GoDaddy user reviews : Suggest I order GoDaddy?? Do you think u-tube is tm'd?

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I picked up today. Now I notice every other extention is either for sale or parked. I mean everyone but .com. Could u-tube be tradmarked?.

I seem to be the only person who doesn't know how to put my title in Bold Print. Can someone clue me in.



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Is u-tube trademarked?.

Hmmmm...........this is really it wait it really isnt.

U-tube may not be a tm but obviously you tube is and it's said the same way, your confusingly similar (lol with a .me??) drop the domain, it was a waste of cash, it's worth nothing, and full of trouble...

Comment #1

You Tube is trademarked.

As far as I know you tube is not....Npers please correct me if I'm wrong.



PS I have a Youtube Video Converter site

At the bottom of the site is a disclaimer "This site is in no way associated or affiliated with This tool is designed to be used in compliance with's TOS and local and national copyright laws. We do not support piracy. Do not rip from copyrighted sources. ".

Hope that helps Phil..

Comment #2

There is a registration for utube: And of course, there's YouTube as the others said...

Comment #3

Thanks Dave Zan .... does that ^ affect the domain name give it is a hyphen?.



Comment #4

I think since it's a TM, if it "sounds" like it and looks like it, it will violate the TM. Like myspace and maispace (if thats a good exmaple), and if you use it as a social networking site then MS will do something about it, I wouldn't be surprised if you receive a letter from Google...

Comment #5

Simple answer: Yes it could be, why not, you can trademark everything if you have some explanation for that.

But I think that this wasn't what you wanted to ask.

1. Agree to gjvblack, if it sounds like it, it could be problem with tm..

2. Depends on service you are offering on that page.

(i love example of, it could be TM-Problem, but not if you are selling apples (fruits) there ).

3. Is MonteNegro in Madrid-TM-DB ? Because if you register TM in one country don't mean it's TM in another.

4. Ask yourself, why you registred it ? Do you have ? ?



Comment #6

Why would you even register this? The TM factor is obviously huge. Let it drop and never speak of this domain again!..

Comment #7

Probably to ride off utube's mark.

Anyway, Corey, it can if it's shown to commercially ride off their mark, similar.

To YouTube or any other cases...

Comment #8


Notwithstanding the apparent obsessive-compulsive disorder among domainers generally about alphanumeric nits, phonetic similarity is still similarity.

No, you can't open a fast food restaurant named "BrrrGrr Qing"... can't start a car company called Phord. can't sell printers called Zeerocks.

I'm convinced that there is a sizeable chunk of the domain community that didn't find humor in the "McDougal's" restaurant with the "Golden Arcs" in the movie _Coming To America_.

Now, I want you to read the following out loud to the nearest person you can find:.

I am wee Todd did..

Sofa King..

We Todd did...

Comment #9

Heh, that's if they even heard of it, much more seen it, to begin with.

Oh, and it's McDowell's...

Comment #10

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