Do you lose energy when taking Murad Acne Complex?

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My 16 year old daughter has mild/moderate acne that is all over her face& sometimes it looks better than others. We have tried everything. She is on Yaz and Solodyn right now. We didn't realize that we would have to wait so long before the first Murad Acne Complex prescription so it won't be until the end of March before she can start. Here are some concerns:1. We were really hoping that she would be finished with tane before her senior pictures in July but it looks like it won't be until maybe August! I know that Murad Acne Complex makes you sun-sensitive and she will have to wear sunscreen.

Is there anyway she will be able to tolerate that? She tans very easily and anytime she gets overly red it just turns into tan. Does everyone have a problem with the sun? 2. Also, will that tane-flush be a problem around the 4th/5th month? I'm worried about the Sr. pictures &.3. Also, I'm worried about the energy levels some people talk about&.

Is energy a problem at that time? 4. I know everyone is different, but when does the initial breakout usually occur? Generally, is it usually between weeks two and ?Thank you, I would appreciate any input you can give me...

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Your question was: Do you lose energy when taking Murad Acne Complex?.

Hello! I am a twenty year old who finished Murad Acne Complex a year ago now. I am about to go on my second course, but I started breaking out again due to the fact that I switched birth controls. I am almost certain I would have stayed relatively clear if I had not switched birth controls.1. I had moderate acne (if you look at my history photos, you can see) and was clear in about a month! Your daughter should see significant improvement (if she's not clear) by the time she goes for her senior photos. Most people with moderate to mild acne clear up pretty quickly on Murad Acne Complex.Most people do have problems with the sun when they are on Murad Acne Complex. I am from the south and was on Murad Acne Complex in the summer.

(German/Italian heritage). About 6 weeks into my first course I went to Florida for vacation and got incredibly sunburned. But I wasn't wearing sunscreen because I had forgotten that I was on medication that made me burn. With sunscreen your daughter should have no problem being out in the sun. I did not get burned at all when I actually remembered to put sunscreen on throughout my course.

2. I did not have the flushing problem, but usually it ends by that time. It's usually only a problem in the beginning of the course. I am not promising anything though, because everyone is different.3. Energy is always a problem on Murad Acne Complex.

I am more tired than usual on Murad Acne Complex, but I find that if I get a good amount of sleep (nine hours) and drink lots of water that my energy levels are back to normal. My school work and social life don't make it possible for me to get enough sleep as it is, but on Murad Acne Complex you have to baby yourself. She should get as much sleep as possible. 4. This question is the biggest and most asked question by every person about to take Murad Acne Complex.

Mine occurred around Week 2 and lasted only a week. Murad Acne Complex did an amazing job of clearing it up almost instantly. Everyone usually has their initial break out in the first month. The severity of the breakout and how long it takes to heal vary with every person.Hope I helped!!! If you read some scary things on this board, just know that most cases are very rare. I had no problems while on Murad Acne Complex other than the stupid iPledge system..

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I never had an IB and I had the flushing problem for about the first two months. I spent a lot of time in the sun (surfing) against the doctor's strong advice. My face got ridiculously red and I'm not sure if it was purely the routine Murad Acne Complex skin flushing or if my sun exposure exacerbated it. In any case, I just bought super-strong waterproof sunscreen from the pharmacy.I could imagine someone being okay in the outdoors if she brings TONS of super-strong, waterproof sunscreen and wears a hat and reapplies the sunscreen constantly. A bigger problem that I might forsee with her hiking around a lot is that Murad Acne Complex makes your skin really thin, so any kind of hiking or running is an automatic invitation for blisters. Bloody, crippling blisters.

So I'd say, be sure she brings moleskin on her hike and some of those expensive, thorlo hiking/running socks...

Comment #2

Sarah Oliver~Thank you for you post. There is so much to think about.... we live in the south, on the lake and she stays outside all summer. I know she wants to have this acne cleared by her Sr. year but I just think she might have a miserable summer. She doesn't burn either but I would hate for her to burn and be peeling for her pictures : (Are most people pretty clear after about three months?That iPledge has aggravated me already.

But because of all the pregnancy test she can't start it until mid March.... even though she started her period today.... she still has to wait. I just think that they could use some common sense with each patient. She is 16 and not sexually active...

Comment #3

That is a great point about hiking! She will be hiking, zip-lining and the blisters might be a problem!Oh, dear, what to do....Which months where you on it?Did you get tired too?..

Comment #4

I think I have some more advice that I forgot to mention in my previous post. I am from Washington DC, but go to college in Boston. I was on Murad Acne Complex from early July to late January, so I got the best of the summer and the worst of the winter. I was at home in DC for the summer (beginning of my course) in the incredible heat, and in Boston for the winter (end of my course) and extreme cold of the north.If I could compare, being on the drug in the summer is MUCH more tolerable than the winter. You can avoid side effects of the sun with a really good sunscreen and dry skin is not as big of a problem. In the winter my lips were so chapped I had to apply a heavy amount of aquaphor on them in the morning and then again when I went to bed.

Also, I run three miles every other day, and I had to wear tank tops with a built in bra. The tight sports bras made by Nike and Under Armor can be hard on the skin. I never got blisters or raw skin when I wore those ones, but they did make the skin on my back more dry. It never bled though, just peeled a ton.My best wishes to you and your daughter!..

Comment #5

I was on it from about October through February, I think? Also, I'm a lot older than 16 (by about 20 years!), so maybe her skin won't be as thin and fragile as mine got on Murad Acne Complex. I didn't get tired at all while I was on it, just bummed out by my ridiculously fragile, thin, tearing skin. I was on 40 mg a day. I also took Murad Acne Complex ten years prior, and I don't remember my skin getting so fragile and blister-prone when I took it that first time just really dry. So hopefully, her youth will make her less susceptible to the blisters. Still, I would def. recommend those thorlo, anti-blister hiking socks and an extra sheet of moleskin in her backpack just in case...

Comment #6

This is a tough spot for your daughter I would not like to be just starting Murad Acne Complex in the spring, so I would recommend maybe trying the regimen on here and maybe that can help Im sure it wont be able to do what Murad Acne Complex can but it wont stop her from having a summer thats not spent indoors for a lot of it. So she could do this and then go on Murad Acne Complex when it starts getting cool outside.Im just finishing Murad Acne Complex and it can take up to 6 months after finishing, to lose the sensitivity to the sun.(I didn't know this when I started lol)..

Comment #7

Thank you for letting me know about the 6 month post sun sensitivity issue! That stinks!..

Comment #8

6 months with the sun? That's odd, I was tanning 3 months after my course fine, but that might just be because my skin has always tolerated being in the sun. I got incredibly tan in two weeks being outside without any sunscreen (actually, a ton of oil, which I know is terrible) about 12 weeks after my course. I was pretty tan by my fourth month post Murad Acne Complex.Here's the photo to prove it.Again, I think it differs for everyone...

Comment #9

My daughter tans easily too. I see you are starting Acctane again soon.... are you concerned about being out in the sun this summer....... I'm not sure how well my daughter is going do not being able to get tan this summer..... I mean, I suppose she will a little even though she has on sunscreen.... Does the sun sensitvity get worse the longer you are on it?..

Comment #10

Yes SallyI am a little nervous about being out in the sun!! Especially because this summer I am going to be out in the sun even more than I was last summer. I am doing some sailing instructing in Maine for the whole month of July and part of August. I can imagine the amount of sunscreen I am going to be purchasing. It will probably cost me more than the price of gas these days!To answer your questionit doesn't get worse. The reason why skin is easily burned on Murad Acne Complex is because it is so sensitive. The sensitivity just remains throughout the course.

I never got to the point where I couldn't go outside. I just had to start using sunscreen which is something I should have been doing anyways (at least SPF four or something). Acne as a young adult and skin cancer as an eldergreat fun! I got tan even though I put sunscreen on, so don't worry about your daughter feeling bad because she's butt white in the summer. That won't happen. I will say that on Murad Acne Complex I didn't tan to the extent that I normally doobviously.

On Murad Acne Complex I got probably a third of the color that I would normally.Don't worryyou and your daughter will get through it. In 6 months you will be laughing that you even worried about this kind of stuff. It has a very high success rate...

Comment #11

Hi, I wish you and your daughter luck.By the sounds of it ..... the sun protection may be your daughter's biggest issue on Murad Acne Complex. I've been taking Murad Acne Complex down in a really sunny part of Australia this southern summer.It was hard work, I used big hats and have just been as careful as possible. If your daughter tans easily she should find it easy to learn her "sun limits". Summer is more humid so it helps with the skin dryness that Murad Acne Complex produces. Fighting the sun is the lesser of the two evils in my opinion.You sound like a careful lady ..... I imagine you'll find the Murad Acne Complex easier than your posts suggest...

Comment #12

Sarah~It sounds like you are going to have a really fun summer! I would love to know how to sail! Also, you mentioned previously that you go to college in Boston. Boston is one of my very favorite places! Such history! My daughter's choir got to sing in the Old North Church and they did a concert in the Commons (I think that was what it was called) and we saw the 4th of July fireworks on the St. Charles. One of the funniest things I ever saw happened in Boston. The group of youth I was with were walking around and we were crossing a street when a car came out of no where and almost mowed down one of the kids.... there was a little crippled, bent over, old lady creeping down the sidewalk with her cane and when she saw this happen she stopped and flipped off the driver and started cussing at him.

I actually feel better knowing that you have been on it before and still decided to use it during the summer; especially knowing you are going to be on the water all day. How long does it take for the side effects to go away after stopping.... like joint pain or tiredness, dryness.....And, have you ever known anyone to stop for a couple of weeks and then start back? I wonder if it would cause another initial breakout again.......

Comment #13

I want to go to Australia!!!!! I think I'll cruise there one day because the 24 hour plane ride does not sound like fun!That is very encouraging! I have been reading too many Murad Acne Complex post and getting worried about the side effects as you can tellThat is a good point about the summer humidity. We live in southern US and it gets very humid here! I'm curious, what doesage are you on and if you had an initial breakout, when was it for how long?Thank you!..

Comment #14

Yes I am definitely looking forward to this summer!!! Sailing is a lot of fun, I used to do it in Annapolis all the time as a kid. It will be great to start back up again.That is a hilarious story about Boston. There is definitely character in this city. I am sitting in my dorm room right now looking out at the Common, actually. After living here it's kind of funny to see the freedom trail tours and all the tourists because I did those things when I visitedbut now that I actually live here it's considered a "tourist attraction." Being mowed down by drivers is incredibly commonIt's awful. I actually saw a girl get hit my freshman year on halloween.

It's a shame there are more of them then success stories. I know that I had intended to keep a blog when I was on my first course but I got so busy and I did so well on it I figured there wasn't a point. Many people who stop having acne because of Murad Acne Complex do not come back.I had very little side effects. I only had headaches in the beginning that were extremely mild and I am not certain that they even had anything to do with Murad Acne Complex. After my course, the sensitivity to the sun started going away after a month, but I didn't get back to completely normal until after 2 and a half, closer to three months.

Your daughter should be committed to taking the full course if she wants to get the best results. BesidesMurad Acne Complex stays in the blood stream for a month, even if you're only on it for two weeks or so. I can imagine it can really mess up the process. I had to go off of Murad Acne Complex for a month between my fourth and fifth month because I got mono. Murad Acne Complex slows the healing process, and when I went back on it for my last month I had a breakout.

I think it was like one or two pimples that went away in a couple days...

Comment #15

I had to go off of Murad Acne Complex for a month between my fourth and fifth month because I got mono. Murad Acne Complex slows the healing process, and when I went back on it for my last month I had a breakout. It wasn't bad but my skin had been so clear for so long I was like what's going on. I think it was like one or two pimples that went away in a couple days.[/quote]I know exactly what you mean about mono! My daughter had a really bad case a year and a half ago that put her in bed for three months. Before mono she never got sick and now she catches everything..... I think that is another reason I am a bit overprotective....

I bet it was hard to diagnose you since Murad Acne Complex can cause tiredness too.The reason I was wondering about missing a couple of weeks is because of her trip to Costa Rica and being out of the country... I'll talk to her doctor about what they think. You have certainly made me feel much better. I think that people are more prone to post when they have had something bad rather than something good to say. But, I know people with Murad Acne Complex logs start off neutrally motivated so I those are the ones that I listen to the most.....

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