Does anyone have any good main meal recipes for someone on Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Does anyone have any good main meal recipes for someone on Nutrisystem? Thanks for any response. Another question... When is the best time to exercise to burn fat? I have been told first thing in the morning before you eat will tap into the fat stores, or should you eat then exercise to burn the cals I just ate, then your body taps into the fat stores. Does it matter, is there a optimal time? Just wondering. I usually exercise whenever I get the chance, but on the weekends I could try for the " OPTIMAL " TIME...

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I don't have the answer for you either - but I have heard that it is first thing in the morning.. HOWEVER... I agree with the post above... whatever time works for you and what you can stick too. My excercise schedule changes all the time but I still manage to fit it in ... whether it's in the morning, at lunch or even in the evenings!..

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It really does not matter. Whenever you will stick to it is best!.

I cannot stick to a schedule, no matter how hard I try. When I was in the best shape of my life, I was going to the gym at 9AM, noon, 2pm, 6pm, whatever I felt like and could get to that day...

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There is no magic time to exercise to burn fat. Your body will actually use the glycogen stored in your muscles during exercise. It is in the replacing of these stores that you can make a difference. By following theNutrisystemmeal plan you are providing optimum nutrition for your muscles to prevent muscle breakdown and encourage healthy muscle growth. Whenever you can do the exercise is the best time to do it. If you notice a headache, shakiness, or muscle cramps during exercise then eat your fruit and dairy prior to the exercise to prevent the drop in blood sugar that is causing this. This will have not effect on the long term improvement provided by exercise...

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Totally agree, whatever time you will do it! For me, it's first thing in the morning rev it up and get going. Sets the tone for my day. I attend classes a few times a week, but they are usually all in the morning. By end of day- I want family and chill time. It's a matter of priority setting! Good Luck!..

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According to Dr. Oz, first thing in the morning BEFORE eating burns stored fat; however, I find that when I do that I quickly run out of energy and don't exercise as long as I can if I eat something first..

Having said that, I will say that I agree with all of the other posters who said that whenever you can do it consistently is the best time to exercise. Over time, consistency will do you more good than trying to find the magic time to exercise...

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Well mom, I see that you did not believe me. At least Dr. Oz agrees...

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I was only interested in other opinions. I believed you and got up to exercise before I ate today. love you..

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Thank you for this information. I know I've read it before, but this time it got through to me. I exercise when I get home from work and yesterday I felt light-headed afterward. That was a first. It didn't even dawn on me that it was because I hadn't eaten in a couple of hours..

I'll be sure to have something to eat before exercising now. Thanks!!..

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It all depends on when you will do it!.

For me, the ONLY time I know I won't be interrupted is in the morning before work. So that means I am lacing up my running shoes at 5 AM. It's not easy, but I am used to it now!..

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While Dr. Oz is a very smart man and passes on great info for the most part, I have to say as a physician I find some of what he teaches questionable. The studies he uses to promote the whole exercise in the AM before you eat are small and not convincing enough for me..

Realistically the only person who would truely burn fat during a workout is someone who does high intensity prolonged workouts such as world class atheletes (track, football, marathoners, etc.). The average person would burn glycogen stores first, then break down protein, then burn fat, but would have stopped long before they get to the fat burning stage, as breaking down fat for fuel is more difficult than breaking down carbs or proteins..

Exercising does, however, rev up the metabolism for several hours after the workout is complete. This can make it hard to go to sleep at night if you delay the workout until evening. I typically break up my activity into multiple high intensity events a day... 15 minutes of running stairs, a few minutes of desk push ups, and a few minutes of lunges/squats/or leg lifts as an example. Do what ever you can as often as you can and you will see results...

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My brother is a personal trainer advised me to workout in the morning right after getting out of bed, before eating..

The method to his madness. Glycogen is stored in the liver. during your rest the glycogen in the liver is depleated. The small amount remaining is burnt off first. Then you start burning fat..

If you eat before exercising you start building your glycogen back and have to burn more glycogen before burning fat...

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