Does anybody have any good Nutrisystem tips?

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Question I have... Does anybody have any good Nutrisystem tips? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... Is it just me or does the macaroni and cheese taste like feet? I have like 3 more of them, does anyone know how to make it taste better? any ideas at all?..

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

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I have to cook mine in a tuperware bowl, it does have that weird taste that is only accented by the cardboard container. I too put tons of pepper in it and actually cook it in the microwave instead of letting it sit. That does help...

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I added a good 1/2 cup of tomato sauce plus salt and pepper. And it was YUMMY! I changed my auto-delivery to order more. Luckily, it was one of my "free week" items or I never would have tried it...

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Hey, look! I just realized I graduated to "member" from "junior member." Yay, me!..

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I'll have to try the tomato sauce. The mac and cheese is the only Nutrisystem meal so far I couldn't make myself finish. So anything is worth a try!..

Comment #5

Sheesh...have you had the tuna casserole? None of them are really inedibly, some of them just take creativity. I just try not to add anything that adds calories I'll add onions or pepper etc...

Comment #6

See how different we all are. I LOVE the Macaroni!!! I order about 20 of them every month. I will admit though, that it has a "strange" after taste (ever since they "Improved" it). My secret... I eat it really quickly then brush my teeth. LOL..

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!.



Member since 07/01/07..

Comment #7

Well, this isn't my mom's mac and cheese! She cooked the macaroni, drained it, added milk and lots of American cheese, put it in a 9 x 12 glass pan, covered that with potato chips and then baked it for perhaps 20 minutes. Yum!.

I read the ingredients on the Nutrisystem container and it says, among a whole lot of other things, that it contains " granular and BLUE CHEESE, soy bean oil and GARLIC POWDER"!..

Nope! that sure is not like my mom's..

Kudos to you who are able to figure out how to fix this to your liking. I'm finally learning to do that, too, thanks to all the good things I read on the boards...

Comment #8

I usually cook it on the stove or in the microwave and I add fresh garlic and sometimes a wedge of the laughing cow cheese to make it creamier.......the garlic/herb one is good in a lot of the dishes.......I count it as a free food since I usually don't use the entire 60 calories a day anyway..........

Sometimes I add broccoli or cauliflower to it as well.........helps to get the veggies in and spices up the dinner too!!.

I actually like it..........although your recipe with the potato chips on top does sound quite yummy, olddress.........but not quite on the Nutrisystem plan, huh???..

Comment #9

How funny! Of course it isn't on Nutrisystem plan, just like mom's cherry pie with ice cream or tapioca pudding for dessert on Sundays. I loved that and French fries and a large coke after school. (I don't recall telling Mom about the FF and coke.).

Anyway, I'm finally on Nutrisystem and I know Mom would be proud that I've finally learned my lesson. And I like broccoli with the mac and cheese, too...

Comment #10

Blue cheese hey? I guess thats where the feet taste comes from, so many good ideas, there are a couple more entrees I'm scared to try, like the pasta primerva with tofu and the tuna casserole. What should I do to those so I don't cry at dinner time? See I made my boyfriend homemade mac and cheese and then I had to eat mine and that just about made me cry when I took a bite and then thought it was gonna come back up. Most of the other entrees I have had in my 2 weeks have been fantastic, I just need some imagination to get some of those other ones down...

Comment #11

BTW I never actually tasted feet, but the smell really makes me think of feet and thats why I would say it tastes like it. Just for the record everyone. HA..

Comment #12

Well ya just never know what other people like to eat..

I wasn't fond of the Mac and Cheese myself. Not Cheesy enough. I tossed in a FF laughing cow wedge to jazz it up a bit and then took it off my order. I find most of the cheese items can be improved by adding a little FF cheese to it. Did the same thing to the pasta primavera and gave the tuna to the hubby. I never did like tuna so I doubt I will like it now...

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I have to say I have also tasted a difference in the mac&cheese. The very first Nutrisystem dinner I had was mac&cheese and thought I had it made. My last order that came in tasted different, I believe it's the blue cheese as well. I have started to ad some garlic and ketchup to mine to help rid the *feet* taste..

Comment #14

After you cook it, try adding onions and pepper and baking it. maybe you can add your cottage cheese serving in it too... mix it.. onions.. pepper.. bake..

Ok, now i'm craving.......

Comment #15

I usually just chop up a big tomato and throw it in! I think it's good!.


Comment #16

LOL My former BIL used to call blue cheese "sweaty sock" cheese...he thought it smelled like feet too! So you're not alone in your opinion..

I find that garlic improves pretty much anything, maybe try that!..

Comment #17

I like bleu cheese, and didn't mind the flavor - but I found the mac and cheese to be really salty..

I am thinking of trying to make it stovetop next time, and save a bit of chicken breast from lunch protein to shred into it...

Comment #18

I am glad I am not the only one. Was that gross or what. I could barley get it down. In fact I drained it out and had the macaroni. They must have changed it because I had it before and it was fine.... Hope they change it back. I also have another one,..

Comment #19

It use to be one of my favorites but it has been changed for sure. Now it needs doctoring up. Thanks for the ideas...

Comment #20

Hi ladies! I wholeheartedly agree that the Mac & Cheese tastes like feet. Ewww! But there is a way to doctor it up. I will post the recipe on the "MayBabes Favorite Recipes" topic. You can use either the Mac and Cheese or Mac and Cheese with Beef. The recipe calls for 3 packages so plan ahead!..

Comment #21

Thanks....i hope they read this becasue we sure wont be ordering it the tuna Cass..... I just had the meatloaf ..I like that surprising it is good...

Comment #22

The Nutrisystem meatloaf is "to die for!" I love it and always order many of them. Check out the "MayBabes Favorite Recipes" for the "Shephard's Pie" recipe. It is yummy!..

Comment #23

Ooo can't wait to try the meatloaf, maybe I will tonight! I like the mac and feet smell in mine!! haha....I think I'll try some of those tips you guys talked about, to jazz it up!!..

Comment #24

Funny. I think the new mac and cheese is heeps better. The other tips I can share, add some spinach or veggies and use 1 T. freshly grated parmesan. Yum~..

Comment #25

Why couldn't you use the soy chips on top?..

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I follow cooking directions first. Then pour into a small baking pan, add some f.f. shredded cheese ,a little f.f. half and half and stir well. Then I spray bread crumbs with i.c.b.i.n.b. spray and sprinkle on top.

Or longer for a crispy top. It comes out pretty tasty...

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I used to like the macaroni & cheese and the macaroni & cheese with beef and ordered more. Both are yucky now. I had plain mac & cheese last night and tried putting the microwave in hopes that it would be better, but was so bad I could only eat half of it. Unfortunately for me I still have one plain and two with beef. Next time I will try saving my protein serving from lunch and put a little canned tuna fish in the plain or maybe a little of the tortellini sauce (they give too much) in the one with beef. Should help..


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