Does any one have a Nutrisystem recipe for pumpkin prune muffins?

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First off, Does any one have a Nutrisystem recipe for pumpkin prune muffins? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good. SO get your butts back here and start working towards your goal!.

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Yes sir! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Good morning ladies! It is our first official day of spring break. I only have a few minutes - I'm taking the kids bowling this morning with some friends..

I ended up taking Owen to the doctor on Friday just to see if we could find out what is going on. Of course he is on an antibiotic but at least it's for 5 days and not 10 like Brenna! He didn't have strep. The terms "bacterial" and "viral" were thrown around a lot which I looked up last time I took Brenna in but honestly, that tells me little. And now I can't even remember which one it was - I think bacterial. Just that she prescribed the antibiotic. He is doing much better and his nose is healing up nicely but we didn't go to Orlando just in case he was still contagious although he went to school all last week (makes complete sense right, my husband....)!.

So anyway...we spent a lot of time this weekend at the park and I spent a lot of time reading two books in a trilogy. Vix, do you read Young Adult novels at all? This is.

"The Hunger Games Series" a.

Nd I am so hooked. I had the first one from the library and had to go Saturday night and buy the second one because I couldn't wait for the library's waiting list! Now today I'm going to have to go buy the third one because I finished the 2nd one at about 2am - it is so good!.

That's what I did all day yesterday between taking the kids places - read!..

Comment #2

I have read everyone's posts but will respond later - have to get me and the kids ready to go - fun for all!.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!..

Comment #3

Ducky - do you still need to send out a Flat Stanley? First question before I say yes - when are they due back? Second question - do you want my kids in the pictures or just Flat Stanley around town?.

Mine probably won't even come close to Shelley's (Shelley, I have to say you are one creative person - I'm envious!!) but I will put my inadequacies aside to help a kid!.

Let me know when you have to receive them so I can see if I have enough time to do it...

Comment #4

PS I figured dancing peppers were just the right way to celebrate this!! (ha ha)..

Comment #5

Thanks for the Flat Stanley volunteers. All kids now have one. Only two ended up without an address, two others came in late (go figure! - that's why I always wait a day or two before doing the projects). Anyway, thanks and I'll let you know next year if I need some more help! Thanks so much! You ladies rock!..

Comment #6

Hi everyone!.

At work today, but really don't feel like being here! Every once in a while, I just feel like running away!.

I'll read just about any fiction...I'll take a look at those. Right now I'm reading Mercury in Retrograde (light novel) about half way through. I liked Olive Kitteridge...interesting characters...written like short stories, but they all fit together..

Hope everyone has a good day...gotta run!..

Comment #7

Hello ladies. I am back and trying to get back on track. I sadly, have gained almost of the weight I lost back....but no sense whining...back to work..

I got up this AM and worked out before work and need to do the same everyday this week! I also worked out for about an hour on the elliptical Sunday so that was good..

Judy - wow...welcome to the 140s! That is awesome!.

Ducky - a full-ride. That is great. Do you still work or do you go full-time. I would never pass up a full ride. You will do fabulous!.'s late and I need to find some dinner before I go to bed...

Comment #8

Woohoo!!!!!!!! Some of my girls are back at the watering hole!!!.

OMG! have had the worst luck with sickness. I'm so happy that Owen is getting better. I've had a cold so awful before that my nose got scabby and raw all on the outside. Sometimes those tissues are just too rough and you have to blow and wipe sooo much! I use those extra soft puffs now..

Jen - Good to see you back...come on in a start over again. We are all here doing that exact same thing! I've gone back to the basics of NS. Good for you with the exercise...are you doing theNutrisystemfood at all now? 100%? 50% anything? It's doable either way but I bet a good couple weeks eating justNutrisystemagain would jump start you right back to your lowest..

Vix - I seriously do not miss ever having to go to work. I was never a career gal who wanted to be at work. Hated it most all the time. I liked the money of course but hated having time demands made on my schedule...LOL I bet every one hates that!.

Ducky - good to know you go the kids all covered!.

Okay I am off to bed. I was seriously up late waiting for hubby to come home. Poor thing worked all day today and just got home about 45 minutes ago!..

Comment #9

BTW....super NSV today!!.

I put my jeans on to hit the store for a new dining room chandalier (SP?) light...that I can spell. A bulb burned out and fused into the socket and in trying to get it out wally tore up the casing and we now have a new lamp to put up tomorrow night after work. Ah...hated that one anyway. Much better one going up..

So anyway...i put on my jeans and they were so MUCH BETTER FITTING!!! For the last few months they have been uncomfortably snug in the tummy and hips. That's how I knew my body was heavier and changing shape even though I was losing a few pounds..

WOOO HOOOOO Today they were so loose and not at all snug and so nice to wear. I think the tide is turning. I can't wait to peek at the scale in the morning! It's been a few days since weighing...I tried to be good...but I need to see the scale every day or at least every couple days!.

Off to bed!..

Comment #10

Good morning!.

I kind of decided in January that I would work one more year and then retire.....however....I think I should have just decided to leave right away once I made up my mind! It took me a while to make the decision, so I thought it would take me a while to get used to the idea, but I seem to be really ready to leave it all behind..

Judy, you're doing great! You're an inch taller than me, and I'm stuck in the 140s....can't seem to get past it. 100%Nutrisystemis I'm experimenting....will keep trying!.

I guess I'd better go do some work......

Wishing you all a happy, unhungry day!..

Comment #11

I really hope this one didn't get used before. I remember thinking about using him but changing my mind. So forgive me if I've doubled up!..

Good Morning! I am a happy girl and ready to eat to zumba and get my workout on! Have a good morning!!..

Comment #12

I almost sent the Flat Stanley letters without Flat Stanley! Ahhhh!..

Comment #13

Hola from Cabo!.

Flat Stanley and I are sitting on te balcony watching all kinds of fun activities going on at the beach. We arrived Sunday afternoon so yesterday was our first full day. Weather is incredible, we officially bought 3 weeks at the resort which is actually 9 "home" resorts and we get 3 additional weeks that can be used al over the world. Price was excellent and the real incentive (for any of you that own timeshares) is that you only pay the annual maintenance IF you use a week. If you don't use the weeks on a given year, you don't pay anything. Our previouse timeshare down the beach was wonderful, but maintenance was about $800/ paid that at te beginning of each year and if you couldn't use it, you needed to "bank" it for future use (we have 3 weeks banked) so, this system is much beter.

Ducky, I think Stanley is having a great time. I made a color copy of him and laminated it, so that he can go on te beach and float around in the pool without getting wet! He floats quite well. We return on Saturday, so I won't be able to get him in te mail to you until Monday, March that ok?.

OK, we're walking to Lovers beach today, so I need to get into the shower and pack up some snacks.....Stanley will love it there!..

Comment #14

Ducky, you did say that Emma's Flat Stanley was a girl, correct? We may shop for a little outfit later!..

Comment #15

It sounds like you are having fun! Yes, Flat "Stanley" is a girl. This is the little girl I was telling everyone about at the beginning of the school year that I really thought needed to be in SPED. Can you tell from the coloring?..

Comment #16

I thought the coloring was a little "special" Well Emma's Flat Stanley is having a great time and will be bringing home a few souveniers...

Comment #17

Thank you so much! Emma will be so excited!..

Comment #18

Good morning ladies. Well...I missed yesterday for exercise, but here I am 22minutes into the elliptical..

Judy - I haven't been doingNutrisystemfood at all. I had a bunch of it, but was kinda getting sick of it and plus I am a freak about the dates on things so I need to go through and see what it still good. I have lunches and dinners only at this point. Right now I am logging everything in the BB and just concentrating on getting back into the exercise swing. Next week I'll focus on my eating more..

OK..just started cool down. Oh I do have good news! I have three new customers (don't know them at all - they all found my website) for my dog grooming business, my taxes are done, I got a bonus at work and we are getting ready to refi the house to lower our monthly mortgage! YEAH!.

Shelley - sounds like Flat Stanley is having a good time in Cabo!.

Vix - I am ready to retire right now...only I still have 17 years to go! HA! I am sure you will love retirement, a couple of my friends retired and wondered how they had time to work!.

Hello to everyone. I'll be back on tonight!..

Comment #19

Good morning ladies!.

Shelley, have a great time! How nice to get away!.

Jen, good for you for getting back to the exercise. And congratulations on the new customers!.

Unfortunately I told my boss I'd stick around for about a year....he's kind of worried about me leaving. I'm trying to farm out some of my work so others can learn it..

Enjoy your day, skinny Judy!.

Ducky...when I'm retired (that sounds good! ha-ha), I'd like to do a flat Stanley...I'll have more time to galavant around!.

Have a great day, everyone!..

Comment #20

Good Morning to all the ladies around here this week! I need to hit the grocery store, Kohl's and a few other places this morning for a few things...then do some sort of little exercise just to keep my heart rate up...Zumba at 6:30 tonight..

I think it's so cool that Flat Stanley is having such a great time in Cabo!.

Shelley - I think that deal on the condo is fabulous! We owned one at the beach for about 10 years and finally just sold it to my niece about a year ago. The maintenance fee was never optional! Pay ever year whether or not you come you said, we banked the weeks we didn't use and used them later. I love your new option!.

Jen -.

SUPER WOOO HOO"S for people finding your website and becoming new customers!! FANTASTIC!!!.

Woo hoo on doing that eliptical this morning!.

Sounds like a perfect plan. Once you get the exercise back in the groove you can think about trimming the food down. You don't have to ever eat theNutrisystemfood can easily be done with regular foods too..

Ducky - good catch with the Flat Stanley's! They would have missed getting to make the trip home!.

Vix - hope you are doing well! Chin up......retirement will come soon enough. These years right now seem to zoom by these days! Training people is a good thing too. Hubby will be taking over for his boss next year so he's learning the few things about work he doesn't already's not much..

Okay I am starving so I am heading out to eat something! Back later on today!..

Comment #21

Good morning ladies,.

Shelley - I wish I were Flat Standley - lol. He is having a fantastic time. I'm sure his Emma will be thrilled when she sees all the places she got to visit..

Jen - congrats on the new customers..

Judy - you go girl - 140 woo hoo - that is terrific..

Vix - I have three more years to go to retire. My boss is retiring in three years as well so the timing will be just right..

Melissa - glad to hear that Owen is doing better..

I have not been back 100% YET - but I have made an effort to go down to the gym and walk on the treadmill..

Here's wishing everyone a great Wednesday!.


Comment #22

Oh good! I'll be hooking you up next year......

Comment #23

Shelley - Emma was asking about her Flat Stanley today. I told her "she" was having a good time in Cabo swimming and laying on the beach. She asked when she got to go, too! I think this experience will be interesting for her. I'll have to let you know her reaction when "she" arrives back in SD...

Comment #24

Jen sounds like Lady Luck is smiling on you, buy a lotto ticket!..

Comment #25

Hey everyone, So Sorry I did not do the review this week. Honestly with most of us not posting due to illness, vacation or just too darn busy there wasn't much said and I just did not have it in me to embelish about the week. I don't know if I will be able to do it next week due to multiple obligations I have this weekend and a class on Monday so I will promise to do it again in two weeks and hopefully everyone will be back and talking alot so I have some material to work with.Lol! Miss you all and see you soon!..

Comment #26

Hi Deb! Good to see you! Don't work toooooo hard!..

Comment #27

Just popping in to see who posted. I finished my lunch finally! Thought I would never get to eat, I swear! I got home from running about 40 errands at 1:40 and I had my lettuce in the shopping bags with me!! So I cut up lettuce super fast, threw in all the fixings and then realize I've run our of the dressing. Go hunt down my last box....then I had to open and pour some off the new bottle into the old...I swear the dressing production take a few minutes!.

I water it down quite a bit so it goes longer and I'm not a fan of gloppy thick I have to pour some into the old bottle from the new bottle or it couldn't hold all the dressing and the added water. so pour, pour, measure, measure....MIX...finally I get to eat about 2:15!!!.

That remind me I need to order 18 more bottles of dressing...4 boxes in the next couple days..

As soon as hubby comes home tonight we have to hit the class starts at 6:30 and I want to do some lifting weight work before class. then I'll do my running afterwards on the treadmill. I'm sticking to the running and it really is getting easier. The 20 seconds I could do before is now about 1 minutes 3 or 4 times and it's getting easier..

Okay the tivo dinged so I need to go pick anything thing to watch! be good and everyone have a great day!.

PS: DEB - don't worry about the review...we didn't talk enough that it needed to be compiled and condensed down. Like you said, we were all off sick and working and it's slowed down to a crawl so we can keep up really well. Don't worry yourself a bit. Do it when you can and IF you can...

Comment #28

Way to go, Judy!.

It's been getting more beautiful every day here! I saw lots of people out running on my way home today. I really have the bug......

Comment #29

Deb - ha...I did buy lottery tickets!.

I don't need millions just some seed money that's all! No worries about not doing the review...hopefully we'll be back at full chatting speed..

Today I got up early and hit the elliptical. what I need to do it do something when I get home from work. But, after working late, going to the grocery store and paying bills there isn't much time..

Big - good for you getting back to the exercise. Keep up the good work..

Gotta run. I'm watching this cool show on earthquakes and can't concentrate on posting! :0..

Comment #30

Good morning!.

Happy St. Patty's day!.

Have a fun day!..

Comment #31

Woohoo made it to St. Patricks Day!.

I made a stupid idiot mistake last night and was sleepy and took an entire muscle relaxer at bedtime...I barely take half of one now. So my thighs are swollen a bit this morning. I slept on the wrong side and that right legs collects fluid and gets puffy on my left side..

I'm tired and I have to be back at the gym by 9:45am...I swear I was there until 7:45 pm last night! With the amount of working out I am doing I should be dropping tons of weight and it's not quite happening. I burned 2663 calories yesterday and I think I ate about 1400..

Oh we'll see I guess. Have a fabulous day everyone! I'll be back in a while!..

Comment #32

Hola girls. Frank and Mike just headed out to do an ATV excursion. I told them Stanley wanted to come along, but since "she's" laminated, Frank couldn't fit her in his pocket. I guess she'll just have to go walk on the beach with me..

It was pretty funny the other night. We had stopped to take a picture of Stanley in town and a woman saw us and said that she had a Flat Stanley as well. She started going through her bag so that we could get a picture of the two Sanleys together but she couldn't find him. She decided she may have left him in San Jose....hopefully she can track him down, because I don't think she had a spare like I do..

Jen, great news about your new clients and exercise efforts. I really don't thinkNutrisystemfood is as important as making sure you are counting the calores of what you are eating and trying to get some exercise in each day..

Judy, in te 140s! way to go!!! Yes, we think this timeshare is a ghreat deal. Lots of weeks with no obligation!.

Deb, don't worry about te weekly summary. You have a lot going on. We love reading it when you do it because you are so funny, but life needs to come first! Hope things are going well..

Coleen, you sound like you're heading in te right direction, so 100% is right around te corner..

Ducky, Tell Emma that Stanley watches te cruise ships from our balcony every day....He might want to try that next year..

Vix, you'll love retirement next year. Start planning all the things you want to do with all the freedom you'll have..

Hi to everyone I missed...Stanley and I are heading out to the beach...

Comment #33

Just popping in to say back from the gym and class and I swear...about 30 minutes in I hit a wall and just about fell over. Then it dawned on me I put off eating my banana and was supposed to grab it on the way out. No carbs for me = no energy! But I kept going and barely finished the class. Now I am done for the day and I am OFF tomorrow!.

I peeked at the scale and was not I might call the dietician and ask her advice. I'm burning off like 1000 calories a day so I should be dropping weight on an even place and I'm not really. I might be working too much of a deficit and freaking my body into hoarding calories and fat for the "long Winter". Even a pound a week would be great..


Afterwards I'm going to "wash away the gray's" I need to do a color job for all these gray's around my face and bangs. I am so touchy about what not to do to my hair...but I'm hoping the not permanent color will be mild enough to help the hair look better. It needs serious moisture help..

Off to eat!..

Comment #34

OMG!!! Can I be Flat Stanley next year???? The beach sound fantastic right now Shelley! Sounds like you are all having the BEST time!!..

Comment #35

It's Thursday! No school tomorrow! Yay! I AM going to sleep in! I can't wait!.

Scrapbooking tonight! Another yay!..

Comment #36

Good morning!.

Good for you, Ducky! That's how I feel today! Yay...Friday!.

Going out with the kids tomorrow celebrate Josh's birthday early, before he heads back to school. It was really nice having him home for a little while..

It's supposed to get warm for today only. I'm planning to leave work early afternoon so I can enjoy the nice weather!.

Have a wonderful day!..

Comment #37

WOW! That is one big frog!! It's Friday and I have the day off from doing exercises....woo hoo! I am pooped from keeping up all week with this everyday 90 minute schedule and starting the running. It is fun though to get finished with my class...go collect hubby from the bike area and then do a couple laps with him around the track. Hey it's spending time together, right?.

I have a mani/pedi this afternoon....I think I'm leaving off the manicure part this time but we'll see. I'm also coloring my hair this morning..

I meant to yesterday and got waylaid by "whatever it is" that knocks me out in my chair with the laptop on my lap. I swear it might be the heat of the laptop or the chair but I really think it send out knock-out gas or something!!.

Okay 8:10 yikes! that's getting a late start! Must go eat and get moving!!..

Comment #38

Vix - I hope you have a fabulous day with the family and your son whose home. It's so nice to have them all to yourself for even just a couple weeks again. I think today here is supposed to be in the 70's! woo hoo!.

Jen - when do you meet some of the new clients? Doin' good with that exercise! Shelley is right...theNutrisystemfood isn't a's all about picking the right thing and there are tons of substitutions for good food out there..

Shelley - I KNOW you are having a great're in paradise! How could you NOT!!!.

Ducky - How is your foot? You mentioned running and it dawned on me I haven't asked you how it's healing in quite a while. All better? I hope you don't read this until noon! Mostly because I hope you get to SLEEP that late!! Have a great day off!..

Comment #39

Unfortunately, having an 8 year-old in the house doesn't mean I get to sleep as long as I'd like. I was awakened at 9. Not bad, I suppose. However, I would've liked to sleep until at least 10..

My foot seems to be all right. I haven't pushed it, so I really don't know. My personal goal was to wait until April to start running on it again. I have already missed two 5k's! I really want to start training again. My new goal is to wait either until April (two weeks) or until the snow is all gone and it is dry and NOT muddy (hopefully less than two weeks)...

Comment #40 new hair color and the way it made my hair feel normal again!!! It's so soft and silky...not straw like AT ALL!..

Comment #41

Back from my pedicure with newly painted.


Toe nails! Went with a nice orangy color for the 77 degree summer temps today. So lovely!.

Hope you are all having a great day!!..

Comment #42

Judy, you're always such a trend setter with your toenail colors. I am so boring....same red every time. It sounds like you have a great exercise program going...Running included! Keep it up. You'll be doing 5Ks with Ducky in no time..

Vix, hope you had a nice visit with your son. The time always goes by so quickly..

Ducky, did you enjoy your day off. 9 is better than your usual so I know you are happy. You'll be running again in no time. I really should think about trying it again..

Deb, what's going on? Still keeping way too busy I guess..

How is everyone else.....Jen, Johnna, Melissa, Coleen....what are you guys up to?.

Well, it's our last night in Cabo. We're all very sad to be heading back to reality....I'm already planning the next trip back her for November. It's usually a good month for Frank because it's between cycling and skiing seasons....It's always about the activities with him..

I have not been a good ns girl here at could I be? But, starting Monday, back to the basics!..

Comment #43

Ducky, I'm planning to send Stanley back to you on Monday. Tell Emma he should be there on Wednesday or Thursday....He'll be coming priority mail......

Comment #44

OH so late this morning getting moving....hubby has the weekend duty so he went in at 5am and noone was smart enough to set her alarm! I have zumba at 11:00 and only a short time for showering, breakfast, getting ready and reading the paper..

I'm off....back to chat after class!!!..

Comment #45

Good morning!.

Slept til almost 6....late for me!.

Was hoping for 7 or 8! Maybe tomorrow..

Have been having lots of pain this will try to do a little more easy activity today, and no stress....the sun is shining, and though it's cooler, will get myself out in the sunshine..

Glad you're enjoying the new hair color and orange! toes, Judy...sounds fun..

Ducky, seems you are quite the baker! I'll bet your house smells wonderful! Love the smell of fresh baked anything!. glad you had a great time in Cabo...I've never been there, but it sounds like a paradise..

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #46

Shelley - you don't need to send it Priority. Regular mail will be fine. It will still be the first to arrive - Emma will be so excited. Thank you so much!..

Comment #47

J heads to Indy Sunday morning for his yearly week-long trip for a firefighter's convention..

He said that when he comes back, we'll start running. Yay!.

So, what this really means is that he will run, Ashton will ride her bike with him, and I will start my run/walk C25K. I can't wait! It should be dryer next week...

Comment #48


I will be in Williamsburg, VA with my daughter and parents the week of June 7-10th. I would love the chance to get together with you. Also, if you have suggestions on where we should go or what we should see... I am open to suggestions. Thanks!..

Comment #49

Judy - did you change your hair color or just touch up with the regular color. I bet you are looking so pretty with your hair and toes done up!.

Vix - glad you got to spend some time with your son. Hope he had a nice birthday!.

Shelley - sounds like you had a nice time in could you not?! Right! I bet Flat Stanley had a great time too!.

Ducky - good for you planning on running a 5K. My friend did the Couch to 5K and she did run a 5K....and continues to run! Have fun in Williamsburg. I went a long time ago for a grade school trip. What I remember was the town that was like the settler days and people were all dressed up in period attire and horses pooping in the street. Not too much help there!.

Hope everyone else is doing well. My first client went ok and I have someone today with two dogs. I have been getting a bunch of phone calls too, so that is good! On the exercise front I missed the last two days but after I finish this afternoon I will either play "pick up sticks" - i.e. clean up the debris in the yard or work out on the elliptical..

OK....I gotta get going. I have a neighborhood meeting at 9. We are updating our deed restrictions. Shelley - what is that word we need to learn?! NO! I still haven't learned it!.

Later ladies!..

Comment #50

Happy Sunday Morning ladies!! I'm in a good mood this a great nights sleep and I peeked at the scale today and was VERY happy! I was still having some issues with up and down so I really started writing everything down that went in my mouth again. I love how I "think" I'm eating 1350 -1400 calories and it really adds up to 1750!.

Add in all the little bites here and there and the handful of cinnamon cereal from the box and it gets all your extra work flushed right down the drain!.

No more of that!!.

So I stopped that and a few days ago and this morning I was down -1.4 from the last time I weighed...not bad....

Sunday weigh in's start again today..........

149.4 !!..

Comment #51

WoooHoooooo! Of course I'll come and meet you!! I'm 20 minutes away! right in the next city over!.

Let's see: you must spend one whole day, or Colonial Williamsburg. Jen is right that they have hundreds of actors who go about their days as if it really were colonial times. You do the walking tour and visit each little house and see them do these programs and learn all about what life was like. The whole thing is just like the 1600's or whatever year it was then..

-Also..if you want real amusement park Busch Gardens is right there and should be open then for some of the time..

-Right across the interstate is Water Country USA if you want a day at the water park...giant slides, waves machines, etc..

- Jamestown is right there too and personally I love that more than Williamsburg. You see the whole settlement, and get to go on one of the ships. I've always loved Jamestown..

There are a million places to eat and more shopping than you could EVER WANT!! OUTLETS galore and really good prices on some of the best stuff. Designer Outlets with great prices..

That's a lot of days worth of stuff there...should keep you very busy...

Comment #52

Good Morning Jen........

I just covered the gray's!.

My hair since the episode of falling out is still like fried from the inside out and was really dry and....well just FRIED. I've always used Loreal, but it's permanent dye and harsher than the wash in's so I tried Miss Clairol. I LOVE those little tubes of deep conditioner that come in the box and there's is FABULOUS! I'm gonna have to keep buying the box just for the conditioner! It's a shade darker brown but still just my brown. I'll go lighter next time or let the salon do it with highlights. But best of all is that it's soft and HAIR LIKE AGAIN!.

Fantastic news about the phone calls and business! Can't wait to hear about the dogs today!.

OMG! We just got our new rules and regulations for the condo asso. Idiots! Learn to say NO!!! I hate those people!.

Okay I am starving and must go eat now!!!..

Comment #53

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