Does any one have any Nutrisystem point calculated recipes ?

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Got a question... Does any one have any Nutrisystem point calculated recipes ? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Before you started this plan you had questions: Is it going to work?.


Is it expensive?.

Short answer, No..

How do I sign up?.

Call or go online..

While on the plan you had/have questions: Am I doing it right?.

Call a counselor..

Where can I get more tips and tricks?.

The ZONE..

Outside of this screen you also get asked many questions: How did you lose all that weight?.



Isn't it hard to follow?.

Not at all!.

But it's a diet, don't you have to starve yourself?.

Not unless you consider eating 5 times a day starvation.


And then of course you have easy, everyday questions like: How are you?.

I'm great thank you!.

Did you file your taxes?.

I did because Tim wouldn't tell me he'd do them for us.


Are you sick of this white stuff yet?.

As long as I don't have to shovel and it doesn't make the roads dangerous, I'm fine with it..

This weekend I thought I would ask you a question. I know, I do that a lot..

But since we have some newbies, and some old friends have been stopping by too, I thought I'd do a little "getting to know you" kind of thing. No,.

You don't have to participate if you don't want to..

I'd like you to share:.


Your theme song.

Is... what song best describes you, get's you pumped when you need it, makes you happy when you're sad, can turn a bad day good, etc..

Your all time.

Favorite movie.

... and why..



And what got you into it..

In the mean time... I'll be at work..

Sunday morning I'll put together a play-list of our songs and put it on my page..

I think that'll be cool. And I will make it a point to watch everyone's favorite movie, if I haven't seen it already...

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The answer is Yes, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

I like the Q&A session Alie, very nice.... I'll go first..

1. I started this program becuase I really had no choice; diabetes was raging outta control, my mom had died from diabetes complications and I didn't want that to happen to my kids..

2. I found a program I thought would work for me, it's ridiculously easy. Just follow the plan as follows and throw in a little exercise and it works. it works great... changed my life!.

3. Exercise... I threw in some exercise to help. Very little at first, when your 300 pounds it's tough to get out there and exercise. However, as the weight started coming off I started exercising more. Biking, running (bad idea for me), elliptical, etc.

Exercise is important and vital to your program. Doesn't matter if it's just parking your car further or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, just move more!.

4. How am I? I am fricking fan-dam-tastic!!! Seriously, we're gonna have a good day, I just know it. Everyday that I wake up above ground is a good day! My back hurts today, something fierce... probably at a level 8 or 9 on the pain scale. But you know what? I don't let that get me down cause there are a lot more people worse off than me! I am fortunate and thankful for the good health and hapiness that I enjoy! Yeah, we're gonna have a good day!.

5. Taxes... uhmmm, no. Have not done them, I am procrastinator. I will do them in the next few weeks. Mine aren't real simple to do: of course my W2, I have some 1099's from my work with Nutrisystem, I have some investments with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter that I have to pay taxes on...

6. The white stuff? Never get tired of it, NEVER. As long as there's sand that means there's a beach. And the beach, my friends, is my playground! I love it so much, really I do. I've had several opportunities with my company to take postitions around the country; I have declined them all, if I can't be within 1/2 an hour from the beach forget it. And since I've taken up surfing, saltwater runs through my veins..

7. Favorite song(s)... wow, I have so many. Can I list more than just one? "Lean on Me" (Bill Withers), "We Are The Champions" (Queen), "Beautiful Day" (U2), "Live Like You Were Dying" (Tim McGraw), "Don't Give Up" (Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush), "Under the Bridge" (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and "Good Day" (Nappy Roots). Quite a collection, I know... I'm wierd..

8. Favorite movie. I absolutely love all the Jason Bourne movies, they are the best. And of course I love anything Will Ferrell is in, "Step Brothers", "Elf", "Old School", "Anchorman", etc..

9. Hobby... above all else, surfing. I love it. Can't even put into words the thrill of paddling into a wave, catching it and riding on a board. Wiping out's not too fun, but it's part of the game..

So, there's all my info... nothing new, most of you Zoners know me pretty well. I will tell you that today is my first day of 100% re-commitment to theNutrisystemplan. It's been about 2 years since I lost all my weight and about a year since I made my lastNutrisystemcommercial. I won't say that I have let myself go, I'm still in decent shape but I could be much better. So, I got tons ofNutrisystemfood and my elliptical is begging for me to get back on track.

I just feel like if I'm gonna be aNutrisystemsuccess story and advertise for them, I need to be in tip-top shape! So, back in the saddle folks!.

Happy Fiesta Friday folks (although no fiesta for me, got myNutrisystemred beans and sausage!).

Today's a good day, make it count!..

Comment #2

Sorry sweetcakes.... had a novel to write, lots of questions to answer. Have a wonderful day!..

Comment #3

I dont have all the pics yet from my niece but I will soon I hope I do have bout 5 of them from b4 we got there of Doug dressed up LOL.


Holy smokes thats lotta questions ffs ... lol I will get you the answers after I have given it much thought lol ....

Smiles nice to be back in the saddle again ... and in control have a good morning~!.

Morning linda..

Comment #4

Real quick before I leave for work....

Lmao I only really wanted to know the answers to the last 3...

Comment #5

My bad... I'll go back and delete if you want..

Sorry, I'm all jacked up on Red Bull this morning!..

Comment #6

Ah, I like Q&A!.

My theme song? Son of Detroit- Kid Rock Mostly cause I'm from Detroit and the song just fires me up.

My all time favorite movie? This is a ridiculously hard question as I love a ton of them! I have no all time favorite but I have one that just hit into the top ten that I saw last week. It's called Ip Man (a dudes name) on Netflix. It's an amazing movie but it is subtitled. Great story and AMAZING fights..

If you can't wrap your mind around reading a movie then Shawshank Redemption is another top ten favorite..

Hobbies? Drawing, PC gaming and I have an unnatural love for Biking over the past couple of years. That does work nicely into the weight loss goal though.

"When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for man's convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became. Here, for once, was a product of man's brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others." ~Elizabeth West.

That's all from me! Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #7

Hey Moose (it's Alex, isn't it?),.

I haven't properly introduced myself to you, I'm Mike... been hanging around here for a couple of years now, nice to meet you. Good to have some more testoterone in here, lots of girls in the Zone (not complaining!). I'm 41 and live in Florida; lots over 100 pounds on the program, still doing though as I gain and lose weight during the maintenance process. I would absolutely love to visit Alaska, seems to be the most beautiful state in the US. However, I'm partial to the beach and sand, I like to surf..

Anyway, I hope you stick around. Later bro..


Comment #8

Hello Mike, good to meet ya! Alaska is beautiful and here in Anchorage the weather isn't as unforgiving as the more northern parts of the state. Also look here...

See that in the back, BEACH!! Granted it's cold as hell and the sand has a habit of sucking you under the earth never to be seen again BUT it's a beach.

Grats on the weight loss I will be there soon. Nothin to it but to do it andNutrisystemmakes it almost too easy...

Comment #9

I like that movie too! how is your day going? got weekend plans?.

Aww you are so nice male bonding.

Love it ... we gotta keep moose here..

Comment #10

Very nice pic Moose. looks nice up there!.

And yes Aeri... I try to be nice & polite to everyone!..

Comment #11

The silver one is mine. The extended "cargo" bike belongs to a buddy of mine. This was taken last summer during a ride along our coastal trail..

LOL Thanks Aerial..

Comment #12

Gonna skip outta here early since I have to work tomorrow for relay for life UGH !!! lets hope I remember to set the alarm clock.

See you tonite my friends if not have a super weekend headed home b4 the weather turns crappy it's snowing..

Comment #13

Not to rub it in or anything, but 82 this weekend and sunny... taking the boys surfing tomorrow..

Not me though, I don't own a wetsuit (they do) and my back's too messed up. I'll just work on the tan!.

Enjoy your snow!..

Comment #14

Lol You're awesome!!.

My song list is going to be very long..

I've seen all of those movies too..

Sweetcakes, huh?.

I like it!.

Hi Linda! Have a great weekend!.

No! I love your answers.

Never heard that song... I'll have to check it out..

What's that movie about? Is it on insta-play? Shawshank is a great movie..

What do you draw?.

Hey... you said you like questions..

That does look beautiful Alex..


How come you get to leave early?.


You do not need to be in anymore pain...

Comment #15

Still at work..

Lots to do...but.....

Going out for drinks later gives me something to look forward to...

Comment #16


Hey girly girl have a great time tonite.

Drink one for me..

Comment #17

Ip Man is awesome Here is a link to the trailer.


And yep it's on Netflix streaming. I have had it in queue for a while and finally decided to watch it. I almost deleted it because some of those Asian movies can be....odd. So glad I gave it a chance though..

I draw what ever comes to mind. A lot of still life, landscape and just cartoons for my boy..

Comment #18

Thanks! We did have a nice time.

Cool! I'll check it out!.

Do you have pics of you pics?..

Comment #19

Good morning, will be back later to read the thread..

Comment #20

Just spoke with a "counselor"....

Habib was not helpful. Could barely understand him. Thankfully I finally got transferred to this nice guy Ashton... who is being VERY helpful...

Comment #21

Just had breakfast. Cheerios with Strawberries and Blueberries covered in Dannon Lite and Fit Yougurt..

I start every day with great intentions and get derailed during the day...

Comment #22

Ya know Rick.... I seem to have the same problem...

Comment #23

My mom and & I are going for a mani/pedi for noon and then, in between chores that I have ignored all week.... DH and I are going to PetSMart..

Busy day..

I did have an awesome chat with Ashton, the counselor. I'm pumped!..

Comment #24

Hello, I have read all of Alie questions, now I will give some answers..

First though report my exercise, 50 min on the bike trying to maintain a 3min 30 sec/mile pace..

Question 1) How am I? will, not a good morning, started bad last evening when I hit a piece of angle iron on the road with my car a puncture a fuel line. Then this morning I take off for work in the truck and relized I forgot my parking tag, so I was late to work. But other than that, I am doing fantastic, be doing better in 11days!.

2) Yep taxes done and vacation money is in the bank!.

3) sick of the white stuff, what white stuff, you mean the stuff on the beach I am going to be running my toes through in a week and a half. Not on no, H-E -double hockey sticks no. Now snow, you better believe I am sick of it, but just think of all of the extra exercise it has given me..

4) Theme song, will on Friday's it is Bang The Drum, but I trully like Live like you are Dying, Tim McGraw, The Dance, Garth Brooks, Wonderful Tonight, Eric Claypton, and almost anything by Travis Tritt or Keith Whitley(rip)..

5) favorite Movie, Days of Thunder, Back Draft, Major League, will heck almost any baseball movie..

6) Hobby, boy that is a hard one, Do I have a hobby.......mmmmmmm.....Gee may be Stock Car racing, I have a 2000 GRT, with a 602 crate moter in ti that we are planning on having tons of fun with this summer...

Comment #25

Morning all! On a whim I called intoNutrisystemto see if I could get the rollback pricing and it saved me like $100 on next months shipment! Very nice!! Now I'm just hoping I have burned .4 lbs in the last two days so I can get my first 2 bears with my second BBB! *crosses fingers* I will hit the scale when I get home...

Comment #26

Great job on the exercise..

Lol at the white stuff..

Good movies.

Really Tim? You like racing?.

I never knew!.

Hi alex! I got the discount too today! But.. I didn't call on a whim.....

Comment #27

Almost went without answering my own questions.


My Theme song is The Middle by Jimmy Eat World and Details In The Fabric by Jason Mraz.

My Favorite movie of all time is plural. Bridgette Jones' Diary.

Movies tied with Breakfast At Tiffany's..

My hobby would be scrap-booking. I don't remember exactly how I first got into it. Maybe because I love pictures. I know the first one I put together is quite horrible. They get better every time though. And now I have a whole area with nifty drawers and cubbyholes full of scrap-booking supplies.

Still haven't done the one from last year...

Comment #28

Good morning! How is everyone doing today?.

Any good plans? Is everyone relaxing?..

Comment #29

Hollywood Nights, Bob Segar.

One Flew Over The CooCoo's Nest (The Fishing Trip Scene).


And golf, but I suck at golf..

Comment #30

I like way too many songs to list..

A couple would be Dinomite and Kiss Me Deadly...

Comment #31

Hi Annie! How have you been??? I haven't seen you around in a while....

It's supposed to be your theme song..

Who sings Dinomite? Kiss Me Deadly is a good one!..

Comment #32

I'm off to bed... I'll see you all in the morning!..

Comment #33

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