Do you measure your veggies during Nutrisystem?

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I have been, but then decided cauliflower, peppers, and asparagus didn't get me where I am today....just wondering if others do?..

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Your question was: Do you measure your veggies during Nutrisystem?.

I measured at first, but not so much anymore. And if I think I had more than a "serving", I just add it to my journal. I figured you can't OD on broccoli...

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Same here.....i don't normally measure veggies. I eat ALOT of salad and normally at dinner I rotate between cooked green beans and cooked broccoli.....even though I cook it in oil....sometimes PAM olive oil....i normally eat a little more then a serving......i actually eat about 1 1/2 servings at night time with dinner..

But, the previous posteryou can't OD on veggies..

Comment #2

Roughly...only because I want to write down what I have accurately. If I add anything to them like oil, I do it to the veggies I know I'm going to be eating at that meal, so I know I'll get the full serving of oil, and also so I can keep track...

Comment #3

I do- start fudging on that then I will fudge on other things. Plus added butter product and salt for more veggies- adds more. (If you add them)..

Trusted to my own thoughts and I will be back where I was. I am visually guessing first and then measuring so when I go out I have a better idea how much to eat- so I guess then weigh...

Comment #4

Nope. Never have measured my veggies. I don't use oil, and if sauteing, I just use a very small amount of cooking spray for the pan, if needed. I like veggies plain and seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Veggies are no problem for me. I just make sure I don't overdo it on the ones that have more sugar, like beets...

Comment #5

I don't. I also never add anything to them, so there's no worry about extra oil or salt or butter sub...

Comment #6

I never measure veggies. Most have such low calories and since I add no sodium or oils it makes aThe closest thing to measuring that I do is I use a 2 cup to transport my added veggies to work, since 3 servings at a half cup equal 1 and a half cups I may be having an extra serving of healthy vegetables..

If I am making a salad I use a 4 cup container the extra cup makes no difference beaus I use fresh produce and most items are unlimited..

As previously stated we didn't get this way by having too many vegetables...

Comment #7

I usually don't measure my veggies. I figured if I'm still hungry, I'd rather have a veggie rather then eatting something I shouldn't...

Comment #8

I always measure my veggies even if they're unlimited because it gives me a more accurate representation of how much I'm eating and also helps me to better learn correct portion sizes...

Comment #9

I'm only on my second day here, but I have been measuring the veggies so far. even when I just eat veggies, I do sometimes tend to overeat and re-learning portion control is important to me..

I also didn't know we were allowed to cook in oil! I've been steaming or grilling them so far, but grilling makes some things really dry and steaming isn't appropriate for everything..

What about the cooking spray? I've never used it before in my life, for anything. I just picked some up last night. Can it be sprayed over the top of veggies before baking to keep them from drying out?..

Comment #10

Nope, don't measure my vegies. As far as worrying about proper portion size or fudging other items if I fudge on the vegie amounts...I don't sweat this. "Mega-Sized" amounts of vegies were never my problem If I feel the need to really mass consume, a giant salad or pile of vegies is my saviour.

Artichoke_lover - I tend to use the cooking spare sparingly or saute in chicken broth or low-sodium soy sauce. If you do use oil, be sure you're counting it as your fat serving for the day. I've found a really decent non-stick pan can do wonders with very little of the spray, so I finally invested in one that wasn't some discount cheapie LOL Good luck on the program!!..

Comment #11

I use I Can't Believe It's not butter don't over do it enough to flavor my veggies with reduced fat parmesan cheese...

Comment #12

I used to measure veg. not anymore. I agree veg. is not what got me to my weight...

Comment #13

Are unlimited veggies really unlimited? Does it matter if they are cooked or not to be unlimited? I usually use some nonfat spray to saute in, and add pepper, crushed pepper flakes, herbs/seasonings etc. This is the third time I've been on NS, for a few different reasons. Seems like it's a little different each time. Thanks!.

Jennifer in Oroville, WA..

Comment #14

I do, but only in a very rough sense. And I have been known to run my diet at double the required veggies. I actually find myself so full when I eat a lot of veggies that those days tend to be lower calorie than the days with more concentrated foods (e.g. bread), but low veg..

I mean an extra 4 servings of veggies is only 100 calories...and it will fill you up big time.....

Comment #15

I measure (ooked ones loosely, don't measure raw ones, & don't measure salad, having learned that I (an't eat more than 2 (ups at a time without feeling like my stoma(h's going to explode. I steam veggies w/o oil or salt, & eat salad with NF dressing on the side...

Comment #16

I can understand measuring the veggies that say 1 cup raw or 1/2 copoked, (whatever they say) but what's the measurement for the multiple veggies that say unlimited? When I was on Nutrisystem the first time, I was told that once you cook the veggies, their nutrition changes and you can't eat them unlimited. Maybe the science has changed? Anyone have any answers?..

Comment #17

I do....the 1/2 cup measuring cup has become one of my new best friends....LOL..

Comment #18

The plan only allows for the dinner fat serving to be used for the oil...don't use any more than that if you want to stay on plan! I have always steamed my veggies in those steamer bags and then dumped my entree over them. That way you don't need to add anything to them. Some people also use the ICBINB, spray oil, etc. but only as they fit in the free foods list..

Don't let those extra calories sneak in!..

Comment #19

Hi, all! I usually buy the small bags of fresh mixed veggies in the produce section. It is 100 calories for the whole bag, so I nuke them and count it as my veggies for the day. I will sometimes put my lunch entree over lettuce. I don't measure the lettuce; I just eyeball it. As many of you have pointed out, it's difficult to eat too many calories of lettuce...

Comment #20

The only time I measure vegetables is when I am not that hungry and want to be sure I am getting them all in. Vegetables did not get me to where I was, but they can get me to goal..

I use Pam spray or salt free chicken bouillon to cook my veggies and I spray with Pam when grilling outside...

Comment #21

I'm another one who doesn't measures the veggies. The more veggies the better helps to fill me up...

Comment #22

I treat 25 calories of veggie as a veggie serving. So if I had a box of lettuce and it said there were 40 calories in the box and I use half a box that would be one serving. 20 is close to 25, right. And then a pepper is about a serving. So is a tomato. so is two carrots.


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