Does anybody know where I can get Nutrisystem Recipes?

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First off, Does anybody know where I can get Nutrisystem Recipes? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... What goodies (shall we call them baddies?) are/were within the grasp of your sneaky little chubby fingers today?.

You coulda scarfed it and no one woulda known but you and God..

But oh!.

You're better than that!.

You're disciplined and committed to making real progress!.

Huh? huh???.

For me it's currently soda pop and pistachios down in the break room..

I used to give the vending machine a Skittles & Butterfinger workout as well but that cost money and a trip in the elevator - so it don't even count...

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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U tell them Rick!.

My wife brought home a rotisserri chicken from the local supermarket last night. usually, I eat the meat with the skin on it (and as much skin as I can get) - Instead, I ripped off ALL the skin and threw it in the trash - just ate the right portion of meat after my work out and fed the wife/kids the rest. I wish I had a dog so it didn't go to waste :-).

I hid the kids candy...but it really does not interest me..

Comment #2

Since I didnt buy any Halloween candy that I personally liked, I didnt scarf it up before hand, plus all candy was given out, and we closed up shop early. Sofar, I've been a good old f@rt, heh... started week 3 yesterday, still faithful...

Comment #3

I haven't denied myself anything but I haven't eaten junk food lately anyway..

The only thing in the break room is the candy bowl but not much of a candy person, sweet cake was my thing if I ate desert..

As for coke, I requested Diet Cherry 7up to be stocked in the fridge so I don't drink the regular if I want a coke. This coke is Caffiene free, low sodium, 0 calories and taste like a cherry limeade from Sonic!..

Comment #4

Wasn't today, but last week at both places I work there were food temptations. On the SAME day..

One was having a BBQ. So steak, potato salad, chips, cookies. And this was the newer job, that doesn't know the old me. Ended up having to say something like "No thanks now leave me the hell alone!" lol.

My other job made breakfast burritos. While they didn't save me any (because they know better) the ingredients for them were still stockpiled in the fridge. Actually would've been funnier if they had saved one, I coulda fingered it for our other thread.

Oh, totally forgot. There's been this small bag of M&M's right by the computer monitor at where I work in the afternoons for like 2 weeks. Just sitting there, trying to tempt someone. lol..

Comment #5

Pumpkin pie..

And the piece I had was damn good. I need some extra time on the bike tonight...

Comment #6

My two favorite days in the cafeteria before Nutrisystem were Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesday was 'Mexican' day so I passed up the 2000 calorie taco salad for my usual lettuce, peppers, cucumbers and FF dressing. Tomorrow is Chicken Wing day so that will be the temptation to look past but so far I've had very little interest in either. Sure smells good though...

Comment #7

Was out for coffee with a colleague (who doesn't know I'm on NS... and, come to think of it, didn't comment on how skinny I'm looking... what's wrong with him?... *grin*). We chatted at a local Chick-Fil-A all morning and then came those dreaded words: "Hey, since we're here, wanna get lunch?".

Uh, sure. Absolutely. 'Cause I know all the nutritional info for their chargrilled chicken salad, and that'll actually work just fine for me. (Come on, Doc... just say "no" to the waffle fries, just say "no" to the waffle fries... and don't even *think* about the awesome numminess of that Chick-Fil-A sauce with it's shocking 140 calories per packet...)..

Comment #8

Oh, and I mention the GIANT poster that was facing me the whole time announcing the arrival of their peppermint milkshakes? Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!..

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