Do you think it's better to sell domain names on Sedo or GoDaddy? Explain.?

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I got a quick question: Do you think it's better to sell domain names on Sedo or GoDaddy? Explain.?.

I also got another question: Can you sell subdomains of your name? like if I had, could I sell and, and how would that be hosted? if my host allowed subdomain set up, could I offer hosting off the main domain?.

And, I guess that puts you in the spot where you could not sell the main HostGator because of the other sites right?.

How does that all work?..

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Your question was: Do you think it's better to sell domain names on Sedo or GoDaddy? Explain.?.

Well I don't think people would be interested in buying those as many websites offer free subdomains... and people like the word free....


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Some people like quality, and will pay for it. If they can't afford the whole enchilada, *maybe* a subdomain of a sufficiently high-quality HostGator would attract some buyers..

Would have to be a solid, substantial presence though - regging the name for the next 10 years would be just the tip of the iceberg of steps necessary to address concerns about longevity. Seems like a lot of work to build and brand - not sure if it would be the best option for the vast majority of domains, but maybe there are a few that make sense to "develop" a subdomain leasing business around .....

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I suppose the only one people would be interested is .com.xx names (.xx country extension). Not as easy as it sounds though...

Comment #3

Check out the guys at

They sell subdomains of,,, etc.

Its risky because your name essentially depends on the HostGator name owner. I wouldn't go this route...

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I think she's looking to sell subdomains, not buy them, so there really isn't much risk for her...

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The name has to be really ultra generic to sell subdomains. And it has to be something "cool". wouldn't work well as a subdomain.

I think Geo names could work well as subdomains. If I lived in New York, I wouldn't mind owning, or ...something that CoolHotmail is doing with email addresses..

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Yes it is Risky if you are the buyer - I got an email saying they are cancelling all their subdomains.

Shown in this thread >

Yeah but I think you would need some good lawyers on your side to avoid possibly getting sued.

If a company built a business on one of your sub domains (like and built up alot of traffic, customer base etc I would think some of them would put up a fight if - one day, you decided to bail out.


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Yeah, leasing would be more secure for the HostGator owner. But then who wants to develop on a name that may not last? Maybe something for advertising promos where they already know it is temporary:.




People buy condominiums, seems like subdomains is a similar idea...

Comment #8

Thanks for all the feedback- yeah I was looking to sell not buy- had an idea with one of my domains and wasnt sure all what was involved- might not be the way to go..

Comment #9

If you wanna make it BIG, you gotta think out of the box. Example.

If I own a HostGator like, then I would surely start selling subdomains for 1 dollar a year.

And I would provide free blog hosting like, and a good blogging interface for them.

A HostGator like blog dot com will surely receive thousands and thousands of type in traffic monthly. and who knows perhaps 50,000 people will buy my subdomain...

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