Do you like Medifast foods you used to dislike??

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I have experienced the much-discussed "tastebud change" lately. I am curious who else has gone back to a food they previously didn't like at all, and now like it.

I have been on Medifast for 7 1/2 months. When I started I really HATED all the shakes and the oatmeals. I also quickly developed a strong dislike for vanilla pudding, Chai latte, cappucino, and ALL the soups except chili. I also thought the brownies were kind of icky when I first tried them. I have a note in my desktop to NEVER order those items again!.

Well guess what?? I actually LIKE a lot of those foods now! The soups are tasting nice, I can handle the oatmeal as a muffin now, the vanilla pudding is GOOD and I actually LIKE the vanilla shakes! Haven't dared to order any other flavors yet, but I might! I also like the Chai now so I may even try cappucinos again! And I really love the brownies now.

How about you? Have you given some Medifast foods a second chance?..

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I've given the Honey Mustard Pretzels too many tries. That's the only thing I still don't like! Like one of the previous board posts, maybe I got a bad 'batch' but they are hard as rocks then they turn into a nasty tasting dust. Expiration date is still good so... I have NO idea!.

Everything else is awesome. I even like the peach oatmeal. Remember the comments that were going around about that oatmeal a long time ago?? eugh! Give you a hit... cats...

Comment #1

The first time I tried the honey mustard pretzels I loathed them. I seriously couldn't even choke a whole pack down. Now, after 2 months on MF, while they're not my favorite, I do enjoy them with a bit of spicy mustard to dip..

On the flip side, I started out liking the orange shake but now I can't stomach it. It tastes like the baby aspirin I remember from childhood. Yuck! I also like the chili puffs when I first tried them, but now can't stand them (love the parm though!)..

Comment #2

Me too FREEDOM. I disliked the vanilla shakes and puddings when I started but am ok with them now. It works in reverse too. All of the sugary and fat ladened foods that I loved in "the real world" are not as tasty to me now. My taste buds have changed dramatically...

Comment #3

The first two weeks I was crazy about the MBS Oatmeal, it was rather bland; I prefer the apple cinnamon if I am making it as oatmeal. But when I tried the MBS flavor as a muffin - WOW. It was yummy and much sweeter than I remember it being as oatmeal..

Still don't care for the vanilla pudding, even tho' the chocolate is tolerable...

Comment #4

Cappuccino - now it's my favorite breakfast. I think a lot of it for me was figuring out how to prepare the foods so that I like them. I don't fix anything according to the package directions because I don't like how they turn out. I has really helped to get everyone's ideas on the forums...

Comment #5

It was Chai Latte for me. When I first got it I thought it was the most horrible stuff I'd ever had. By the time I was done with 5&1 it was a daily staple, one I truly miss every morning...

Comment #6

For me it was the Blueberry oatmeal. We got a couple of loose packets in our first variety pack shipment and when I tasted it...OMG I thought it was absolutely awful!!! Well, my husband got daring on our last order and ordered one box of the stuff (he eats a lot of oatmeal and likes the fruity flavors). He tried it and actually really liked it this time. Well, I resisted and resisted but finally when we were down to one packet, I gave it a whirl and I could not believe it!!!!! It was quite good, no medicine like aftertaste and a nice blue berry flavor...go figure!..

Comment #7

I love the oatmeal now but loathed it at first. Pretty much all the food had a funky metallic taste but now I'm just fine with it...

Comment #8

I am looking forward to the day when "real world" foods are no longer appetizing...

Comment #9

Oatmeal!!! I like them all now, and I'm having one as a bar every morning for breakfast. OMG!..

Comment #10

I liked most things right off. I know...... totally an odd ball. The one thing I would not reorder was the tomato soup. I didn't save any to taste later on, I made it into bagels. They were really good and fixed that desire for bread type things..

I got sick of COB soup, but ordered it again once I started missing it...

Comment #11

I all of the sudden started liking the chicken soup (after it's soaked a nice long while). Yummy!..

Comment #12

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