Does anyone have any good recipes for anyone on Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Does anyone have any good recipes for anyone on Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. "Keep Holding On cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, Just stay strong cause you know I'm here for you, here for you....".


And that's exactly what we are in the Gutter....HERE for each other. A wonderful group of friends and a support system. When we each need encouragement, a little boost, a shoulder, or a 2x4...we're there for each other. Has your motivation on sticking to plan faltered recently with all the holiday hoopla and having a hard time getting back on track, or has work/life family stressors been putting a kabosh to your Nutrisystem plan? Have you lost your Mojo and consistency with getting your workouts in due to what ever extraneous happenings? Well I for one can raise my hand to all of the above BIG TIME...but I KEEP HOLDING ON because I have my great Gutter Family there for help and support (and I'm stubborn as H*ll). Here's to a 100% week everyone and I'd like to challenge ya'll to get up and do something, ANYTHING exercise wise 3x this week. (This is probably more for ME than most of you!)..

I'd sure like to hit goal in 2011 and join the ranks of our other Gutter success stories!!..

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Of course! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

WOOHOOOOO YAY baby's on the way (and wow she has GREAT and considerate timing too...on a WEEKEND)!!! Congrats, and good luck...and well wishes to you and the family! I loves ya too woman. Can't wait til you all welcome the little one into the world!..

Comment #2

That is a great opening Ginger - and great news Beth!..

Comment #3

Fun day in store - my BFF is having her annual thank-heavens-the-holidays-are-over party - this time it's a brunch instead of an evening party. Everyone brings a dish and a grab bag gift (regifts encouraged). There are complicated rules about being able to take a gift someone else already selected, but everyone is good about not taking something another person had their heart set on keeping. I'm bringing a diet-friendly broccoli quiche...

Comment #4

Yea Granny Beth!!!!!!.

Second best looking Granny I know!!!!!!!..

Comment #5

Morning gutter! Great thread kickoff Ginger! I will exercise this week!.

It was so nice to be back in my bed. And of cousre Harley has been my shadow since I got back..

Going to get some chili going in the crock for the playoffs..

Go steelers!!!..

Comment #6

Go Steelers!!!! Go Jets..

Morning Annie. I'll root for Ben and the Steelers if you root for the Jets!!!!.

Glad you are home safe and sound..

Comment #7

It's a deal!.

I think both games will be tough ones..

I sure hope I don't have to look at any broken noses!..

Comment #8

Are there mimosas at brunch?.

What gift are ya taking?..

Comment #9

Don't know what libations Sherry will be serving, but suspect there will be some. I am bringing a pair of very nice photo albums I actually bought off Sherry for the purpose (she is one of those prolific shoppers who keeps a stash of gift items on hand)...

Comment #10

Good morning, y'all!.

Ginger - GREAT opening! I'm hoping that this cold will.


Decide to get the hell away from me so I have energy for workouts this week. I'd like to get at least one run in and hook up with JM a couple times. Zumba Tues and Thurs if everything goes according to plan..

Sally -The party sounds like fun!.

Beth - Here's hoping today's the day!.

Annie - Welcome home!.

Still feeling a little under the weather but not as bad as yesterday. Taking it easy today and resting as much as possible so I'll be ready (and hopefully have enough energy for) deailing with the kids on my own tomorrow and all day Monday..

It's snowing here...again. Hurry up, Spring!..

Comment #11

Please get better soon!! Get your rest woman! Have a nice hot soak with a trashy magazine and a hot naughty drink and sneak a nap in if ya can! (Dr. Donkey's prescription to wellness!).

Is the hubby going away again?.

My hub doesn't want me going anywhere anytime soon..

I've investigated the damage and it appears he survived the week on chicken wings, cupcakes, potato chips and dip?!?!.

And now he knows how freakin' hard it is to take care of the pack. I enjoy it. To him it is hard labor!!!.

And to get himself up for work everyday. I do that too when I'm here..

The mail all week has not been TOUCHED!!!..

Comment #12

Morning everyone!.


, chili sounds nummy..when's dinner....


You're friends brunch sounds fun!.


, Morning Handsome!.


, hope you get some rest and feel better soon. I'm hoping to get at least 2-3 runs in this week and hooking up with Tony Horton or JM at least 1-2x. I'm pretty sore from yesterdays wo. Yikes. Note to self...probably not the best idea to go running after doing squats, lunges, and other Circuit training moves. Legs felt like lead.



...hope todays the day little one makes his appearance!! Thinking of you!.

Not sure what the plan is for today. First lounged in bed snoozing on and off for 1.5 hours!.

Morning to any gutter folk who may have popped in while I was typing this..

Comment #13

Dinner is during the Steeler game. It will be semi-healthy chili (lean ground, veggies, beans and spices) over spaghetti. We always have chili over spaghetti..

But it's the Fiber pasta (and I need it) so I feel a tad less guilt there!!.

Plus you're gonna make me work out 3x this week!.

It's cold and miserable here. They're saying an inch of snow at some point. Not sure if it could snow during the game..

They are already tailgating at Heinz field!!! Good thing I'm now an old fart and not crazy enough to do that kind of thing in this kind of weather!..

Comment #14

YOU??? An Old fart?? ....NOT.... I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to tailgate in those temps either...

Comment #15

Ginger you are SO lucky to have met me before 50 really settled in!.

That might have been the last burst of party energy out of me and you got to see some of it!!.

Last time I "partied" you were there. I'm a freezing tea drinking donkey up north here. Winters SUCK!.

And lucky you being in the only state without snow!! No wonder they call it the Sunshine State..

I am more and more getting over my beer fear so I will be having some for Steeler time!!..

Comment #16

LMAO @ the "freezing tea drinking donkey up north here".

Yeah it's sunny...deceptive when you walk out the door and then say HOLY CRAP it's cold! lol.

What happened that your afraid of beer??..

Comment #17

December was just a blur of dizzy spells and umpteen medical tests and being on a med that knocked me out. And the 3 docs never figured out the cause..

It thankfully has gone away so I'm on a comeback trail for now..

I have now found at least 3 other women over 40 I work with or for that have similar problems where this dizziness/near blackout stuff becomes a problem here and there..

The only common denominator I see is that we all have husbands!.

I think that explains it all is which is why the 2 MALE specialists think I'm just fine!!!.

Seriously, I am happy to be mostly on the mend..

I call a few beers with a Steeler game therapy!!!.

And we went to Cinncinnati one year which is where we first had chili over spaghetti. Been making it that way ever since. I vary what goes in the chili but there's always pasta under it..

Or a turkey dog if using leftovers...

Comment #18

Well I'm glad you're on the mend. That's some scary stuff..

FF turkey dogs with chili....NUMMY!..

Comment #19

Hi gang.....HAPPY WEEKEND!!.

Over 40....dizzy females....hmmmm....seems pretty much.


To me.

(zig-zag running & ducking).

Seriously Annie I'm glad you're feeling better!!.

The chili/spaghetti sounds good!! I used to do hot-spicy chili over rice....that was some good stuff too!!..

Comment #20


Which proves my point even further about men!.

You BETTER duck and run!!!!!!!!! Good thing you are in P90 shape and I am in my post dizzy pill wthdrawal phase and not moving too quick!.

I would at least "attempt" to make you pay for that remark!!!.

Seriously, thanks for the well wishes. (but I will still beat you up next chance I git!).

Once the snow melts.....

F E A R T H E D O N K E Y ! ! !..

Comment #21

Thnak you for the respect Tim..

You will be spared!!!.

Gene made it to the top of the donkey hit list!!.

AND......... I think his wife will assist me in his punishment!!!.

(and I bet he can't wait!!)..

Comment #22

Great opening Ginger!!!.

I luv all you Gutter people. Each and everyone of you has inspired me in some way. You may not even realize it. THANKS!!!..

Comment #23

The answer to the most important question of the day: YES, there were Mimosas imbibed..

I ended up with the gift I brought - like I said before, the grab bag involves being able to take a gift someone else ended up with if you don't like yours, so I took the fancy photo albums back. My healthy quiche was a hit, and although I nibbled a little bit on bad things, I did a pretty good job of staying on the straight and narrow...

Comment #24

Keep holding on Ginger, you have warm hands.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far. wo done, I *might* try a run later, my foot feels better. Off to the shower for now..

Comment #25

Awwww SexxxyCC luv you too.

Now if that last pound would stop haunting you!! We need to celebrate your goal so c'mon already, the hot tub is waiting..

Comment #26

If I may I'll join the challenge of 100% this week...

Comment #27

CC is one poopy pasta serving away from goal!!!..

Comment #28

And you have a warm.


Hot bunz. What did you do to your foot?.

Welcome!!! Jump right on in!.

We luvs you too CC!.

MMMMM mimosa's! Would love to get your healthy quiche recipe Sally. How's your assembly project going?.


Have been 100% x 3 days deviating. I am Really REALLY wanting sushi for dinner today. Someone 2x4 me...

Comment #29

Ok football is on, who do we want to win today before we watch the Pats send the Jets packing?.

Go Steelers! (is that who we want to win?)..

Comment #30

Who ARE The Steelers playing today? OK...for today ONLY I'll Root for the Steelers for my friends on here...

Comment #31

They are playing the Ravens today lol.....

Or....instead of watching football, you and I could (whisper whisper whisper....)..

Comment #32

Well thank ya.

It helps keep the Canadian gals warm.

Ummm not really sure, I ran a couple weeks ago and hurt my achilles on my left leg, so took a week off and then ran last week. The next day it felt like the side of my foot was bruised, (but it wasn't bruised) and then the pain gradually spread to most of my foot. I must have landed on it the wrong way at some point..

I went for a massage Friday morning and she rubbed it out really nicely. I felt great after that..

Comment #33

For the quiche I just took a couple of boxes of frozen chopped broccoli (thawed) and a half cup of finely chopped sweet onion and sauted it in a small amount of olive oil with some garlic added, placed it in the bottom of a glass pie pan (this was crustless quiche); sprinkled about 1/2 cup of shredded low fat Swiss cheese over it (not sure of the exact amount - it was a couple of slices shredded up); combined a small carton of eggbeaters with a cup of FF half and half and poured that over it and sprinkled 1/2 cup of FF shredded cheddar on top (I sprayed a little Pam on the cheddar so it would melt). I am a little unsure of the time I baked it, because it took longer than I anticipated. I started out at 350 but bumped the temp up to 375, and it probably ended up taking about 50 minutes. A quarter of the entire quiche is about 200 calories..

As to the assembly project - I promised DH I would wait until tomorrow to do it, and he will help me...

Comment #34

Boy do the Steelers look bad so far. Come on Steelers dont let those dirty purple birds beat you...

Comment #35

We are trying Tim! The pressure is on and the adrenaline is up!..

Comment #36

Just posting an update on the status of the birth of Beth's grandbaby. No baby yet..but sounds like he's getting close to making an appearance soon hopefully in the next hour or two. Beth says they're turning up the pitocin (med to speed up and help labor) and mom will start pushing around 9:30. Mom and Daddy to be are doing well. Will keep you all posted. SO EXCITED for Beth!!!..

Comment #37

Thanks for the update Ginger...I keep checking in here to see if any news yet..

So excited for Beth and her family...

Comment #38

WONDERFUL news! Beth's grandson was born @ 10:24pm 1/15/2011!! He weighed 8lb 6 oz and is 21 1/2 inches long. Both mom and the little guy are doing well. Congrats Beth and family!! He's BEAUTIFUL!!..

Comment #39

Awesome news Ginger!! I am sure they are all thrilled and Beth is the hottest grandma ever!!! Congrats..

Comment #40


Annie I did my part and rooted for the Steelers. Your turn...

Comment #41

May I introduce the newest Gutter addition:.

Christian Brydon Hansen.

January 15, 2011 10:24pm.

8 lbs 6 oz. 21 1/2 inches..

Comment #42

Morning Gene and he feels EVEN BETTER in my arms!!.

I am head over heels in love with this guy!!..

Comment #43

I'll bet!! Did you scold him for taking SO long??.


Comment #44

LMAO nope!.

One, if not the most, amazing experiences in my life to participate in his delivery...

Comment #45


I just realized after seeing that picture quite a few times that I had a sweater VERY similiar to the one you are wearing..

Dang it was comfortable!!..

Comment #46

I tried to convey that with both my Grand Girls....

Instantanious and unconditional. It can not be explained, by me anyway, in any other way...

Comment #47

Linda thanks and yup Rick just indescribable and watching him enter this world, just speechless!!..

Comment #48

And never forget,.

He has a pretty hot Grandma.


Comment #49

I am living in a den of inequity! (spelling might be wrong!).

I heard these "crinkly" sounds and the hub was being way too quiet..

Caught him on the sofa with Family sized Ruffles with dip..

I took them off him. And we just had a tug a war where I pinned him to the wall becaue he wanted just one more handful..

Junk food is DANGEROUS!!.

And he got a handful and left..

I suspect the fights aren't over yet. There is still well over half a bag left!!!..

Comment #50

{{smoooooooooooooooooooches}} grandma isn't feeling so hot with her horrible sinus cold, sneezing and lack of sleep...

Comment #51

First thought ALWAYS knew the kids were up to no good when it got quiet and YAY for wrestling them away from him!..

Comment #52

It was almost like a Wipeout task trying to get those chips from him! We need a day in the life of a cheatin' a$$ reality series..

Pinning him to the wall wasn't easy. Thankfully I move faster than him after he has obviously lived on JUNK the whole week I was gone!!.

The cupcake, chicken wing, chip diet while the wife is away is not recommended. There was plenty more to hug when I got home..

The "bad" thing is now that the chips are right here with me and they smell awesome!!!.

This game is quite dangerous!!!..

Comment #53

Welcome to the world Christian!! BEAUTIFUL Pic!!! He's mesmerized by his gorgeous and sweet grandma!.

Beautifully said..


LMAO @ just picturing the ruffles wrestling match.

Morning gutter!!! LOVE Sundays......

Comment #54

Thanks Ginger!.

You've just named my new reality series..

Wrasslin' for Ruffles!!.

Wonder if the WWF is my next step in life!!.

Bad thing is now that I have this bag, I am SCARED!!! I don't want this prize. My butt already looks like a Green Bay Packer a$$ after yesterday's mischief!!.

Gonna take a nice hot soak and hide the chips!.


Comment #55

SO beautiful!!! oh and Christian is adorable too!! I think he is staring at Beth and saying, "Grandma! How did you get abs like those?".

Congrats to the whole family..

Comment #56

LMAO! LOVe it ..

Hehehehehe too funny. She.


One darn HOT Grandma.

Will be lurking on and off. Trying to decide what I want to do with my last day of freedom before the start of another Hell Week. I really need to get some veggies/salad and other staples..but the thought of going to the grocery store has as much appeal as visiting the dentist..

Have a great Sunday Y'all..

Comment #57

Howdy, y'all! DS2 has taken over my laptop this weekend..

Hopefully I'll get the chance to catch up with everyone later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. The kids are out of school tomorrow and only have a half day on Friday. I see a lot of wii Super Mario in my future...

Comment #58

I can't remember where I hid the Ruffles!!.

This is tuff stuff for sure!!!..

Comment #59

A quick Hi to all and double congratulations to Granny Beth! It must be such a thrill to be in great health and no you have that with you to watch your grandkid(s) grow up..

Did you start him a college fund yet?..

Comment #60

Sometimes it is good to be married to an ex Marine who wants to do everything himself - DH did almost all the bed assembly for me. It's very cool - a daybed with both a trundle AND storage drawers - very roomy ones. This is it:.


Comment #61


DIL loves our kitty and always saying she was gonna take him home so I offered her a trade last night!..

Comment #62

That trade might look more appealing to her after a few weeks of no sleep!..

Comment #63

Yo Rickie Doodle Doo!.

Jets are looking pretty good to me so far!!!.

I am cheering as promised!..

Comment #64

The man is evil..

I heard "all new crinkly sounds" so I knew trouble was brewing..

At least this time he is eating some kind of crunchy organic chip with herbs..

I am chipped out so I'm not wrassling him for that stuff!..

Comment #65

Belive me, it's not for lack of trying. Stupid pound. The hot tub sounds like it's calling my name...

Comment #66

Yo CC!!.

Come have a bowl of fire chili with the donkey and you might very well be under goal tomorrow!!.

(the downside is you will have to stay close to home.


Comment #67

I'm about to have some over chili and am a tad concerned about working on site at a client tomorrow..

I need this to kick in FAST!!!..

Comment #68

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