Do You Still Track your Daily Medifast food?

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Or do you know the plan so well that you just keep a tally in your head?..

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I am starting week 6 of transition and I still track my food on the myplan page. I am planning on doing this for life most days. I think that is one way to stay on track and not lose control...

Comment #1

I track everything, every day, only because I want to see my daily calories and carb intake. I also create quite a few personal items that are not on the "other foods" list on MF...

Comment #2

I log my food and times (to include fluids of any sort) when I find I am at a stall or not losing at the rate I feel I should be. Also you might want to keep track ofelimination, as some have an issue with the soy and that can sometimes mask as no or little weight loss when in fact that isnt the case. As time goes on I found I could write down a particular meal and I always prepared it the exact same way with the exact same L&G and it saved time. I also would keep up with which flavors or meals I had with MF. Sometimes it helps to look back if you find you are having an issue with hunger as well. Some of the meals hold me over a bit better depending..

I purchased a pocket (small book size) calendar with enough space to allow me to write weights and foods down. That made it a lot easier and I could keep up with any additional activity I may have had as well..

I just found that keeping track never hurts and it's always nice to look back and get ideas when you get in a rut as well. Im not religious with it on an everyday basis (except during my ruts) but what I have is usually helpful. Good luck!..

Comment #3

Also you might want to keep track ofelimination.




Comment #4

I log my food. Sometimes I am short and get to eat more. Yay logging! I also use it to see how my intake is effecting the losses. It's how I found out I need to eat on the higher end of the guidelines.

It also makes me accountable for the food I eat. If I go over, it will show! Sometimes I forget I had a cheesestick or some celery with my snack and it keeps me on track...

Comment #5

Definitely. Even if I don't log my Medifast meals I like to confirm what's in my L&G.

Logging food is *the* key element to me losing (and them maintaining) weight. That, and daily weighing.

Knowledge is power...

Comment #6

I do keep track of elimination, too. If things aren't moving as they should, I adjust my L&G accordingly. Elimination is a huge indicator of what's going on with my body.

Hey, everybody poops. Some of us not as often as others, I suppose...

Comment #7


Rawhide, I've always tracked the food..

When I stopped doing it is when I started going down that slippery slope in maintenance.

Just my experience...

Comment #8

SO true. If I stop paying attention to my weight and/or food logging, I WILL gain weight...

Comment #9

In my case, more like spiral out of control. :-(.

But, hey, I learned from it, and I can share my experience with others!..

Comment #10

I don't track anymore. I did faithfully for about the first 3 months, but now I figure if you eat 100% on plan, than you will be in a good range for the day. I also pretty much eat the same exact thing every day, so I have a general idea. When I track constantly, it makes me kind of OCD about MF, which is another unhealthy relationship with food. But in saying that- there are people who need that accountability and to see it on "paper" every day. I don't think there is a right or wrong way, just the way that works best for you..

Comment #11

I still track my food, even in Maintenance. Its just so easy to "forget" to eat, or GOD FORBID, over eat!.

Soooo, to make SURE I dont re-gain, I keep track daily. ALso, I keep track of moods/how the day went with a smiley, straight face or frown. I also keep track of bathroom habits, excercise, etc..

It sounds complicated, but it's not. It works for me and keeps me on track!..

Comment #12

I'm beginning to think I need to start doing this too. Very frustrating..

I'm still tracking closing up on 13 weeks. I plan to track through T&M until I feel confident I'm making wise choices as a habit...

Comment #13

I still track - tomorrow is my 11th week weigh in. DH started with me and gave up tracking in about his 3rd week I think, but he is still losing right along. Do what works for you. :-)..

Comment #14

I track everything. My DH doesn't (well, unless you count the times I nag him to) and he's losing/OP the whole time. I worry that after transition he won't be as accountable seeing as we'll have a world of options available to us. We're very different when it comes to eating (cept we're both fat!) so it may not be a problem for him...

Comment #15

In week 10, and I absolutely track every single thing...

Comment #16

I usually do, but for the last 2 weeks because of my son's surgery and my uncle's funeral I haven't tracked as well, but have stayed on plan...

Comment #17

Day 66, tracked each day so far, even those couple of days when I ate something off the program. I think it is helping me control (and hopefully change) binge behavior especially...

Comment #18

Every day. Every bite. Keeps me honest. Keeps me accountable...

Comment #19

Day 76 and ABSOLUTELY log EVERYTHING. It's so important to success!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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