Does anyone feel the class instructor at Nutrisystem meetings are prejudice against young people?

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My 1st question is: Does anyone feel the class instructor at Nutrisystem meetings are prejudice against young people? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hey everyone my name is Denise... I'm a 39 year old stay at home mom with a 5, 3 and 1 yr old!!.

I'm goin on my third week tomorrow...started sun Jan 23...just gettin this stuff figured the food and program so far!! Very excited about it cause these first two weeks have been a breeze and hoping it stays that way... These extra tools provided r awesome and really help if you need encouragement so I thought I would finally join in the fun!!!.


So if anyone else just starting and wants to keep eachother motivated I would love buddies in same boat !.

I'm 4"11 and started program at 152lbs!! Ugggh! To much weight for a short girl... Every 5 lbs. is like 20 for everyone else! My goal is 120lbs. and then go from most 115! And I would love to be there by memorial weekend!.

Lets help each out!!!..

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You betcha! but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

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Awesome!!! Nice to meet you Laura! Do you like e erything so far?.

I'm doin my 2 Wk weigh in in morning! I'll get back on here tomorrow to c if you wanna do somethin like.. Cool so excited !! Maybe we will have other shortys join in! Lol!..

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Hi Denise,.

Maybe a challenge? My current personal goal is to lose 10 pounds by March 12th..

I like the program so far, I haven't food too many foods that I don't like. It helps that I am doing it with my fiance...

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Well, I guess I tower over you guys at 5'1".

I never in my wildest dreams expected to get below 120, but here I am, and you will do it to if you stick to the plan!..

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I'm a shorty too! 5 ft tall and about 30 pounds to lose. I am starting week 4 on Monday. I normally weigh somewhere between 115 and 120. I am so excited to go back to normal weight in a few months...

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Another shorty here! I am 4'11" and started at 150. I hope to get down to 120 first, then we'll see. I am in week 3 now also. Just before I got pregnant, I had gotten down to 120 with WW. After the pregnancy (2 years ago), my stretch marks were so bad, and my stomach looked so terrible (to me) that I kinda just accepted that I would never look the same again, so I gave up to some extent. Finally got my motivation back and am ready to say goodbye to all this extra weight.

Glad to meet you all!..

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Guess I'm a shorty too! I am 5'2" and 220. At my smallest ever I was 118 lbs. If I get to 125 I will be very happy with that!..

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Yay!!! So glad to c other girls in same boat! I'm so pumped about this!! I too just want to get back to my comfortable weight 115/120 any less than and us shortys just look like little girls! Ha!.

Well I got on scale and says 145! And down 1 in in chest and hips and 1/2 in thighs! I'm confused cause my wii fit the other day said different than my scale! Whatever the case I still lost atleast 6/7 lbs in 2 wks and I'll take that... Im gonna Put scale back away and not weigh but on sundays cause it just fluctuates to much! And I guess I will stick to what this scale says and not the wii...

My personal short goal is to lose 10 more by mar 3... Goin to Florida!!! We will c... That may b alot for 4 wks but not impossible!!.

Other than chasin kids I have just now put Workin out in my maybe that will help...


Let's hear everyone elses stats and how it's goin! And any mini goals.. I think it makes it easier to focus on the next 5/10 lbs at a time than the whole amount!..

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Denise, I am with you on weighing on the wii. I hate that thing..

As for my first goal, well I will be happy to be out of the 140s in a couple weeks. I have a European vacation/cruise planned for late April and would love to be 130 for that. My only issue is that my husband is coming home from Iraq in about a month and I know that he will want to eat out some. I am hoping that I can just eat healthy when that happens and cook for him and stay on my NS. Maybe I can convince him with my newly developing rockin bod..

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All of you have much less than I do to lose. I agree with you that mini goals will keep us focused and hyped about the whole thing. I try not to weigh myself more than every two weeks though. It just helps me not to get discourged on the weeks the scale doesnt move. Good luck to you!..

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Hi Everyone.

Reporting in at 5 feet 1/2 inch.

I've been on the program since Novemeber and down about 19 pounds. I've reached a bit of a plateau where I'm having troubles going down further. I think I have to tight up on the plan (I've been a bit lose with it lately) and add in exercise to see it go down further. But I'm thrilled with the 19 so far...

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Hey again..

I was happy to see this week that I was down again and have now lost 8.2 pounds on the program. This past summer I worked out with a trainer and ate a high fiber diet and was at the lowest I can remember (125) in a long time. Unfortunately for me, I ended up getting really sick and landed myself in the hospital. As it turns out, I have Crohn's. Now that I finally know what is going on wiht my body, I feel like I can finally take control back and work on losing weight for my wedding..

I agree with the small goals...I actually wrote in some small goals on a calendar to try to keep myself on track...

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Hello! I'm 5 ft tall and currently weigh 140 with a goal of 120. I have to say that it's nice to see that everyone is clocking in at around the same height to weight ratio - no one has unrealistic expectations, just to be healthy! Just started the program today, we'll see how it goes. Great support on the boards!..

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It is great to see others like me on here. You guys truly know what it is like to gain a couple pounds and not look like yourself anymore. Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!..

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Another shorty here....5'1" start weight 228lbs, have lost 18lbs since Jan 4. But there is no way I will be what experts say I should weigh for my height, sorry that is just too small for me!.

150 is as far as I plan to go and my first goal is 170. So tighfittinjeans? Your starting weight is actually my goal weight,'s all about what body we are comfortable in, isn't it..

Now if I get to 150 and I still feel like I should lose more then I will take it from there, baby steps for me. If I make too high of a goal then I won't make it and it seems I am the biggest shorty on here so far,lol. I have seen myself at 170 and because I am small boned I look very small even at 170. I have been as low as 130 and I couldn't maintain it, was just too small for me and also made me look alot older...

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Hey guys!! Weeks goin good so far except when I drove by white castles the other day and would of killed to have them cheeseburgers and cheese onion rings!! That was hard! Just keep telling myself I will b able to cheat once I get this weight off well I might have to cheat 1/2 days in Florida! Maybe!.

Don't matter what your size is now your shortys like us ! Ha! Mini goals like we were talking about seems easier to deal with instead of whole enchilada! And definitely whatever you r comfortable at is what you should do!.

Im having trouble getting my pic up!! Think it's because of stupid dial up! Can't get dsl where I'm at and satelite is to expensive for not much better service! Plus I have my iPhone.. So I manage! Lol!.

Can't wait for third week to b over!!..

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Actually, I was 236 lbs before I started on 1/20..I looked pretty good at the 135 I was long ago, but like you, I will re-evaluate as I go along!..

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I'm a shorty but a heavy one. I started at 196 and just finished my fourth week and I'm down 9 lbs..

I'm 5'2" and it's baffling to me how much I weigh because I don't look like 196(187 now). I told my mom how much I weighed and she was shocked that I weighed that much. She said I look like 160..

I used to play softball and used to have a lot of muscle mass so maybe that's it?..

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Shorty here as well. I'm 5'2" and weigh 168. I started at 173 3 1/2 weeks ago. My goal is to get down to the 130's, but to be honest.....I will settle for 140's. :-) Just taking it a day at a time and going from there. Good luck everyone!!..

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Hello. I am a shortie too at 5ft. I started Nutrisystem weighing 140 lbs. I am currently 135.6 lbs. I would like to get to 120 lbs and then see from there as well. I lost 10 lbs the first couple of months I was on NutriSytem.

Now I am trying to get motivated to be 100% on plan. I can do it for two days sometimes three then I sabotage myself. Not sure what's going on there. It sure was great hearing from all of you. My mini goal is to be at 130 by March 1...

Comment #20

I'm with you ladies. My husband always gives me grief saying how can I be unhappy with a size 6 or 8. I keep trying to tell him that at 5"1 (barely) it's different for us shorty's than for the ladies that are tall...

Comment #21

Well I am with your husband, being a size 18/20 now I would be over the moon with a size 10/12, way up in heaven with a size 8, really don't care to be a size 6 or smaller, I want to keep some curves! But to each their own!..

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May I join you guys? I am 5"1 and at 163 lbs. I was with nutrisystem before and I lost but not made it to my goal. It was still a good feeling. I need to lose this weight, as my cholesterol is way up and I do have a high blood pressure which I am on medication. When I lost weight, my cholesterol had gone down, everything was good. Then I gained it back and more. So, I am waiting for my first shipment (again), and hopefully get down to where I need to be...

Comment #23

Ha! There is no way I could lose my curves if I tried. I just have them in the wrong places right now...

Comment #24


I'm 4'11" and joined just before Christmas..

I love the program.... and it's always nice to see other vertically challenged ladies..

Niklovely- I think you are totally right. I've noticed that, too!..

Comment #25

That sounds like me! I am always at least a 34C and 34 inch hips. I just gained a lot in my waist. I just want my waist to go back to the 20s! Right now my belly is bigger than my chest...

Comment #26

That reminds me I haven't taken my measurements since I started a month ago, must get on it tonight!..

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Hi everyone....5'2"....I've been a lot bigger than I am now, got to low 140s around May, then got stuck (stopped losing), then gained back around 10 pounds over the holidays, so still getting rid of the holiday weight. I'd like to get to about 135. I think my bones are a little bigger. I actually feel pretty good at 142 or 3, but BMI is still over normal. Anyone else get stuck when they get down to a certain weight?..

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Hi- I am 5'2 and my starting weight was 181. I have been on the plan for 3 weeks. I am down 7 lbs. Most people can't believe that I weigh that much. Either I hide/carry it well or they just lie to me to make me feel better. In high school I weighed 120 and thought I was HUGH! I would like to see the 150's again. My 1st Goal is 20 lbs...

Comment #29


I remember being in Highschool and wearing 30"x30" pants. I felt fat next to other girls. They must have been size 0!!!!.

Now, I'm 240 and would love to be that size again, and I would feel skinny..

I am just finishing my 1st week..

I'm losing for my daughter's wedding... her boyfriend has said that he is going to propose soon. I've carried this weight for almost 20 years..

I'm very glad to be on theNutrisystemprogram and I love these postings...

Comment #30

Another shorty reporting for duty! 5'1" here....ok, ok...5' even but I won't admit that anywhere else!.

Short is the new sexy..

Go get 'em, girls!..

Comment #31

Noticed it on me or you? because i've cruised your profile and if that pic is the most recent of you, you don't look like your weight either!.

I guess us shortys have an ability to mask the weight! for me, it would be in my butt and my thighs...

Comment #32

Hey gals! 5"2 and 1/2. Gotta include that half inch. I am at goal and wow does it feel good. You can all do it too!! The most fun for me was my jeans kept falling off each size...

Comment #33

It is so great to see everyone on here..

Mukta- I am having problems with my stomach also..

It is so weird. Ever since I got pregnant (almost 3 years ago), my weight has been distributed so differently. Have any other shorties had trouble losing the weight in their stomach after having a baby? That was always the first thing to go previously, with the hips being the last. Now, with all the skin stretching and the stretch marks, I know my stomach will not be the same, but I would love to at least be able to mask it under clothes. I just want to wear regular shirts again without feeling self conscious. I hope losing the weight does that...

Comment #34

I know what you mean. If I can just get my butt to gut ratio back on track I could look good again!..

Comment #35

I'm the mother of a 17 yr old son, 14 yr old daughter and 2 1/2 yr old daughter. I dont know if our bellys will ever be the same, but I have hope in that as we lose slowly or skin is less likely to make more marks or sag( at least thats what I'vd heard). Anyway when I get close to goal I am willing to try some of those stretch mark creams and kill myself with p90x to get there!..

Comment #36

I have ab pics on my page. There is still loose skin and stretch marks, but it can definitely be hidden by a pair of shorts or a bikini. The belly and thighs were the last place I lost weight and the first place it comes back if a pound or two sneak up on me...

Comment #37

Why wait until you're at goal? Start now and and you'll be firm and toned when you reach goal...

Comment #38

Just had to post, I've finally hit the 20 pound loss! Still more to go, but I was thrilled finally hit that mark..

Comment #39

Congratualtions, Kathy! That is amazing. That is a huge milestone and I am so happy for you!..

Comment #40

I've been stuck in the mid 140's for the last couple of weeks. My doc calls it a set point. This was a weight I was at for more than 2 years, so my body seems to like it. I bounced up & down between 2 pounds, till this week I finally lost 1.4 pounds. I'm hoping this means my body is finally convinced to start going down again..

I'm 5'2" - or right around there. My goal isn't so much a weight as it is a fat percentage 16-18% body fat - I can do this anywhere from 110-120 depending on my lean muscle. I've always felt best around 113-115, but the doc likes the higher BMI especially with my small frame. When I reach 120, the deal is that I get a bone density test & if that's okay then he's okay for going for a lower weight..

I gained my weight quickly in my 40's with hormone fluctuations & other health issues, so have a high percentage of body fat. I've lost a lot of fat so far - lost 30 pounds of fat & gained 7.2 pounds of muscle for a 22.8 pound net loss on the scale. I am also one who will never lose the curves - I've been at least a DD cup since the 6th grade. Everyone else is complaining about losing their chests & since I've been working out I'm gaining there again. Dressed you would never know how much fat I still have to lose since I've kept the hour-glass figure no matter the weight...

Comment #41

I'm pretty curvy myself. Especially in the hip and butt area. My thighs are also pretty thick. I'm a comfortable B cup but all my friends swear I'm a C...

Comment #42

I did not lose in the breast area which is a bummer. Top heavy for a shorty...

Comment #43

Chiquita, I just watched that video in your sig. That was too cute!..

Comment #44

I was the walrus last year now I'm dreaming about getting that trainer bod..

Comment #45

For now I think I will stick with The Firm and my fanny lifter! My son and fiancee are totally fried after doing the P90X and honestly, I am scared to try it. I think I'm too heavy yet!..

Comment #46

I tried the P90x yoga.....took a few "breaks" but got thru it! I usually just do 20 min/day for yoga...once in a while it's good to challenge myself!.

Oh, and I've actually shrunk from my 5'2"....last time they measured me I was 5'1.5", lots of the tools out on the internet don't work with fractions of an inch, so I round up!.

I also wear heels/platforms all the time...ha-ha!..

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I remember being in Highschool and wearing 30"x30" pants. I felt fat next to other girls. They must have been size 0!!!!.

I was also 30X30. I also felt fat all the time. I also would love to be that size again. I guess I weighed about 125 at the time but at 5'2" I was a little big around the middle..

Now I am down to 185 from a highest weight of 287. My goal weight is 145 so I still have a way to go. I have also shrunk with age and I am now 5'1/4". Mentally I have a hard time with the loss of height. I have always felt vertically challenged and now I am getting even shorter. You all know what we short people like to say: "I wouldn't be so fat is I was taller".

I am going to one day be a petite short person instead of a fat short person. I love the sound of the word "petite". Nice to meet all of you Shorties out there. I will be fun to watch your Journey on this thread. Love Gail..

Comment #48

I love the Firm workouts, they give great results. High Def Sculp is one of my go-to DVDs...

Comment #49

I've looked at P90X many times, but for now I have enough videos or so my hubby says. I do have the original P90 & did just fine with it except for the jumping. I had to modify cuz I kept getting really sore in the chest area. I will probably get to the P90X eventually when I have the extra money to spend. There are a couple of routines that I really like..

I've been doing the exercise routines in a book called "You Are Your Own Gym". The author is a Special Operations Trainer & uses old-fahioned calistenics like push-ups except that they give all variations from doing the push-up against a wall and working down to a regular push-up and then working into hand stand push-ups. There's levels there for everyone. When I started there was no way I could do push-ups or a pull-up. Still can't do a full pull-up but I'm a lot closer & I can do 2 sets of 25 wide push-ups in perfect form now. Doing lots of lunges, squats and other exercises I haven't done since gym class..

I've added this to my regular hour of cardio and daily weight training. It only takes about 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. These are my evening work-outs or a quick Kettlebell work-out. Morning is cardio & weight training at the gym. Once tax season is over, I'll have more time & will add back in my doggie "walks" and probably treat myself to the P90X for surviving..

I really need the exercise for my sanity if nothing else. My hubby wants to start back to racquetball & that should burn a lot of calories & frustration...

Comment #50

I do p90x and workout with a trainer 2x a week. When I workout with my trainer, it's a lot of calisthenic type things but it's pretty intense. I prefer to do calisthenic stuff over weight machines. If we do add tools, it's a medicine ball, or a stability ball..

Also, my trainer said that I DO in fact have a lot of muscle, and a lot of strength. I guess that's why I don't look like I weigh 187...

Comment #51

Yep - the muscle makes all the difference. Usually the only weight machines I use much any more are the ones I need for therapy on my knees. I usually do free weights with combo moves - Overhead lifts with lunges, that sort of thing. At my age (52) you have to be a lot more careful with the joints..

I'm glad you have the opportunity to have both the trainer and to do the.

P90X. The way you're going you'll be dropping all fat & keeping the muscle. You may not have as far to go as you think..

My daughter is 5'4" and 150 pounds, but only has 10-12% body fat. She is a 4th degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu & because of that not only has lots of muscle, but also has very dense bones. She wears a size 4 & you would never know to look at her how much she weighs. As long as her clothes fit, she doesn't even worry about the scale..

I think you will be like that also, so watch for the inches and fat percentages and not pay as much notice to the scale...

Comment #52

Scales are EVIL!!.

I weighed in once a week only and now every two weeks. I go by the fit of my clothes and how my face looks in the mirror...

Comment #53

LOL, I round up also I am 4'6.5 so it's 4'7. When my bf measured me about 3yrs. ago I was stunned and in denial. I always thought I was 4'8 but he did it two more times still measured 4'6.5. Guess the 4'8 was do to the big hair in the 80's....


I startedNutrisystema year ago due to the fact I had actually reached 3 digit numbers which scared the crap out of me. Never in my life thought that would happen. Haven't been diligent as I should be but know when I work the program it does work...

Comment #54

Another Shorty here...5 foot on a tall day :-) I'm starting out at 185lbs. It hurts me to say that. I'm usually around 125 or 130 when I quit smoking and went back to work at a sit down desk job the numbers jumped up fast. I need all the help I can get here..

So far I'm enjoying most of the foods..

Comment #55

I'm soon to be 63, 5'3", started @ 170something in '07, & dropped to 115 then to 106. Maintained for 2 yrs. then gained half back, & am working on becoming less of a yoyo. Can't afford BBB's right now, but hope to re-order in the future...

Comment #56

And another shorty here. 5' even. I tend to have quite a bit a muscle so my initial goal is to get down to 130 and then see how I feel from there. I mostly just want to be able to buy clothes in a normal store again LOL. I'm in that "in between" area (18/20) so it's hard to find clothes anywhere. If I could just get into 14/16 or *gasp* 12/14 I could find clothes again!..

Comment #57

I know exactly what you mean! I was able to go down in size in January and went shopping. That was great.

By the way, love the "reboot" on your signature...

Comment #58

Thanks! I'm starting from scratch like I've never done the system and not trying to "work" it (other than knowing about free foods and I can have up to 100 calories for a protein - so more than 1 oz of a lean protein). I felt a stronger term was needed then "restart". Being a computer geek - I felt "reboot" was appropriate. Gotta clear all of the bad data loaded in the cache..

Comment #59

That's awesome about your daughter! I think I will be like her too. I used to play softball and I was about 140 and and I was also a size 4. But even then, I could have afforded to lose about 10 lbs..

And I think the inches are coming off faster than the weight.. I've lost 10 inches over all in my body, and only 9 lbs...

Comment #60

Hey guys!! Way to go Kathy!! Can't wait to hit the 20 lb mark!!.

I am glad third week is coming to an end..still can't believe I'm actually doing this..I never had to worry about what I ate til in my late 20's and having an Italian boyfriend fattened me up! Ha! Got to 140 and thought I was gonna die! Lost it after breakin up! Stayed single and thin for few years (no one serious anyway) met back up w an old boyfriend 18 yrs prior.. Now married w 3 kiddoos and plumped to my Max at 152!!! I lost 10 doing Atkins before... And anyone that has done Atkins knows you can only do so long! So I am impressed w this right now going into week 4 on Sunday! Yay!! Really want to b at 135 for Florida!! Fingers crossed!.


Hope everyone is havin a good week!! Pretty much was licking the chocolate syrup from ice-cream container tonite! ha!.

I'll b back on Sunday w hopefully some good stats.. Hope to c everyone elses too!..

Comment #61

Losing more inches than weight is why I post my measurement graph..

It is also a reminder that I blew it & lost about 6 weeks by forgeting the weight training & concentrating on the scale. That's when my measurements stalled. Then as I lost muscle, the scale stalled also..

I started to focus on fat loss, inches loss and muscle gain again & decided to let the scale take care of itself. The inches are dropping again and I finally regained enough muscle to start the scale moving again. I measure twice a month & am excited to see what the mid-month measurements will show..

I figure only me & the kitty know what the scale says on any given day & no one can see the size tag in my clothes, but as I walk down the street, they sure can see if I'm toned or flabby...

Comment #62

Don't you love those? I have Ab Sculpt, Cardio Sculpt, Body Sculpt and Sculpted Hips, Buns and Thighs. I have been doing one of those in conjuction with Tae Bo. Hopefully I'll see results soon...

Comment #63

I am with you and have almost abandoned my scale. I started on Jan 20th and haven't weighed again since Feb 3rd. I find that I get frustrated and disappointed if the scale doesn't move fast enough so I don't step on it. I promised not to look again until Feb 20th. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised!..

Comment #64

Hi everyone!.

Gail....nice to know we can laugh about this! You're doing great...and one day you will be petite!.

I figure I just have to lose more weight when I lose more height, so I try not to get measured! ha-ha!.

I used to do really tones you up...I was younger and heavier, but looked pretty good after doing it for about a year..

I'm happy to see the range of builds on this group...I always thought I was on the heavy side for my height, even when I was toned and fit..

Have a great day, everyone....stay healthy, be happy...

Comment #65

I love logging my measurements on the graph because it lets me know where I've been. I guess in a way, the scale would let me know about that too..

I'm not trying to be offensive, but it seems like a lot of people are so focused on the scale, and not enough on the inches. At the rate I'm going, I'd say your measurements are just as important!.

Do you calculate your body fat PERCENTAGE?Nutrisystemfocuses on BMI, but I'm interested in keeping track of my body fat percentage as well. I've been looking around the internet for a good body fat percentage calculator and I haven't settled on one. One said I was 39% and another said I was 31% and another said I was 27%... Do you recommend any good ones?..

Comment #66

I like to see the range of builds as well. My weight is scary for my height, but I'm going to guess it's because of my muscle. But if I was overweight because I was all muscle, I wouldn't be onNutrisystemso I definitely have a ways to go..

Comment #67

Hey everyone! Down another 1.2 lbs this week, so am excited about that. Should break the 140 barrier next week!..

Comment #68

Keep at it! When your body fat % starts dropping, you'll be amazed by the tone you've uncovered!..

Comment #69

I have a Tanita scale that shows body fat. These are subject to up to 10% difference between actual and what the scale shows depending on factors like hydration, so I just use it was a general trend more than gospel truth. As long as it continues to go down on a regular basis, I'm good. There are only 2 real ways to get an accurate fat percentage - being dunked and getting a DEXA scan. Getting dunked in a tank is really good, but that has a little margin of error depending getting all of the air out of your lungs. The DEXA scan is also the scan used for bone density but with a different setting.

The deal with my doc was that when I reach my 22 BMI I will get the done density scan & if that is good, then he is okay with me going lower. Since it is basically the same scan with a slightly different setting, he's going to order the fat scan at the same time. I have to go back in May so he's going to schedule it then whether I'm at goal or not...

Comment #70

I'm thinking about purchasing a Tanita scale as well. Is it worth $279? I was researching fitness tracking devices when the Tanita scale popped up. I think I'm going to purchase the Garmin FR60...

Comment #71

I've had mine forever and wouldn't pay that much again. As long as you are looking at the same fat calculation & keep in mind the limitations, then as long as you get one that gives fat percentage it's all good. Check with your trainer to see if your gym has their own body fat machines and/or doing the calipers on you. If done right, the calipers can be very accurate for a lot less cost. I have mine done at the gym about every three months or so & it costs less than $10...

Comment #72

Hmm.. good idea. I keep forgetting to use my trainer as a resource..

Comment #73

Thanks Vicki! Some loss is better than nothing I guess...gotta keep at it!..

Comment #74

Morning Shortys! Off to power walk with the dog. Have a great day!..

Comment #75

I'm down 5 pounds this week and as of this morning - back into ONEderland. Since my reboot this week I think I've finally learned to let the plan work and not "work" the plan. I know I'll probably never have another 5 pound week, but I hope to take what I've learned this week and apply it every week!.

It's a beautiful day and I'm off to re-stock the pantry with all of the good food I've found for my add-ins!..

Comment #76

Hey hey hey! I have found some kindred spirits here (along with some familiar faces and very good friends). I am just 5' tall and generally, my height (or lack thereof) has always been a huge inconvenience. Since hitting goal back in 2009 I have been migrating my wardrobe from WP to P, and it has been an interesting journey. I'll be 50 years old this coming October, but I don't feel like it..

My big goal (and I'm nearly there) is to complete the c25k program and run 5k before I hit 50. And I thank Vicki and a few other folks over in the Gutter for inspiring me to do something I've never done before. I will say MY secret weapon (as a larger chested small person) was finding the proper jogging bra. It made all the difference for both jogging AND Power 90 (which I completed up to day 65, but injured my shoulder and will not be returning to it, more than likely). So that's my advice, gang...invest in proper undergarments if you want to exercise...

Comment #77

Hi Shortys!.

Heidi Ho Hello. The proper undergarment comment (LOL made think of a 'proper tea' is so apropos. While I didn't really lose cup size I did lose inches around torso. My bra's are all too big now, I have been putting off replacing them. It is time now that I am at goal..

Power walking accomplished..

Water consumption six glasses so far..

Ate 'proper'.

Have a good night!..

Comment #78

Way to go!!!!.

Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work..

Comment #79

Hi Shortys!.

Hapy Valentines Day!.

I am divorced and not dating anyone so no worries about dinner out or chocolate..

It is a nice day here albeit a bit chilly. My excercise today is a power walk on the beach with my Weimariner..

Hope everyone is having a great day...

Comment #80

Hi All, This seems like my kind of place! I am 4'10" starting weight was 160 the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I have been on the program since the second week in Jan and am hoping to hit my 10lb mark at my next weigh in..

Nice to know there are other shortys out there in the same boat!..

Comment #81

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Beautiful day out! Well day 1 of week 4! Just checking in... Glad to see everyone doing so good! Well down 2lbs this week I think I can't hardly tell on my dial scale! Think I'm gonna invest in a digital... Any suggestions on a good reasonably priced one??? I also hope to b breakin the 140's!! Wish we could celebrate! Just think next we will b breakin the 130's! Seems to good to b true!! This nutrisystem thing is pretty awesome!!! Have a great rest of day everybody..please any suggestions on a digital scale I'm going tomorrow to get one...

Comment #82

Hi all.

I guess I'd be a tall shorty (5'2") but I can sure relate to how people don't appreciate what a big difference just a few pounds can make to us! I'm on day 3 and am trying to weigh in only weekly as past experience has shown me I can gain or lose as much as 4 lbs in one day (guess I am pretty prone to water weight). My new husband lives out of town and is coming up tomorrow. He knows I'm trying to drop the weight I've gained from being on crutches for about 6 weeks, so hopefully no chocolate (although he also knows I'm a chocoholic)! Maybe a Pandora bead or two??!!..

Comment #83

I don't have a specfic brand to reccomend but it is worth it to invest in a good one. Mine does body fat too. I would try target perhaps?..

Comment #84

I just bought my scale last year, but I didn't know they had ones that measured body fat...I'd really like that....I don't think BMI calculations really work that well for me.. I know what to look for next time!..

Comment #85

I am 5 foot nothing with a ton of weight to lose. I am very curvy, myself. Always an hourglass shape, but it's just much larger now! I am a DD cup....far too much for a shortie like me...

Comment #86

Hi Rebbaccat!Nutrisystemis a great program. You are in the right place...

Comment #87

Hello everyone,.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was great, but it got off track and I ate way too much! My fiancee made steaks, lobster, shrimp, scallops,clams, salad, fettucine, potatoes, and bought a red velvet sweethearts cake.He also gave me a huge bear and flower arrangement, and I did manage to give the chocolates to the kids. I was suprised, overwhelmed, and didn't have the heart to turn anything down. Guess I'm doing an extra 1hr of exercise everyday this week! I hope you all did better than I did!..

Comment #88

I am quite sure you didn't wreck the whole train by having a naughty day. I treated myself to a couple croutons on my salad Saturday night (I know1 I'm a wild woman)...and I just got back on track the next day..

I will say that I was less than energetic the past 4 days and didn't work out. I saw my weight loss seriously stall. It just goes to show that getting up off your butt really does pay off!..

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