Does anyone have experience with

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My first question is: Does anyone have experience with

My next question is: I have posted on another thread the fact that I have developed one of my HDNs (Hacked HostGator Names),, into a fully fledged site and thought it may be helpful to others to see the process of just how the development process was carried out, the steps involved, and future plans for the site. I am not advocating this is the cast in stone approach that should be used, in fact I sincerely doubt that it is as there are now several things I would now do somewhat differently (only a fool does not learn by their mistakes).

I acquired about a year ago, it was a drop, as a drop on it cost two credits instead of the normal single credit when registering a new name. (Credits can be pre-purchased through the partner program and range from 15-25 Euros {~ US$23-US$39) depending on the quantity of credits purchased.).

From the start I knew I had a winner, one of those unbelievable purchases that come along so rarely, this I was sure was buying money. I immediately put the HostGator up for sale, but surprisingly little real interest was shown by domainers! My best offer ($x,xxx) actually came from a potential buyer who apparently planned to put an adult site on the domain. I even contacted several tele-evangelists and Christian missions (all US based) who, if I could get past the tele-sales operative asking me for a donation, showed no interest unless of course I wanted to donate the HostGator to them (I remained pleasant and said No). So this left me with a quandary, I had this great HDN but nobody was willing to offer anywhere near what it was realistically worth in the end-user market.

So the question is what do you do?.

I am no developer, yet development was the only way I could see to go with this domain. But the lack of interest in had made me start wondering if I was the one who was wrong, perhaps I had just over-valued the HostGator and in reality it really did not have the kind of value I thought it had?.

I had to make the commitment to develop the domain, after all developed websites are worth more than just HostGator names anyway. I considered many options for development, from an adult site to a comedy news site, but in the end decided that the only real way was to develop the HostGator into a website that the HDN clearly identified with.

The first thing I had therefore to do was find out about domains and sites in the same category, these would be the keywords Bible, God, Jesus, Christ, and of course Jesus Christ. The HostGator suffixes of .com, .net, .org, and .info would be of significance as well as the two other HDNs possible with these keywords and The main measures of success of any domain/website would of course be monetary value, Overture for keyword, and Alexa ranking.

Monetary value was and remains the most arbitrary measure, I could find no records of sales of the 23 possible domains (including, though it would seem that a general consensus among domainers was that the .com HostGator of each of the keywords was worth $xxx,xxx - $x,xxx,xxx, the other suffixes being worth a proportion of the .com.

Overture results were also revealing, Jesus (175k), Bible (166k), God (88k), Jesus Christ (38k), and Christ (20k) gave a total of ~490,000 monthly searches (it should be remembered that these are only a percentage of the overall searches carried out for each word per month). Alexa rankings also showed surprising variations, only and were in the top 100,000, with,, and in the 100,000 1,000,000 ranks, this meant that there was an opening for another site that was specifically targeted (visiting the sites it soon became apparent why such low rankings were achieved by such sites).

Having found the market was amenable to another site the question was what should the main body of the site. Here the question boiled down to either an information site or a forum, the choice was easy, a forum would involve constant work and would run against a myriad of other religious forums, whereas an information site (in this case initially containing the Bible) would be both relevant and usable. The choice was made and I started to input the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. I then decided to delay making the site live until I had actually completed the whole of the New Testament.

Having made the site live at the beginning of last week the butterflies of course started. It was now simply a case of either I was right about HDNs or I was wrong. Almost immediately though I started seeing a few visitors, the relief was almost tangible! Then I awaited the first Alexa rankings, last week they came up and it showed a 3 month rank of 19,962,646, and a weekly rank of 3,962,100. The latest results (today) give a weekly rank of 1,694,092. In the grand scheme of things I guess this is not earth shattering to those who have a top 500 Alexa site, but considering that this simple hacked HostGator name with a simple site on it has jumped to 7th place in the list of the 23 relevant domains/sites and is now only behind the keyword .coms and on the relevant charts I think is amazing.

I opened an campaign late yesterday advertising, and this week I plan to initiate other advertising campaigns. But most importantly now I need to find out about SEO and to get my site listed on Google and other search engines and hopefully soon get page ranking that will enable the sites traffic to grow and get it into the top 100,000 within the next 6 months.

Other plans currently are to expand the site to include the Old Testament and in the future to launch a forum on the site.

So what mistakes did I make, and yes looking back I did make a few.

1) I initially valued the HostGator as I saw it's value as a completed web site. I think many domainers do this..

2) I underestimated the resistance in valuing a HostGator at it's potential by domainers, who in reality generally work from comparisons of sales of similar domains, and with HDNs there are few if any comparable sales..

3) I dithered in my decision to develop the site. This was perhaps my worst mistake because I ignored my worldly experience and allowed myself to be influenced by the domaining industry rather than having the conviction I should have had in my own experience with regard to advertising, the internet, and human psychology..

4) I did not have the site monetized with Adsense immediately, this may have only cost me financially a little but it cost me time to monetize the site page by page after it was developed.

I hope this post will inspire others to take on board the value that HDNs can have and also inspire at least some HDN /img/avatar4.jpgs to develop their domains into sites. It really can be worth it...

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Your question was: Does anyone have experience with

What do you mean by.

"4) I did not have the site monetized with Adsense immediately, this may have only cost me financially a little but it cost me time to monetize the site page by page after it was developed."?..

Comment #1

Couple of questions...

I) did you type all of the text out manually?.

Ii) how did you drive all of the traffic to your site?.

Iii) do you get much cash from Adsense?.


Comment #2

In terms of Alexa ranking - 1,411,401 isnt good. I mean, this has got be a trickle of traffic at best. What is the actual traffic is more interesting than your alexa ranking.


Comment #3

I must say that since I track the hits of over 25 of my sites regularily - and can compare to ALEXA rank - ALEXA is utter BS - nothing adds up - I have sites that get less than 100 hits/day that supposedly outrank my sites that have been getting 1700+ hits/day and traffic has not changed much for any for past 3 mo.

I have never trusted alexa - something is fishy, reminds me of BillBoard Charts for music - where record labels actually pay for their "supposed" position..

Comment #4

AH Feedback! Staggers back in amazement,......

Right, I will try to answer your questions (and show my total lack of experience in programing, something I unfortunately now know I have to learn - aargh).

Question about monteziation?.

Just to prove how stupid I really am I never thought out the process of putting adverts on the site initially. The site actually went live originally with no adds on, I had allowed 3 blocks on which I kind of planned to put sold links on in the future. Of course after several days I realised that I should have included Google ads to start with! (Told you I was an idiot.) So by the time I had gone through adding the coding to the three blocks it was just simply time wasted that if I had thought about it initially I would not have had to do!.

Did I type all the text out manually?.

I started typing the text out manually, then found a site with it on and started to cut and paste but whilst checking it found several mistakes so had to revert to typing manually. (For the Old Testament which I am doing now I have started to again type manually, there is far less risk of mistakes going undetected.).

How did I drive traffic to my site?. got a few visits each month anyway, most probably us domaining hacks checking it out to see if it was available! And of course when the site went live I added it to my signature here (and on DN F) and announced it. The advertising I have mentioned consists of two very small AdBrite campaigns (each of a few dollars a day), these have been the main initiative to create a viral campaign.

The main advertising is peoples word of mouth (viral advertising). This will be added to later this week with having the site listed on the major search engines and getting people to DIGG the site, etc..

I have not purchased any false traffic nor redirected any traffic to the site, both would seem to me to be totally pointless, at least for this site.

AdsSense revenue?.

Although I am obviously not going to be too specific here I can tell you that clicks range from $0.02 - $0.40 at the mmoment, and the number of clicks have been constantly increasing since the site went live two weeks ago. I am quite happy with the advancement in my AdSense earnings!.

Alexa Ranking?.

Yes, I agree that an Alexa rank of 1,411,401 is far from brilliant, however, what is more important is this site is only two weeks old today. However, compare that to other related sites of much greater age (and presumed value) such as these:. + +

Only the .com's of each of the above and now out-perform, now that is some achievement considering the perceived values of those domains!.

My plan from the start has been to get into the top 100,000 within six months, and that now appears to be easily achievable.

What is the traffic?.

Ah, I have not put a counter on the site but relied on the hosting statistics which give me hits and page views. I will add a counter later today so that this can be tracked accurately. I will report back on this as soon as I can.

(Estibot records the traffic as 'some', for Estibot records that as 50 per day, for as 220 a day, and for as 7,000 a day. These are figures from last week so they may well be slightly different now, and especially that has seen a 4-5 fold increase in traffic in the last 5-6 days.).

Alexa is BS?.

It is generally agreed that only ALexa in the top 100,000 have any real validity, however, for the purposes of this thread, and the fact that in the long run I will want to likely sell the site it would be only idiotic to manipulate the figures in any way, this is one good reason for me to be open about the process. I do though agree that Alexa figures would seem to be easily manipulated, but this is why when dealing with a high valued site especially it would seem prudent for the buyer to have access for a period to traffic.

Anyway, hope that answers as clearly as it can be expected of me at this moment in time.

One final trick I do have up my sleeve as far as advertising goes is advertising in the press..


Alexa have just published latest figures, has gone up 205,000 places to 1,206,371...

Comment #5

Fantastic read. Once again a domainer transitioning into development to gain full potential of his property. I agree many domainers do this..expecting others to do the work and for them to profit. Potential is a word that once spoken pushes me away from any sale. Sellers screaming potential just means I have to work and they get paid. Not a mistake really imho.

Wait till you sell your first developed site for $x,xxx or more...that's rewarding. Expect to make a lot of mistakes in the process that might cost you to learn something.

Here are a couple SEO tips for you..

1. Use php so you can use includes for certain code that's repeated (sidebars, ads, footer, header)..

2. Use better descriptions in the page URL's. Instead of 2john1.htm use "Second-Epistle-of-John.php"..

3. Use charset utf-8. More compatibility.

4. Add meta tags (keywords, description and title)..

5. Use both image and text ads for display. Right now it looks like you have chosen text only ads. I find the mix with images works great..

6. Reposition your ads to find the most profitable placement. Box ads in content seem to pay well. 250x250 could be integrated right into the layout content..

7. Get your page validated. Use xhtml transitional at least. Strict is well...too strict..

8. If you need good free templates to start from...try

I could probably add more but's enough to keep ya busy.

Congrats though...

Comment #6

Excellent read and well done with going into development. I've been doing the opposite for quite some time. I came on NP to find a few domains I was interested in then ended up registering about 100 more along the way.

My portfolio has grown from 50 to almost 400 over the last two years. A lot of what I bought was based on "this would be easy to develop and would be worth hundred times more when I develop it"... except I ended up domaining too much and had no time for development.

Anyway, recently I went back to re-developing my business site and at the same time decided to put up a few pages on some of my parked domains. I'm glad I did... it's got me back in the swing of development again. I've developed 10 sites over the last two months and have already had offers on 3 of them.

What you're doing with this HDN is very interesting and I'll be keeping a close eye on it.

Wish you all the best...

Comment #7

To me the name is above all name and infinitely priceless, I salute the op for developing such a name, there are a lot of us (born again christians) on the web and really appreciates this "labor" of love done for our Saviour.

Bookmarked it. I will return to it from time to time and hoping to see Old Testament books on it as well...

Comment #8

Thanks for the supportive posts guys, it is really much appreciated.

Labroscca I will take on board all your suggestions, they all make sense, again with things like changing page URL's make a lot of sense and now looking back on it seems so obvious when you mention it! But as you say I can expect to make a lot of mistakes, the thing is to learn though by them.

OneTime, yes I think a lot of us came into domaining via looking for the odd HostGator or two. I have over a 1,000 now.

There is also one intangible benefit from creating a site, that of success, this site has given me a lot of satisfaction that having sold the HostGator name by itself would not have. Yes there are a load of improvements, and I will do my best to actually carry them out, but I have already received a couple of emails from people saying how much they appreciate the site actually being relevent. That actually made me feel quite good.

Going back to earlier posts, I must just say that I never expected this site to jump into the Top 50, but I am more than happy with the growth in traffic the site is getting. Yes I would love it to get even more traffic, as I am sure it will given a little time, but if in the next 5 1/2 months I can get it into the top 100,000 Alexa rankings then I would have fulfilled my aim, that would mean out of all those competitive sites listed in post #7 above it would likely only be out-trafficked by and! Now that would be an achievement, and a monstrous achievemnt at that for an HDN.


Weblord, thank you for your kind words, they are again much appreciated...

Comment #9

Just a quick update, the figures are looking good!.

ALexa now has JesusChri.stwith the following rankings:.


3 monthly......4,542,340.

Yes, broken through the 1,000,000 barrier. Now is the time to do all the little improvements, make sure the site is SEO friendly and get it listed, etc..

Remember my aim is to get it into the top 100,000 within 6 months so got just over 5 months to go (October 20th, 2008)...

Comment #10

Wa-hey! (Not sure how you spell that, but I guess everyone will understand what I mean. ).

Latest Alexa weekly figures, quite some jump, now at 423,786...

Comment #11

Sorry I have neglected this thread for the last week, my apologies.

Well I listed for sale on Sedo and also put it up 'for offers' on DNF, well what do you know, absolutely no offers at all! Isn't it amazing how in this revolutionary business no one wanted to take a chance.

Well the other news concerning is that it is now starting to really make it's mark. As of today it has according to Alexa knocked into 5th place on Alexa'a weekly rankings!.

I include the table below to show the relative positions of the 23 related HostGator names. Alexa Weekly Ranking Table.

















The following seven domains have recorded no Alexa weekly rank this week..








(Also of interest should be the positions of the two HDN's and {I do not own these domains}, the table shows that HDN's can be far more powerful than others generally think, laying 11th and 12th in the above table they have outstripped powerful domains in the non- .com TLD's.).

Over the next 24-48 hours I am making a major change to how will be monetized, so keep your eyes open for the announcement on here, it will be a new thread but I will link to it from this thread.

Weblord, the news is that the 'Old Testament' should be up within the month now, I am waiting until it is all done before uploading it. Also thank you for bookmarking the site.

I should really thank all of you, for the appreciation you have shown has made the effort seem indeed very rewarding.

I will try to update this thread every few days in future, as I said above I will update soon anyway, but the fact that 'sometimes' it pays to follow ones own convictions and the problems and rewards associated when one does I hope will uplift many into developing their own sites...

Comment #12

With an Alexa ranking of 365,351, how much unique visitors are you getting each day?..

Comment #13

Hi Lzy,.

Latest figures show uniques in the mid hundreds and a definate upward trend (thank goodness)...

Comment #14

I have had to now take down the site as it stood! I was apparently in breach of copyright, at least according to a Mr. John R. Jacobson, the litigation counsel for Thomas Nelson Inc. He has instructed me to remove the NKJV of The Bible from this site as it is protected by copyright held by his clients Thomas Nelson Inc. I have taken legal counsel earlier today and the advice is to remove the NKJV of The Bible from the site.

Talk about the great plans of mice and men. The site will again start to go properly live again though within the next 12 hours...

Comment #15

Thanks for sharing, sucks to hear about that legal issue. Good move taking down the site.

I'm sure v2 will be much better...

Comment #16

So lets get to the good stuff, are you making good money on the site yet?..

Comment #17

You can always write your own version. Many men have done so...

Comment #18

Let;s get it back up! Shame to hear it had to be taken down. This has been a very interesting read and has proven to me that hacked domains really can work. It's been cool to see that you have gone up in your alexa rank. let's hope you get some offers..

Comment #19

Great thread and nice to see someone thinking out of the box and developing a hack...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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