Does any one know how to work web designing?

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My first question is: Does any one know how to work web designing?.

My next question is: I have a few domains for sale that have to do with travelling in Europe and moving to Europe.

The domains are (if this is the wrong subforum - please move the thread, I think it is the right subforum as I am not asking for pricings here).

I already mailed a few visa offices that deal with immigration requests but had little response. I already put them on Sedo but with a rather high minimum price as I was hoping to find an end user for them first.

Does anyone know where I could start searching end users for these type of domains?.

I only know Eurolines, Berlin Linien Bus and Eurorail who organise cross-European travels for budget travellers. But I guess there must be more potential end users that may be interested in this, I am just wondering where to find them? Any suggestions?.

PS: I have some country-specific ones as well, but for those it is easier as it just comes down to writing to local hotel chains, resorts and tourism associations (and if nobody replies listing on Sedo for a relatively low price)..

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Your question was: Does any one know how to work web designing?.

They are surprisingly popular amongst European business. For example, I recently saw an advert on UK TV for ...

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EDIT: made a typo in my first post.

I own


Just two silly typos. I wrote correctly through.

But anyway, does anyone have any suggestion where to look for end users? I listed the domains on Sedo already but with a rather high minimum price, with the idea "let's first seek an end user and meanwhile see if anyone wants to pay a high amount already". So I need suggestions for end users.

I will lower the price on Sedo and try to sell this way in case I could not find interested end users in a week or two time. But I guess there must be some value in these, I just wonder where to search. Eurorail, Eurolines and Berlin Linien Bus are the ones that spring into mind, but I think there must be more such companies?.

Suggestions anyone?.

PS: my full list of domains on Sedo is in my sig, but only for the three I named above I am short of inspiration when it comes to end users. Which companies would be prepared to pay for domains about cross-border visas or travels in the EU?..

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No they are not. There is a discernable trend of EU businesses dumping .eu domains. Some of the large multinationals are using the .eu variant as a portal type site to redirect users to the relevant ccTLD site but in real terms, .eu is in serious trouble. It has been growing in the Eastern EU countries but the growth in the core EU countries (Germany, UK, Netherlands etc) has flatlined. Without these engines driving growth, .eu has to depend on the piecemeal contributions of the countries without strong ccTLD representation. In terms of growth, .eu is falling back towards .BIZ levels.

Regards...jmcc Don't lower the price. Hold them for at least another year until the value of .eu domains increases. There is still a lot of speculative rubbish in the .eu ccTLD and this should take another eighteen months to filter out. After that, the value of .eu domains may start increasing.


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Thing is, renewing the 8 or 9 domains would cost me a bit too much. I have currently listed the domains for sale on Sedo and in the Domainbrse (domain fair) of itself.

Would it be a good tactics to have a minimum price listed on 1 and to wait for offers without suggesting a minimum price on the other one?.

Or would I better wait a couple more weeks and then remove the minimum prices on both sites?.

(I must add: on Sedo I deliberately kept the pricing a bit high, hoping for a good bid, but this has not worked out so far so I maybe better lower the minimum prices so that it at least gets more views).

It concerns all domains that are viewable when clicking the URL in my signature, not just the ones in the opening post..

Would it be best to add a minimum price on both sites but keep it a bit lower, or would I better just wait for an offer without thinking of a minimum price?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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