after dinner Nutrisystem meal, I'd get up to go for ".


Walk"not a specific target but rather a general "get moving somewhere on your feet sort of walk"..

Through the first 6 months, I think I had only missed 5 nights and was up to 2 miles or more at a pretty fast pace. I walked in the snow, sleet, rain, thunderstorms, etc..

I still walk 27 of every 30 days and often walk morning and night on Saturday and Sunday. If I feel like turning around after 1 mile, I don't beat myself upI turn around and simply try to do more the next day..

Long explanation to share that I think the secret is REGULAR exercisenot necessarily strenuous exercise every once in a while..

My personal belief, walking 2 miles 7 nights per week is better for me (in all ways) than it would be to walk 7 miles 2 nights per week..

Just my opinion of course, but I think regular exercise of 30-60 minutes has been the key..

I do 20-30 situps EVERY morning and EVERY evening and probably 20-30 pushups per day..

That's the sum-total of my exercise. I don't think this has to be difficult, expensive, extravegant, or complicated..

I just walk..


Comment #6

That's funny and I agree, with all the water I drink, the trips to the john from my desk and all the work the kidneys are doing to process the water out, sure must be counting for some exercise and calorie burning.

You seem to have started with the right attitude. Post often on boards, read the food/tips section and you'll get gr8 tips to make the food better, tweaks like different spices, veggies to complement meals etc. For e.g. who knew that one can make faux "mashed potatoes" or fried "rice" using cauliflower. I also very much echo the earlier post on exercise, find something you like to do, so that you do it consistently. IMHO, you'd be better doing something regularly, like the walking example, than trying a more heroic activity initially and then decide not to do any exercise for a few days after it.

My example of riding the bike on a trail, now since I've been doing it for a couple of month's, I don't need to down shift on the gears on the little hills, and can just pump away on a higher gear, and makes be feel better mentally and physically for being able to do that..

All the very best......

Comment #7

I agree with jlong208. My exercise exists of walking only. I, too hate exercise, but I was able to waddle my way out the door in the mornings before work with my dog and I have been able to work off 50 pounds. It may not have come off as fast as if I did other weight training, but it was a workout that I felt I could do, and stick with it. First I started walking for 20 minutes 3x a week. I followed the guidelines using the Mindset Makeover link at the top of the Nutrisystem website.

Over time, I pressed harder and harder to walk faster and faster, and I added hills to the route as I felt I was ready to accomplish more..

Now that I am near my goal weight and the weather is starting to turn here in CO, I do want to do some simple weight training to help build some upper body strength, but I will continue to walk as that is what I have experienced success with..

Good luck on your program. Stop back in with questions or to report in. It helps keep you accountable..


Comment #8

Congrats on your successes! Awesome to see! Keep it up!..

Comment #9

I hate exercising too but I found that I love to bike. I'm almost a competitive person too so biking with a friend once in awhile encourages me to keep up with him and work harder at it...

Comment #10

Dittos on all the exercise hate, but I have found that my young dog requires me to walk 1 - 1.5 hours every day. That helps...

Comment #11

Dogs are great walking buddies. I can't get my wife out of bed to walk with me, but my dog, Molly loves a walk in the morning. Me too!..

Comment #12

Good points ~J~. Walking is definately the easiest thing to do = no equipment needed..

Somewhere down the line though, the moobs may be smaller but they gotta be beaten into shape...push ups work wonders, so do sit ups and other calestenics. Then there is always p90x......

Now that IS tuff!..

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